Happiness Charge Precure the Movie


This is a pretty good movie. I don’t really have any complaints about it nor anything meaningful to say on it so might as well just get right into it.

At the very beginning there’s a Terribad attacking the city, Masuko Miyo is reporting on it on location. Lovely and Princess come in to fight it, Honey and Fortune are there too. Ribbon shows up with the Miracle Lights to give to people, explaining what they do and how to use them. This whole opening scene is definitely a much more creative way to introduce the Miracle Lights than what other movies do at the beginning.


Meanwhile a little girl named Tsumugi (who’s voiced by Yui Horie who would eventually go on to voice Cure Magical in Maho Precure) is watching this on tv. Judging by the wheelchair in her room she must be either sick or disabled. The Precure defeat the Terribad but Tsumugi doesn’t seem to care, saying she isn’t happy at all. And then she has some vision or something where someone asks her if she wants to be happy, he says he’ll make her wish come true.

Side things to note before the movie really gets into its plot. It’s a good looking movie, better looking than Doki’s, and there’s also this mascot character in it. I can’t remember what he is or why he’s in the movie but he’s there when everyone is waving the Miracle Lights. He’s not Precure related.

So anyways after this the girls are putting on a puppet show of Snow White for some kids. Hime likes the story because she dreams of a prince on a white horse coming for her. Then while they’re sorting dolls in the room one of the dolls comes alive and begins talking to them. She says she comes from the Doll Kingdom but a Terribad attacked them and everyone is in trouble now. The girls say they’ll come help and they get transported away while the opening theme song plays.

During this the “doll” transforms back into Tsumugi. It was her all along but obviously the girls don’t know anything’s up. After the opening theme is done Ribbon contacts Blue from the Doll Kingdom, he’s surprised because he’s never heard of any such place but then he’s attacked by some off-screen force and they lose connection. Before Ribbon can ponder this a Terribad attacks them all. The girls transform to fight it and defeat it pretty handily but for some reason it just vanishes when hit by their attack, it isn’t purified like normal and Ribbon doesn’t generate new Precards. How odd.


Tsumugi continues to take them through the kingdom and introduces them to the Prince of the Doll Kingdom, Zeke. Hime falls head over heels for him at first sight. She thinks she must marry him even. The kingdom holds a parade to honor the Precure for saving them and when they get to the castle they have a ball. Hime dances with the Prince and Megumi dances with Seiji… oh yeah he came along too.

Meanwhile Iona and Yuuko are both talking about how Tsumugi knew they were Precure. Something feels off to them but they still decide to enjoy the ball for now.


But while Seiji is off alone a group of Terribad attack him and he gets turned into a doll. Tsumugi sees all of this. The Prince is also able to easily convince Hime to come be alone with him. Hm, that sounds a lot creepier and more perverted than it actually is.

Megumi has noted that Seiji is missing but Tsumugi leads her away, while Iona and Yuuko end up getting ambushed by a Terribad at the ball. Hime also gets attacked by one while she’s alone with Zeke.

Tsumugi starts talking to Megumi and tells her that making everyone happy is impossible. No matter how hard Tsumugi tried she couldn’t be happy. And Tsumugi leads her into a room with some weird machinery and some blatantly evil looking energy and threads. This machinery churns out a Terribad right in front of Megumi so she transforms, Lovely tells Tsumugi to be careful but to Lovely’s shock Tsumugi orders the Terribad to destroy her. She says she drew Lovely into her trap.


Everyone fights the Terribad’s but Prince Zeke also attacks Princess. He and the dolls are doing all of this for Tsumugi, he’s actually a doll too, they all belong to her and love her. They want to see her smile more than anything. Naturally Princess is crushed by this.

Tsumugi tells Lovely that she loves to dance but she can’t do it in real life. She’s loved dancing since she was a child but one day her feet stopped working. She lost everything because of this and no one knows what’s wrong with them. But then someone came to her and healed her feet and her dolls were brought to life too. The guy tells her that in her Doll Kingdom she can dance as much as she likes, it’s a kingdom just for her.

But he says that if he dies it will all go away. He tells her he’s a general from the Phantom Empire, his name is Black Fang. He says she must use her powers to defeat the Precure who are after him, or else she’ll never be able to dance again when he’s gone.

Lovely tells her she can’t trust Black Fang but Tsumugi wants to live here forever in her dream kingdom. She shows Lovely the dolls of Blue and Seiji and tells Lovely that she’ll turn all the Precure into dolls too.

Ribbon and Glassan get caught and turned into dolls while Princess, Honey and Fortune run away from their opponents after realizing that the Terribad’s just revive after being defeated and there’s no end to it.


Lovely asks if this is what Tsumugi wants, if this will make her happy. She wants to help Tsumugi but Tsumugi says nothing Lovely can do will allow her to dance again. Tsumugi just wants to stay in her kingdom.

Princess and the others come to help Lovely and all 4 of them flee together. Tsumugi starts crying when they leave, sad that she was so mean to Lovely but she still wants to be able to dance. Lovely is sad too because of how she unknowingly hurt Tsumugi. Princess says this isn’t like her, she needs to be normal and do all she can to help Tsumugi. Fortune and Honey also back her up. Lovely says she wants to help Tsumugi and all 4 of them go back to the castle.

Zeke and the dolls are in the room with the machinery with Tsumugi, Zeke asks if what she’s doing is what she really wants. Black Fang shows up though and tells Tsumugi that the Precure are coming back. Zeke tells him not to hurt Tsumugi anymore but Black Fang simply asks if Tsumugi wants to leave her happy kingdom where she can dance.


The girls then arrive in the room, confronting Tsumugi. Lovely says that even though she can dance here she can’t be 100% happy because of the cost, and she asks Tsumugi to come home with them. Tsumugi steps forward, looking like she’s gonna accept, but then Black Fang attacks them.

He reveals that he was the one who damaged Tsumugi’s feet in the first place, all to fulfill this grand and long term master plan to defeat the Precure and gain enough power so that he could even overcome Mirage. He’s been feeding on Tsumugi’s despair as well to get more powerful, she essentially churns out the undying Terribad’s too.


Black Fang swallows Tsumugi up in his threads and uses her as a despair engine to fuel his power even more. Zeke tries to attack him but gets knocked back, Tsumugi’s despair just grows and grows and affects the real world. Lovely tries telling her none of this is her fault, she’s still friends with Tsumugi. But Lovely and the other girls are caught in Black Fang’s web.


Zeke also says he’s Tsumugi’s friend, he and all the dolls love her and they wish for her happiness. Zeke tries to use his sword to free the Precure, asking them to please save Tsumugi, but he gets turned back into a doll and disappears from the kingdom thanks to Black Fang. Black Fang does the same to the other dolls who try to rescue Tsumugi.

But because of Zeke’s sword the Precure were able to break free from Black Fang’s web and they attack him.


Lovely breaks in to the web of despair that Tsumugi is in to save her. She apologizes for not knowing what to say, and not understanding how she feels or how to help her. But she still wants to save her. Somehow she’ll do something, all of them will try their best to help her. Lovely hugs her and Tsumugi starts crying and also apologizes for all the mean things she said to Megumi. Lovely says they’ll do their best together, Tsumugi won’t bring despair to everyone.

Suddenly the Terribad’s disappear, Tsumugi’s despair has stopped.

When Lovely and Tsumugi come out of the web Black Fang says the Precure can’t help her but Tsumugi says she won’t be in despair anymore, she’ll face the real world cause her friends will be cheering her on. Also Seiji and the others go back to normal and aren’t dolls anymore.


Black Fang still absorbs all the leftover despair and turns into a huge monster. You know after all the web stuff you’d think he’d be a giant spider or something but whatever. Not any stupider than Sir Loin from Splash Star’s movie.

The girls fight him but their attacks have no affect. Blue sends out Miracle Lights to everyone on Earth to give the Precure the power to win. At first the light is blocked by Black Fang’s power but Lovely keeps on fighting despite this. Tsumugi is watching her and her strong feelings for Lovely now allow the power of the Miracle Lights to reach Lovely. Everyone cheers for the Precure again to give the power to Lovely.


That mascot is back cheering too. And there’s an insert song playing while all this goes on now.

So yeah all the power goes to Lovely and the Shining Make Dresser and she transforms into Super Happiness Lovely. Nice ballerina look. But hey isn’t that just great? The pink again is the only one to get a super form in both the movie and the finale. What a wonderful thing to copy from Doki.

Well whatever, Super Happiness Lovely and the other girls now combine their powers and they blow away Black Fang with Precure Miracle Love Motion.

Everything is back to normal now. Tsumugi apologizes to Lovely for everything, she says she wants to become a ballerina and make people happy with her dancing. And she says that Lovely can make everyone happy, she’s sure of it. The Doll Kingdom disappears now and back in the real world Black Fang’s death has healed Tsumugi’s feet. I think it would’ve been more interesting if Tsumugi’s injury was natural and not caused by Black Fang and she wasn’t just healthy again at the end of the movie, cause it would’ve made it an actually difficult decision for everyone to make. But maybe that would be too sad.


Either way at the end of the movie the girls are all going to see Tsumugi put on a performance. Happy end achieved.

So yeah this was a pretty good movie, obviously I can’t blame it for only giving Lovely the super form since that’s what every movie does but again like with Doki it’s disappointing since Lovely was the only one to get a super form in the main series too. The story was good and the animation was really nice. Black Fang’s design was good too. Poor stupid Hime is never gonna get her fairy-tale Prince though.




Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3


The last New Stage movie. 3 is kind of lackluster in a way. The action is good but the story is kind of weak and isn’t anything special compared to New Stage 1 and 2. It does some good things to be sure but it doesn’t get me to really care about the new characters or plot like the last two did. 2 had better action and felt like higher stakes, 1 had a better story and original character. So 3 is just kind of another movie in the New Stage style without really being as special as the final in the trilogy should be. It’s definitely no DX3.

The movie opens with a tenth anniversary message that you see at the beginning of Happiness Charge episodes as well and then we go to the fairy school from the last movie. Enen and Gureru are there and the teacher is just going over everything they’ve learned about the Precure and this part is used to explain the Miracle Lights to the audience again. The teacher then takes Enen and Gureru aside and tells them about a new Precure team, the Happiness Charge Precure. He tells the two to go check up on them and learn about them so they can be put into the Precure book. Enen and Gureru are happy to get to go out and meet them since they both still want to become fairies of Precure.

Opening theme then plays, showing all the girls going about their daily lives and hanging out and reaching for their dreams, whatever they may be.


After the opening we see a young girl running from some bear monster thing (a horrible pun on bear being kuma in Japanese and nightmare being akuma) but then a tapir fairy sucks it up with a vacuum and another little tapir called Yumeta comes to play with her and asks to be friends. They’re in the land of dreams and the tapirs protect people from Nightmares. Yumeta wants friends and his mother seems happy to oblige by whatever means necessary…

Enen and Gureru go to meet the Doki girls first and they see Aguri for the first time. They tell the Doki girls about the Happiness Charge team and Sharuru says she can contact the fairy Ribbon and they can all meet up. But while waiting to meet up the Doki girls and fairies see on the news that children all over the world are falling into an unbreakable sleep. Ribbon then arrives and tells everyone that they’re in trouble and brings them back to God’s place. Yeah, Blue, the God of Happiness Charge’s world.

Before that though we see that Ayumi from New Stage 1 is around there and she also saw the news.

As it turns out Megumi is also asleep, having taken a nap earlier and not woken up, and Hime is scribbling on her face because Hime is silly like that. Hime is easily my favorite girl from Happiness Charge.


The Doki girls and fairies meet Blue and he tells them that something is wrong with this sleep everyone is in, he sends them all to the land of dreams with his power. In the dream world they see all the kids happily playing around, oblivious to what’s happened, and Megumi is there too. Mana and Megumi then meet for the first time.

Enen and Gureru recognize Yumeta and say hello, he’s friendly. The girls recognize all the kids playing in the dream world from the news. Then Yumeta’s mom shows up, she’s the dream fairy Maamu, she says she wants to protect Yumeta and the children’s smiles. She summons one of the Nightmare’s she’s eaten and has it fight the girls. The Doki girls transform and fight it, pretty good action. But the girls realize they can’t purify the Nightmare. Their powers don’t work on it, only a tapir dream fairy can defeat a Nightmare. Maamu then kicks them all out of the dream world.

Back on Earth Mana says tomorrow they’ll gather all the Precure together and go back there to rescue the kids and talk to Yumeta for Enen and Gureru’s sake.


But in the dream world Maamu uses her powers to preemptively strike at the girls as they sleep, she creates dreams catered to each Precure and traps them inside. Only the Happiness Charge girls escape this fate because their info wasn’t in the Precure book. Now things are up to just Megumi and Hime.

Enen and Gureru still go back into the dream world with the two of them, Megumi and Hime use their card powers to transform into ninja and sneak around… and get immediately found out. Maamu refuses to let the fairies see Yumeta and she summons another Nightmare to take care of Megumi and Hime. The two get ready to fight… and are instantly defeated off-screen without a fight and thrown into a cage. Competence. Funny.

Yumeta comes to see them, telling them he’s been lonely because when somebody wakes up from their dream they always forget him, he wants friends. The others try to tell him that what’s happened is wrong but he gets upset and leaves. We then see all the other Precure in their dreams (more specifically the Pinks), it’s some nice scenes. A few cameos too. Back with Megumi and the others they’re able to get out of the cage because Yumeta left a key behind when he came to talk to them.

Yumeta is having fun with the kids but realizes they can’t grow up if they stay here and that they kind of want to leave. The girls and fairies come talk to him again, he tells them his dream couldn’t come true so it’s better for everyone to just stay in a happy dream and he shows them how all the Precure are just enjoying themselves in their dreams too. Or are they?


Nozomi has realized she’s just in a dream because, despite really wanting to become one, she isn’t at the level yet where she could actually be a teacher. She thanks whoever it was for the fun dream but wants to get back to reality so she can work hard herself and eventually make her dream come true.

Hime says she gets how Yumeta feels because she was the same way. Was? Well anyways she says he needs to move on too and like her he has some nice friends in Enen and Gureru who will help him out. Yumeta then stands up to his mother a bit when she comes to check on the disturbance in the force she felt when Nozomi realized she was dreaming and wanted out. Maamu gets mad and summons a bunch of Nightmares on Megumi and Hime who transform again to fight.

While that fighting is going on the other Precure realize that things are off in their dream worlds and start wanting to leave them too, they wish to achieve their dreams in the real world. We get a few more cameos like Bunbee in Komachi’s dream and Michiru and Kaoru in Saki’s. Always nice to see Toei acknowledge their existence even if it’s as brief as this. Those bastards.

Yumeta though is still a scared little fairy and he can’t fight against the Nightmares even when Enen and Gureru are in danger. Luckily Cure Honey jumps in and rescues them without a word, leaving just as quick. Cure Honey does not speak in this movie. Enen and Gureru go to help Lovely and Princess.


Lovely and Princess can’t defeat the Nightmares and all the kids in the dream world see the monsters now and begin to cry. Blue though sends the Miracle Lights into the dream world with his power and tells all the kids and fairies to cheer for the Precure. They all do and the girls break free from the dreams and travel to the dream world, transforming along the way. Now the big fight against Maamu and the Nightmares begin.

It’s essentially just like the fight in New Stage 2, a huge brawl with everyone and the theme song plays during it. Definitely a fun fight to watch.

Maamu wants to protect her son and Lovely says that’s good but the way she’s going about things is all wrong, she needs to let her son live for himself and she can’t just be there for him all the time. She needs to let her son grow up. She’s ignoring his true dream too. Maamu sends out another Nightmare to attack them but Yumeta jumps in to protect them and sucks up the Nightmare with his power. Maamu is amazed to see this, she wanted to protect him but he tells her she shouldn’t sacrifice everyone else for him.

The other Nightmare’s are still going wild though and Maamu has used up too much of her power to suck them all up again. Yumeta decides to combine his power with the Precure so they can defeat the Nightmare’s, more fighting ensues.


Enen and Gureru can see the Precure need more help and with their Miracle Lights they end up summoning Ayumi to them. She asks for their power and transforms into Cure Echo once more. With her help the other Precure gain the upper hand on the Nightmares… which then all gather together and turn into a giant CGI octopus.


For some reason.

So just like DX2 and New Stage 2 the fight ends with a CGI battle and two clashing energy blasts.


Cure Honey appears again to lend her support to Lovely and Princess and all together the Precure destroy the Nightmares.

After the fighting Yumeta tells his mother that his true dream was to become a strong dream fairy like her that wasn’t afraid of the Nightmares. Enen, Gureru and Yumeta say they’ll be friends forever now and things go back to normal for everyone. Farewell New Stage. At the end there’s a big dance number with a different version of Happiness Charge’s ending song.


So it’s not a bad movie but like I said earlier it’s not the awesome conclusion one would hope for. The best thing about it is Ayumi appearing again and becoming Echo with the help of Enen and Gureru, it was nice of New Stage 3 to bridge together the characters and plots from the first two movies in that way. The final fight is very long but I don’t think it’s actually as fun to watch as New Stage 2’s was. And the villains aren’t as strong as the Shadows or Fusion were either. There are some other nice things about the movie though. All the Pinks get to talk and we see all their dreams, Nagisa playing lacrosse, Saki baking bread at her family’s store, Nozomi the teacher, Love dancing with the others, Tsubomi being a botanist, Hibiki giving a piano recital, Miyuki writing her stories and Mana being the Prime Minister. This movie also focuses a lot more on the new team than New Stage 2 did as well. As it should.

It’s an okay movie but this is actually only the second time I’ve ever watched it, I just never went back to watch it again until it was time to review it. Unlike quite a few other Precure movies. It just doesn’t really hold that much appeal compared to the other All Stars movies. Which is kind of a shame considering it’s the last “normal” crossover movie. I like the newer All Stars movies (partly because I love musicals) but they’re not exactly what I want when it comes to Precure crossovers. Oh well, times change and the franchise is huge now so it’s not like they could ever make a movie that really has what I want.






Doki Doki Precure the Movie


I actually like this movie for the most part. Mana is fine in it and even comes off as a real person, unlike in the main show. There’s a lot to like about what the movie does. It’s story is pretty much ripped from Fresh and Smile’s movies but Precure always does stuff like that so I can’t knock the Doki movie for doing it. It’s generally a good movie but not one of the best and it has one really dumb thing about it and another thing that’s kind of annoying but still the same thing every Precure movie does now so I again can’t really knock Doki for doing it. It’s an enjoyable movie though and I recommend it.


First off it starts with another opening skit where the girls explain the Miracle Lights. And then when the movie proper begins Mana’s mom has found her old wedding dress that first belonged to her mother. Mana wants to wear it too when the time comes and her grandfather says her grandma would be happy if she wore it. The opening theme song then plays and we get a dream sequence where Mana is getting married but it’s attacked by the Selfish Trio, they don’t have a part in the actual movie so this is a nice little cameo. Mana then wakes up and tells the girls about her wedding dress at school.

She also shares with them a special charm her grandma showed her, that if you draw a heart in your palm it will make your dream come true. The girls then all go to Alice’s house and have a picnic. Oh wait Aguri isn’t there. Wonder where she is?

The three girls from Earth reminisce about old times, like when Mana took in a stray dog. She called him Mallow but unfortunately he died a few years ago. Mana doesn’t want everyone to get all depressed so she says they should talk about their future dreams and if they’ve thought about their own weddings. Alice says she’s had a bunch of arranged marriage meetings but she’s turned everyone down.


Suddenly that night in town a mysterious man with a clarinet appears. When he starts playing the clarinet something horrifying happens, his hands and the clarinet suddenly become cgi for no discernible reason!

He says he’ll make the unfair humans remember all the things they’ve forgotten and thrown away. The feelings of resentment in these old things unite and they all begin to congregate together in the sky, creating a gigantic airship. The wedding dress tries to go too but Mana grabs it and says she still needs it so the power from the clarinet leaves it.


The other girls and the townspeople watch the whale airship form. Then the clarinet begins to play again. The mysterious guy introduces himself as Marsh from the Land of Memories. He’s come to get Mana, as if he knows her.

Where’s Aguri anyways? She isn’t here either.

Mana doesn’t recognize this guy though. He seems dismayed that she’s forgotten him so he’s going to drag everyone into the Land of Memories where time is stopped and they merely relive their happy memories over and over. All the regular townspeople then get sucked in so the girls transform to fight Marsh.


But he summons some servants to fight them. The servants regenerate when broken so the girls figure they need to destroy Marsh’s clarinet to stop them. They fire a Lovely Force Arrow but it has no effect on Marsh. He sends out some energy beams to incapacitate the girls and then sucks them into their old memories too.


The fairies don’t get sucked in though, and then a new fairy we haven’t seen before appears.

Mana wakes up in her memories a few years younger and finds-


Her grandmother and Mallow are both still alive. She remembers what happened with Marsh and that she’s a Precure and everything but she still can’t help but be happy at seeing them again. All of the other girls are happy in their memories too. The plot with Mana especially also reminds me a lot of the episode of Fresh where Love meets her grandfather again.

The fairy in the real world then tells the Precure fairies that the sorrow of disowned things gave power to these villains. They ask how she knows all this and she says that her name is Bebel and she and Marsh go way back. They all need to unite together now to save the girls (Read, Mana).

Mana finds that in her memory world Rikka and the others don’t exist, at Rikka’s house some strange foreigner lives there. His name is John Smith, the classic. Mana is upset at this but still enjoys the time she has with her grandma and Mallow.

Where’s Aguri?


Marsh watches the girls in their memories, happy to see Mana just lackadaisically enjoying herself. He wants her to forget all her pain. The fairies then infiltrate the whale airship. But they get caught trying to find the memory films of the girls so they can free them. Marsh says the girls are happy living in their memories but Bebel says they have infinite potential and he can’t take away their futures. She distracts Marsh and the girls fairies jump into the memories to find and save them.

But one day in Mana’s memories…

Sharuru finds her and asks if she’s going to come back, Mana says she will but she has to say goodbye to her grandma and Mallow. But at the same time Mana’s grandmother slipped and injured herself and when Mana went running to see her at the hospital Mallow broke through his leash and ran after her.


Which led to him being hit and killed by a car. As Mana remembers how all of this happened (and a cute insert song starts playing) Marsh speaks into her ear, telling her that this is what he was trying to prevent, telling her she needs to go back deeper into her memories to avoid this pain. And Mana does it, she gives in to the “happiness” the villain is offering and ignores Sharuru calling for her to go back to reality. All to avoid her pain.

Oh my god. Mana with flaws? It’s unheard of. I actually have sympathy for her, it’s a miracle.

But Bebel says Mana wont stop so easily, and she still has her friends there to help her. Marsh orders his minions to take out the other girls to make sure they can’t do anything.

Meanwhile the girls are enjoying themselves but… something’s missing. What could it be? Their fairies then get to them and Alice and Rikka find themselves in the same world, and they get their memories of being Cures back and everything, it seems they were made to forget that stuff. And so what could possibly be missing from this world of happy memories? Why wouldn’t they want to just stay in it?


Well it’s Mana of course. Please kill me.

I mean yeah, this is Doki Doki Precure, I know how it is. But when Alice and Rikka say something like that it’s just so absurdly nauseating.

Anyways Davi also reached Makoto, who wanted to forget about the tragedy that befell the Trump Kingdom. Pretty understandable. And so Marsh’s minions arrive and the girls transform and fight them. Pretty good action in this part. Would’ve been cool if they used Rosetta Balloon in the movie but oh well.


Ai-chan and Ace show up to help Sword in her memory world. Um… how??? Where was Aguri anyways? There is literally no explanation for any of this. But at least the action and animation at this part of the movie are still good.


Mana is still stuck in her “happy” memories, even though she’s feeling depressed now, she’s gone back to before Mallow died. She doesn’t want to return to the real world where Mallow and her grandma are dead, despite Sharuru trying to convince her.


Her grandma then comes into her room, she’s actually noticed that something is wrong with Mana and that this “world” around her is fake. She tells Mana that her name is written with the character for love and that she needs to listen clearly now… and when Mana does she can hear the voices of the other girls calling out for her. But Mana doesn’t want to leave her grandma, however she says that they’re always together. Love that’s passed down won’t disappear, Mana needs to go back to the real world.

And so Mana finally gets the resolves to leave her memories. She transforms with Sharuru and all 5 of the girls break from the memory world and confront Marsh now. They tell him they had to leave even though it was happy, experiencing painful things make people stronger.


Marsh transforms into a huge monster dog to fight and that’s when Mana finally realizes that he’s Mallow. Marshmallow. She asks why he’s become like this but he tells her to shut up and they battle. Again there’s some good animation here. Mana allows Marshmallow to bite her to calm him down, she wanted to accept his feelings and rage. And there’s real blood, for the first time in Precure a Cure bleeds. I understand the importance of doing this but I can’t help but feel that Doki is, well… trying too hard by doing this. Marshmallow does calm down but a strange voice then tells Marsh that Mana abandoned and forgot about him and went on to the future herself without him.

Mana says she never forgot, she got so many great memories from Mallow, she hugs and thanks him for everything and he turns back into his human form. He’s no longer a villain and he’s shocked at how he could’ve done the things he did.


Then we see that the strange voice was coming from the clarinet. It gave Marsh powers so he could take revenge for all the forgotten things. But since Marsh has left him he decides that it’s no longer enough to just trap the girls in their memories, he’ll erase their futures too and the clarinet travels forward in time to do that, leaving the girls and Mallow behind.


Aguri’s transformation runs out while this happens but she mentions that there is a way they can follow the clarinet. The miracle lights. Ai-chan then creates the miracle lights for everyone, Rikka comments on how convenient this is, and Aguri actually breaks the 4th wall, not just speaking to the camera but asking all the kids watching the movie to wave their lights and give the girls the power they need.

So it works and the girls all go to the future, Aguri’s transformation comes back too.

They arrive at Mana’s wedding in the future. we don’t see who she’s marrying though, but then time stops and the clarinet appears riding the huge whale airship and planning to destroy it all. And then we get a cgi fight much like the final fight in the Fresh movie or DX2 I suppose. Heart and everyone else travel inside the airship, with Mallow in his normal dog form to guide them to the clarinet with his nose. They find the clarinet but they can’t destroy it, Lovely Straight Flush isn’t powerful enough.


Mallow sacrifices himself to protect Mana and then gives her his heart. It merges with her so she can transform into Cure Heart Engage Mode. She then blows away the clarinet and stops everything despite the clarinet saying that as long as things are forgotten it’s immortal.

As the main conflict of the movie ends we see in a flashback how Mana’s grandmother gave her her name. And all the normal people of Earth get back to the real world from their memories


Bebel then goes back to the memories where she belongs, taking Mallow’s heart with her, and Mana realizes that somehow Bebel is her grandmother. She thanks Mallow and her grandmother for everything.

The End.

Yeah, so good movie all in all. Good story and good emotion pretty much the whole way through. But a couple negatives. The one big stupid thing about the movie is the absence of Aguri. Now there is no explanation in the movie for this but the out of meta reason for it is that Aguri has no old memories, so if she was included in this plot the creators would’ve just had to make up fake memories for her or show that she didn’t have any and that would ruin the reveal of Aguri’s true identity in the main series. So instead they just have Aguri absent until more than halfway through and then she just appears randomly in Makoto’s memories. And the one big annoying thing about this movie is Heart gets another super mode all for herself, yes every movie but Heartcatch’s since GoGo has given the pink their own movie exclusive super form but to then have Heart be the only one to get the super form in the finale of the show too just makes this so excessive. At least in Fresh and Suite and Smile the girls all got the same super forms in the finale.

And when you compare Engage Mode and Heart’s transformation into it and how she finishes off the clarinet it’s super disappointing compared to Ultra Cure Happy that we got last year in Smile’s movie. Massive step down.

Still, pretty good movie and it actually got me to care about a character I hate so good job on that. It is disappointing that Mallow isn’t actually mentioned at all in the main series though and Mana’s grandmother I believe is only mentioned the one time in the first episode. Kind of sad the same way with Dark Dream not being brought up outside the Yes5 movie.








Precure All Stars New Stage 2


This movie combines the best parts of the New Stage style of All Stars movies with the best parts of the DX movies. The better story and character development of NS and the great action and fun of DX makes New Stage 2 one of the best crossover movies the franchise has had so far. There’s also a lot of focus on the Smile girls and not actually a ton on the Doki Doki team, so I love it. The movie also has a mix of which older Cures get speaking roles and which don’t, the Splash Star and Yes5 teams are still hung out to dry but the Max Heart trio get to speak and do some awesome stuff. For other teams Passion and Beat get speaking roles but no one else from their team does and Blossom and Marine get to speak but Sunshine and Moonlight don’t. It’s at least a better approach to this than what the first New Stage did and New Stage 2 definitely at least feels more like a big crossover movie. Let’s get into it!


We’re introduced to a world of fairies, there’s an artificial sun in the sky and a big tree used for school. And then the New Stage theme song plays, showing clips of all the girls going about their daily lives. Except for Michiru and Kaoru you know. But fuck them right?

Back to the fairies and they’re inside a classroom, most of them are young fairies, and Tarte comes to teach them about the Precure teams. He’s famous for being the fairy of a Precure team. He shows them the Miracle Lights too, essentially this part is used to teach the kids in the audience about them and everything instead of there being a skit at the beginning like some other movies have. The fairies already know everything about the Cures and Miracle Lights cause it’s all written down in the Precure notebooks they have.


One of the fairies, Gureru, says he doesn’t need the Precure and could defeat the bad guys all on his own. But he ends up just causing a fuss in the classroom, it’s clear he isn’t especially popular. There’s also another fairy called Enen, who’s very shy and sort of Gureru’s friend. Enen wants to be a Precure fairy but thinks it’s impossible. Gureru says the Cures are lame anyways since they’re just normal humans and can’t do anything without transforming, and then he hears a mysterious voice calling out to him…


It’s coming from behind some forbidden door that the teacher told them never to enter. There’s some sort of crystal ball in there and it merges with Gureru’s shadow. The shadow then comes to life and tells Gureru that they’ll make everyone else see how the Precure aren’t anything special.


We then see the Smile girls and Candy studying together, well actually Candy is supposed to be studying for becoming a Queen with Pop back in Marchenland but she skipped out on it because he’s being too strict. This little scene actually works as a pretty nice little epilogue to Smile too. A letter then comes to them from the Fairy School, Gureru says the Fairy School wants to hold a party for all of the Cures and their fairies and everyone is invited. All the other teams get the letters too, during this we see a very quick cameo by Ayumi, chatting with her friends. Good to see she’s doing well.

The Fresh-Suite teams meet up and go to the Fairy School together.


And then finally (14 minutes into a 70 minute movie) we see the Doki Doki girls for the first time. They’re having a tea party and the natto-gyoza candy from Smile makes a reappearance, Alice bought some but it’s apparently banned for sale now. Candy then calls out to Sharuru… apparently Candy can do that… and invites them to the party. The Doki team didn’t get an invitation because they’re so new and the Fairy School doesn’t know about them. Mana and Miyuki briefly talk to each other, the first time the Doki team see another Cure.

Back in the fairy world Tarte and the teacher see that the Forbidden Door has been opened and the teacher tells Tarte that the shadow reflects what’s inside your spirit, it’ll try to get you to do bad things and if you keep listening to it eventually it’ll swallow up all light and get really dangerous.


We then see that the Max Heart team is under attack by some shadow monsters, and their fairies have already been captured by Gureru and his Shadow so they can’t transform. The other teams have suffered this too, except for the Smile Precure.


The Shadow bullies Enen into helping it and Gureru steal the Smile Pacts from the girls but he gets found out and Reika can tell they’re in danger when the Shadow tries to sneak up on them. So the girls transform and fight it. However because of the Precure notebook the Shadow knows how to counter their every move and he’s able to quickly dismantle them and take their Smile Pacts.


There was some pretty good action in this fight. The Shadow then starts to turn them to crystal like he did to the other teams, Enen cries and says he’s sorry but Miyuki forgives him. She tells him to tell the Doki Doki Precure that they need help before she crystallizes completely.

Now with all the Precure teams they’re aware of taken care of the Shadow tells Gureru they should go destroy the school. And he sends some of his power into the sky to begin darkening the artificial sun, giving himself more power. Nothing to stop him now. The Shadow makes a bunch of clones and starts to attack the school and terrorizes the fairies, trapping them all inside the school tree. Gureru tries to get the Shadow to stop, he didn’t want any of this, but the Shadow wont listen to him and he creates a shadow monster to chase Gureru away.


Enen then comes across the Doki Doki girls. But he doesn’t have the courage to tell them what’s going on, Gureru then comes in being chased by the monster so the Doki girls transform to protect him. The Doki team isn’t in the notebook so the shadow just runs off instead of trying to fight them. Gureru and Enen then tell the girls what’s happened. The girls tell them not wallow around, there’s still stuff they can do. Alice shows more character in this scene than she does in most of the Doki season. Gureru wants to stop his Shadow and Enen wants to be more like Happy and help. So he tells Mana what Miyuki asked him to.


The Shadow looks through the notebook to make sure there’s nothing about the Doki girls, while doing this he comes across a page showing that apparently the DX movies happened in the same continuity of the New Stage movies. Which doesn’t make any sense at all but whatever. The Shadow decides to drop all the fairies and transformation items he’s captured in the lake of the fairy world. But the Doki fairies can communicate with them and learn what’s happened. Meanwhile though the sky continues to darken and the shadow grows more powerful.

Pop and Candy come in to help Enen and Gureru rescue the other fairies. But as they do the artifical sun begins to fall out of the sky, the shadow is beating on the Doki girls and tells them to give up but Heart says that she promised she’d meet Happy and there’s no way she’d quit so easily. Pop and the other fairies go out to reach the other teams but they get attacked by shadow monsters, Candy knows they have to do something to help them now.


Tarte hears Candy from inside the school and he summons the Miracle Lights. All of the little fairies start waving them around and cheer for the Precure.

The Doki girls get powered up and the crystallization of the other teams weakens. Pop brings the transformation items and the necessary fairies to all the teams and all the Precure are rejuvenated and transform!


Now the big battle begins. In sheer length and scope this battle dwarfs the others in any All Stars movie. It starts 52 minutes in and ends at 64 minutes, 12 whole minutes of a 70 minute movie devoted to the big fight at the end. At the beginning of it all the Cures stop the sun from falling to the ground and put it back where it belongs, although it’s still darkened, and undoing a lot of the darkness over the fairy world. Happy and the Smile girls go over to help out Heart and the Doki team while the other girls get in a big melee with the shadow monsters.


There’s some pretty awesome stuff that goes on during the fighting, Black and White especially get to shine.


And in a really nice scene Beat and Passion meet up with Gureru and Enen and they tell Gureru that he can make up for what he did just like they did, Enen tells him that Beat and Passion used to be enemies of the Precure before turning good.

The shadows try to crystallize the girls again but Tarte and the other fairies use the Miracle Lights to stop it.

Meanwhile the Smile and Doki teams fight one of the big shadow monsters together.


The New Stage theme song starts to play here and all of the girls get to show off and kick ass. Moonlight and Sunshine at this time also use their powers to cleanse the artificial sun, so the place is pretty much all back to normal.

The Shadow and all its remnants decide to gather as one and turn into a gigantic spider monster to attack the girls! And it’s made with cgi. Sigh. Just like DX2. Did they do it as a reference to that on purpose?


The fairies continue to cheer on the Cures and everyone gathers together to block the Shadow monsters attack, and of course this means they become cgi as well. Well anyways with the power of the fairies and miracle Lights and all the Precure combined they’re able to overcome the Shadow monster and obliterate it. All that’s left over is the original Shadow in the form of Gureru, Gureru tells it to just stop, he doesn’t hate the Precure anymore in fact he’s amazed by how strong and cool they really are. He says he wants to become friends with everyone at school too, and Enen especially.

And he gets his Shadow to peacefully rejoin him.


Gureru apologizes for everything but everyone is already happy to forgive him, he also wants to become a Precure fairy now too just like Enen. The girls and fairies all work together to fix all the damage that was done and then have a nice tea party together.


And at the very end everyone sings and dances to the Doki Doki ending song.

Cute, fun, awesome, has pretty much everything a Precure movie needs. And getting more a mix of Cures doing stuff and getting lines is nice, still not perfect but there’s nothing they can really do about that now with how many Cures there are. Next movie not all of the Smile girls even get to talk. Hm, kind of interesting that New Stage 1 had a girl admiring the Cures and becoming one without a fairy and New Stage 2 had two fairies that want to become a partner of a Cure, I wonder if these things could possibly have anything to do with each other…

I can understand fans of Doki Doki being upset that they don’t actually get the largest roles but considering how I feel towards that season all I can say is: meh.

Until New Stage 3.






Smile Precure the Movie


The movie opens like several others, with the girls and Candy explaining how and when to use the Miracle Lights and just sort of teaching the audience proper movie theater etiquette as well.

This is one of the best Precure movies.


The movie proper begins with a flashback to Miyuki’s childhood in kindergarten. She has no friends and is real shy, she has trouble talking to the other kids at all. A feather then lands on her head and blows to a book left in a bin for any of the kids to pick up and read. Miyuki sees it and starts to read it, but sees that the last pages were ripped out and it has no ending. Still though while she reads it the words of the main character, Nico, have a big effect on her, you should always smile. While she reads the book her silly reactions are noticed by some other girls and they start to talk with her, Miyuki makes some friends for the first time because of Nico. Later at her house Miyuki says she’ll now create an ending for the book.

We then cut to the present. The girls are all going to a picture book festival, Miyuki is especially excited. The opening credits then play and we get to see everyone having fun at the festival, which is practically a little fair, but unbeknownst to them they’re being stalked by a small shadow creature the whole time. After the credits finish they end up going into a tent that will supposedly play a movie. In the movie they see Kinkaku and Ginkaku chasing a mysterious girl holding the same book from Miyuki’s past. The shadow creature then emits a strange light and the characters jump out of the movie into the real world. The girl lands right on Miyuki of course.

The KinGin bros attack them and suck the girl up into one of their gourds and the girls transform and fight them. It’s a pretty good fight that shows off the girls teamwork and elemental powers pretty well. Kin and Gin get sucked up by their own gourd and the girls drag out the other girl.


It’s Nico. However even when she says her name and shows Miyuki the old book Miyuki doesn’t recognize her. She only vaguely seems to remember something. Some more of those mysterious shadow things come out of the gourd that Kin and Gin were in and then they disappear.

Nico says she’s from the World of Picture Books and offers to transport them all there. Obviously the girls are all over this and it’s a pretty cool scene as they travel across dimensions to Nico’s world. This movie in general is very good looking, pretty, and stylish. Unfortunately there are two full transformations in it, like they really needed to do it twice, but whatever. Candy also had no idea the World of Picture Books existed even though it’s rather similar to Marchenland. We even see a big bad wolf at one point.

Nico says you can become the main character in your favorite Fairy Tale, Miyuki chooses to be Cinderella, Akane the 1-inch Samurai, Yayoi becomes Sun Wukong, Nao Urashima Taro, and Reika Momotaro. Mostly Japanese tales which makes sense considering the target audience after all.


Nico puts them all in the stories… and then says Miyuki forgot her promise, calling her a liar as some sort of phantom bird like shadow comes from her.

The girls all have a lot of fun in their stories at first, the movie has a similar format to the Fresh movie except done much better, and they all look pretty cute. But watching over them all Nico starts to do something to their Fairy Tales.


Things start getting screwed up, like the real Momotaro appearing in Cinderella (holding a pumpkin which is pretty damn hilarious). All the fairy tales get mixed up and the stories can’t really start or go anywhere. Nao is most upset when she sees that Sun Wukong and his friends have already eaten all the food in Ryuugujou.

Shortly after this all the normal protagonists get taken over by those shadow things, turning them evil and making them attack the girls.

The girls run from then and end up meeting together, when some unexpected help comes to the rescue.


The villains from Journey to the West, 1-inch Samurai, and Momotaro come help them. Because the stories got screwed up these guys got annoyed because now without the stories going the right way they’ll never get to appear. I think this is a pretty clever idea for the movie to pull. The “heroes” respond by saying that they don’t care about continuing the stories anymore, there won’t be any happy or bad endings now. There will be no ending.

The girls transform and fight, Sunny is actually still tiny because of the role she took in the story and Cinderella is gigantic because of the prior mishaps. But then the 1-inch Samurai uses his hammer and turns them both back to normal on accident, this causes Cinderella to turn good again and the little shadow thing leaves her body and flies over to Nico. Yes, Nico is here to confront the Precure.


She says she’s the one behind everything but that they should really blame Miyuki. She shows her the book with the torn out pages and reminds her of the promise she broke. She hates Miyuki now and wants to ruin all the stories she loves. She then retreats into her bird shadow thing and the “villains” let the Precure escape while they hold off the “heroes”.

The Precure find themselves in Nico’s story world. Miyuki tells them about it and Nico. Nico is the girl who always smiles and helps people, but one day the Demon King stole her away to his castle and all the people started fighting again… and that’s it, the rest of the story was ripped out. Miyuki did try to draw and write her own ending but she didn’t like anything she made and gave up. Miyuki now starts blaming herself for all of this.


But Akane reminds her of her own words and to keep smiling. Miyuki should stay the same optimistic headstrong girl as always. Miyuki decides that she wants to apologize to Nico and get her to smile again.


We see in a brief flashback how Nico slowly gave up hope that Miyuki would write an ending to her story and how the Demon King nurtured her hate so he could become stronger. He’s the phantom shadow bird thing.

Happy and the others reach the castle that’s covered in a mass of thorns and Happy apologizes but Nico doesn’t accept it, she still hates Miyuki. The “villains” and “heroes” are then brought to the castle by Nico and a fight breaks out again. The action is okay, best part is Beauty getting into a sword fight with Momotaro, they fight their fairy tale counterparts. Happy tries to get to Nico but the thorns swat her away.

Nico says that the others should hate Miyuki too for causing this but of course the others disagree, they love Miyuki.


Happy jumps to Nico and makes it through the thorns. She tells Nico she learned the importance of smiling through her, it was because of Nico that she was able to first make friends with other people. Nico’s words helped make the Miyuki we all know today. Happy thanks her and hugs her. She’s so sorry for not being able to help Nico. Nico begins to cry and you can see that she wants to forgive Miyuki and her book starts to glow… but then the Demon King acts.


Trapping Nico in a cage of thorns and drawing up all his power around the castle, he rises from the ruins as some sort of massive birdlike monster. The Demon King questions Nico on what happened to her hate? He wants to use her hate to take over the world, he’ll create a world without endings or smiles, a world of pure hatred. He creates shadowy dragon like tendrils and attacks the Precure while Nico watches. Candy and the villains try to rescue Nico but they can’t get her out. After all that’s happened Nico’s struggling with her true feelings, does she still hate Miyuki? Does she still want to do this?

As she begins to think positively her book glows again but the Demon King notices this and attacks everyone. Happy still tries to save Nico through all of this and Nico realizes she needs to save herself too and get out of this because-


Her book glows even brighter and she’s freed from the thorn cage, not only that but the torn out pages have regenerated as blank pages. The Demon King tells Nico to come back to him but the Precure tell him how important smiles are and he shouldn’t destroy them. But he just gathers a massive ball of energy in preparation for an attack.


In return the girls use Royal Rainbow Burst. I love huge clashes of attacks like this and there’s also some really great animation for it too.

However the Demon King actually completely overpowers Royal Rainbow Burst and the girls, while still in their Princess Forms, are severely weakened.


The Demon King spreads his thorns and power across the entire World of Picture Books. Nico asks him to stop, she says she was wrong to hate Miyuki, she should’ve tried to make everyone smile. What she really wants is a world full of smiles. But the Demon King merely says he doesn’t need her anymore if she wont hate and he fires a blast of energy at her… that Happy is just barely able to block, although it knocks her out completely. He then gathers all his power into a massive energy ball and holds it above the picture book world, preparing to make everything disappear.


Nico asks everyone to give the Precure the power of their smiles, and her book generates Miracle Lights for everyone.


Every Fairy Tale character starts waving them around for the Precure.

And Nico? She has something important to tell Miyuki.

After everything it might be a little difficult but still.



She really doesn’t hate Miyuki but in fact she-


The feelings from Nico and the power granted by everyone and the Miracle Lights gather around Miyuki, allowing her to transform in the greatest scene from any Precure movie.


She becomes Ultra Cure Happy, a sublime and godlike being that instantly dispels the orb of dark energy from the Demon King and returns the sky and World of Picture Books to normal, while also causing a field of flowers to grow and spread from her as she touches down on the earth again. The other girls and Nico come to her, Nico asks her to save the Demon King.


They use a new ability and envelop him in feathers while Ultra Cure Happy talks to him, saying that the world is too beautiful to destroy and that it’s a world that wants him in it too. And she purifies him just like that, changing him into a smaller harmless form. Hugging him she takes him down to Nico.

Nico says she wants a world with him smiling more than anything, and he seems to be quite smitten with her. Nico makes up with the other fairy tale characters too. She shows the girls the book with the blank pages and says she’ll create her own story now, kind of like what the Precure are doing in the main series. And lastly-


Tells Miyuki that she really loves her, which makes Miyuki start to cry like an idiot.

An original ending theme then plays and we see Nico and all the other stories getting back on track, at the end we see that the girls and Candy have been reading Nico’s new story. Finally as the main movie ends the last part is the girls talking to the audience again and explaining to the kids how to dance along with the second ending theme.


A truly excellent Precure movie, just behind Heartcatch which still wins for being the one that feels the most like an actual movie. This movie has a lot of “pink privilege” like most others do but the Smile movie really takes it a whole nother level. This is Miyuki the movie from start to finish. Luckily Miyuki is a strong character, as are the movie originals, and that scene at the beginning is really good at setting the stage for everything.

Something about this movie that is kind of weird is that it’s explicitly an AU from the main series. It’s difficult to explain without going into a lot of detail but episode 44 of Smile is essentially an alternate version of Miyuki’s past. So the movie and main series really have two different canons that can’t actually be reconciled. Some movies are completely non-canon for other reasons but this is the first to really give a completely different version of something that happens in the series proper. There are other things too like the Royal Clock being used but the hands not moving or anything like that. The movie has nothing to do with the season, which is kind of funny when the girls at the very beginning suspect the Bad End Kingdom might be up to something when they first fight Kinkaku and Ginkaku.

The last thing to mention about the Smile movie is how much it utilized Fairy Tales in comparison to the main series. It’s almost like they saved up their fairy tale quota just for this movie. A lot of people said that the way the movie uses fairy tales and messing with the stories is how all of Smile should’ve been, I can’t entirely disagree but at least the main series uses them for some things. And it still gives us an absolutely superb Cinderella episode. It was certainly nice that the whole movie revolved around this though.









Heartcatch Precure the Movie


The Heartcatch Precure movie is the best Precure movie. For the reason that it actually feels like a real movie and not just a sequence of events. It has a good story and well developed original characters. Add to that it has the good action typical of Heartcatch and as is typical for any Precure movie very well animated. It’s just plain good. It’s also pretty cool how instead of going to some unique movie world with some new group of fairies and what have you like in the past movies the Heartcatch movie simply takes place in Paris. So it’s a cool change up. France also holds some relevance to the main series so there’s that too. You can essentially watch this movie at any point after episodes 37 and 38.


The movie opens with two strange people standing on the Eiffel Tower looking out over the city of Paris. The taller and older one talks about how the last of his power is here, he says he wants to destroy the world and mentions “detestable” people like the King of the Desert Messengers (Dune of course) and Cure Ange (whoever that is). But his partner, Loup-Garou, takes his crystal and asks him not to destroy the world. But the “Baron” who Loup-Garou also calls his father attacks him…

We then cut to the girls in Paris. Erika mentions how a werewolf has supposedly been sighted recently in Paris, the credits then play as we see Loup-Garou fleeing from a swarm of Bat Snacky’s. After the credits finish we learn the girls are here for a fashion show event. They’ll actually be participating with clothes they designed and made. Loup-Garou continues to flee the Snacky’s and he runs into Tsubomi.


Tsubomi is worried because of how hurt he looks, he tries to just run off by she keeps tying him up and the swarm of Snacky’s catches up to him. He picks her up and runs off with her, Erika and Itsuki see this and chase after her. They stop following for some reason soon but Tsubomi still wont leave Loup-Garou alone.

The Baron then appears before them, Baron Salamander. He asks for Loup-Garou to come back with him and give him the crystal but Loup-Garou refuses. Baron Salamander hits him with the swarm of Snacky’s and turns him into a big Desertrian. Tsubomi transforms and Salamander is surprised to see a Precure. Blossom tries to quell Loup-Garou’s sadness and anger, the fight is pretty good, Erika and Itsuki see this going on and transform as well. They manage to defeat the Desertrian with Precure Shining Fortissimo. Nice to see that attack since it’s pretty cool and unfortunately wasn’t used that much in the main series. After the fight Salamander talks to them and tells the girls that he’s a Desert Messenger as well. He wants Loup-Garou back but Tsubomi wont agree to it. So Salamander simply tells him to return before the full moon.


We then get a flashback to how Loup-Garou met Baron Salamander. He was a young orphan who heard Salaamnder’s voice calling for him in an old castle (which I believe is supposed to be Mont Saint-Michel). Loup-Garou found him sealed away in some sort of void, he’s been there for the last 400 years and it’s also where the last bit of his power is still sealed. The two have been together since, Loup-Garou said he wanted a father and mother and Salamander says he never had any either so they might as well search for them together.

In the present Loup-Garou wakes up in the girls hotel. They all introduce themselves to him. Tsubomi spends some time bonding with him (as far as the Cures go this movie is pretty much entirely Tsubomi’s) and she gives him the nickname Olivier. Salamander was the one who called him Loup-Garou, which simply means Werewolf, so she wants to give him a new name. Tsubomi is all over the poor kid, he gets annoyed at her but there’s no real ill will to it. All of the other girls end up spending some one on one time with him too. They tell him about how each of them has influenced and changed each other and that they all truly understand each other.

But the night of the full moon is here and Olivier begins to transform. However Tsubomi calms him and keeps him from losing total control. But the full moon will still hang in the sky tomorrow. The next day Yuri goes out for a walk with Olivier. He shows her Salamander’s crystal, it holds a lot of his power, they’ve been searching for pieces of it all over the world after it got scattered years ago.


Apparently Salamander implanted a piece of his crystal into Olivier and that’s what turned him into a werewolf in the first place. Over time Olivier became upset at Baron Salamander’s obsession and his destructive desires. Yuri tells Olivier about her father and how he’s been missing for years after supposedly going to research the Heart Tree in France, how she has so much to tell him whenever she sees him again and that Olivier needs to be able to speak with his “father” and tell him how he feels when he sees him again.

The two then come across Salamander and Yuri transforms to fight him. There isn’t much fighting at first because Moonlight is confused, he isn’t acting like a normal Desert Messenger and he doesn’t seem to care about Heart Flowers or anything like that.


Yuri then suddenly shows up alone back at the hotel. She tells everyone that Olivier willingly went back with Salamander and we get a flashback to what happened.

Salamander tells Yuri his story. He was the first of the Desert Messengers to make it to Earth and he was defeated by the first Precure ever, Cure Ange. Unlike Dune Salamander just wants to destroy the world, as a child he wanted to learn the meaning of his existence and what was in Dune’s heart and how it worked. But Dune hates hearts and was annoyed by Salamander so he cast him out. When he was defeated by Ange he eventually decided to get revenge on both Dune and the Precure by destroying the world. His hatred has festered over the centuries and became a great power, the key to it is the piece of power inside Olivier. When the main portion of his power is released it will merge with and swallow Olivier. He asks Olivier to come with him and they’ll simply destroy everything and end it all. Monsters have no place in this world he says.

Olivier thinks about everything he’s learned from Tsuvomi and the others and he stops Moonlight and Baron Salamander from fighting more, he says he cant be with the girls because he’s a monster and decides to willingly go with Baron Salamander. Yuri finishes telling Tsubomi all this and she runs out to look for Olivier. Erika stops her though. Because all 4 of them are going to look for him together. They’ve also contacted Kaoruko for some help.

At the castle where the Baron’s power is stored Olivier still asks him not to destroy the world. He’s unwavering though so Olivier resorts to fighting but Salamander still overpowers him. The full moon is out again and without Tsubomi Olivier loses control of himself completely, the seal that holds the rest of Salamander’s power weakens and Salamander sets Olivier to destroying the rest of the castle to get it all.


Blossom and marine show up to stop Oliver while Sunshine and Moonlight fight Salamander down in the void below the castle. Good action again, Olivier can’t hear Blossom’s voice at all though, he’s just a wild beast at this point. But Blossom still plans on healing his heart and making him remember her. Eventually she does reach him after taking an attack from Marine meant for him.


Moonlight and Sunshine however are unable to stop the Baron and he gets all of his power back, transforming into a gigantic dragon. Pretty cool. He starts attacking the city but Coupe arrives to help and punches him in the face. Coupe gets to punch a dragon. Pretty awesome. The 4 girls tell Olivier he can still help them defeat the Baron and bring out the light in his heart.


The girls then use Heartcatch Orchestra. But Baron Salamander is able to resist it for a while, almost defeating it. But Olivier pulls out his power and cheers for Precure, there’s a crowd that’s been watching the dragon and everything going on and Olivier goes to a camera crew that’s been filming it all and talks to everyone and asks them to send their power to Pretty Cure. So this is where the Miracle Lights come in. However it’s a little different here as only the fairies actually get the lights and all of the kids and people watching just send the power of their hearts and feelings to them. This powers up the Heartcatch Orchestra and they overcome Baron Salamander and purify his dragon form.

Salamander is back to his human form but still alive. His power crystal this time is completely vaporized. Olivier asks him to go on another journey together again. Happy end. Olivier does still love him and view him as a father after all. During the ending credits the girls do their fashion show they came to Paris for and a remixed version of the second ending son plays.


Good movie, definitely worth watching and it even ties in really well with the main series… well sort of. Baron Salamander and Olivier make the smallest of cameos in episode 48 of Heartcatch to give backstory to someone… and it ends up creating a giant plot hole but whatever. The movie is still clearly cannon at least and doesn’t mess things up some other ones, I would definitely say to watch it before finishing Heartcatch.