Hello hello. If you’ve somehow managed to stumble across this website thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoy yourself. And the reason the website is called “Magical Shoujo” is simply because mahou shoujo and magical girl were both already taken.

As for who I am I’m really no one, I’m not really a member of any other Precure community (at least anymore) nor do I frequently post or talk on other anime forums and websites, I’m not a YouTube reviewer nor a fansubber of any sort. My MAL is used quite sparingly for any type of discussion. I’m just someone who loves magical girls.


If you wish to see some of my older Precure reviews and what shows I’ve seen my MAL is open to all:


Here is also just a chart of my top 9 favorite Magical Girl anime.

Magical Girl 3x3


2 thoughts on “About

    • For a long while it’ll probably just be Precure, with that lone Cyberteam review, but I do plan on writing some general blogs on the magical girl genre and things like what is and isn’t a magical girl in my eyes as well as some underrated series I think need more attention. Stuff like that. Thank you for your comment!


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