Precure All Stars Everybody Sing!


Probably my favorite crossover movie since New Stage 2. It’s more of a real musical than Spring Carnival was, and it has more and better songs. It’s not just a bunch of music videos. Even though Spring Carnival had the typical Precure movie plot with the villains and everything added in too this movie is more straightforward while just being better at the music and performances too.

Honestly I’m just happy to see more musical stuff like this in anime.


The movie opens with Mofurun and the Gopri fairies explaining the Miracle Lights.

Then when we actually get into the movie Mirai and Liko are exploring the town, Liko in particular wants to find any secrets about the Precure (they’re connected to Earth somehow after all) and how they can become better Precure. And then the two of them just break out into song. It’s a super cute song too. The GoPri girls are also there singing about their own things and how they’re going to meet up with Megumi’s group. A few side characters and family members appear in the background during the song, the animation is very good during the song too.


After the song Mofurun smells something sweet and goes off on her own, running into Haruka and the GoPri’s, Mirai and Liko follow and meet them too. Liko uses some magic on reflex and accidentally reveals herself as a magician to Haruka and them, so the two try and pass it off as a trick.


Meanwhile someone is spying on the girls, it’s the witch Sorcielle and her servant Trauma. She uses some kind of magic to peer into the memories of Haruka and creates a phantom Dyspear to fight them. The GoPri girls transform to fight it. Mirai and Liko also transform into their Diamond form to fight, both the GoPrincess and Maho opening songs play briefly here. Sorcielle and Trauma notice that Miracle and Magical are amateurs, Trauma says they’ll be good targets.

Sorcielle seems annoyed at the friendship between the Precure, and then the girls hear someone singing and the Dyspear phantom disappears as Sorcielle loses her composure. The singing seems to be connected to her somehow.

Mirai and Liko want to talk about Precure stuff with the GoPri girls but then Trauma comes to Earth, he says he serves Sorcielle and they desire the tears of the Precure. The girls transform again but Sorcielle uses her magic to transport all of them to her dimension. Mofurun, Puff, and Aroma secretly trail Trauma but Miracle and Magical end up separated.

Trauma says Sorcielle that they can now begin brewing their potion. And we get the best song in the movie.


Again the best song is the villain song. No surprises there. It’s just such a catchy tune and I love the visuals and Sorcielle’s singing voice. The woman who voices Sorcielle has appeared in almost no other anime. Anyways the song explains that they’re going to use the potion that requires the Precure tears to call someone’s soul back from the grave, Sorcielle seems in anguish over this, whoever she wants to call back she seems to have some negative feelings about. Trauma though seems to have a more sinister motive for the potion.

Magical then is attacked by “Dyspear” and gets saved by the Doki Doki girls. I can’t believe it but after GoPrincess I’m actually kind of happy to see them. Miracle also gets attacked by a Noise phantom but is rescued by the Happiness Charge team. None of the phantoms have any real lines this movie, very disappointing but whatever. I guess it’s kind of nice seeing the old villains in any way.

There’s good action, animation and music here. Miracle and Magical are amazed by how strong their predecessors are.


That strange singing starts up again, it seems connected to Sorcielle, Miracle sees an image of a young girl who looks to be the cause of the singing but then she sudden;y disappears.

The Happiness Charge and Doki girls hold off Dyspear and Noise to allow Miracle and Magical to escape, they end up captured though when the phantoms self-destruct. Trauma meanwhile chases the fairies around the castle. Miracle then comes across Lulun and-


She meets all the pinks from the second generation of the franchise. So much pink. The 4 of them give a rather hilarious role-call. They’re being chased by phantoms of Proto-Jikochu and the Director. Magical also meets back up with the GoPrincess girls and they end up fighting with Pierrot and Gohyaan. Sorcielle then speaks to them, saying she’s captured all the other Precure.


We then see they’ve all been imprisoned and Trauma is doing various silly things to get them to cry such as putting on a sad puppet show and chopping up onions. The other Precure continue to fight the Phantoms.

While Mofurun, Puff and Aroma are searching through the castle they end up randomly finding the Miracle Lights in a box.

The fights are going poorly but Echo arrives to save Magical.


But Magical believes things are hopeless. Miracle also laments how weak and useless she is compared to the other girls fighting. Miracle and Magical start to sing about how they feel like failures compared to the other Precure. They want to be back together so they can give each other courage.

Echo and Lulun respectively try to snap them out of their funk to help the other girls. It works and the GoPrincess girls fight off the Pierrot and Gohyaan phantoms while all the pinks combine their attacks to destroy the Proto-Jikochu and Director phantoms. It’s hilarious when all the pinks attacks don’t combine at first.

The singing starts up again and all the villains who haven’t appeared yet pop up and self-destruct, leaving only Miracle and Magical left to solve things. Mofurun, Puff and Aroma wander into Sorcielle’s room and get caught by Trauma. While wandering around the dimension with Lulun Miracle starts to sing the song she’s been hearing to calm Lulun down. Magical hears her and starts singing too.


The two of them finally meet back up, happy to see each other again as a song plays. The two of them then break into Sorcielle’s room. Sorcielle uses a powerful attack to instantly knock them out of their transformation so the girls go into their Sapphire form, again Sorcielle breaks that so the girls return to Diamond form. They says they wont ever give up after what happened earlier. Sorcielle isn’t much of a direct fighter either, they knock her down and that singing girl appears again.


Sorcielle says that little girl is her and she takes Miracle and Magical into her memories. She was an orphan taken in by a great magician, she was taught that lullaby as well as magic. Sorcielle says her master never acknowledged her though, always treating her like a child and never teaching her the ultimate magic. And then she died so Sorcielle is now looking to create that potion to bring her soul back so she can ask her why she never acknowledged her.

Miracle and Magical try to get Sorcielle to see that she’s wrong about her teacher, by singing of course, her teacher really loved her. She always sung that pleasant lullaby to her. On a side note I really like Sorcielle’s design.


Sorcielle wants to get back from her misplaced hate towards her teacher but she’s still confused about why she didn’t teach her the ultimate magic. We see in a flashback that Trauma told Sorcielle her teacher was jealous of her power and didn’t want to teach her, she really hated Sorcielle.

One of the Miracle Lights then activates, showing Sorcielle a memory of her teacher singing the lullably to her, reminding her that her teacher really did love her and all she really wanted was to be praised.

Miracle thinks this is so beautiful that she actually sheds a tear… which is instantly collected by Trauma.


As we learn Trauma was just manipulating Sorcielle the whole time, the potion is really just a way for Trauma to unlock his magical power that was sealed away by Sorcielle’s teacher long ago. He drinks the potion and the dimension they’re all in starts to fall apart, so they all end up back on Earth.


His true form is very odd looking. Trauma starts destroying stuff and guilt trips Sorcielle about all the bad stuff she’s done. The other Precure are also still trapped in a room above Trauma’s head.

Miracle and Magical have some trouble fighting him and get beat up but seeing them refuse to give up inspires Sorcielle. She starts to sing the lullaby and it activates the Miracle Lights, the fairies use them to free the imprisoned Precure.


Now everyone fights Trauma. Miracle realizes that the song itself was the ultimate magic, it even heals them, Miracle and Magical thank Sorcielle and she continues to sing while everyone fights.


More Miracle Lights go out to every civilian around and they all cheer on Sorcielle while she sings and the Precure fight. At the end of the fight Miracle and Magical even get unique movie powerups so they can join in on the final attack and vanquish Trauma. I really liked Sorcielle’s song.

With everything taken care of Sorcielle says that one day she’d like to train someone in magic too.


At the end of the movie Liko wants to ask the other Precure about the magic they use, naturally they have no idea about that and are surprised to learn that Mirai and Liko can do “magic” magic. And so the two of them all get swamped by the other Precure asking them about it. Pretty funny.

The ending theme song and performance then happens and the movie ends. It was a good one, very enjoyable with a lot of nice songs and funny moments. Had some pretty good action but not the kind of really awesome or satisfying fights in some other All Stars movies. All in all though this was a good addition to the world of All Stars.





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