GoPrincess Precure


GoPrincess Precure is a good show. It’s well made and at least competent in all areas, with well defined themes and strong character arcs. It exemplifies a lot of what makes Precure Precure and doesn’t have excessive low points or certain faults of past seasons such as obnoxious fairies or any other annoying characters. On top of that it has very nice animation, good looks in general, and some of the best action of any season.

That being said I do not care much for GoPrincess. Partially because like Heartcatch I never found myself as attached to the characters as I did in other seasons. But I can’t deny that GoPrincess is a mostly good show and aesthetically very pleasing with some very well-developed Cures.

So why don’t I like it? Well, pretty much all the problems with GoPrincess can be summed up with the following image:


GoPrincess doesn’t do anything. It is the most creatively bankrupt season and massively lacking in innovation or anything new. It is very bland and has pretty much no identity of its own. You could essentially call it “Precure Precure”. Other seasons, like Smile for the biggest example, take things from past seasons but unlike those GoPrincess does not do anything new with it or add its own twist on something. GoPrincess is satisfied with taking the idea or past spirit and leaving it at that. It’s basically like if you ripped out the skeleton of every past season and mashed them all together, that’s GoPrincess. Even though GoPrincess is a technically better season than some I struggle to find any real reason to recommend it. It’s so lacking in identity, it doesn’t do or have anything special to it. I know why I would tell someone to watch Doki Doki, or Yes5, or Heartcatch but I can’t think of any reason for someone to watch GoPrincess other than if you were just a Precure fan and wanted to watch every season. Of course though because of that it would be good for someone who has never seen Precure before, “Here, this is what Precure is about, after you finish it go watch a season that has a soul or something special to it”. I dislike Doki but it at least has a heart, misplaced it may be in my view, GoPrincess I don’t know if it has a heart at all.

GoPrincess is basically the Kamen Rider Wizard or The Force Awakens of Precure, technically competent, well made, but thoroughly unspectacular. It doesn’t do anything the worst but it doesn’t do anything the best either. Even the main character, Cure Flora, who is hardly a bad character is still a very standard pink/leader type.

Another thing that hurts GoPrincess is that it is yet ANOTHER 4 CURE SEASON. Right after another one. Dear god. And it reuses some themes with the villains that have just been done to death by this point in the franchise and had been used in some seasons leading right up to GoPrincess, just making it more tired. For a franchise as long as Precure this death of creativity really hurts GoPrincess if you watched every season leading up to it like I have.

Let’s get to the show.


It begins with a crying girl. She’s upset that some boys told her she could never be a princess. But she then meets an older boy, who tells he she can be one if it’s her dream. As long as she nurtures that dream she can become a princess. He then gives her something and tells her his name is Kanata, he tells her never to forget her dream. Wait. A dark skinned, purple haired guy coming to a young girl and telling her she can be a princess? Am I watching Utena?

Then the opening theme song plays. It’s pretty good and it changes in lots of little ways as the show goes on.


A few years later Haruka Haruno is excited to be enrolling at Noble Academy. A prestigious school where everyone lives in the dorms. She meets her roommates Nanase Yui and they take a tour around the academy. This is a very proper academy where girls greet each other with “Gokigenyo” (watch Maria-Sama ga Miteru). Girls take care of themselves here and have dance lessons among other things.


Briefly the two of them meet the student council president, Karen… err, Minami. She was tragically born without a personality but enough about her for now. We also see a new girl arriving at the academy but we don’t know anything about her yet.

Later on while the two of them are exploring the grounds Yui tells Haruka that her dream is to become a children’s book author. When she asks Haruka what her dream is Haruka is too embarrassed to respond and runs off.


She then runs into the fairies Puff and Aroma. They say they’re Hope Kingdom’s royal fairies, Aroma is holding a box with him. They tell Haruka they need to hurry so this world isn’t taken over by despair. We then get introduced to the first villain of the show, Close from Dysdark, who also was tragically born without a personality.

Yui has come looking for Haruka and ends up becoming the first victim of Close.


Close looks into Yui’s heart and sees her dream, and he locks that dream in a cage of despair to create a Zetsuborg. And as someone who grew up in the 90’s I will forever think of the Beetleborg’s every time I hear that word.

Haruka sees this and wants to help and Aroma’s box falls and opens up to reveal a “Princess Perfume”. Close says he’s going to destroy every dream, which angers Haruka. Haruka says her dream is to become a princess and she pulls out the thing Kanata gave her long ago, which glows and is revealed as a “Dress-up Key”.


She can use that key and perfume to become a Precure. She’s worried but makes her decision to help Yui and protect her dream. Putting the key into the Perfume she transforms into Cure Flora.


Good transformation, I’m not a huge fan of the outfit but at least it isn’t pink on pink again like with Lovely. Flora’s transformation scene in general and what comes after it are very pretty, a bunch of flowers in the field suddenly bloom and petals fill the air. There is some kind of random out of place CGI though.

Anyways after this we get an amazing fight for a first episode. The animation quality is frankly stellar as well, it’s seriously on the level that you would normally only see in movies. This got a lot of people hyped up for the season.

After beating up the Zetsuborg Flora then uses her power to activate Mode Elegant.


She gets a bigger dress, more CGI involved, and uses her attack Precure Floral Tourbillon to defeat the Zetsuborg. Close retreats and Haruka uses her key to unlock the cage of despair and save Yui.

Aroma then tells her that they came here from the Hope Kingdom to search for the Princess Precure on the orders from Kanata.


It turns out Kanata is the prince of the Hope Kingdom, this really surprises Haruka.

And then the episode ends and we get to the ending song. It’s pretty interesting, feels like something from a Disney movie in places. Which makes sense I suppose. So the first episode of GoPrincess is pretty good, establishes everything in a fine enough way and the fight was really something special. It was nice that it wasn’t a two-parter to start with either, having that three times in a row would’ve been annoying. Things were definitely looking up after this first episode.


The second episode begins with Haruka telling the fairies how Kanata gave her the key she has. They tell her that Hope Kingdom was attacked and taken over by Dyspear of Dysdark. And they currently don’t know what happened to Kanata, he gave them their mission to find the Precure while they were under attack. Haruka says she’ll help them find the other Precure.

She’s also very happy to be a princess for real but Aroma tells her she isn’t a true princess yet. A true princess embodies, strength, kindness and beauty. Becoming a true princess is a big part of the show. Haruka needs to develop her “princessness” and her powers. Yui wakes up, Puff and Aroma leave for now, and Haruka now decides to tell Yui that her dream is to be a princess, which Yui thinks is a wonderful dream.


The next morning Haruka is out jogging, she doesn’t know what she can do about kindness and beauty but she can at least train for strength. Minami is also out that morning looking across the sea, for who knows what reason, and she sees a Princess Key in the water and picks it up.

It’s also the entrance ceremony today, which Haruka almost misses and gets punished by a teacher for. But Minami gets the teacher to ease up, while still telling Haruka to reflect on her actions. Haruka and Yui get to see how perfect Minami is this episode. There’s an odd Marimite vibe here even though the school is coed.


Haruka asks Minami to help her out with ballet. Which she does but she’s strict because she has her own schedule. After spending time with her Haruka learns Minami is a really nice person, she’s been working hard ever since she was a kid to get as good as she is now at everything.

Close then comes back and decides to attack the school so he can destroy Haruka’s Princess Key. He makes a Zetsuborg out of some random kid. Yeah GoPrincess follows Happiness Charge’s style when it comes to the victim of the week format, anyone can become a monster without provocation or development as long as they have a dream and most don’t get development. Again I think it’s preferable to Doki’s way since it still allows for potential good victims of the week but victim of the week is kind of tired at this point and having the exact same format as last season is annoying.

Minami also sees Haruka transform as she goes off to fight. It’s another good fight, not as awesome as the first episode though. Minami comes to help Flora and her key glows.


Aroma gives her one of the other Perfumes and she transforms into Cure Mermaid. It’s a cool transformation and I like her outfit, first midriff since Suite. Again there’s some great animation when she fights, for those who watched while it aired we wondered if the show could keep this up as it went on (the answer is no, but good effort).


Mermaid also uses Mode Elegant to get her big fancy dress and finish off the Zetsuborg with her attack, Precure Mermaid Ripple. Haruka is happy to have Minami as an ally, but then Aroma and Puff notice that the third Precure Perfume is missing.

So for episode 3 it’s night at the academy, they couldn’t find the missing Perfume earlier. Puff has sneaked into the dorms to be with Haruka. We meet some of the other students and minor characters this episode the next morning when Haruka and Yui and everyone has to clean the dorms and all of that stuff. They stay minor characters.


Puff gets found out so Haruka has to ask if they can keep her in the dorm, like sort of a class pet kind of thing. This episode is about Haruka convincing some of the girls to keep Puff.

The second villain, Shut, also appears.


You don’t know it yet but he’s the best thing about the show.

Shut is a rather froopy guy and he and Close don’t really get along well. Shut creates a Zetsuborg so the girls go and fight it. There’s no really good action here but it’s still an alright fight, Close also created a Zetsuborg this episode so Flora and Mermaid fight and defeat two at once.

At the end of the episode Haruka has been able to convince all the girls to let Puff stay in the dormitory.


Of course though this mess has made them all completely forget about the missing third Perfume. Which we see is with the girl who arrived at school in the first episode.

Episode 4 then is the formal introduction of my favorite Cure of the season.


Haruka, Minami and the fairies are still looking for the other Perfume. Haruka notices a magazine that has the young model Amanogawa Kirara on it, Haruka likes her and Minami mentions that Kirara actually goes to their school. And then they notice that she’s holding the missing Perfume. Puff and Aroma say to go ask her to be a Precure.


When they talk to her Kirara pretty much just brushes them off, saying she’s too busy to really talk now. She does give Haruka the nickname Haruharu, which I will now be using. Kirara is really the only interesting or different Cure of the season.

Later Haruharu and Minami go after her while she’s working. Close also is out and he attacks them with a Zetsuborg, he orders Kirara to give over the Perfume but Haruharu and Minami transform and easily defeat his Zetsuborg. They then are going to ask Kirara to join them but instead she just willingly hands them the perfume and walks off, she isn’t interested in becoming a Precure at all, she’s too busy. But Haruharu still doesn’t want to give up on getting her as the third Precure.


They go to a fashion show Kirara will be in, meanwhile Kirara also finds a Princess Key in her bag. Haruharu meets Kirara at the show and learns that Kirara designs some of her own clothes and that her dream is to reach an even bigger and bigger stage. She wants to shine like the stars in the sky.

Close then shows up again at the show and turns a model into a Zetsuborg, asking for the Perfume again. This fight doesn’t go as well for Flora and Mermaid so Kirara steps forward, she’s angry at Close for ruining the show. Roma notices her Princess Key and he gives her the perfume back, Kirara uses it to transform into Cure twinkle.


Good transformation again but I don’t actually care much for the outfit. She fights and defeats the Zetsuborg easily, using Mode Elegant and her attack Precure Twinkle Humming.


Haruharu and Minami then reveal that they’re the Precure to her, but Kirara still says she isn’t becoming a Precure. She just wanted to beat up Close for ruining the show. She’s still too busy and she gives them the Perfume back again.

Episode 5 starts with Haruharu again saying how she wants Kirara as the third Precure and refusing to give up on her.

Haruharu goes to talk with her but Kirara says she’s giving it her all to be a model, she won’t be a Precure. Reminds me of Miki. Kirara has Haruharu follow her around to show her what her schedule is like. Haruharu also tells her about her dream to become a Princess, feeling that even though she’s become a Princess Precure she hasn’t really achieved what it means to be a “Princess”. Kirara says she isn’t sure she’s gotten to the level she wants to be at either, she’s overshadowed by her mom who’s a super famous model. She enrolled at Noble Academy because that’s where her mom went.


Kirara has an audition with an important designer and Haruharu helps give her the idea for the perfect dress to impress the guy.


Later Kirara runs into and talks with Minami, she says how surprised she is by Haruharu continuing to hang out with her and help her out even after she refused to be a Cure. It’s throwing her off. She also decides to give Minami the nickname Minamin.

Close then shows up and turns a random kid into a Zetsuborg. Flora and Mermaid go fight him while at the same time Kirara gets notice that she passed the audition.

Close is beating Flora and Mermaid when Kirara shows up.


She asks for the key and Perfume back, saying the show won’t give up on being a model but she’s found something equally important to do. Become a Precure. Haruharu’s earnest feelings got to her. She transforms again and as Twinkle defeats the Zetsuborg.


At the end of the fight the voice of Dyspear calls out to Close, telling him not to embarrass them anymore and ordering him back to Dysdark.


Kirara says she’ll help them as a Precure now and so all three Princess Precure are together.

So yeah the intro episodes aren’t bad. Biggest problem is probably Close being boring but besides that they do a good job of introducing the three girls and the setting/backstory. GoPrincess is quite a good looking show too, it hasn’t had the great fight animation since episode two though.

So onward to episode 6. Movie scenes start showing in the opening. In the taken over Hope Kingdom Kanata realizes that the 3 Princess Precure have been gathered.


At Noble Academy the girls use the secondary student council room as their “base”. Aroma shows the girls the Princess Lesson Pad, and says they will begin princess lessons aiming to become Grand Princesses. The Grand Princess must embody “strong, kind. and beautiful”. Haruka is looking forward to it.


They meet their teacher of the princess lessons, Miss Shamour, who first teaches them how to properly have tea with guests. The princess lessons are all kinds of things like this. Haruka is not quite as good as Minami and Kirara are at this kind of stuff, she feels like the odd one out in their group because she’s rather normal and unassuming. Haruka says she wants to become like the flower princess from her favorite fairy tale but says she’s still far away from that obviously.


Kanata then contacts them all. He recognizes Haruka, who’s also happy to see him along with the fairies. It’s at this point that we get the typical Precure plot infodump where Kanata tells the girls about Dysdark and Dyspear. Currently he’s hiding from them on the outskirts of the Hope Kingdom. He tells the girls how Dysdark attacked and took all the dreams of the people and locked them behind the Door of Despair. Kanata feels guilty for this, the girls offer to help him in any way they can. He tells them there are two things they must do, the first is to find all 12 Dress-Up Keys which were used in the past to seal evil. The keys were originally in the Hope Kingdom before coming to Earth during Dyspear’s attack. With the twelve keys they can break open the Door of Despair. Currently there are 9 left to find after the ones the girls already have that allowed them to transform.


Dyspear is also looking for the keys. She’s angry at Close for his repeated failures and she tells him and Shut that Lock, the last of the generals, has gone out to take care of things. Lock then arrives at the Academy and creates a Zetsuborg.

Dyspear can also tell that Kanata is communicating with the girls and it seems she can use her power to interfere with his transmission so Kanata realizes he needs to leave soon.


Kanata tells them the second thing they must do is become Grand Princesses. Only one person can unlock all of the keys power, they must all strive to become a Grand Princess. Haruka isn’t sure she can do it but Kanata says she can, she’s special because the first key came to her years ago long before Dyspear attacked. It went through time and space on its own to reach her. He thanks Haruka for nurturing her dream to become a Princess and says they’ll meet again before ending the transmission.


After that the girls go out to fight the Zetsuborg and they meet Lock for the first time. Nothing to really say about him yet, he doesn’t do anything and the girls defeat his Zetsuborg without any trouble.

Episode 7.


Haruharu meets a boy from her past at Noble Academy. When they were younger he made fun of her dream to be a Princess. He used to bully her a little too and meeting him again has made her upset. Minami says she should try making up since it was so long ago anyways. She still gets frustrated with him because they’re supposed to play tennis together but he really doesn’t want to lose so he just brushes her off and wont count on her.


Haruka has Shamour teach her tennis and we learn that Miss Shamour can transform into a human.

Haruka eventually comes to respect Yuuki a bit because she sees how hard he works towards his dream of being a great tennis player. Shut then shows up and turns him into a Zetsuborg, the girls defeat it without any real trouble and Flora rescues Yuuki. He sees Flora while he’s still kind of in a daze and thinks she’s the flower princess and he later tells Haruka that she really does exist so many Haruka can become a princess one day too. Of course he still teases her on her lack of princess attributes.

Episode 8 begins with Haruharu learning about a big party that takes palce at the school where everyone wears formal attire. Haruka says she’s gonna make her own dress, even though she can’t sew. Because making your own dress is something princesses do you know. She wants to try so she gets Miss Shamour to teach her. Haruharu puts a lot of effort into it but it takes a toll on her studies and she’s getting a little sleepy in class too.

Minami says she has to give up on making the dress if this is the cost. But Haruharu says she’ll work extra hard to do everything and she really pushes herself. And she does improve. Kirara gets worried though that she’s pushing herself too hard. But Haruharu refuses her help, she wants to do this on her own.


Lock is the villain again and he creates a Zetusborg from a student. Kirara and Minami go to fight it on their own so Haruka doesn’t have to be bothered with it too but she shows up to fight anyways. Flora says she’ll give it her all to make her dream come true, giving her all to everything she does. Together they defeat the Zetsuborg and complete the dress, Haruka also thanks Kirara for worrying about her.

This episode had an interesting moral for Precure. Normally it would be like Haruka learning to accept someone elses help and not push herself too hard. But instead it’s about Kirara learning to trust in Haruka’s strength and ability to do something. It’s about letting someone do something with their own power, a bit unusual for Precure. Still it works cause it says to have faith in your friends.

And now we get to episode 9.


The party is this episode. Dyspear also gives Close a final chance to redeem himself.

The party is very fancy for what’s essentially a middle school. This episode we learn that Minami is afraid of ghosts, and also that her dream is to become like her amazing father and older brother when she’s older. Close shows up at the party and turns a kid into a Zetsuborg. The episode is pretty funny what with Close’s reaction to seeing Mermaid is afraid of ghosts. There’s also some good animation.


Nothing much to really say about the rest of the episode aside from Close getting defeated again and being really pissed off at Flora for putting him in this predicament. Haruka also says she’ll help Minami with her fears, she wanted to repay Minami back for being so reliable for her and Minami is happy to oblige.

Kind of odd cause this episode has like the exact opposite moral of the last episode, instead of Haruka letting Minami get over her fears herself or having any faith in her too she immediately just goes to help her and says she’ll let Minami rely on her.

Okay so next episode starts the beginning of a two-parter that closes out the second arc of GoPrincess, or first if you count intro episodes as a prologue or something. Episode 10 is a good episode mostly, has some nice scenes and pretty imagery. Kanata contacts the girls and tells them that his staff has sensed the location of a Dress-Up Key. It’s somewhere at Noble Academy, it should be somewhere where dreams flourish. Everyone goes looking for it.


The girls end up following the dorm mother Shirogane to a secret flower garden, unbeknownst to them Yui and Close followed them too (Close hasn’t reported back to Dyspear after his failure last episode). Episode 10 and 11 basically do the exact same thing with Close that Smile did with Wolfrun late in, but I’ll get more into that later.

The rose garden reminds me of the Cure Rose Garden from GoGo even though they don’t really look much alike. There’s also a house there that the girls go into. Inside the walls are lined with tiles that people have written their dreams on. Past students of Noble Academy like Kirar’s mom and Minami’s brother.


Shirogane is there too, she tells them it’s a memorial for all the students who graduated from Noble Academy. It’s supposed to be a secret from current students. Shirogane was the first student to leave a tile, she tells the girls to support each other and work hard towards their dreams. The girls keys then react and 3 new ones (1 for each girl obviously) appear. Just then Yui and Close also show up at the garden,

Close creates a Zetsuborg out of the dream house with Shirogane still inside. This Zetsuborg is stronger than normal because it’s essentially powered by all the dreams inside. Haruk and the others notice Yui and have to transform in front of her, so she finds out about them.

Flora’s attack isn’t strong enough to defeat the Zetsuborg but her and the other two’s determination to save the house of dreams draws out more power from them and causes the keys inside to react and the girls combine their 3 attacks to defeat the Zetsuborg.


Afterwards the girls get their keys. The Elegant Dress-Up Keys, Lunar for Twinkle, Ice for Mermaid, and Rose for Flora.


Dyspear then projects an image of herself before Close and the Precure while at the same time Kanata is in the Hope Kingdom searching for something to help the girls. And we move on immediately to episode 11.

Close asks for a final chance to defeat Flora, Dyspear grants it to him and uses her power to transport everyone behind the Door of Despair. Yui wakes up to find herself with Puff and Aroma and learns they can talk, they, Mermaid, and Twinkle get attacked by Zetsuborgs while Flora faces Close one on one.


Close tells them they’re trapped in a cage of despair made my Dyspear and that inside of it he;s much stronger. He starts hulking out and grows wings and attacks Flora. Good animation this episode but the actual fighting is just meh. The girls try to use their new keys but they don’t do anything.

Kanata contacts the fairies, and Yui by extension, he has found the Crystal Princess Rods that will work with the Elegant Keys and grant new powers to the Precure. If the rods can feel the Precure’s dreams they’ll automatically travel to them. Yui goes to tell them. Mermaid and Twinkle though actually defeat their Zetsuborg opponents on their own and so all of them end up running to help Flora.

And so what I meant with this being just like Wolfrun is that Close blames Flora for everything going wrong, just like what Wolfrun did with Happy in episode 44 of Smile, it’s basically the exact same setup with Dyspear pushing him into a corner like Joker did to Wolfrun. Except the problem is that Wolfrun had a real character arc, appeared a lot more, and had a legitimate rivalry and several past serious fights and episodes. Close has nothing. And everything he says has no weight or emotion behind it, this is supposed to be a really big dramatic fight with him but Close feels no different than a starter villain from one of the earlier seasons. He’s no more special or interesting than Pissard or Karehaan but he gets this extravagant finale.


Anyhow Close is too strong even for all three of the girls. But Flora says Close can’t destroy their dreams and they wont give up on them. Their keys react and Yui tells them about how they need to focus their thoughts and feelings and send them to Kanata. At the same time Close fully transforms into a monster crow and he blocks their power from reaching Kanata.


Yui has to go up and thank Flora and remind her of how much she helped her., and says maybe her saved dream can help Flora’s dream come true too. This gets Flora to realize just how much she wants her dream to come true, same with Mermaid and Twinkle. They concentrate their feelings again and successfully summon the rods to them.


Together the Princess Precure use the Elegant Keys with the Rods and defeat Close with their new attack, Precure Trinity Lumiere. Good riddance Close, you will not be missed… sigh.

The girls get out of the cage and the day is saved, but Dyspear seems rather pissed off.

Okay, things to talk about before moving on. I like how Yui finds out about them being Precure, this is fun but at the same time has now officially been done to death. Thank you for doing the same thing again GoPrincess. People might think I’m being unfair to Close as well but I just don’t care about him, he’s boring and plain. Scorp from GoGo was more interesting of a starter villain that had a real character arc in his short time and had a better and more justified finale. Close is just made super angry at Haruka even though they’ve barely interacted and he’s hardly done anything. He did nothing after episode 5 before being the villain again in episode 9 and essentially being a clown in it.

Minami is also a problematic character. She is Karen minus all the good and interesting things about Karen. They look the same, they’re both blue/water Cures, they’re both rich, they’re both student council presidents, they’re a year older than the pink and even their careers end up being in the same vein later. Except Minami doesn’t have the heat or depth that Karen had. I remember people comparing Reika to Karen when Smile first started but now we have the true long lost sisters. And Minami is by far and away the most boring and least interesting character of the season even without her being compared to Karen.

Puff and Aroma are fun fairies but they aren’t great characters like Candy, Pop, or Davi. Better than the HapCha fairies I guess.


So episode 12 is a fun, silly, filler episode. It introduces a new minor character, Ranko, who works on tv and wants to be an idol. She’s also an upperclassmen at Noble Academy as the girls later learn. She’s a fun character. The episode starts with the girls accepting Yui as their partner and then Kirara gets a job to advertise the donut shop she really loves. Kirara is cute. Meanwhile Shut and Lock couldn’t care about Close’s death and Shut goes out to fight the girls. This is really just a classic fun and very silly episode like a Fresh or Smile one.


Also during the fight the girls use their Elegant keys and Princess Rods to show off new individual attacks/abilities. Mermaid can actually conjure ice for example with hers. There’s surprisingly good animation this episode too. Having new little items giving the girls new attacks/abilities is something that the next season Maho would improve on. In essence the new Dress-Up Keys just amount to giving “upgraded” versions of their old attacks.

Episode 13 starts the next arc of GoPrincess.


In the late afternoon Haruka hears someone playing the violin somewhere on the academy grounds. She goes to find the source of the music and sees a strange girl playing it, Haruka is enraptured by her playing and how pretty the girl is.

The next day Haruka says she wants to play the violin too. Minami takes her to a guy who makes and repairs violins, he just got done repairing hers.


The guy ends up giving her the first violin he ever made as a gift. Haruka later calls on Miss Shamour to teach her, Shamour mentions that she also taught Kanata how to play the violin. Both Minami and Kirara can already play the violin well but Haruka… well, she’s not very good to put it lightly.


Later that night Haruka hears the playing again and goes to meet the girl. The girl shows Haruka how to play… sort of. She tells Haruka to lock away her heart, only like that can the violin correctly be played. Haruka is able to play it better like this and she’s happy but the rest of the girls are weirded out by this person.

Suddenly we switch scenes to the Hope Kingdom and the girl appears before Dyspear and the other villains. Shut is immediately stricken by her beauty. Dyspear calls the girl Twilight and apparently she’s Dyspear’s daughter. Shut and Lock are surprised to learn this.

Haruka is performing for her friends and the violin maker, locking her heart away while she does, and although she’s improved on a technical level the guy says he can’t feel Haruharu’s true feelings, her playing didn’t strike his heart at all.


Twilight and Shut then attack the girls, she admonishes Haruka’s poor playing and talent. Haruka is shocked when Shut tells them that Twilight is a princess and Dyspear’s daughter. Twilight tells them they can’t become princesses through hard work, she was born a princess and embodies what it means to be one, and then she takes out an evil looking Dress-Up Key and uses it on Shut to “unlock” more power within him. Shut then creates a Zetsuborg out of the violin guy, it looks stronger and eviler than previous Zetsuborg’s.

The fight is okay with some good animation.


Twilight insults people’s dreams to Flora’s face, saying she’s a real princess who’s already sublime, noble, and beautiful and thus she doesn’t need a dream like Flora. Flora, Mermaid and Twinkle say they’ll protect everyone’s dreams, dreams aren’t pathetic. And they use Trinity Lumiere to defeat the Zetsuborg. After this Haruka continues to practice with the violin, no longer locking away her heart. While back in the Hope Kingdom Twilight says she’ll cover the world in despair.

I like Twilight. But I do not like what ends up being done with her.

So episode 14 is up next.


It’s the day at Noble Academy where families come visit. Haruharu is happy to see her parents and little sister. Kind of surprising that she’s a big sister. But anyways her little sister isn’t happy to see her. Annnnd there’s not really a whole lot to say about this episode or Haruka’s family, they stay as very minor characters and aren’t important. It turns out Momoka is upset because she was worried that Haruka was feeling lonely at the academy but it turns out Haruka is really happy and she wonders if Haruka isn’t thinking about her family. Yadda yadda yadda everything gets resolved.


Shut and Twilight come again and Shut turns Haruka’s family into a Zetsuborg, Shut really likes Twilight. It seems Twilight’s key reacts to or needs to be filled with despair. Shut makes fun of Haruka’s family because their dream is to make Haruka’s dream come true. Haruka is understandably pissed off at this.

As a side note Kirara’s mom didn’t come visit because she’s busy, Kirara doesn’t mind this and has no problem just cheering on her mom.

Next episode Haruka has improved on her ability to do afternoon tea and the princess lessons are in general going very well. Aroma says they all still have a long ways to go before becoming Grand Princesses but Shamour reminds him that he and Puff are still only butler and maid apprentices too. So he shouldn’t be so high and mighty.


Shamour tells Aroma to serve Haruharu as a lesson tomorrow and she turns both him and Puff into humans next morning so they can practice their work. Human Puff is cute. As we learn Aroma is too much of a stickler to his set schedule (not like Haruka is much of a princess at this point though) but he’s trying his hardest and eventually he ends up meeting a real butler and learning from him. He realizes that he needs to be more considerate of his masters feelings and desires instead of just forcing them along his “perfect” schedule. Lock also comes out with Twilight this episode, much to Shut’s chagrin, but there isn’t much to say about that. The fight is good and has nice animation.

Now on to episode 16.


The episode opens with a short flashback showing how Minami almost drowned as a child but she was rescued by a dolphin. Then we go to the girls on vacation at a resort owned by Minami’s family, it’s managed by her brother Wataru who we now get introduced to. And the dolphin that rescued Minami years ago still lives around there and Minami is friends with her, she named it Tina. Minami tells Haruka and Kirara that she plans to become a manager in her family’s company just like her brother. She loves the ocean and sea life so she’d like to do something like her brother at a resort like this.


While Minami and her brother are having a nice chat (they have a sweet sibling relationship) Twilight is spying on them and for reasons unknown even to herself her heart begins to hurt when she sees how happily the two of them are getting along. She then has Lock go and turn Wataru into a Zetsuborg. It’s a cool looking killer whale Zetsuborg and the animation and fighting this episode is pretty good.

Kanata meanwhile contacts Haruka and Kirara to tell them that he senses a new Dress-Up Key, the two of them then realize that a Zetsuborg has been made and they rush over to Minami so all three of them can transform and fight.

Shut is also there and he creates his own Zetsuborg. Mermaid fights her brothers while Flora and Twinkle fight the one Shut made.


While fighting Tina comes in to help Mermaid and gets injured. Mermaid remembers again when Tina rescued her and she wishes she could help Tina too, and the rest of the ocean, her feelings bring out a new Dress Up Key. It’s one of the Miracle Dress Up Keys, the Bubble Key.


The power of the key heals Tina and Mermaid now uses it for a new powered up attack, Precure Bubble Ripple. She incapacitates the two Zetsuborg’s and then the girls finish them off with Trinity Lumiere.

Episode 17 up next.


Kirara is putting on a show with her own. It’s produced by the guy back from when Kirara first became a Cure. We now get to physically meet Kirara’s mom “Stella”. She really likes her daughter, she’s very affectionate, and she’s super happy to meet Kirara’s friends. She seemed surprised that Kirara had friends.

Kirara really feels the need to match her moms star power and captivatingness.


While the girls are all hanging out together Kirara gets annoyed and embarrassed by her moms childish behavior. And how messy her apartment is, her mom is basically a kid. Kirara eventually blows up at how carefree her mom is being while she’s worried about not being able to match up to her in the show. She also vents to Haruharu and Minami about how critical her mom was when she was growing up.

Twilight and Shut attack the show the next day, Shut creates a Zetsuborg out of Stella and Kirara sees that her moms dream is to stand on the same stage as Kirara. Kirara gets now that her mom just wanted her to relax yesterday before the big show and the girls transform and fight.


Twinkle is powered up from knowing what her moms dream is. She wishes for the same thing and a new Dress-Up Key comes out of her mom. The Miracle Dress-Up Key, Shooting Star. Just like last episode Twinkle uses her new attack to incapacitate the Zetsuborg and the girls finish it off together with Trinity Lumiere.


After that the show is a big success. Kirara’s mom tells her she has a new dream now, for the both of them to be top models together. Kirara says she’ll get there. The two of them have a very cute relationship.

So next episode is a fairly important one, it starts the ball rolling to the mid-season climax.


The author of The Flower Princess is coming to town. They’ve never appeared in public before this. Yui is excited to meet her too since she wants to be an author. And obviously since the flower princess is Haruka’s inspiration she’s very much looking forward to it. She also wants to ask the author about the books ending and if it will be continued, since it had something of an open-ending.

In the Hope Kingdom Dyspear is angry that the Precure have acquired new Keys. Twilight says she will defeat the Precure now with her own hands. For this Dyspear pulls out another evil looking Key from her body and gives it to Twilight for extra power.

Haruka meets the author and gets her to sign her copy of the book, but when Haruka asks what happened after the end of the story but the author says she isn’t planning on making a solid end or continuation to it.


She tells Haruka that she originally wrote the story for her daughter to raise her as a proper princess and had her own ending in mind, but when she received all the fan letters from children who had read her book, who had told her their wishes for the story and what would become of the flower princess, she decided to leave the story’s end open. She left it like that because everyone has their own story in their head and what they want to happen to their beloved character. They had their own idea of the flower princess. Haruka of course has one too.

Twilight then attacks. She turns the area around them into a battleground and puts all the civilians into these mirror things and sucks up the despair from them as energy.


It’s a pretty nice fight, Twilight has good theme music and the animation here is really good. Twilight is able to effortlessly handle the girls, she completely outmatches them. She tells Flora that she lacks what it means to be a Princess. She can’t be like Twilight who was born into greatness. The girls still are determined and fight back but their new Dress-Up Key attacks fail to harm Twilight.

Twilight then attempts to burn and destroy Flora’s copy of The Flower Princess.


But Flora grabs it and tells Twilight that she has her own idea of what a princess is deep in her heart, not like Twilight but like the strong, kind and beautiful flower princess from the book. It’s Flora’s dream to become that princess.

Her Miracle Dress-Up Key then comes out of the book, the Lily Key. She uses it to overpower Twilight with her new attack Lys Tourbillon.


And now that they all have their Miracle Keys they can use a new group attack, Precure Trinity Explosion… it’s basically just Trinity Lumiere but stronger. Twilight is shocked to be defeated but she still refuses to acknowledge Flora’s idea of a princess or that she is one.


Haruka later realizes that the flower princess embodies the same ideals of the Grand Princess. She realizes her dream is connected to that and she reaffirms her desire to become a Grand Princess. We also learn at the end of the episode that the author of the book is also the headmaster of Noble Academy, who after meeting Haruka and seeing Flora (when she was rescued) has decided to start working on a continuation of The Flower Princess.

Now we come to episode 19.


Haruka has really improved on the violin, but she still makes some mistakes. Miss Shamour mentions how Kanata taught the song she’s playing to his little sister, the princes of Hope Kingdom. A character who has never been mentioned or even implied to exist before now. She loved the violin and was good at it. And as it turns out the song Haruka is practicing is the same one Twilight plays…. hm, what could that mean?

Haruka thinks she still needs to improve a lot at everything but the others mention at how well she’s done at ballet, tea, and the violin. Meanwhile in the Hope Kingdom Twilight is angry at her defeat so Shut goes out to fight alone. This episode is mostly filler as the girls just go on a scavenger hunt in their dorm with the other students, they interact with other students and expand their friendships. It’s kind of a breather episode before the climax really starts.


In the Hope Kingdom Kanata’s staff reacts, letting him know that the Precure found another key. While at the same time Twilight stumbled upon some old building/castle on the outskirts of the kingdom, she felt drawn there, inside of it she finds a Princess Perfume. She says she’ll use it to become stronger.

Okay so at episode 20 the mid-season climax truly begins.


There’s actually a short little message at the beginning of the opening theme song celebrating Precure’s 555th episode. For the episode proper it starts with Dyspear creating another key for Twilight to use with the Perfume. When this happens the 9 Keys the Precure have react and with their power the girls are all transported to the Hope Kingdom.

When there the keys continue to emit a light, leading the girls somewhere, they’ve also been separated. Dyspear also sensed their arrival. There are some random Zetsuborg’s in the Kingdom so Haruka transforms to fight them.


Kanata arrives to help her and they defeat the Zetsuborg’s. Their reunion is pretty sweet, both are very happy to see each other again. Haruka continues to follow the light from the key, as do Minami and Kirara.


The keys end up leading each girl to their own castle like Twilight found last episode, Kanata recognizes that the one Haruka is at has the Flower Princesses coat of arms on it. They are lead to a special dais that has a place to insert the key into and when they do it seems to awaken the spirit of the past Precure. The past Precure tells the girls how they sealed away the evil in the past but they knew it would eventually return even stronger one day so they created a 4th Perfume. But now darkness is approaching that Perfume, they tell the girls that they can’t let that Perfume fall into the hands of evil.

I like how there’s an actual explanation to why there’s a 4th Perfume that no one else knew about.


After hearing from the past Precure the girls resolve to win and get the Perfume. The Keys now light the way to the main castle of the Hope Kingdom for all of them. But Shut and Lock show up to fight Mermaid and Twinkle.

While that happens Haruka is traveling with Kanata. She mentions to him how she’s learning the violin and she asks about his sister. He tells her her name is Towa but she’s been missing for years. Towa also wanted to be a Precure and a Grand Princess. When she disappeared the hearts of the people in the Hope Kingdom weakened and they lost their dreams, Towa was the bright light of the kingdom. Because of this the people were easy pickings for Dyspear.


But Kanata found hope again when he met Haruka, she gave him his dream back and he was able to withstand Dyspear and Dysdark because of it. Mermaid and Twinkle then get away from Shut and Lock and they make it to the castle with Haruka and Kanata.

But then…


Twilight greets them, Kanata immediately recognizes her as Towa. She has no idea who he is though, she says she’s Dyspear’s daughter Twilight and she uses her Perfume and key to transform. It’s a pretty cool transformation.

So yeah. A character who was only mentioned last episode turns out to be Twilight. I dislike this for several reasons. There was only the vaguest of hints that something was up with Twilight back in episode 16 when she was watching Minami and her brother. I also don’t like that again we’re going with brainwashing, I HATE BRAINWASHING. It sucked in Suite and sucked even harder in Doki Doki. It doesn’t help that Twilight/Towa’s story is basically EXACTLY THE SAME as Regina and Ace’s, just combined into one character. WE JUST DID THIS SHIT.

It’s become plainly obvious that there will never be a villain turning good and becoming a Cure story that is done as well as Fresh did with Eas again.


At the beginning of episode 21 we see a flashback of a young Towa wishing she could become a Grand Princess, she then hears Dyspear’s voice calling to her, saying she’ll make her dream come true. Towa is scared but Dyspear says she’ll miss her chance if she doesn’t come to her so Towa goes to Dyspear, walking into what appears to be a forest of thorns.

In the present she is now the Black Princess and she attacks the Precure and Kanata. There’s some nice animation this fight but the fight itself isn’t especially good. Flora feels a greater and eviler power from the Key Twilight has, Kanata thinks the Perfume she’s using will burn through Towa. The girls now fight to not just defeat Twilight but to save Towa from the black Keys.


The Miracle Key attacks they have aren’t strong enough though and Twilight enters her own Mode Elegant to unleash a powerful attack on them. Dyspear then creates a projection of herself again and tells them the truth of what happened to Towa. Towa wanted to achieve her dream but it seemed so far away, she was getting depressed that maybe she’d never become a Grand Princess. Towa’s worries ended up awakening Dyspear and then Towa eventually chose to come into the forest of despair herself after Dyspear called for her.


Dyspear did this to remove the symbol of hope from Kanata and the Hope Kingdom. It succeeded as we know and she was able to feed on the citizens despair and grow stronger, eventually being able to physically manifest and attack the Hope Kingdom. And then she decided to turn Towa into Twilight cause she’s just evil like that.

Sooooo…. this backstory is almost exactly like what happened in the last two seasons, as I mentioned in my Happiness Charge review.


Flora wont back down to Twilight and Dyspear though, she says dreams and hope still exist. Shut and Lock are watching the fight too, Shut is fanboying over Twilight’s beauty and eventually Mermaid and Twinkle start fighting them to keep them out of Flora’s fight with Twilight.

Flora says Twilight’s heart and dreams are still inside her, they’ve just been locked away, she knows this because of the beautiful violin she can play. Twilight said you lock away your heart to play the violin but Haruka was moved by Twilight’s music. Her feelings for Kanata and her dream are still inside her. The Precure then use Trinity Explosion on Twilight.

The Black Keys protect her but Kanata begins playing the violin to awaken Towa’s heart. He says he wants to play with her again.


And the hope and light of dreams comes from Towa’s body, the Perfume and Black Keys lose their power and Trinity Explosion completely overtakes Twilight, purifying her and turning her completely back into Towa. Shut is downright horrified that his beautiful dark princess has become a normal girl.

Dyspear is angered and she sends her thorns after the girls and Kanata to kill them as they try to leave the Hope Kingdom through the door that Puff and Aroma originally used to go to Earth.


Kanata chooses to sacrifice himself so the others can make it and he can destroy the door so Dyspear’s power can’t follow them to Earth. He wants to protect Towa. Haruka must fulfill her dream now, he asks her to take care of Towa as well. He wishes to meet them again as Dyspear comes upon them.

The rest make it out safely as the episode ends.

So now to episode 22. Which is a pretty fancy and good looking episode.


The girls return with Towa to the dorm while Shut is brokenhearted over Twilight and Lock wonders where Dyspear is as her throne in the castle is empty. Towa has a dream that night about her brother… and Twilight and she wakes up suddenly. She has the Perfume and the 3 Keys from Dyspear still with her, she goes outside and starts wandering around until she hears Haruka playing the violin.

Haruka is going to give Towa her brothers violin (they brought it with them to Earth) but Towa doesn’t want it, she feels horrified by what she’s done.

Dyspear then suddenly appears. Uhh… guess destroying the door was only an incredibly temporary thing.


Dyspear asks Towa to come back to her, to continue being Twilight. She also taunts them about Kanata. She says Towa’s dreams ended the moment she walked into the forest of despair, just keep despairing. She then summons her thorns and envelopes herself and Towa in them, creating a tower that feeds off of Towa’s despair and sends it into Dyspear for power.

Minami and Kirara show up too and the three transform and fight Dyspear. She can create these shadow things similar to what Despariah used to fight. The Precure can’t stand up to her power at all. But Flora still says she’ll save Towa, Kanata asked her to take care of her. She thinks that playing the violin might awaken Towa’s heart again and she’s able to make it into the thorn tower while Mermaid and Twinkle occupy Dyspear.

Towa tells her not to play, she doesn’t want to remember all the horrible things she’s done and what she’s lost. She has no home and no dream anymore. Flora says that isn’t true. She can still become a Grand Princess, just believe in yourself from the bottom of your heart, that’s what Kanata told her. Flora wants her and Towa to move forward together. Flora begins to play the violin for her, and all of this reminds Towa of her brother and what he would say to her.


Towa starts to play with her. Eventually the despair disappears and Dyspear powers down. I really hate writing the name Dyspear. Towa then thinks about how Kanata told her to never give up, being the light of hope is being the Grand Princess. The thorns recede as well, this whole violin playing scene is very pretty.

Towa says she will not despair anymore. She’ll live with what she did and make up for it and eventually achieve her dream of becoming a Grand Princess. The Black Keys and Perfume with her turn red and she transforms into the 4th Precure.


It’s a good transformation. Very reminiscent of Ace’s but not quite as good. There’s good music and animation to accompany her in the fight afterwards. Scarlet says that one day she’ll rescue the Hope Kingdom and her brother, and until then she’ll continue fighting Dyspear.


She uses her key to go into Mode Elegant and Kanata’s violin also transforms into her “Princess Rod”. She uses the Phoenix Key she has to use her attack, Precure Phoenix Blaze, on Dyspear. It hurts Dyspear quite a bit and she has to retreat.

At the end of the episode Scarlet says how she can feel through the violin that Kanata is still alive, she and Flora say they’ll meet him again. And the first half of GoPrincess ends.

I mean, I guess the mid-season climax was okay but there’s definitely been better. A lot of things in it just super reminiscent of what Fresh did with Setsuna and what Suite did with Ellen. And then what happened in 22 is a lot like what previous villains have done trying to get the recently turned girl to go back to being evil. And despite the really good animation the fights were actually not that good. Dyspear is not an interesting villain either and everyone about her is just so stale now, we’ve seen it all before so many times and she has nothing new to bring. And the fact that Towa was brainwashed into Twilight also bothers me because the character of Twilight is gone completely without any sort of real “defeat” of her character and beliefs. It’s the same thing that bothered me about Professor Sabaaku back in Heartcatch, the Sabaaku identity was gone the moment the mask was gone and Yuri’s father was 100% good afterwards. Seiji’s brainwashing in the finale of Happiness Charge is one of the few good brainwashing examples in Precure, that was done well. In part because he was a more prominent character that we knew a lot about and had been well developed. Whereas Twilight and Towa were not.

Really I wish Twilight was a villain the whole show and Towa didn’t exist. Not that I dislike Towa and don’t enjoy her presence in subsequent episodes but I just think the show would be better and more interesting with Twilight as a villain and a true foil to Haruka’s idea of a Princess. Twilight’s turn back into Towa just wasn’t very moving because of how lacking the characters relationships were. Regina’s momentary turn in the mid-season climax of Doki was better done, it was built up much better. And then it wouldn’t be a done to death 4 Cure season with yet another villain turned cure either.

Okay so now to go over some other general things. The music is great and the animation is great. The music especially has a lot of really cool sounding orchestral and violin pieces. I think it might have the best soundtrack of this era of Precure. The standard episode fighting is generally pretty good but not on Heartcatch’s level and maybe not GoGo’s either. The themes of the show are done very well but it’s just like Happiness Charge where the show is just constantly beating you over the head. I suppose “never giving up” is actually a much more important theme in GoPrincess than usual for Precure, it’s important in the finale. Each girl has an obvious character arc and dream that they’re working towards and they get plenty of development on that, it’s not until the second half though that this really gets more focused. Still Haruka has a steady progression towards her dream, even though she never actually changes or evolves as a person. None of them really do except maybe Kirara. It’s kind of hard for a robot like Minami to evolve though.

Side characters are okay. A lot of people really like Yui and I know a ton wanted her to become a Precure but I never really got the appeal. She’s a fine support character but there have been better. Like Seiji from just last season. The fairies are just okay as I said above.

Well what about our villains? Well… what about them? Dyspear and Close are two big nothings. Lock doesn’t do anything, he’s been the villain in 4 episodes and two of those were shared with Twilight. Shut is definitely the best and his fanboying of Twilight made him fun but he hasn’t gotten to be really fun yet, that happens later in the second half. He’s still the best thing about the show though. When Close died I was initially really happy because I thought GoPrincess was gonna be going back to an older style of Precure that regularly killed off villains, it would’ve been refreshing. But alas… well, I’ll get to that when the time comes.

I remember the producers of GoPrincess said that it would be “Unprecure” before it aired. The most Unprecure thing about it is the girls being at a boarding school.

Hmm, you know before I get to the next episode I just have something I’m  wondering about. I mean it seems almost every season we have a main villain who just sits around and doesn’t do anything for no or almost no reason. Dyspear, what’s your excuse for doing this? Maybe we should ask the older villains why they didn’t do anything themselves first?


“I didn’t do anything myself because I’m anchored to the Dark Zone.”


“I didn’t do anything myself because I’m anchored to Dark Fall… I think.”


“Fuck off.”


“I didn’t do anything because I’m just an old decrepit crazy lady.”


“I’m just an idiot.”


“I have an entire planet to run you slouches.”


“I was asleep and halfway across the galaxy for most of the show.”


“I was sealed in stone for most of the show. And I still did everything.”


“I was literally dead for 95% of the show.”


“Same as Noise. Except for the second part.”


“Well, don’t ask me about the timeline but I still had my proxy doing everything and once she was gone I started taking care of business myself.”

Well that settles that, so Dyspear after hearing from the past villains what’s your answer?


“Hm. Guess I have to say a combination of Despariah and the Director.”

Alright enough of that, Time to move on to episode 23.


So Shamour is happy to see Towa. Towa at this point is thinking about how to make up for her past deeds. That’s when Haruka and the others come in and ask her to come hang out with them. They want to make her feel like a friend and they take her shopping and to eat donuts etc.

But Towa says she shouldn’t be allowed to feel happy until the Hope Kingdom is saved and she runs off from them.


She tries to learn some things about Earth but it’s clear a princess doesn’t have much knowledge of how the world works. She’s cute at least. She also ends up running into the principal of Noble Academy, the author that she partially locked away in despair back in episode 18.


At this time Dyspear is returning to the forest of despair to heal herself. She leaves a device with Lock that can gather despair and puts him in charge for now. This upsets Shut.

Towa meanwhile is eating with the principal. She’s perturbed by everyone’s kindness here. The principal can tell something is up with her and tells her that she needs to fill her heart with warm feelings to do anything. Lock then arrives and turns the principal into a Zetsuborg so Towa transforms and fights.


Lock says all of this is her fault and taunts her about the Hope Kingdom and Kanata to distract her. He says she’s to blame for all of it. He then uses the despair gathering device to suck out more despair from the principal and power up his Zetsuborg. It also seems to physically empower Lock too. The other girls arrive to save Scarlet right on time though.


Flora is upset to see her favorite author’s dream locked away. Scarlet is concerned for the others but Flora tells her to just be happy, when there are warm and fun times just laugh and be happy and fill your heart with warm feelings. Scarlet accepts this, realizing her down in the dumps attitude wasn’t helping anything. She apologizes for what she did in the past and promises to help everyone Dyspear’s hurt.

The girls use their Miracle Key attacks on the Zetsuborg to weaken it and Scarlet finishes it off with Phoenix Blaze.


After retreating to the Hope Kingdom Lock powers himself up further and becomes an adult. Alright.


Later the girls get called to the principal’s office to meet her and they’re quite surprised to find out who she is. She’s surprised to see Towa as well (it turns out everyone was aware that the girls had a “guest” in their dorm but the show just glossed over this part) and she offers to allow her to enroll in Noble Academy. Towa is happy to accept.

Okay so this arc is actually my favorite part of GoPrincess. I think generally it’s the most fun and plainly enjoyable part of the show when Lock takes over as the main threat and it also has a nice conclusion. And Towa is cute so there’s that, her civilian hair is like Ace’s Cure hair. There are some good episodes to come revolving around her. Also it’s summer and the girls are now wearing their summer clothes, Kirara has an exposed midriff the whole time. Too lewd.


So Towa rooms with Kirara and as is typical for Precure she has a rather awkward and silly introduction to the rest of her class. Towa wants to find her life goal at school… besides saving the Hope Kingdom and becoming a Grand Princess I guess. Puff and Aroma think they have all 12 Dress-Up Keys now but Towa tells them the three she has were made by Dyspear. So there are still 3 to go.

Kirara meanwhile is working hard on her modeling. She finds it a little exhausting being around Towa all the time and having to deal with her in class. She also gets annoyed at Towa not doing anything like getting her own food etc. And Towa is upset at Kirara implying she can’t do anything herself. The two of them just don’t really get along well.

Meanwhile Shut sees Lock’s new form and he’s quite surprised, he also thinks Lock seems a bit “darker”. It’s certainly true Lock has become a bit more threatening. Lock then goes to Earth and creates a Zetsuborg out of someone.


Towa and Kirara end up working together and bonding. Towa reminisces about how she would spend her days in the Hope Kingdom and she asks Kirara to teach her how to smile, thinking she’s forgotten how after all that’s happened. She wants to feel warmth again. Kirara tells her she already knows how to smile and she starts tickling her. She doesn’t need to think so hard about it. And so the two of them are friends now.


The girls all then become aware of the Zetsuborg and go to fight Lock. They’re also surprised by his change but they still simply transform all together. We saw the group pose for the first time last episode but this is the first time all 4 of them transform together. And they defeat the Zetsuborg with relative ease.

Okay so now we get to episode 25. It’s officially summer vacation now and everyone is going to Haruharu’s house to stay over. Towa is surprised to be coming along too. And… that’s about it. Not much happens this episode even though it’s essentially the bonding episode for Minami and Towa.


Towa at one point has a nightmare about Dyspear, she confides in Minami about it because Minami was someone who had a fear she didn’t want to admit to either. For the fight Shut shows up even though he wasn’t planning to actually do anything. He sees Towa and gets pissed off about how his beautiful Twilight is gone and replaced by her. Shut kind of thinks Scarlet is beautiful too but that just annoys him more. Shut is great. Minami tells Shut that Twilight is no more, there’s only Towa. BONDING AND FRIENDSHIP.

Okay so now we’re at episode 26 which is sort of silly and sort of serious at the same time. Towa gets a fever while the other girls are still away somewhere else for summer vacation so Puff and Aroma have to take care of her, Aroma calls the girls to get them to come back to the academy while Puff nurses Towa. The visuals in the opening also change slightly starting here.


Shut comes by the academy and ends up making a Zetsuborg from a cicada… he is not in the best frame of mind this episode. But he is hilarious. Puff and Aroma end up fighting it and their strong desires to protect Towa awaken a special power in them that lets them transform. The other girls also arrive and everyone transforms to fight the Zetsuborg, Puff and Aroma help out too. Shamour later says that there’s a legend in Hope Kingdom that says the Royal Fairies that truly wish to help the Princess Precure from the bottom of their hearts can do something like this, but she thought it was merely a legend because no one else had done it before. At the end of the episode there’s a new ending song, it’s pretty catchy.

Episode 27 is the summer festival. Everyone looks cute in their Yukata’s. Haruharu runs into Yuuki and has a fun time at the festival with him, not alone though, everyone else is still with them. She also learns that he hurt his elbow and was dropped from the main tennis team so lately he’s been upset and hasn’t been as enthusiastic about his teams upcoming training camp.

Shut is also the villain for the third time in a row. He realizes he needs to just get over Twilight and his annoyance over Lock and just collect despair for Dyspear. And so he turns Yuuki’s fangirls who I have never mentioned before into Zetsuborg’s.


Yuuki sees the fighting, Flora takes him away and he asks her what she’s fighting them for. Flora tells him they fight to protect everyone’s dreams. Yuuki thinks they’re amazing but thinks it’s pointless for him because he can’t play in the next tournament. And no one understands how much it upsets him to make it onto the main team but then be temporarily booted off it. Even though there will be other tournaments in the future.

Flora however isn’t having any of this angsty crap. She tells him to shape up and realize how childish he’s being. Everyone is supporting him and cares about him so he needs to stop being so selfish and deal with it. Good advice. Anyways Yuuki does get over himself and the girls defeat the Zetsuborg’s.

So episode 28 starts a 3 episode story dealing with Lock’s (who hasn’t even appeared since episode 24) master plan and finishes off this arc of GoPrincess. It also does something heinous.


For the first time in Precure the girls actually wear swimsuits to the beach in the actual show. There has been official art and Miki wore her school/swim team swimsuit once in Fresh but this is the first time the girls have really been seen in swimsuits in an episode. It was quite shocking.

So anyways the girls are at the beach at Minami’s family’s private island. Towa can’t swim but she’s too embarrassed to say anything about it. Towa ends up hanging out with Yui a little, who also isn’t really a good swimmer. Yui says she’s still happy to be with all of them even if she can’t swim, Towa seems to get that that’s what’s really important too. Towa says she’s envious of how honest Yui can be. Yui says she’s envious of Towa, how she’s a Precure and how she fights to protect people. Yui says she wanted to be a Precure but realized she can’t fight like them, so one day she wishes to tell the whole world about their deeds with her stories.


Lock then shows up and turns Yui into a Zetsuborg. She’s actually able to resist his power for a second, guess she has practice after the other time. Lock has also revealed an ability to copy himself. I assume he has this power because the plot would not work without it. He and his copies attack the other three girls while Scarlet fights the Zetsuborg.

Scarlet is getting beat but in a nod to the first episode when Flora got serious to stop the Zetsuborg from crushing a flower Scarlet also gets a sudden power boost to stop this Zetsuborg from stepping on Yui’s picture journal. Scarlet thinks about what everyone is fighting for, how much they care about her and how much she cares about them and she gains the strength to defeat the Zetsuborg.

The other girls also drive off the Lock copies but Lock wasn’t fighting to win, he sneakily stole the Dress-Up Keys right off the girls when they weren’t paying enough attention. That was his goal all along.


Scarlet gains a new key from her revelation and deeds. The Sun Key. Yui names it after Towa says she’s like the sun shining down on the Precure. Towa then finally yells out that she can’t swim and the other girls tease and have fun with her about it. But at the end of the episode the girls realize that their Dress-Up Keys are missing.


Now what is Lock going to do with them?

On to episode 29. Towa still has her keys and she tries to assure the others that she can still fight and they can get the keys back. Puff later has a dream that night where she sees Dress-Up Keys leading her somewhere. She wakes up and the next morning she goes searching for them with everyone, the keys called out to her in her dreams. But suddenly Haruka, Minami and Kirara go missing together.


The three of them don’t know how they got separated from the others. Eventually they come across an old building in the forest and see that there’s a table for a tea party inside. There are also 3 mysterious girls.


Meanwhile Lock combines the keys he stole with his own dark power. He locks away the keys in a cage and draws out the energy from them, simultaneously turning the power of dreams from the keys into despair energy. With this he’s able to instantly fill up the despair gathering device.

Haruka, Minami and Kirara drink tea and enjoy the time with the 3 other girls. After some prompting they tell the girls that they lost their important keys that allow them to protect people’s dreams. They tell the 3 other girls what their dreams are and the 3 wish that Haruka’s, Minami’s and Kirara’s dreams can come true. Suddenly a Zetsuborg appears at the party, and even Dyspear herself.


Haruka and the others protect the mysterious girls and lead them to safety, upset that they can’t fight without their keys but still doing everything they can to protect these girls. When cornered Haruka says they have to do something even if they can’t transform. They still have to protect their and everyone elses dreams. Them not bowing down even in the face of death unlocks new power from them.

The mysterious girls give them new Dress-Up keys , allowing the girls to transform and defeat the phantom Zetsuborg and Dyspear.


Haruka and them realize the mysterious girls are actually the past Precure. They’re inside their memories after being called into their dreams. The worries of Haruka, Minami and Kirara drew them together but since the girls now realize what’s truly important and will never despair things are okay now. The past Precure tell them that despair will revive again and be even stronger but it’s their fight now and they bestow upon them the Legendary Dress-Up Keys.


The Sakura, Coral and Galaxy Keys. Also although the girls were able to transform in the dream they cannot transform for real, they still need their original keys back. Yui, Towa, Puff and Aroma also reunite with them on the beach.


In the Hope Kingdom Lock uses the gathered up despair energy to turn the entire castle into a gigantic Zetsuborg. It flies up and breaks through dimensions so Lock can attack Earth. But as Lock leaves a strange crow is watching him. Wait. Crow? Oh god damn it.

Episode 30 up now. A big one. If the girls can get all their keys back they’ll now have the 12 original keys plus Scarlet’s.

So the castle fires an energy blast at the girls but Scarlet blocks it. A Lock copy comes to fight Scarlet, Lock says he will become the king of despair. The girls besides Scarlet plan to go inside the castle to retrieve their keys, the Legendary keys they have with them react to the keys in Lock’s cage and the girls are able to essentially teleport themselves inside the castle with the Legendary power. Scarlet now spends most of the episode fighting the copy. And when the others get inside the castle Aroma harasses the other copy so the girls and Puff can get to the throne room.


And that damn bird is now on Earth watching everything.

So the original Lock is in the throne room. He tells them he did all of this on his own and he plans to take Dyspear’s place and make the world fall into despair all on his own. He proceeds to toy with the girls, treating it as the kind of game he likes, but his arrogance is his undoing. Only too late does he notice the new Dress-Up Keys the girls have attained and Puff helps Haruka reach the cage so she can use her Sakura Key to unlock the other keys. Scarlet also defeat her Lock copy. The castle is still a Zetsuborg though.


The girls get their keys back and transform but Lock isn’t close to being done yet. He reabsorbs his two copies and then takes in all the despair energy that still permeates the castle. Going into a super mode just like Close Lock transforms into a gigantic toad/dragon thing. There is some awesome music here, the animation is amazing and it’s the best fight of the show so far. There was also some alright action earlier when Scarlet was fighting.

The girls are no match for Lock like this and their attacks do nothing. He says he’s surpassed Dyspear who was defeated by the keys and proceeds to knock the girls around. Scarlet luckily arrives to save them.

The girls remember that they didn’t just get Keys from their predecessors but their feelings, memories, and dreams. And they’re fighting for the dreams of everyone. All 4 of them now fight Lock together and their hearts as one cause all of the Dress-Up Keys powers to unite. The Legendary Keys and Scarlet’s Sun Key (which I suppose must be her version of a Legendary Key) lead the others and the entire Hope Kingdom castle is turned into a new Precure item. The Princess Palace.


The girls use it for their new attack, they also get special Mode Elegants when they use it, Dress Up Premium. They use the attack on Lock to defeat him. Precure Eclat Espoir. In short I hate this attack. It’s too weird, too over the top, too busy and the castle item is just odd. While being purified Lock rages about how he’s not a puppet of despair and will become the king of despair.


His body then falls to the ground (and his sweater vanishes) where it’s seen by the crow who uses the despair gathering device to suck up all the residual despair energy from Lock, filling up the gauge again.

And that ends that arc. So the girls now have all 12 Keys plus Scarlet’s and they just got a brand new item and ability that allowed them to defeat their toughest opponent yet. But there are still 20 episodes left. Something’s wrong. And I mean that in a meta sense too. What else is there now? Becoming a Grand Princess is the only thing left but that’s rather obtuse of a goal. In reality the girls don’t have anything solid to work for now.


Haruka has a dream where she sees Kanata again. Unfortunately she’s woken up by Puff. Summer break has ended and classes are back in session at Noble Academy. But outside some strange seed like objects fall into the ground around the academy and the town nearby. What could they be?

Haruharu has really improved as a student and she’s gotten better at her princess lessons, still not perfect though.


We learn that the girls found “Lock” after the battle. Turns out her was a fairy being controlled by the power of despair. Despite each villain having an animal themed super form it doesn’t really seem to make any sense or have any consistency. Close seems to actually have been made from a crow but Lock was a sweater that took control of a fairy and turned into a giant toad. Okay? Shut is similarly random. Anyways Shamour is taking care of him now, but he still hasn’t woken up yet.

Minami also makes mention of them needing to find all the Dress-Up Keys to… wait, what? They have all of the Dress-Up Keys? What?

Alright whatever let’s get to the plot of the episode.


Close is back. He’s been tragically reborn without a personality. Which is really quite impressive. He’s more calm and collected but somehow even more of an edgelord at the same time.

The girls transform to fight him but he’s much stronger and he just no sells all their attacks and even some of their stronger Key attacks. Which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He then uses two of those seed looking things to create some new minions.


Stop and Freeze. Who I’m somewhat reluctant to call characters. I make a joke about Close being born without a personality but Stop and Freeze are truly flat characters. They are furniture, essentially like what Trio the Minor were in early Suite episodes and they never improve. They might actually be special types of Zetsuborg’s created from despair, I dunno. Sue me. The two of them then go to create a Zetsuborg out of a student at the academy and after a boring fight the girls defeat it with Eclat Espoir.

Close tells them that even though they won despair just gives birth to more despair and grows bigger. He and the two drones retreat for now.

Shut is wandering around the Hope Kingdom, completely at a loss for what to do. Close arrives and tells him that he was revived, Shut is plainly shocked by this. Close shows him the despair gathering device and tells him he used it to take Lock’s power. He says despair will continue to be born and he uses the device on the forest of despair to revive Dyspear.


The thorns create a new castle for them all and Dyspear is back to being fully healthy. Wait… was she really in such a bad situation just from Scarlet’s attack?


Close says he planted the seeds of despair just like she ordered, they will now take root and slowly grow on Earth. What? She ordered him? That doesn’t make any sense… why would she have any faith or trust or him? Why did she allow him back in? She even tells Shut and the drones to listen to Close’s orders, why couldn’t Shut have done this job? Why is she so warm to him now after throwing him out so quickly and seeing him as a failure basically 5 episodes into the show? He revived her but even before he did this she must’ve essentially brought him back into the fold or else he couldn’t have dropped the seeds. The show gives a complete non-reason for why Dyspear brought back Close in the finale but really there’s no good answer. And why would the show bring back by far the most boring villain in the first place? His personality change has no explanation either.


At the end of the episode we see a mysterious silhouette at night somewhere. Kanata?

And that’s episode 31, the final arc essentially starts now as there isn’t really anything else the Precure and villains are actively doing until the finale. There is a lot of meandering around later though. What I did really like about Lock’s arc is that a villain was actually doing something and had a mission. In the first half of the show Dyspear was just going after the Keys and trying to defeat the Precure but there was no larger goal for her. Lock had a goal and now we at least have something else the villains are actually doing with the planting of the despair seeds.

GoPrincess had the girls get the keys too fast. The Elegant Keys were basically irrelevant and hardly got used at all before the girls started getting the Miracle Keys. The princess lessons haven’t had a ton of focus lately either.

Another problem is that the Lock fight was the first big important fight that was actually a good fight. Sure the animation is usually good but the fight against Close and the two against Twilight and the one against Dyspear were way more flash than substance. They looked nice but they were pretty bad fights. Not like Heartcatch which had good fights that were also well animated for important events like Itsuki becoming Sunshine, the fight against Coupe, or Yuri becoming Moonlight again. The fight against Lock is so far the only one that has been really awesome, exciting, and great looking.

Next up is episode 32.


You know what happens this episode? Nothing. We see that the creation of a Zetsuborg may accelerate the growth of the seeds of despair Close dropped. Minami and Haruka also reaffirm their friendship. There is nothing and no reason to go into detail about anything.

Episode 33. Shamour is giving a lesson on make-up, naturally everyone but Haruharu is perfect at it. This is a fun episode.


“Lock” has woken up. His real name is Kuroro. He’s very shy but he’s also forgotten about his time as Lock. Miss Shamour goes out into the city with him and the girls go out following her. Turns out Shamour does all kinds of things in the city and she also teaches class to a bunch of the stray cats in the city. Shamour wants to get Kuroro to feel better but Kuroro is just dwelling on how much he wants to go back home and see everyone again. Shamour wants him to enjoy his time on Earth now and see the worth of it.

In the new thorn castle Shut gets interrupted while doing his make-up by Close. Close breaks his mirror and tells him to go collect despair, Shut’s really getting bossed around now and no one has any respect for him. He quickly shows up to attack the girls… but before he does anything Shamour criticizes his unfinished make-up. He gets angry and creates a Zetsuborg out of some of the cats.


It leads to a pretty silly fight. What’s with Shut and animals now anyways?

Miss Shamour ends up fighting with Shut. She impresses him with her grace and beauty. She also can tell that there’s something bothering him and his heart is in turmoil as evident from his hasty and unfinished make-up. She says he’s lost his confidence and Shut collapses and starts to whine about how stressed he’s been lately. Shut is hilarious.

Shamour conjures up a mirror and they work on his make-up together.


After all princesses need to learn how to cheer someone up, even if they’re an enemy. The girls agree with this and they defeat Shut’s Zetsuborg. Kuroro is also moved by all of this. He’ll enjoy his time on Earth and take back what he’s learned to the Hope Kingdom when the time comes.

Shut also leaves happily and shows off his make-up to Close. The idiot. Of course Close couldn’t care less, he just comments on how the forest of despair is growing bigger.


At the end of the episode some of the cats give the girls something they found as a thank you. It’s a crest of the Hope Kingdom’s royal family. It has to be Kanata’s, the girls know he must be nearby now. I like this episode a lot and it’s really the start of Shut’s change too and such a big reason why he’s the best thing about GoPrincess.

Episode 34 has Haruharu enter a princess contest hoping to meet Kanata because reasons. The other girls help her out with the contest, especially Kirara. Like episode 32 this episode is about reaffirming Haruka and Kirara’s friendship and how they changed/support each other. Also like that episode there really isn’t much to talk about.


Shut is still being an idiot so Stop and Freeze go out to create a Zetsuborg. Kirara has to fight it alone at first but Mermaid and Scarlet arrive to help her quickly. Haruka is about to go on at the contest, she does well using what Kirara taught her and after her turn she runs to the fight and the 4 of them defeat the Zetsuborg.


Haruharu ended up winning the audience choice award for the contest and afterwards she spies someone walking across the street who looks like Kanata.

Onto episode 35. Movie scenes start appearing in the opening here.

Everyone goes searching through town for Kanata. Haruharu and Towa run into the violin maker, Towa apologizes for what she did all that time ago but it’s not like he remembers, he recognizes Kanata from the drawing they have with them. As it turns out Kanata is working in his shop.


They’re overjoyed to see him but he doesn’t recognize them. He has amnesia. Really? REALLY? We’re doing a fucking amnesia plot? How’d he even escape from Dyspear and leave the Hope Kingdom anyways. This doesn’t make any sense.

Anyways the violin guy found Kanata collapsed on the beach a while ago. Kanata still knows about and recognizes violins even though his other memories are shot. The girls talk to him alone and tell him everything, Haruka even transforms in front of him, but he has trouble grasping it all and doesn’t remember anything really. He just has vague intuitions.  Towa plays the violin for him, their song, but although it feels nostalgic to him it doesn’t really help. And he can’t remember how to play the violin himself either.


In the Hope Kingdom Close mentions to Dyspear that the seeds of despair are growing well. Shut wonders to himself where the gathered up despair has been going ever since Dyspear revived (we know). He also continues to get less and less respect.

Haruka takes Kanata to the place where they met years ago. But it still doesn’t jog his memory or make him remember their first meeting. Towa gets sad, she really wanted to apologize to Kanata for everything and to be a happy brother and sister again. She vows to get him back no matter what. Haruka wonders if they’re hurting him by trying to bring back his memories, since he always looks sad when they try.

Stop and Freeze then attack. There’s some pretty good fighting here.


Flora says how much Kanata has supported her, because of him she was able to become a princess and now she can protect the dreams of everyone else too. She thanks him for everything and the girls defeat the Zetsuborg.


Afterwards Haruka says it’s okay if they can’t bring Kanata’s memories back yet. He’s still Kanata. She knows this will make Towa sad but she says they should still become friends with Kanata like this and over time get to know each other. Towa accepts this but it’s still sad for her.

Episode 36. Everyone, including Kanata, is going to a party held on a cruise ship for Minami. Her family is officially inducting her into their business. It’s been Minami’s dream since she was little to join the real ranks and work in the family business. Since it’s out on the sea Minami also gets to see Tina again. This is an important episode for her character arc. It essentially starts her true character arc when she meets-


Asuka. Asuka is a vet for marine life, she offers to show the girls her work at the local aquarium so they all go and see the fish, and penguins and sea lions. While there Asuka can tell how interested Minami is in sea life. Minami is also clearly interested in Asuka’s work.


Asuka says Minami is well-suited for this job. It’s her intuition.

Later on at the party Minami gets introduced to all the guests, assuredly upper class and rich business owners themselves. And Minami sees that Asuka is also at the party.


Minami learns from her parents that Asuka is one of the leading marine biologists in the world. Her parents invited her to the party and they ask her to join their company but Asuka refuses. She has her own dream to understand the sea and wants to always stay free and unfettered to anything else to accomplish this. Her words seem to resonate with Minami. Stop and Freeze then attack and turn her into a Zetsuborg.

It’s defeated without much fanfare. But what is Minami thinking now? Asuka later tells Minami that she reminds her of herself and that if she ever feels the drive to she should come join her. But she also says just kidding and tells Minami that her dream to become a member of the Kaidou group is a great one too. So she leaves Minami with her thoughts.

Minami had always loved and been connected to the sea. As her Precure name should make beyond obvious. But the show had also established that her dream truly was to follow in the footsteps of her parents and brother, this is the first time where it lays out a possible different course for Minami and one she truly seems to consider.

Now to episode 37.


It’s the school festival. Haruharu’s class is putting on Romeo and Juliet. Yui recommended Haruka for the part of Juliet. Yui also wrote the screenplay too of course. The only problem is Haruka can’t act for shit. She doesn’t give up on it though and she even practices with Kanata to improve on it.

Stop and Freeze show up at the festival and create two Zetsuborg’s. One out of the guy who was going to play Romeo and another out of the girl directing the play. It’s a pretty fun fight. Flora gets pumped up because of how important today is and how hard everyone worked for it.


Unfortunately the kid playing Romeo got hurt. Kanata offers to step in since he knows the lines now but Haruka actually says she doesn’t want that, she wants the play to be something purely of her classes creation, she doesn’t want any outside help. The guy playing Romeo also wants to perform and he decides to play through his injury. Haruharu also helps cover for him when she needs to. This is an interesting change up from how you’d expect things to go, I bet Nozomi would’ve been like “YES COCO PLEASE BE ROMEO!”. Same with Megumi and Blue. But the show throws a curveball and has Haruka really care more about her classmates hard work and the effort they put in. Haruka and Kanata have grown closer too after this episode.

So now we come to the important episodes 38 and 39 that wrap up a couple things.


Episode 38 begins with the girls defeating a Zetsuborg made by Shut. Closes is watching, after doing absolutely nothing since episode 31, and decides to take out Flora since he sees her as the core of the Precure.

The next day Haruka is greeted by a student who supposedly goes to the class next to hers. His name is Kurosu. He says he dream to become a princess is famous around here. Haruka’s happy after meeting him because he’s one of the first people who didn’t laugh at her dream to become a princess.


Meanwhile Kirara has an important modeling job that she’ll need to leave for soon and Minami also has been called to attend a party. She wasn’t sure about going to it though since that would just leave Haruka and Towa around. But Kurosu comes in and says it’s for her dream, it’s important to her right? Just as a sidenote it’s possible Minami has mixed feelings on going to it after meeting Asuka.

But Minami is convinced to go to the party. Haruka herself is happy to see this. Haruka and Shamour later talk to Kanata, who mentions that he can’t remember his dream or see the importance of them. Kurosu later actually brings the existence of a world picture book exhibition that’s happening tomorrow to the attention of Yui, he says the two of them should go together. When Kurosu asks Towa about her dream she tells him that it’s none of his business.

The next day Towa says she’s worried about Kurosu and is gonna go with Yui to the exhibition too. Haruka thinks Kurosu is a good person though. Of course Haruka is proven to be very wrong the next day when we see Kurosu abduct Puff and Aroma, leaving Haruka further alone today. Kanata luckily spies the two of them in a pet shop display.


Kurosu meets up with Haruka, meanwhile Yui and Towa learn that the picture book event is fake. Kurosu and Haruka walk through the forest around the academy together. Haruka mentions how she was happy to see him today, she suddenly felt so lonely when Puff and Aroma disappeared and without her friends around, even though they’ve only been away for a little.

Kurosu says she sent away her friends herself. They care more about their dreams than Haruka and the more they go after their dreams the lonelier Haruka will get. And he reveals himself as Close.

Stop and Freeze also attack Towa to keep her away for now. Haruka transforms to fight Close, Close says the dreams of the Precure will break them apart, the more they chase after them will leave Haruka in the despair of loneliness. Kanata arrives to see them fighting and elsewhere Scarlet gets Stop and Freeze to back off.


Flora thinks about Kanata telling her not to give up on her dreams. She refuses to despair. Even though she felt lonely she has everyone’s support even with them not around. They’re all working hard on their dreams so Flora has to work hard on hers too. With everyone who believes in her dream she will not give up.

Close is still stronger than her and he blasts her to the ground. Kanata goes to help her and while Close thinks he looks like the Hope Kingdom prince he can’t feel the power of dreams from him so thinks it must just be a coincidence. Kanata notices her injuries, she says it’s all for her dream to become a princess, the dream he supported. But Kanata…


He says she’s bound by her dreams. He tells her it’s enough. If she hurts herself, if he’s the cause of her suffering, he was wrong. She should give up on her dream. She doesn’t need to become a princess anymore. Hearing this Flora’s transformation breaks.

The seeds of despair rapidly begin to grow. Close is quite happy with this turn of events and he leaves… you… you didn’t do anything Close…

Scarlet arrives and sees Haruka, wondering what the hell happened and Haruka just runs off. This was a mostly interesting episode.


So on to episode 39. Towa asks Kanata what he was thinking and he says he can’t understand, are dreams worth protecting that much? Shamour says like this the old Kanata may never come back if he can’t understand the importance of dreams. Minami and Kirara come back and learn what happened to. They sort of blame themselves for leaving Haruka alone.

The thorns born from the seeds of despair are growing out of control and they pop up all over the town outside of Noble Academy. Lots of people are trapped in cages and turned into Zetsuborg’s. It’s essentially becoming a new forest of despair. Mermaid, Twinkly and Scarlet go to fight, they end up rescuing Kanata who’s running from it all.


Haruka sees what’s going on and she goes to fight too. But she can’t transforms, the perfume and key don’t work anymore now that she’s lost her dream.

Close confronts the other Precure and tells them how soon the forest of despair will cover the whole world. He blames them for leaving Haruka on her own, and of course he thanks Kanata for making Haruka despair. Kanata is shocked. He had no idea that what he said would hurt Haruka so much. He goes searching for Haruka to try and right things.


Haruka meanwhile thinks back on why she wanted to become a princess in the first place. She remembers the Flower Princess and how she wanted to be nice and pretty like her. That was it. She thinks of Kanata giving her the key and how her mother was fine with her dream as long as she grew up nice and healthy. She remembers how hard she worked to get into Noble Academy and everything that happened since she came here. Everyone she met and helped and who helped her. Haruka remembers what her dream was from the beginning.

Kanata finds her and apologizes. Haruka though already overcame things on her own.


She realizes that even if someone tells her to stop trying to be a princess, even if that person is Kanata, that she never will and she’ll keep trying to become a princess. She came to Noble Academy for a reason, to be a princess. She isn’t the type to ever give up on her dream. Kanata realizes her dream is everything to her. Now he supports her again too.

Close sees Haruka. Haruka says she’ll protect her and everyone elses dream. Haruka thanks her past self who reminded her of where her dream came from and why she wanted to become a princess in the first place. No one can take that desire to become a princess away from her. She transforms into Cure Flora again.

We then get a real big brawl between both sides. Shut is there too and he fights with Scarlet, an insert song plays during all of this and there is pretty good animation. It’s a cool fight. Flora says Mermaid and Twinkle don’t need to feel bad for anything, since leaving her on her own just meant they believed in her. Close is beyond pissed but now this time he’s getting beat up by the Cures.


Kanata comes in and says Haruka can definitely become a princess, he remembers everything now because he has a new dream. It unlocked his memories when he gained the desire to protect Haruka’s dream. Close also now realizes that he really is the Prince of the Hope Kingdom.

And from Kanata’s strong feelings a new power is gained.


A new key is created and it works with the Palace to give the girls a powered up Mode Elegant and give them a new group attack. Using Mode Elegant Royal the girls hit Close, Stop, and Freeze with Precure Grand Printemps. The three of them are defeated but not destroyed and the forest of despair on Earth and Zetsuborg’s are all gone.

So new Keys can be made just like that? The new attack is completely pointless and unnecessary too. But this two episode finish to the arc was pretty good. Has some problems because the seeds of despair didn’t amount to much, after seeing them growing for the past 8 episodes things were taken care of in a pretty lackluster way. It’s really something that would’ve helped the finale and the seeds of despair plot shouldn’t have been resolved until then. Instead Kanata’s memories coming back and Haruka’s plot completely overshadowed what Close was doing. And now the villains basically do nothing until the finale again.

I really liked the way Haruka got her confidence and hope back. How she “rediscovered” her dream. Kanata got his memories back really quickly if you think about it though. He just reappeared in episode 35. This amnesia plot and Close’s revival, I wish that instead of Close coming back Dyspear brainwashed Kanata into becoming her servant. That would essentially entail doing Twilight all over again but I think it still would’ve been more interesting than what we got. It would’ve made more sense than Kanata somehow escaping and somehow losing his memories.

GoPrincess isn’t a bad show and it hasn’t even really had any bad episodes so far. But it’s in the dark age for a reason. If Doki was the Mary Sue mess and Happiness Charge was the soap opera that lost all steam then GoPrincess is the graveyard of imagination. And now the show basically just meanders about for a while with neither the Cures nor villains really having much of a story arc or mission that isn’t incidentally covered. And it all leads up to a pretty disappointing, short, and disjointed finale. Dyspear just doesn’t do anything.

Close is just shit compared to old villains like Gohyaan, Kawarino, Joker and Northa. He doesn’t have an air of power about him and neither is he disturbing, scheming, or intelligent like them. As a starter villain he was fine, a little boring, but you don’t need to do anything more with him like that. But in his role now he’s just bad and uncompelling. He doesn’t even work as well as a foil to Haruka because of how simple and boring he is.

On to episode 40. An important episode with dumb setup.


Kanata plays the violin for everyone. Towa is happy to have him back and she starts to reconnect with him. She shows him how his violin become her magical item. The Royal Key then starts to act up suddenly. Towa seems possessed and she puts it into her perfume, with the words “Royal Majesty” they all get transported to the Hope Kingdom. So the brand new Key that came from nowhere last episode also does this, sure whatever. When they get to the Hope Kingdom they see that it’s basically all become a giant forest of despair, it’s overflowing with thorns.

Kuroro gets scared and runs off. Towa is upset at seeing what she’s helped make come to pass.


Towa thinks about what her parents told her when she was young. How she is the princess and the light of the Hope Kingdom and as royals they need to be strong and smile for their citizens. If they’re sad then the people of the kingdom will be sad too. They need to be the hope of the people. Towa’s parents tell her to always be happy so the people can be happy too. Towa doesn’t say it but looking up at the door of despair now you can tell how much she’s burning with the desire to save everyone.

Miss Shamour and the fairies think about what happened after Towa disappeared, even though everyone was sad they still worked hard but Dysdark ended up taking them over anyways without the light that Towa brought to the kingdom.


Kuroro remembers how his friends were trapped in cages and he got taken over by Lock.

Close meanwhile is apologizing to Dyspear for his failure. She’s surprised to learn that Kanata is alive and then she senses all of them inside the kingdom. She sends out a “clone” of herself, a lock from her body, that becomes a Zetsuborg to go fight them.


The girls transform to fight it. Scarlet demands to have the Kingdom and the people back but Dyspear says it’s already too late. Everything has become drowned in despair. Scarlet also sees Kuroro crying and saying he wants to go home. She’s upset and not smiling at all.


Kanata steps forward and also says he wants everything back. He tells Scarlet to remember what their parents told them, they need to be strong for their people, people like Kuroro, they need to have smiles on their faces to reassure their citizens and fill them with hope and confidence. Scarlet reassures Kuroro and now she herself confidently strides forward to continue fighting the Dyspear Zetsuborg as the princess of the Hope Kingdom. The other girls join her and they defeat the Zetsuborg with Grand Printemps and one of Scarlet’s attacks.


A bunch of the thorns around them dissolve to reveal the castle of flames that Twilight originally found the Scarlet Perfume in. Scarlet starts to play the violin in front of the castle and Kanata joins her. Scarlet says the next time they play this melody it will be when the Hope Kingdom revives. She will bring back everyone’s dreams. Scarlet’s new dream makes her key react.


They use her key with the Precure Palace and new life is breathed into the castle. All the thorns in the vicinity are exterminated and a red rainbow comes forth from the castle, one of the four rainbows of the Hope Kingdom has returned. A shield also pops up around the castle so Dysdark can’t do anything to it. The Hope Kingdom’s revival has begun, 3 castles to go. The castles are regained at a regular interval but it’s still essentially a random development and none of the girls are actively working towards it. And the villains don’t do anything.

Everyone then uses the doorway in the castle to return to Noble Academy.

Episode 41 is about Yui so I pretty much instantly don’t care about it. The local art museum is holding a contest and Yui decides to enter it. But she starts wondering if she can really do it or win. The other girls undergo some random princess lessons in the meantime. Shamour also mentions how Kanata can travel between worlds with the Royal Key. Haruka is very supportive of Yui’s dream.

I can’t say much of interest happens this episode. Yui gets discouraged and says she wont do the contest. Meanwhile at the legion of doom Dyspear tells Close they need to get to work and Close says they can’t let the Precure do as they please… and then they continue to do nothing. And then some stuff happens and Yui decides to enter the contest again.


Stop and Freeze then show up and turn Yui into a Zetsuborg. How many times is this now? She actually resists their power for a good while but eventually is overcome. The girls then come and fight it. Flora sees that Yui is the victim again. Must be getting real tired of this shit. But Yui inside the cage of despair is actually able to overcome the power of despair when she hears Flora’s voice and sees the Precure fighting for her. She weakens the Zetsuborg because of this and the girls destroy it.


Yui decides that what she wants to draw is the Precure protecting everyone’s dreams.

Next up we get two episodes that bring Kirara’s character arc to a close. Kirara is fun but her character arc hasn’t been very pronounced. We know what she wants and it never changes but not much has been done with it, essentially nothing really important with it has happened since the episode we met her mom. She’s sort of been in the background despite being the most fun character of the main girls.

Either way the episode starts with the news that Kirara is going to be part of a very prominent fashion show that takes place in New York. Doing this will give her worldwide fame and her dream will practically be achieved. Kanata meanwhile sees that the Star Castle seems close to reviving like the Flame Castle did.


Kirara gets introduced to a cute new assistant who helps her out. Kirara’s gotten quite busy lately, Minami notices how hard she’s working towards her dream and she seems lost in thought over something. Kirara learns her assistant wanted to become a model after seeing a magazine, she wasn’t good at sports or anything but she got inspired after seeing a model on the cover.

Close sends Stop and Freeze to deal with the Precure. Casually insulting Shut while he does so just because. Kirara is sort of nervous about the show and leaving but she says she’ll shine even brighter. It’s time for her to fly to New York. Stop and Freeze show up and turn Rin-Rin into a Zetsuborg. Seeing her dream Kirara learns that she was the model that inspired Rin-Rin.


The other girls say they’ll take care of things, Kirara should go and get on the plane. It’s her dream.

Kirara initially goes to achieve her dream but thinking about Rin-Rin gets her to turn back. She needs to protect the dreams of others. It’s the duty of a Princess Precure, especially when she was the one who gave birth to that dream.


She puts her Galaxy Key in the Precure Palace to make a stronger attack. It’s the same thing Scarlet did in episode 40. And after that the girls finish off the Zetsuborg with Grand Printemps. But Kirara now has to deal with the fallout from missing her flight and the show. It will really hurt her work for now but she says she doesn’t regret protecting Rin-Rin’s dream.

Episode 43.


Kirara suspended her modeling career, really surprising Haruka and the others. That French designer returns, his name has changed several times in the subs so fuck it, he wants to help Kirara out but she says she isn’t going to be working now.

Kirara tells Towa she’s doing this because she can’t give everything to her career while also being a Precure and she refuses to do anything half-way. She’s focusing more on being a Precure now. Kanata is also still in the Hope Kingdom looking at the Star Castle, he suspects all the castles are being affected by the Precure.


Haruharu has everyone put on a dream themed fashion show at Noble Academy and she invites Kirara to it. Kirara watches it, Rin-Rin is in it too and she reminds Kirara of herself. Haruharu tells Kirara how amazing she was the first time she saw her on the runway. She and everyone else wants to help Kirara achieve her dream so please keep chasing it.


Kirara walks down the runway too. She wants to be the number one model in the world and she’s decided to go for her dream again. She impresses everyone in the audience, including the designer who was watching the whole thing. After the show finishes he talks to Kirara about something.

The Star Castle in the Hope Kingdom begins to revive.


Dyspear can sense this and she creates another Lock from herself that becomes a big lightning dragon Zetsuborg. Reminiscent of the Hoshiina’s that Anacondy would make. Dyspear doesn’t want the castle to revive so the Zetsuborg goes to Earth to defeat the Precure. The girls fight it and it’s a pretty cool fight. After defeating it the Royal Key acts up again and Kirara uses it to transport them all to the Hope Kingdom just like Towa did.


Kirara revives the castle and another one of the 4 rainbows is back. Kirara tells them that she’s been invited by the designer to go to Paris at the end of the school year. She’s already decided to go. Haruharu is happy for her, she says Kirara will just have to become a Grand Princess and save the Hope Kingdom before then. When was the last time the Grand Princess was mentioned anyways? Well anyways that’s the finish to Kirara’s arc. It really didn’t need to be two episodes, neither does Minami’s right after this for that matter, those episodes could’ve been better spent on the finale or setting it up or what happens to Haruka. But they’re not. Same problem as Heartcatch wasting episodes in the last quarter.

Episode 44. Now it’s Minami’s turn. Exact same thing as with Kirara. These episodes are somewhat equivalent to what GoGo and Smile did at the end of their seasons.


Minami dreams of swimming in the sea with Tina and all the other sea creatures. But then her parents ship floats by overheard and all the fish swim on, leaving her.

For school everyone is setting up for the Christmas party. Minami lately has been reading books on being a marine veterinarian written by Asuka. Minami pretends like there’s nothing eating at her but she forgets to turn in her career survey. One of her teachers tells her that her dream changed as she grew up and Minami should really take the time figuring out what she wants to do.


Kirara can tell something is up with Minami and has her sit down for some tea with her. She wants Minami to open up about everything. Kirara wants to be able to help her friends like they just helped her. Minami tells Kirara about her dream, Minami says she wants to go with Tina into the sea and discover more about it but at the same time it’s clear that something is anchoring her and tying her down. Minami isn’t sure what to do. Kirara can tell that she really wants to go with the sea, she tells Minami that she hopes she can find the answer.

Meanwhile Shut decides her needs to get results or he’s in trouble so he comes to attack Earth. Towa and Haruka also realize Minami is feeling down about something. Eventually all 4 of them end up together fighting Shut’s Zetsuborg. But Mermaid is feeling weaker than normal, her inner turmoil over her dream is causing her power to weaken.


Twinkle tells Mermaid that everyone feels these things. Flora also comes up and says that if she was worried about something she should’ve talked to them about it. Mermaid says she doesn’t know what path to take and Flora tells her not to hold back her passion for her new dream. New dreams can be born as well.


In the end they tell Mermaid that what’s important is what she wants to do. Mermaid accepts this as well. She gets her power back and starts beating on the Zetsuborg. She acknowledges what she really wants to do now, her new dream. Like Scarlet and Twinkle before her she puts her Legendary Key into the Palace and gets a powered up attack, Coral Maelstrom. The girls then finish the Zetsuborg off.


Afterwards Minami shares her dream of wanting to become a marine veterinarian with everyone. She says she’s been following Asuka’s blog too. The Sea Castle starts to awaken now. Uhh, why didn’t it revive fully this episode? There’s honestly no reason why it didn’t.

That being said I like Minami’s character arc, it’s well done and relateable. Lots of people grow up and find new dreams or goals in their lives. It’s just a shame that Minami is such a boring character. Compared to past girls who occupied the same role as her, like Karen, Reika, and Rikka, Minami is very plain in comparison and doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Her character arc is quite similar to theirs as well.

Episode 45. This episode is just unnecessary. THESE DIDN’T NEED TO BE TWO EPISODE STORIES.


We see in a flashback that even as a child Minami was enraptured by the sea. Asuka is back in Japan too, although we barely see her at all, Minami is worried about telling her parents what she wants to do now. Minami actually had this dream and love of the sea deep down in her ever since she was a child.

Shut the idiot actually tries to give make-up tips to Dyspear. As expected she calls him an idiotic failure. He asks for one final chance to defeat the Precure so she gives him one of the locks she makes from herself. Shut is the best.


Christmas party goes on at school. The girls put on a very cute song performance. Naturally Kirara’s santa outfit exposes the most skin.

Shut actually makes a Zetsuborg out of the Sea Castle and the thorns around for it. For some reason it comes out as a giant turtle. He then goes to Earth with it to fight Mermaid.


Mermaid fights him alone for a bit. For some reason the water that the turtle Zetsuborg can summon drags them back into the Hope Kingdom to the castle. Whatever. The other girls follow from Earth using the Royal Key and Kanata shows up too so everyone fights the Zetsuborg together.

Mermaid overcomes the Zetsuborg, not giving in to despair. The girls finish it off together with Grand Printemps. Shut is very worried now.


Mermaid can now open and revive the Sea Castle, only one castle and rainbow to go.


Minami then later tells her parents about what she really wants to do now. Her parents congratulate her on her dream. They’re fine with it.

This two-parter was mostly fine aside from not needing to be spread out over two episodes. There also wasn’t really any point to Asuka’s brief appearance.

Next episode gets us to the interlude before the finale really starts.


End of year cleaning going at the dorms. Winter break is soon. Shut though is wandering around feeling despondent. He has no place to return to after failing last episode and he’s just starting to lose it.

The girls all play in the snow outside the school, Towa starts to build the Hope Kingdom castle and soon everyone joins in, even other classmates. They make it a real masterpiece. Shut ends up running into Towa and seeing the castle he thinks they’re all insulting him. He wants revenge on everyone who’s shamed him. Towa transforms to fight him and Puff and Aroma sense the fight so the other girls come running and join in too. After hearing their motto of “Strong, Kind, and Beautiful” Shut does not agree with the beautiful part. He says he’s the only beautiful one and he attacks them in a rage. He’s able to power up by using his own despair.


Scarlet fights him. Shut says Twilight was the start of all his problems, meeting her is what caused him to fall so far. To be beautiful again he must defeat her. But the girls show Shut that he’s not beautiful at all like this. And even more so because he keeps blaming others for his problems.


Having the girls look down on him now after Dyspear has given up on him pushes Shut over the limit and he transforms into his true/ultimate form. Just a big cat really. Unlike Close or Lock though Shut’s completely mindless like this, he just goes on a rampage. Flora says they should save him and the other girls agree. They fight to calm him down and revert him to his human form with Grand Printemps. There really wasn’t much of a fight at all.


Scarlet comes up to him and says that after receiving so many warm and precious things she’s changed from Twilight. She thinks being strong and kind to protect those precious things is what true beauty is. She offers for Shut to come along and change with her. But Shut bats her hand away. He isn’t fighting anymore though, he leaves peacefully.


Miss Shamour and Kuroro come to give him a scarf to keep warm in the winter. He takes it without a word, still not joining up or befriending them or anything. He acknowledges Towa’s words in his mind and her belief of what true beauty is, but still chooses his own path for now.

At the end of the episode we see everyone having a nice winter break with their families and in the Hope Kingdom the final castle begins to awaken.

Which brings us to episode 47, the beginning of the end. And the beginning of a pretty boring and disappointing finale.

So it starts with Haruharu finally perfecting the art of making tea and passing her princess lesson. Hooray! One step closer to being her ideal princess. In the Hope Kingdom Dyspear seems completely unconcerned with there only being one castle left to revive. What is she planning? Just then the Royal Key glows and Kanata contacts the girls, telling them that something weird is happening at the Flower Castle. They all travel to it.


Suddenly Haruka sees a bird flying around that she thinks is from the Flower Princess story. She goes running after it, straight into the castle, and finds herself in a whole new world. Haruka has become the flower princess. Even the prince is there for her. Haruka really enjoys living like a princess… but something is off.


The prince wont let her pour her own tea. He says princesses don’t do something like that. And lessons? Of course princesses don’t need to take those either. And Haruharu, she forgets what she was even taking lessons for too.

Outside the castle the others try to get in but Stop and Freeze appear with another one of those Zetsuborg’s made directly from Dyspear. She speaks to them through it, telling them that Flora is in her ideal dream world and she’ll never come out. She’s far too happy to leave. Anyone ever seen that episode of Justice League? Well whatever, it’s sort of like Haruka is trapped in a personalized Neglect Ball. The other girls transform and fight the Zetsuborg.

But still, Haruka keeps realizing things are wrong. Seeds shoot from her hands and instantly bloom into beautiful flowers.


Haruka says flowers are beautiful because of how hard they work to survive and bloom under their own power. These aren’t real flowers. Upon her thinking that the whole world starts to break up. The little bird flies towards her and says that this is her dream isn’t it? To be a princess? But Haruka says that a dream fulfilled without any work put towards it isn’t a dream at all. The whole dream world shatters now and the little bird is revealed to be Close, who now fights with her. Haruka transforms and they leave the castle, joining the others.


Flora says she can’t become a true princess in that dream world. Close asks her what the hell a true princess is anyways? She collected all the keys but no one became a Grand Princess, what more do they need to do? Will it ever happen? Close says she’ll never make it, her dream goes nowhere, it never ends.

This… doesn’t bother Flora.


She accepts that her dream is like that. But it will keep on living forever like the flowers blooming across the world, all the flowers struggling to survive. No matter what. Strong, kind, and beautiful, this is the kind of princess she wants to become.

Flora then uses a powered up attack with the Legendary Key and Palace just like the others before it. It weakens the Zetsuborg and the girls destroy it with Grand Printemps. Close, Stop, and Freeze retreat and Flora then opens up and revives the Flower Castle.


The Hope Kingdom is back to normal and Dyspear’s thorn castle is destroyed by the power of the rainbows and castles.

Solve problems with your own power, that’s what the Precure have learned after this. Shamour congratulates them on learning this, saying she has nothing more to teach them. All that’s left to do now is open up the door of despair that’s still hanging in the sky. But the girls haven’t become Grand Princesses yet and that’s the only way to open it. What do they do now?

Suddenly Dyspear’s voice booms out.


She says she’ll allow the girls to have Hope Kingdom but despair never ends. And then she shows up at Noble Academy.

So sort of like with Yes5 the finale doesn’t start until the very end of this episode and it’s a short finale overall. Dyspear just sat around while the girls reclaimed the castles and you keep waiting for her to do something but she never did. And she continues to not do anything in the next couple episodes. GoPrincess does sort of the same annoying thing as with Heartcatch where the villain is just able to void everything the girls did the whole show. But it’s even worse here, at least Dune got his true power back before he was able to affect the Heart Tree and even then the seeds the girls had gathered prevented its total death. In GoPrincess Dyspear loses everything but then pulls an “I win” card out of her ass. It doesn’t make any sense. Why didn’t she do this earlier? Why did she wait for them to get every castle back? If the Hope Kingdom and everything in it was useless to her how come she didn’t attack Earth earlier? WHY DIDN’T SHE DO ANYTHING? She was not consolidating any power, there was no plan like there was previously with the seeds of despair, there was absolutely no set up to this. This is why the seeds of despair needed to still be around for the finale and not taken care of back in episode 39. That would’ve actually been foreshadowing and development for this plot and it would’ve also set a precedent for Dyspear actually being strong on Earth and able to take it over if those seeds of despair were growing the whole time. And it could’ve been used to explain why she didn’t care about Hope Kingdom and why she needed to wait for the seeds to fully grow. BUT FUCK HAVING A GOOD FINALE THAT MAKES SENSE.

And how come Haruka didn’t get two episodes? Why couldn’t more time have been spent in her dream world? Why didn’t she really even have anything to struggle with? I suppose one could say that Haruka’s difficult time was episodes 38 and 39.

GoPrincess is such a jack-of-all-trades season. Fresh was like that too but better. Aside from visuals and music GoPri doesn’t excel at anything. Other seasons have better action, better Cures, better villains, a better story, better done themes, etc. Haruka is a good character but not really remarkable. She’s not anymore awesome (Mana) or deep (Tsubomi) or different (Nagisa) or fun (Love) than other pinks can be. Whenever I look at Towa all I see are Setsuna, Ellen and Regina. Who’s Towa? Puff and Aroma were good fairies but not great or important like Tarte, Candy, etc.

Another thing that annoys me about it is that like Happiness Charge the show never shuts up. In HapCha it was “Love and happiness are illusions” that would get repeated over and over and over. In GoPri people keep going on about dreams and despair. Yes those are the themes but you don’t need to yak and yak and yak about them. Doki and Smile weren’t like this so why did HapCha and GoPri have to be?

The villains I will now give my final opinion on. Stop and Freeze are furniture. Like if Trio the Minor never got any development. Close is a boring edgelord who can’t hold a candle to other villains I mentioned earlier. Dyspear is boring and derivative. She brings nothing new to the table, the fights against her are shit and she hardly does anything. Due to her lack of development she’s not even an especially good foil to Haruka either. Lock is a mixed bag. He barely did anything but when he did take center stage he was great. The fight against him in episode 30 was my favorite of the show and his little mini-arc was excellent. Shut is by far the best villain of the season. He’s the funniest, most developed of them all. He and his character arc are the best things about GoPrincess.

Despite the victim of the week format and the more insular school setting it didn’t really feel like GoPrincess did any more with its side-cast than Heartcatch did, at least until the finale. Zetsuborg’s are basically exactly the same and made exactly the same way as Terribad’s but they have better designs.

This finale is sadly not awesome or epic at all aside from a couple cool images.  It follows the trend I found where one season will have an epic finale and the next one wont. Thanks HapCha I guess?

GoPrincess is the only season where I can literally find no reason to watch it. It also has the most obnoxious and defensive fanbase of any Precure season.


Dyspear and the forest of despair take root on Earth right at Noble Academy. Which is stupid. She was only able to get strong enough and take over Hope Kingdom after the people lost their light in Towa. But for the past year the Precure have been protecting dreams and beating despair here. So whatever. The girls also come back from the Hope Kingdom. All of the students and faculty see this happening too.

Dyspear tells them all that she will turn peoples dreams into despair and have it become her own power. The girls are surrounded by their fellow classmates but they transform in front of them all because they have to. The fight begins.


Everyone else is shocked to see this. Kanata is there too, Puff and Aroma as well. Yui tells everyone how Haruka and the others have been protecting their dreams all this time.

Dyspear tells Close to stall for time while she gathers power. Currently she’s unable to move. She gives him Lock, who right now is just a tattered sweater, to use. Stop and Freeze also attack the girls but Kanata and Shamour fight to keep them occupied. It’s really sad how bad the fighting is in episodes 48 and 49. Really lackluster and disappointing for GoPrincess. And when it comes to Dyspear the whole finale feels like a tease because for a while she’s still just sitting around doing nothing, you just wait and wait for something to happen.


Lock has been turned into a servant of Dyspear. As a giant sweater he fights the girls to protect Dyspear, he’s completely changed. Shut is also there witnessing everything. Animation is below average from what you would expect of GoPrincess’s finale too.


Close traps everyone around in cages of despair and uses the despair energy to power up Lock. With his new power Lock destroys the Princess Rods and Scarlet’s violin. But as they’re destroyed the tiny fragments of them travel into the hearts of Yui and everyone else at Noble Academy.


Because of the Princess Rod fragment Yui sees Flora and the others fighting on and not giving up even after losing their items. She’s able to break herself out of the cage of despair with her own power.


Yui tries to wake everyone else up and get them out of the cages. Puff, Aroma, and Kuroro help. They’re able to succeed in reaching the people in the cages and free them, more accurately they’re able to free themselves. They’re the only ones who can make their dreams come true and they need to fight for it themselves.

This weakens Lock and reassures the Precure.


Kuroro sees Lock and feels sorry for him, he wants Lock to be saved too. Shut also comes in and punches Close in the face (Shut continuing to be the best). Shut yells at Lock, telling him how pathetic he’s become, he’s not the haughty arrogant Lock he knew. Shut says the both of them need to free themselves from Dyspear’s grasp and he tells the Precure to purify Lock, which they do with Grand Printemps.

Lock becomes just a tattered old sweater again. He’s still “alive” though.


Close then blasts away Shut and at the end of the episode Dyspear has finally had enough time to act herself. She did literally nothing. Why did she need more time after sitting around in the Hope Kingdom? Well anyways the girls prepare to fight her.

At the start of episode 49 Dyspear tells Close how Shut and Lock were fools but she was right to trust in and revive him. Uhhh, what? You hated this failure. And Shut was completely loyal until you started mistreating him. This is the non-reason Dyspear gives for Close’s return.


Dyspear takes Close back into her body (they were all born from her) and Stop and Freeze also revert to their original forms of giant thorns. Dyspear and the thorns grow gigantic, the thorns now cover much more area, not just Noble Academy. Where does this gigantic form and power even come from? Dysdark wasn’t doing anything since episode 39.

The Precure do battle with her. The fight is terrible. Dyspear doesn’t even move at all. It’s all thorns and energy blasts. The girls use their powered up individual attacks but she’s able to overcome them with the extra power she gained from Close. The thorns and forest of despair begin to cover the whole world.

And now we go straight to Stupidville. And Staleville.


Dyspear says dreams always give birth to darkness, lost hope, regret, all of that allowed Dyspear to take over the Earth. The collective despair of everyone in the Hope Kingdom over time first gave birth to the forest of despair and eventually Dyspear herself. She is despair.


And if that’s how she took over Earth there was LITERALLY NO REASON SHE COULDN’T HAVE DONE SO SOONER. She did nothing else to prepare. What was the point of staying in the Hope Kingdom at all? Why did she at first care and then not care about the castles and the girls reclaiming the Hope Kingdom? Fuck it.

Dyspear is a copy of Noise. Lots of villains have similarities with each other but Dyspear is the first to have no differences. Everything about her (and Close too soon) in the finale is just ripped from Noise, Proto-Jikochu, Dune, and Red. This is why I was so damn tired of despair as a theme when GoPrincess started.

Also it seems like we kind of already knew that Dyspear was despair.

Shamour says the Precure have to become Grand Princesses but if it hasn’t happened yet they don’t know what to do. Flora says they’ll protect everyone’s dreams and they fight on. Their classmates watch on amazed at what they’re doing but still losing hope as the girls seem to be losing. Yui gets them all to believe in the Precure. The girls try Grand Printemps on Dyspear but it doesn’t work.


Dyspear knocks them out of their transformations, she then brings forth the door of despair and opens it, sucking in everyone on Earth who’s trapped in a cage of despair just like she did to the citizens of Hope Kingdom. Which means everyone except for the people at Noble Academy. The girls cry upon seeing their failure.

Puff and Aroma still fight to try and get the girls to snap out of their depression. Their classmates also try to cheer them up, saying how amazing they are and thanking them for everything. Kuroro also looks to help.

Yui leads everyone in telling Dyspear they will never give up.


Light erupts from her and everyone elses hearts. Keys come from them. Kanata thinks the keys are from the Princess Rods that earlier entered their hearts, they came out as crystallized parts of their dreams. As Yui knows dreams are the power of the Precure and everyone has to give their power to them. So these are basically Miracle Lights. Used the same way as everyone holds them up and transfers their feelings to the girls.

Haruka, Minami, Kirara and Towa stand back up. They’re ready to take the power of everyone’s dreams and defeat despair.


The opening theme song plays and the perfumes rise up and fly towards Dyspear creating a doorway and path for each girl to take. Well this is weird. The girls run toward and up the light with their keys, ready to open the doors. Kanata and Shamour help to protect them from Dyspear while they do this and even Shut and Kuroro wearing Lock come to help too. The girls transform piece by piece while they run up the light… what is this Aikatsu! now or something?

They make it to the doors and go on through, because of all the dreams they’ve protected they now become Grand Princesses.


Interesting looking super forms. Happy that all 4 of them got it.

Dyspear fires a massive energy blast at them but the girls counter it with their own power.


With their feelings and strength and combined hearts they fuse all the Dress-Up Keys into one golden key (which you actually see in the opening every episode)


Using their final attack Precure Grand Liberation the girls turn the golden key into a gigantic key of energy and fire it right through Dyspear’s keyhole. Destroying her. But right before she dies Dyspear tries to tell them not to forget that despair is… what?

One last episode to go. I kept waiting for a real fight with Dyspear but it never happened. Almost as disappointing as the fight with Pierrot which could’ve and should’ve been so much better.

Episode 50. The final episode. Everyone cheers for the Grand Princesses. But it’s not over yet.

Close is still alive somehow, new form and all. He says Dysdark will keep coming back again and again, Dyspear gave him her “everything” right before she died so he could finish things. Despair is eternal.


So even though Close by all logic shouldn’t remotely be a threat to them he’s still regarded with fear. Close is able to control the thorns of despair just like Dyspear and he sets them back to rampaging across Noble Academy. He also absorbs the Stop and Freeze thorns. Close attacks the Precure, saying it’s their fate to fight. Flora seems concerned by this and so she tells the others she’ll face Close alone, she must speak with him. After Mermaid convinces Twinkle and Scarlet they all agree to Flora’s desire, they believe in her. Flora changes to a battle form and Close encloses the two of them in a massive ball of thorns so they can fight.

So even though they all get the super form it still ends up being a one on one fight between the Pink and the final villain? I hate this.


Anyways this episode and the fight between Flora and Close is where all the animation budget for the finale went. It looks great. Good music too. The fight itself honestly isn’t that good though and it’s pretty short. Completely lacking in emotion too, similar to the dead feeling from Cure Heart vs. Proto-Jikochu. It feels like the show is already over.

And really it’s just sort of dumb. Close tries to get Flora to despair and give up again. Again. Like fuck Close you have been awful at this. You’ve never gotten her to despair and the one time she really did she was able to pick herself back up all on her own. But Close is just doing the same damn thing. I guess maybe he’s thinking she’ll find it more hopeless after seeing him come back perfectly fine and the whole despair is eternal thing blah blah.

Close beats Flora around, saying as long as dreams exist despair will not disappear. Flora thinks about what despair is. She thinks about her dream and her life up to this point.


Flora realizes and agrees that despair will never disappear. It’s all around you, it’s been all around her and she won’t forget the despair she’s felt in her life. Happy things and sad things come in cycles but it’s because of that that she’s here now.

Close flips out and starts screaming a whole bunch. That’s Close for you.

Dreams and despair will both always be around her. Happy and sad things come together to make dreams. Flora hits Close, showering the sphere of thorns with flower petals.


He says he’ll keep rising and Flora says that sometimes they may lose to him but they’ll keep fighting too. They (not just the Precure but the people and Precure of the future) will always look towards the future because they have dreams. As long as despair exists their dreams will shine bright as well. Close gives up on fighting her, seeing no point in it anymore. He’ll disappear until next time but for now it’s over.

Well that was sudden, pointless, and stupid. GOODBYE FOREVER CLOSE.


Flora can now open the door of despair and free everyone. Things finally go completely back to normal.

Now we get to the epilogue. The only good part of the finale.


Towa and Kanata are reunited with their parents. It’s a sweet scene. The castle also goes back to normal. The Dress-Up Keys decombine and go back to normal, and also go into a dormant state. They and the Perfumes will both return to the Hope Kingdom. Which means that the girls will not be able to travel to the Hope Kingdom anymore, the doorway between worlds will close as the job of the Precure is done. Everyone has to say goodbye now.


The girls say goodbye to Towa, Puff, and Aroma. Towa promises to bring hope and dreams to the people of the Hope Kingdom. She starts to cry, so do the others, it’s a tearful farewell.  Haruharu says they’ll see each other again, their hearts are still connected no matter what. After that we see a montage of all the characters throughout the show going after their dreams.


Shut and Lock are together. Lock has been reduced to a scarf. Yui is drawing her Precure picture book, Minami meets with Asuka, Kirara continues modeling.


In the Hope Kingdom Miss Shamour teaches Kuroro how to become a Royal Teacher. Puff has become a maid and Aroma is Kanata’s butler. Kanata inspects the forest of despair, which is still there in the Hope Kingdom, it’s dormant and practically serene for now. Towa says that future Princesses will fight the despair when the time arrives if necessary. The two of them play the violin together.


In a flashback Haruharu reflects on how far she’s come. Kanata says it was because of her hard work. Haruka says she’ll continue to move forward and become her own princess. Sadly it’s time to say goodbye, but they both believe they’ll see each other again. When Kanata leaves Haruka cries, farewell first love.

After the credits and many years later a young girl is reading the book Yui wrote about the Precure. She’s sad that at the end it seems like they never got to see each other again. But as she goes home with her mom an older Haruka is there to narrate for us:


Just aim for your dreams and run. A key will be born in your heart (we see brief images of Towa in the Hope Kingdom, Minami by the sea and Kirara in Paris, all 4 of the girls have some crystal key with them, what does it mean?) and with that key you can surely…

And that’s the end of GoPrincess Precure.

All in all it was a fine season, could’ve been better could’ve been worse. On a technical level it’s one of the better ones. It’s well made enough but still can’t shake that soullessness it has. The finale is unfortunately pretty bad, I think I might put it in the bottom 3 finales of the franchise. I think I enjoyed GoPri less than Happiness Charge even though it’s a better show.

Despite GoPrincess having mostly good animation and some extremely well animated fights the action in it wasn’t actually that great. The first two episodes had magnificent fights with movie level animation and there were some other good fights in the first half but nothing as spectacular as that again. From Close’s first death and on the first “boss fight” that was actually good was the one against Lock. And after that the normal episode fighting was just at an okay level for pretty much the rest of the season. The final fight against Close looked amazing, just like the fights against Twilight, but good animation can’t make up for everything. In the end I would only say the fighting in GoPrincess is a bit above average for Precure and despite looking much better I wouldn’t say it was on a higher level than Happiness Charge.

Considering this was only the second 50 episode series in the franchise you think they could’ve spent their time better and not have the finale be short and disappointing like it was.

Well at least with GoPri being finished that’s the end of the Dark Age of the franchise. GoPrincess I may have ended up caring about almost the least of any season.


2 thoughts on “GoPrincess Precure

  1. My lord, this review nailed it. I don’t what it is with these, but I’m starting to get demoralized on doing my own reviews, I’ll just (more or less) repeat what you say.

    But anyway, yeah, this season is the most unremarkable one so far. I thought Max Heart had some boring episodes, but Jesus… At least those episodes had some fun encounters with the villains or…SOMETHING!
    All well, I suppose I’m being a little nit-picky.


    • lol, every now and then you’ll come across someone whose views are just exactly like yours. I have a friend and we have the exact same opinions on every season of Kamen Rider, it’s weird.

      And yeah GoPrincess to me also wasn’t a very emotional season, there weren’t a lot of especially powerful moments or characters in that way. So that left it as further unremarkable even compared to seasons I like less or think aren’t as good, like Doki and HapCha.

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