GoPrincess Precure the Movie


So this movie is unique. Because it’s three movies. I guess having Spring Carnival be the most abnormal crossover movie wasn’t enough so they made GoPrincess’s regular movie the weirdest one too. The first part of the movie is a CGI short that’s about 5 minutes long, then you get into the main movie which is like a normal Precure movie and that’s about 50 minutes long and finally the third part is another CGI adventure that’s about 15 minutes. The third part is similar to a normal Precure movie except it’s shorter and in CGI. All this together makes the GoPri movie the most unique of them all, even more than Splash Star’s which was only a total of 50 minutes for some reason.

Before anything else starts Puff and Aroma introduce the movie and explain the Miracle Lights.

So the CGI short that starts the movie is called Cure Flora and the Mischievous Mirror.


So this sequence has no dialogue, only music and sounds. Flora finds a big mirror in the room and a bunch of little spirits in the room decide to play with her. They copy her appearance and we get a Harpo Marx routine. It’s just a silly little short. Flora decides to play around too, apparently as kids you’re supposed to be waving the Miracle Lights for part of this.


Flora transforms into a witch at one point. I wonder if that’s foreshadowing for next season. Anyways the other girls come in at the end and see Flora getting a cute pumpkin outfit cause of the spirits. After having a good time they all leave the room.

So I should probably explain that the whole movie is Halloween/pumpkin themed. And now we get to the “movie” movie.


The opening theme song plays as the girls eat their hearts out at the Pumpkin Cafe. Haruka is acting a bit more hyper and eccentric than normal. There’s also some mysterious guy watching them as they hang out and eat the pumpkin pudding.


The guy makes a flyer for the “Princess Convention” being held in the Pumpkin Kingdom appear. Aroma sees it and says all the girls should participate. Minami thinks they might be able to use something from the kingdom for the Halloween party at Noble Academy. A Zetsuborg then attacks the girls from out of nowhere, the guy watching them created it. The girls transform to fight it and defeat it after a short battle.


But then the mysterious guy uses his power to transport the girls and fairies to the Pumpkin Kingdom.


As they get to the castle the guy introduces himself as the minister of the kingdom. Towa is instantly suspicious. The girls then meet the King and Queen.


When Haruka tells them her dream is to become a princess the King and Queen seem to be reminded of someone. But the Minister does something and they instantly forget about all that and go on about how they have to sell more pudding to acquire more wealth or something like that. The Minister comes up to the girls and tells them that their country doesn’t have a princess right now so they’re using the convention to choose one. Dancing, walking, music and cooking contests.

But as we learn there really is a princess of the Pumkin Kingdom. She’s just being held in the tower at the top of the castle. Some of the fairies that live in the kingdom come visit her, they want to help her.


As the girls prepare for the convention by changing into their designated outfits Haruka finds a doll in her room. It’s clearly handmade and Haruka wonders where the girl that owns it is? She wonders if there was actually a princess here. One of the fairies assisting her mumbles the name Pumpururu but quickly shuts up. Towa while preparing is even more certain that something wrong is going on here.

When the four girls get to the convention we see that all the other participants are wearing masks. Minami wins the dancing contest after doing ballet, she’s taken into another room after winning. We see that she’s locked in. Kirara also wins the walking contest. Haruka sees some fairies acting weird so she goes to follow them with Puff and Aroma, Towa tells Haruka to be careful because she can sense some dark power.

After following them for a bit Puff and Aroma have to fly up to the top of the tower and see them talking with the Princess, Pumpururu. The doll Haruka found was hers. Aroma goes to tell Haruka that the real princess is locked up and she has him take the doll back to her. Pumpururu tells Aroma and Puff about how one day some dark power hit the castle and the king and queen forgot about Pumpururu. The minister then locked her up.

Towa wins the music contest and goes to the same kind of room Minami and Kirara went to but she has her Perfume with her. The pumpkin fairies lead Haruka to under the castle where a massive factory is pumping out pumpkin pudding. The fairies are cruelly mistreated and overworked to make the pudding.


The minister reveals himself to Minami and Kirara, who are trapped in some kind of crystal cage. and tells them his name is Warp. He collects despair and other interesting things. He aims to collect the Precure.

Haruka comes back to the contest. She’s going to make pudding for the king and queen.


Haruka makes it with all her heart and fills it with the feelings she has for her family. When the king and queen taste it they remember Pumpururu. Warp just laughs upon seeing this and sends Zetsuborgs to attack. All of the other “contestants” were Zetsuborgs. Flora defeats some of the Zetsuborgs so Warp shows her how he’s already captured Minami and Kirara. But Towa is safe because she kept her Perfume with her and was able to escape from his trap. She now transforms and joins Flora.


Warp still easily traps the both of them in crystals, happy to now have all 4 Precure in his collection. He did all of this to the Pumpkin Kingdom just to draw the girls here and capture them. Flora gets mad and with the help of all the fairies pounding on the outside of her crystal she’s able to shatter it and break free, she wants everyone to try the pudding she put all her feelings into. The fairies and Flora help the others get out and now Minami and Kirara transform too.

All of the girls fight Warp, this part of the fight is fairly short but there’s some cool stuff.

When he starts to lose Warp turns into some kind of giant molten lava form… or it could be pudding.


It solidifies into a gigantic chameleon that sucks up the king and queen and a bunch of fairies. Pumpururu tells the girls not to give up after the thing blasts them and lays waste to a lot of the kingdom. Pumpururu is able to break out of her tower and make it to the Precure.


Pumpururu yells out to her mother and father and all the fairies inside Warp, telling them not to forget their dreams and happiness. An insert song starts playing around here.

This is also where the Miracle Lights come in.


Everyone waves them and cheers on the Precure. A special pumpkin Dress-Up Key is made from the Miracle Lights power and the girls use it with the Precure Palace to give themselves a Halloween Mode Elegant. The 4 of them then use Precure Halloween Eclair to destroy Warp.

The Pumpkin Kingdom is returned to normal.


Pumpururu reunites with her mother and father. It’s pretty much exactly like what you see in the main series when Towa sees her parents again. Pumpururu says they’re having a ball now and they invite the Precure, but we don’t actually see the ball, this portion of the movie ends and we get the ending credits.

Yeah each part has its own credits sequence. The second part was fine, as far as Precure movies go it was insanely average and normal. After the credits the girls get back to Noble Academy in time for their Halloween Party.

Now we get to the final part of the movie. My favorite part.


That doll from the previous part is actually alive. Her name is Leffy. Haruka gets pulled into some strange other world where Leffy lives, she gets automatically transformed into Flora on the way there. Leffy comes in being chased by a bunch of Pumpkin Zetsuborg soldiers. She grabs Flora and the two of them run through the city together. Mermaid, Twinkle and Scarlet are there too and all of them meet up, safe for now.

There’s some really nice scenery and art in this part of the movie.


Leffy tells the girls that Night Pumpkin came to this land and stole away the daylight. Leffy says they need to place the Miracle Princess Light that she has on top of the castle to get the light back and return things to normal. She needs the Precure’s help to get there.

More Zetsuborg pumpkins come around so Leffy decides to distract them by singing a song while the Precure go clear the way up the castle, looking to defeat Night Pumpkin. We get another insert song here. After finishing her song and evading the remaining pumpkins Leffy joins up with the girls again, she’s the one with the Miracle Light who needs to use it at the top of the castle.

Now they all make it to Night Pumpkin’s throne.


Night Pumpkin has Noise’s voice. The girls fight him and it’s actually a pretty good and cool looking CGI fight. And funny. Leffy takes her light to the top of the castle with Flora while the other girls occupy Night Pumpkin. But Night Pumpkin attacks Flora and Leffy before they can put the light in and he grabs the light from them.


Flora and Leffy continue to fight on, the GoPrincess opening theme song plays, and Leffy just straight up bites the shit out of Night Pumpkin’s arm to get him to drop the Miracle Light. She then runs up to the top of the castle while the girls fight Night Pumpkin. They all succeed and Night Pumpkin is blasted out of the city after Leffy returns the light.







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