Precure All Stars Spring Carnival


So we now enter the musical age of All Stars. Spring Carnival is an odd movie, it has the most unusual format of any of the crossovers. It’s sort of a musical but not as much of one as the next All Stars movie. Spring Carnival only has three original songs and the rest are performances of opening/ending songs by the Precure teams.

Still, I love musicals so I really like this movie. I’ve always hoped for more musical stuff in a season of Precure too. In general this movie is just fun and cute and isn’t nearly as serious as any of the previous All Stars movies.

The movie starts with the GoPri girls getting ready to go shopping together. Haruka (who I will forever on be referring to as Haruharu) is worried about an upcoming singing exam at school. She likes to sing but is nervous to do it in front of other people. An invitation for them then flies out of the sky. We cut to the Happiness Charge girls who have received a similar invitation, it’s from the kingdom Harmonia, inviting them to the Harmonia Spring Carnival. We see that all of the Precure teams have gotten invitations and the invitations magically transform into either a carriage or some other thing (like a flying train) to transport the girls to Harmonia.

But meanwhile in Harmonia some evil thief has “stolen” the kingdom and taken it over with his minions. The King says that the carnival can’t be interrupted because they need to appease the Guardian Diety of the kingdom. The thief says he plans to have the festival go on as planned but when he learns that the King has invited the Precure to the festival he’s quite worried. But, it seems he has a plan to deal with them…


On the way to Harmonia the GoPri girls meet the HapCha team and they see all the other Precure coming too. Our new heroines are surprised to meet a real princess in Hime.

The thief, Odoren, and his lackey Utaen then come to the two teams. Odoren says he’s the minister of Harmonia. He asks if all the Precure would be willing to sing and dance for the carnival, as a thank you to all the fairies.


We then get our first of 3 original songs in the movie. It’s a cute little number giving thanks to all of the fairies. The Precure don’t sing it or anything, it just happens. During the song we also seem some movie characters and fairies, so that’s a nice touch. It’s a nice song but I really prefer the other two original songs in the movie, they’re better.

Anyways the HapCha girls agree to sing and dance after this. Haruharu is worried but the other girls and the two GoPri fairies convince her to do it and give it her all.

At the carnival Odoren and Utaen act as the hosts and they introduce all the Precure teams in order. Everyone is gonna sing and dance. This movie feels like a big meta treat for all the fans, like we’re in the audience at the carnival too. Also as I should note not every Cure has a speaking role, pretty much just one or two from each team aside from HapCha and GoPri. Both Tsubomi and Erika get to speak of course cause of that Heartcatch privilege.

Haruharu gets worried again after seeing all the fairies in the audience.


Fresh Precure are the first team to perform. Singing and dancing to their first ending song. It could sort of be seen as an epilogue to Fresh. Really the CGI dancing isn’t the appeal when it comes to these performances, we get to see the girls going on about their lives since the season ended. Some of these performances could sort of be like epilogues for their season, as well as what they talk about after. Odoren and Utaen talk to Love who mentions that Setsuna has been busy fixing Labyrinth so they don’t often all get together like this, these segments are my favorite part of the movie.

Next up the Smile girls perform to their first ending song, during their song we see them celebrating Candy’s birthday.


Right after that the GoGo girls perform to their opening theme song. Romance is still in the air for this team and their fairies. Except Rin.

After that the Heartcatch team dances to their opening song and then the Max Heart team also performs with their opening song. Afterwards it’s nice to see Nagisa complain about Mepple and get into a fight with him again, been a long time since.

After those songs there’s a little break in-between Precure performances, at this time Odoren has some of the fairies go get refreshments from the girls, separating them, while at the same time Utaen swipes some of the transformation items. And then we get to the villain song, my favorite of the three new ones in the movie.


It’s just a very catchy song. It explains how Odoren planned to steal all the fairies and transformation items from the girls so they couldn’t transform and beat him up. Utaen even calls him out on him doing this just cause he’s weak. But anyways it worked. As the performances continue the girls wonder where the fairies are but Odoren and Utaen convince them to just enjoy the show.


So next up is the Doki Doki team performing their first ending song. Right after them is the Splash Star team performing to their opening theme song. And I love the Splash Star song because it actually acknowledges the existence of Michiru and Kaoru and their Bright and Windy forms. Thank you Toei. However I feel it’s kind of a wasted opportunity that they didn’t do Ganbalance de Dance.

Also R.I.P. Miyu Matsuki, voice of Choppy.

After those performances we also get to see Mana try to sing again on her own. Pretty funny.

Haruharu is still really worried about performing. The HapCha girls tell her to believe in the power of song and dance. And again at this point Odoren and Utaen sneakily steal more fairies and transformation items. Next the Suite Precure team perform to their first ending song, I think this is my favorite performance in the movie. And immediately after them the HapCha team performs to their second ending song.

But after this Utaen accidentally drops all the transformation items in front of the Precure teams, besides the GoPri girls who are preparing for their performance, so the jig is up. Odoren and Utaen tell them that they’re actually thieves and Harmonia is now under their control. And Odoren grabs the GoPrincess girls’ Perfumes so they can’t transform either.


So using all their items he attempts to transform into Cure Thief… obviously it does not work.

He then locks away the fairies and items in a big chest and he sends all the girls but the GoPrincess team underground. But Haruharu then decides to sing and dance, after remembering what the HapCha girls told her about their power. It’s the third original song and it’s a rather nice one. It brings out the power of the girls and opens the chest for them, retrieving the Perfumes and other things, allowing everyone to transform.


So now everyone is singing and dancing together. Focusing mostly on the GoPrincess and Happiness Charge girls.

After the song Odoren is really scared now. He calls in his minions and we get a fight. Some of the Precure go out looking for the real rulers of Harmonia too. There’s some nice action and funny stuff here, every team gets to do something at least too. Eventually the King and the other nobles are found, the King tells the Precure they’re in danger if the carnival has stopped cause the guardian deity will get angry that there’s no more singing and dancing. He really loves singing and dancing.


And then the guardian deity appears, a gigantic dragon.

The Precure now have to fight him… err, except it’s really just them using an attack on him to calm him down. The GoPri girls ask for everyone to give them their strength.


After the dragon is calmed by Precure Rainbow Tornado he restores everything that’s been damaged in Harmonia. To cap off the Spring Carnival the GoPrincess girls then perform to their first ending song. During the song we see that Odoren and Utaen have become janitors in Harmonia. There was no actual fight against the two of them because they’re not fighters.


The GoPri girls then return to their school, Haruharu ready for the singing exam.

So yeah, because of the weird format and style of this movie there isn’t really much to talk about. I feel like the “plot” is second fiddle to seeing everyone do their songs. Not like the next All Stars movie which is a true musical that weaves the songs and story together. In Spring Carnival you just have Odoren and Utaen’s song and then the song where the girls get their items and fairies back that actually work as real musical songs that have to do with the plot of the movie.

Still the movie is really fun and a nice treat to all the Precure fans.






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