Happiness Charge Precure the Movie


This is a pretty good movie. I don’t really have any complaints about it nor anything meaningful to say on it so might as well just get right into it.

At the very beginning there’s a Terribad attacking the city, Masuko Miyo is reporting on it on location. Lovely and Princess come in to fight it, Honey and Fortune are there too. Ribbon shows up with the Miracle Lights to give to people, explaining what they do and how to use them. This whole opening scene is definitely a much more creative way to introduce the Miracle Lights than what other movies do at the beginning.


Meanwhile a little girl named Tsumugi (who’s voiced by Yui Horie who would eventually go on to voice Cure Magical in Maho Precure) is watching this on tv. Judging by the wheelchair in her room she must be either sick or disabled. The Precure defeat the Terribad but Tsumugi doesn’t seem to care, saying she isn’t happy at all. And then she has some vision or something where someone asks her if she wants to be happy, he says he’ll make her wish come true.

Side things to note before the movie really gets into its plot. It’s a good looking movie, better looking than Doki’s, and there’s also this mascot character in it. I can’t remember what he is or why he’s in the movie but he’s there when everyone is waving the Miracle Lights. He’s not Precure related.

So anyways after this the girls are putting on a puppet show of Snow White for some kids. Hime likes the story because she dreams of a prince on a white horse coming for her. Then while they’re sorting dolls in the room one of the dolls comes alive and begins talking to them. She says she comes from the Doll Kingdom but a Terribad attacked them and everyone is in trouble now. The girls say they’ll come help and they get transported away while the opening theme song plays.

During this the “doll” transforms back into Tsumugi. It was her all along but obviously the girls don’t know anything’s up. After the opening theme is done Ribbon contacts Blue from the Doll Kingdom, he’s surprised because he’s never heard of any such place but then he’s attacked by some off-screen force and they lose connection. Before Ribbon can ponder this a Terribad attacks them all. The girls transform to fight it and defeat it pretty handily but for some reason it just vanishes when hit by their attack, it isn’t purified like normal and Ribbon doesn’t generate new Precards. How odd.


Tsumugi continues to take them through the kingdom and introduces them to the Prince of the Doll Kingdom, Zeke. Hime falls head over heels for him at first sight. She thinks she must marry him even. The kingdom holds a parade to honor the Precure for saving them and when they get to the castle they have a ball. Hime dances with the Prince and Megumi dances with Seiji… oh yeah he came along too.

Meanwhile Iona and Yuuko are both talking about how Tsumugi knew they were Precure. Something feels off to them but they still decide to enjoy the ball for now.


But while Seiji is off alone a group of Terribad attack him and he gets turned into a doll. Tsumugi sees all of this. The Prince is also able to easily convince Hime to come be alone with him. Hm, that sounds a lot creepier and more perverted than it actually is.

Megumi has noted that Seiji is missing but Tsumugi leads her away, while Iona and Yuuko end up getting ambushed by a Terribad at the ball. Hime also gets attacked by one while she’s alone with Zeke.

Tsumugi starts talking to Megumi and tells her that making everyone happy is impossible. No matter how hard Tsumugi tried she couldn’t be happy. And Tsumugi leads her into a room with some weird machinery and some blatantly evil looking energy and threads. This machinery churns out a Terribad right in front of Megumi so she transforms, Lovely tells Tsumugi to be careful but to Lovely’s shock Tsumugi orders the Terribad to destroy her. She says she drew Lovely into her trap.


Everyone fights the Terribad’s but Prince Zeke also attacks Princess. He and the dolls are doing all of this for Tsumugi, he’s actually a doll too, they all belong to her and love her. They want to see her smile more than anything. Naturally Princess is crushed by this.

Tsumugi tells Lovely that she loves to dance but she can’t do it in real life. She’s loved dancing since she was a child but one day her feet stopped working. She lost everything because of this and no one knows what’s wrong with them. But then someone came to her and healed her feet and her dolls were brought to life too. The guy tells her that in her Doll Kingdom she can dance as much as she likes, it’s a kingdom just for her.

But he says that if he dies it will all go away. He tells her he’s a general from the Phantom Empire, his name is Black Fang. He says she must use her powers to defeat the Precure who are after him, or else she’ll never be able to dance again when he’s gone.

Lovely tells her she can’t trust Black Fang but Tsumugi wants to live here forever in her dream kingdom. She shows Lovely the dolls of Blue and Seiji and tells Lovely that she’ll turn all the Precure into dolls too.

Ribbon and Glassan get caught and turned into dolls while Princess, Honey and Fortune run away from their opponents after realizing that the Terribad’s just revive after being defeated and there’s no end to it.


Lovely asks if this is what Tsumugi wants, if this will make her happy. She wants to help Tsumugi but Tsumugi says nothing Lovely can do will allow her to dance again. Tsumugi just wants to stay in her kingdom.

Princess and the others come to help Lovely and all 4 of them flee together. Tsumugi starts crying when they leave, sad that she was so mean to Lovely but she still wants to be able to dance. Lovely is sad too because of how she unknowingly hurt Tsumugi. Princess says this isn’t like her, she needs to be normal and do all she can to help Tsumugi. Fortune and Honey also back her up. Lovely says she wants to help Tsumugi and all 4 of them go back to the castle.

Zeke and the dolls are in the room with the machinery with Tsumugi, Zeke asks if what she’s doing is what she really wants. Black Fang shows up though and tells Tsumugi that the Precure are coming back. Zeke tells him not to hurt Tsumugi anymore but Black Fang simply asks if Tsumugi wants to leave her happy kingdom where she can dance.


The girls then arrive in the room, confronting Tsumugi. Lovely says that even though she can dance here she can’t be 100% happy because of the cost, and she asks Tsumugi to come home with them. Tsumugi steps forward, looking like she’s gonna accept, but then Black Fang attacks them.

He reveals that he was the one who damaged Tsumugi’s feet in the first place, all to fulfill this grand and long term master plan to defeat the Precure and gain enough power so that he could even overcome Mirage. He’s been feeding on Tsumugi’s despair as well to get more powerful, she essentially churns out the undying Terribad’s too.


Black Fang swallows Tsumugi up in his threads and uses her as a despair engine to fuel his power even more. Zeke tries to attack him but gets knocked back, Tsumugi’s despair just grows and grows and affects the real world. Lovely tries telling her none of this is her fault, she’s still friends with Tsumugi. But Lovely and the other girls are caught in Black Fang’s web.


Zeke also says he’s Tsumugi’s friend, he and all the dolls love her and they wish for her happiness. Zeke tries to use his sword to free the Precure, asking them to please save Tsumugi, but he gets turned back into a doll and disappears from the kingdom thanks to Black Fang. Black Fang does the same to the other dolls who try to rescue Tsumugi.

But because of Zeke’s sword the Precure were able to break free from Black Fang’s web and they attack him.


Lovely breaks in to the web of despair that Tsumugi is in to save her. She apologizes for not knowing what to say, and not understanding how she feels or how to help her. But she still wants to save her. Somehow she’ll do something, all of them will try their best to help her. Lovely hugs her and Tsumugi starts crying and also apologizes for all the mean things she said to Megumi. Lovely says they’ll do their best together, Tsumugi won’t bring despair to everyone.

Suddenly the Terribad’s disappear, Tsumugi’s despair has stopped.

When Lovely and Tsumugi come out of the web Black Fang says the Precure can’t help her but Tsumugi says she won’t be in despair anymore, she’ll face the real world cause her friends will be cheering her on. Also Seiji and the others go back to normal and aren’t dolls anymore.


Black Fang still absorbs all the leftover despair and turns into a huge monster. You know after all the web stuff you’d think he’d be a giant spider or something but whatever. Not any stupider than Sir Loin from Splash Star’s movie.

The girls fight him but their attacks have no affect. Blue sends out Miracle Lights to everyone on Earth to give the Precure the power to win. At first the light is blocked by Black Fang’s power but Lovely keeps on fighting despite this. Tsumugi is watching her and her strong feelings for Lovely now allow the power of the Miracle Lights to reach Lovely. Everyone cheers for the Precure again to give the power to Lovely.


That mascot is back cheering too. And there’s an insert song playing while all this goes on now.

So yeah all the power goes to Lovely and the Shining Make Dresser and she transforms into Super Happiness Lovely. Nice ballerina look. But hey isn’t that just great? The pink again is the only one to get a super form in both the movie and the finale. What a wonderful thing to copy from Doki.

Well whatever, Super Happiness Lovely and the other girls now combine their powers and they blow away Black Fang with Precure Miracle Love Motion.

Everything is back to normal now. Tsumugi apologizes to Lovely for everything, she says she wants to become a ballerina and make people happy with her dancing. And she says that Lovely can make everyone happy, she’s sure of it. The Doll Kingdom disappears now and back in the real world Black Fang’s death has healed Tsumugi’s feet. I think it would’ve been more interesting if Tsumugi’s injury was natural and not caused by Black Fang and she wasn’t just healthy again at the end of the movie, cause it would’ve made it an actually difficult decision for everyone to make. But maybe that would be too sad.


Either way at the end of the movie the girls are all going to see Tsumugi put on a performance. Happy end achieved.

So yeah this was a pretty good movie, obviously I can’t blame it for only giving Lovely the super form since that’s what every movie does but again like with Doki it’s disappointing since Lovely was the only one to get a super form in the main series too. The story was good and the animation was really nice. Black Fang’s design was good too. Poor stupid Hime is never gonna get her fairy-tale Prince though.





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