Doki Doki Precure the Movie


I actually like this movie for the most part. Mana is fine in it and even comes off as a real person, unlike in the main show. There’s a lot to like about what the movie does. It’s story is pretty much ripped from Fresh and Smile’s movies but Precure always does stuff like that so I can’t knock the Doki movie for doing it. It’s generally a good movie but not one of the best and it has one really dumb thing about it and another thing that’s kind of annoying but still the same thing every Precure movie does now so I again can’t really knock Doki for doing it. It’s an enjoyable movie though and I recommend it.


First off it starts with another opening skit where the girls explain the Miracle Lights. And then when the movie proper begins Mana’s mom has found her old wedding dress that first belonged to her mother. Mana wants to wear it too when the time comes and her grandfather says her grandma would be happy if she wore it. The opening theme song then plays and we get a dream sequence where Mana is getting married but it’s attacked by the Selfish Trio, they don’t have a part in the actual movie so this is a nice little cameo. Mana then wakes up and tells the girls about her wedding dress at school.

She also shares with them a special charm her grandma showed her, that if you draw a heart in your palm it will make your dream come true. The girls then all go to Alice’s house and have a picnic. Oh wait Aguri isn’t there. Wonder where she is?

The three girls from Earth reminisce about old times, like when Mana took in a stray dog. She called him Mallow but unfortunately he died a few years ago. Mana doesn’t want everyone to get all depressed so she says they should talk about their future dreams and if they’ve thought about their own weddings. Alice says she’s had a bunch of arranged marriage meetings but she’s turned everyone down.


Suddenly that night in town a mysterious man with a clarinet appears. When he starts playing the clarinet something horrifying happens, his hands and the clarinet suddenly become cgi for no discernible reason!

He says he’ll make the unfair humans remember all the things they’ve forgotten and thrown away. The feelings of resentment in these old things unite and they all begin to congregate together in the sky, creating a gigantic airship. The wedding dress tries to go too but Mana grabs it and says she still needs it so the power from the clarinet leaves it.


The other girls and the townspeople watch the whale airship form. Then the clarinet begins to play again. The mysterious guy introduces himself as Marsh from the Land of Memories. He’s come to get Mana, as if he knows her.

Where’s Aguri anyways? She isn’t here either.

Mana doesn’t recognize this guy though. He seems dismayed that she’s forgotten him so he’s going to drag everyone into the Land of Memories where time is stopped and they merely relive their happy memories over and over. All the regular townspeople then get sucked in so the girls transform to fight Marsh.


But he summons some servants to fight them. The servants regenerate when broken so the girls figure they need to destroy Marsh’s clarinet to stop them. They fire a Lovely Force Arrow but it has no effect on Marsh. He sends out some energy beams to incapacitate the girls and then sucks them into their old memories too.


The fairies don’t get sucked in though, and then a new fairy we haven’t seen before appears.

Mana wakes up in her memories a few years younger and finds-


Her grandmother and Mallow are both still alive. She remembers what happened with Marsh and that she’s a Precure and everything but she still can’t help but be happy at seeing them again. All of the other girls are happy in their memories too. The plot with Mana especially also reminds me a lot of the episode of Fresh where Love meets her grandfather again.

The fairy in the real world then tells the Precure fairies that the sorrow of disowned things gave power to these villains. They ask how she knows all this and she says that her name is Bebel and she and Marsh go way back. They all need to unite together now to save the girls (Read, Mana).

Mana finds that in her memory world Rikka and the others don’t exist, at Rikka’s house some strange foreigner lives there. His name is John Smith, the classic. Mana is upset at this but still enjoys the time she has with her grandma and Mallow.

Where’s Aguri?


Marsh watches the girls in their memories, happy to see Mana just lackadaisically enjoying herself. He wants her to forget all her pain. The fairies then infiltrate the whale airship. But they get caught trying to find the memory films of the girls so they can free them. Marsh says the girls are happy living in their memories but Bebel says they have infinite potential and he can’t take away their futures. She distracts Marsh and the girls fairies jump into the memories to find and save them.

But one day in Mana’s memories…

Sharuru finds her and asks if she’s going to come back, Mana says she will but she has to say goodbye to her grandma and Mallow. But at the same time Mana’s grandmother slipped and injured herself and when Mana went running to see her at the hospital Mallow broke through his leash and ran after her.


Which led to him being hit and killed by a car. As Mana remembers how all of this happened (and a cute insert song starts playing) Marsh speaks into her ear, telling her that this is what he was trying to prevent, telling her she needs to go back deeper into her memories to avoid this pain. And Mana does it, she gives in to the “happiness” the villain is offering and ignores Sharuru calling for her to go back to reality. All to avoid her pain.

Oh my god. Mana with flaws? It’s unheard of. I actually have sympathy for her, it’s a miracle.

But Bebel says Mana wont stop so easily, and she still has her friends there to help her. Marsh orders his minions to take out the other girls to make sure they can’t do anything.

Meanwhile the girls are enjoying themselves but… something’s missing. What could it be? Their fairies then get to them and Alice and Rikka find themselves in the same world, and they get their memories of being Cures back and everything, it seems they were made to forget that stuff. And so what could possibly be missing from this world of happy memories? Why wouldn’t they want to just stay in it?


Well it’s Mana of course. Please kill me.

I mean yeah, this is Doki Doki Precure, I know how it is. But when Alice and Rikka say something like that it’s just so absurdly nauseating.

Anyways Davi also reached Makoto, who wanted to forget about the tragedy that befell the Trump Kingdom. Pretty understandable. And so Marsh’s minions arrive and the girls transform and fight them. Pretty good action in this part. Would’ve been cool if they used Rosetta Balloon in the movie but oh well.


Ai-chan and Ace show up to help Sword in her memory world. Um… how??? Where was Aguri anyways? There is literally no explanation for any of this. But at least the action and animation at this part of the movie are still good.


Mana is still stuck in her “happy” memories, even though she’s feeling depressed now, she’s gone back to before Mallow died. She doesn’t want to return to the real world where Mallow and her grandma are dead, despite Sharuru trying to convince her.


Her grandma then comes into her room, she’s actually noticed that something is wrong with Mana and that this “world” around her is fake. She tells Mana that her name is written with the character for love and that she needs to listen clearly now… and when Mana does she can hear the voices of the other girls calling out for her. But Mana doesn’t want to leave her grandma, however she says that they’re always together. Love that’s passed down won’t disappear, Mana needs to go back to the real world.

And so Mana finally gets the resolves to leave her memories. She transforms with Sharuru and all 5 of the girls break from the memory world and confront Marsh now. They tell him they had to leave even though it was happy, experiencing painful things make people stronger.


Marsh transforms into a huge monster dog to fight and that’s when Mana finally realizes that he’s Mallow. Marshmallow. She asks why he’s become like this but he tells her to shut up and they battle. Again there’s some good animation here. Mana allows Marshmallow to bite her to calm him down, she wanted to accept his feelings and rage. And there’s real blood, for the first time in Precure a Cure bleeds. I understand the importance of doing this but I can’t help but feel that Doki is, well… trying too hard by doing this. Marshmallow does calm down but a strange voice then tells Marsh that Mana abandoned and forgot about him and went on to the future herself without him.

Mana says she never forgot, she got so many great memories from Mallow, she hugs and thanks him for everything and he turns back into his human form. He’s no longer a villain and he’s shocked at how he could’ve done the things he did.


Then we see that the strange voice was coming from the clarinet. It gave Marsh powers so he could take revenge for all the forgotten things. But since Marsh has left him he decides that it’s no longer enough to just trap the girls in their memories, he’ll erase their futures too and the clarinet travels forward in time to do that, leaving the girls and Mallow behind.


Aguri’s transformation runs out while this happens but she mentions that there is a way they can follow the clarinet. The miracle lights. Ai-chan then creates the miracle lights for everyone, Rikka comments on how convenient this is, and Aguri actually breaks the 4th wall, not just speaking to the camera but asking all the kids watching the movie to wave their lights and give the girls the power they need.

So it works and the girls all go to the future, Aguri’s transformation comes back too.

They arrive at Mana’s wedding in the future. we don’t see who she’s marrying though, but then time stops and the clarinet appears riding the huge whale airship and planning to destroy it all. And then we get a cgi fight much like the final fight in the Fresh movie or DX2 I suppose. Heart and everyone else travel inside the airship, with Mallow in his normal dog form to guide them to the clarinet with his nose. They find the clarinet but they can’t destroy it, Lovely Straight Flush isn’t powerful enough.


Mallow sacrifices himself to protect Mana and then gives her his heart. It merges with her so she can transform into Cure Heart Engage Mode. She then blows away the clarinet and stops everything despite the clarinet saying that as long as things are forgotten it’s immortal.

As the main conflict of the movie ends we see in a flashback how Mana’s grandmother gave her her name. And all the normal people of Earth get back to the real world from their memories


Bebel then goes back to the memories where she belongs, taking Mallow’s heart with her, and Mana realizes that somehow Bebel is her grandmother. She thanks Mallow and her grandmother for everything.

The End.

Yeah, so good movie all in all. Good story and good emotion pretty much the whole way through. But a couple negatives. The one big stupid thing about the movie is the absence of Aguri. Now there is no explanation in the movie for this but the out of meta reason for it is that Aguri has no old memories, so if she was included in this plot the creators would’ve just had to make up fake memories for her or show that she didn’t have any and that would ruin the reveal of Aguri’s true identity in the main series. So instead they just have Aguri absent until more than halfway through and then she just appears randomly in Makoto’s memories. And the one big annoying thing about this movie is Heart gets another super mode all for herself, yes every movie but Heartcatch’s since GoGo has given the pink their own movie exclusive super form but to then have Heart be the only one to get the super form in the finale of the show too just makes this so excessive. At least in Fresh and Suite and Smile the girls all got the same super forms in the finale.

And when you compare Engage Mode and Heart’s transformation into it and how she finishes off the clarinet it’s super disappointing compared to Ultra Cure Happy that we got last year in Smile’s movie. Massive step down.

Still, pretty good movie and it actually got me to care about a character I hate so good job on that. It is disappointing that Mallow isn’t actually mentioned at all in the main series though and Mana’s grandmother I believe is only mentioned the one time in the first episode. Kind of sad the same way with Dark Dream not being brought up outside the Yes5 movie.









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