Precure All Stars New Stage 2


This movie combines the best parts of the New Stage style of All Stars movies with the best parts of the DX movies. The better story and character development of NS and the great action and fun of DX makes New Stage 2 one of the best crossover movies the franchise has had so far. There’s also a lot of focus on the Smile girls and not actually a ton on the Doki Doki team, so I love it. The movie also has a mix of which older Cures get speaking roles and which don’t, the Splash Star and Yes5 teams are still hung out to dry but the Max Heart trio get to speak and do some awesome stuff. For other teams Passion and Beat get speaking roles but no one else from their team does and Blossom and Marine get to speak but Sunshine and Moonlight don’t. It’s at least a better approach to this than what the first New Stage did and New Stage 2 definitely at least feels more like a big crossover movie. Let’s get into it!


We’re introduced to a world of fairies, there’s an artificial sun in the sky and a big tree used for school. And then the New Stage theme song plays, showing clips of all the girls going about their daily lives. Except for Michiru and Kaoru you know. But fuck them right?

Back to the fairies and they’re inside a classroom, most of them are young fairies, and Tarte comes to teach them about the Precure teams. He’s famous for being the fairy of a Precure team. He shows them the Miracle Lights too, essentially this part is used to teach the kids in the audience about them and everything instead of there being a skit at the beginning like some other movies have. The fairies already know everything about the Cures and Miracle Lights cause it’s all written down in the Precure notebooks they have.


One of the fairies, Gureru, says he doesn’t need the Precure and could defeat the bad guys all on his own. But he ends up just causing a fuss in the classroom, it’s clear he isn’t especially popular. There’s also another fairy called Enen, who’s very shy and sort of Gureru’s friend. Enen wants to be a Precure fairy but thinks it’s impossible. Gureru says the Cures are lame anyways since they’re just normal humans and can’t do anything without transforming, and then he hears a mysterious voice calling out to him…


It’s coming from behind some forbidden door that the teacher told them never to enter. There’s some sort of crystal ball in there and it merges with Gureru’s shadow. The shadow then comes to life and tells Gureru that they’ll make everyone else see how the Precure aren’t anything special.


We then see the Smile girls and Candy studying together, well actually Candy is supposed to be studying for becoming a Queen with Pop back in Marchenland but she skipped out on it because he’s being too strict. This little scene actually works as a pretty nice little epilogue to Smile too. A letter then comes to them from the Fairy School, Gureru says the Fairy School wants to hold a party for all of the Cures and their fairies and everyone is invited. All the other teams get the letters too, during this we see a very quick cameo by Ayumi, chatting with her friends. Good to see she’s doing well.

The Fresh-Suite teams meet up and go to the Fairy School together.


And then finally (14 minutes into a 70 minute movie) we see the Doki Doki girls for the first time. They’re having a tea party and the natto-gyoza candy from Smile makes a reappearance, Alice bought some but it’s apparently banned for sale now. Candy then calls out to Sharuru… apparently Candy can do that… and invites them to the party. The Doki team didn’t get an invitation because they’re so new and the Fairy School doesn’t know about them. Mana and Miyuki briefly talk to each other, the first time the Doki team see another Cure.

Back in the fairy world Tarte and the teacher see that the Forbidden Door has been opened and the teacher tells Tarte that the shadow reflects what’s inside your spirit, it’ll try to get you to do bad things and if you keep listening to it eventually it’ll swallow up all light and get really dangerous.


We then see that the Max Heart team is under attack by some shadow monsters, and their fairies have already been captured by Gureru and his Shadow so they can’t transform. The other teams have suffered this too, except for the Smile Precure.


The Shadow bullies Enen into helping it and Gureru steal the Smile Pacts from the girls but he gets found out and Reika can tell they’re in danger when the Shadow tries to sneak up on them. So the girls transform and fight it. However because of the Precure notebook the Shadow knows how to counter their every move and he’s able to quickly dismantle them and take their Smile Pacts.


There was some pretty good action in this fight. The Shadow then starts to turn them to crystal like he did to the other teams, Enen cries and says he’s sorry but Miyuki forgives him. She tells him to tell the Doki Doki Precure that they need help before she crystallizes completely.

Now with all the Precure teams they’re aware of taken care of the Shadow tells Gureru they should go destroy the school. And he sends some of his power into the sky to begin darkening the artificial sun, giving himself more power. Nothing to stop him now. The Shadow makes a bunch of clones and starts to attack the school and terrorizes the fairies, trapping them all inside the school tree. Gureru tries to get the Shadow to stop, he didn’t want any of this, but the Shadow wont listen to him and he creates a shadow monster to chase Gureru away.


Enen then comes across the Doki Doki girls. But he doesn’t have the courage to tell them what’s going on, Gureru then comes in being chased by the monster so the Doki girls transform to protect him. The Doki team isn’t in the notebook so the shadow just runs off instead of trying to fight them. Gureru and Enen then tell the girls what’s happened. The girls tell them not wallow around, there’s still stuff they can do. Alice shows more character in this scene than she does in most of the Doki season. Gureru wants to stop his Shadow and Enen wants to be more like Happy and help. So he tells Mana what Miyuki asked him to.


The Shadow looks through the notebook to make sure there’s nothing about the Doki girls, while doing this he comes across a page showing that apparently the DX movies happened in the same continuity of the New Stage movies. Which doesn’t make any sense at all but whatever. The Shadow decides to drop all the fairies and transformation items he’s captured in the lake of the fairy world. But the Doki fairies can communicate with them and learn what’s happened. Meanwhile though the sky continues to darken and the shadow grows more powerful.

Pop and Candy come in to help Enen and Gureru rescue the other fairies. But as they do the artifical sun begins to fall out of the sky, the shadow is beating on the Doki girls and tells them to give up but Heart says that she promised she’d meet Happy and there’s no way she’d quit so easily. Pop and the other fairies go out to reach the other teams but they get attacked by shadow monsters, Candy knows they have to do something to help them now.


Tarte hears Candy from inside the school and he summons the Miracle Lights. All of the little fairies start waving them around and cheer for the Precure.

The Doki girls get powered up and the crystallization of the other teams weakens. Pop brings the transformation items and the necessary fairies to all the teams and all the Precure are rejuvenated and transform!


Now the big battle begins. In sheer length and scope this battle dwarfs the others in any All Stars movie. It starts 52 minutes in and ends at 64 minutes, 12 whole minutes of a 70 minute movie devoted to the big fight at the end. At the beginning of it all the Cures stop the sun from falling to the ground and put it back where it belongs, although it’s still darkened, and undoing a lot of the darkness over the fairy world. Happy and the Smile girls go over to help out Heart and the Doki team while the other girls get in a big melee with the shadow monsters.


There’s some pretty awesome stuff that goes on during the fighting, Black and White especially get to shine.


And in a really nice scene Beat and Passion meet up with Gureru and Enen and they tell Gureru that he can make up for what he did just like they did, Enen tells him that Beat and Passion used to be enemies of the Precure before turning good.

The shadows try to crystallize the girls again but Tarte and the other fairies use the Miracle Lights to stop it.

Meanwhile the Smile and Doki teams fight one of the big shadow monsters together.


The New Stage theme song starts to play here and all of the girls get to show off and kick ass. Moonlight and Sunshine at this time also use their powers to cleanse the artificial sun, so the place is pretty much all back to normal.

The Shadow and all its remnants decide to gather as one and turn into a gigantic spider monster to attack the girls! And it’s made with cgi. Sigh. Just like DX2. Did they do it as a reference to that on purpose?


The fairies continue to cheer on the Cures and everyone gathers together to block the Shadow monsters attack, and of course this means they become cgi as well. Well anyways with the power of the fairies and miracle Lights and all the Precure combined they’re able to overcome the Shadow monster and obliterate it. All that’s left over is the original Shadow in the form of Gureru, Gureru tells it to just stop, he doesn’t hate the Precure anymore in fact he’s amazed by how strong and cool they really are. He says he wants to become friends with everyone at school too, and Enen especially.

And he gets his Shadow to peacefully rejoin him.


Gureru apologizes for everything but everyone is already happy to forgive him, he also wants to become a Precure fairy now too just like Enen. The girls and fairies all work together to fix all the damage that was done and then have a nice tea party together.


And at the very end everyone sings and dances to the Doki Doki ending song.

Cute, fun, awesome, has pretty much everything a Precure movie needs. And getting more a mix of Cures doing stuff and getting lines is nice, still not perfect but there’s nothing they can really do about that now with how many Cures there are. Next movie not all of the Smile girls even get to talk. Hm, kind of interesting that New Stage 1 had a girl admiring the Cures and becoming one without a fairy and New Stage 2 had two fairies that want to become a partner of a Cure, I wonder if these things could possibly have anything to do with each other…

I can understand fans of Doki Doki being upset that they don’t actually get the largest roles but considering how I feel towards that season all I can say is: meh.

Until New Stage 3.







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