Suite Precure


Suite Precure is probably in my top 5 favorite seasons of Pretty Cure. I’m not in love with it like other seasons but I like it and the characters a lot. I enjoyed it as it aired, unlike many, and was very happy with it for the most part. Suite was not well received when it first aired, there were a lot of new fans who had just watched Heartcatch and were disappointed by how Suite was. People viewed it as inferior to Heartcatch from the get go and to be fair Suite definitely was not as good as Heartcatch early on, in any way. The fandom was pretty dead during Suite aside from the dedicated Pretty Cure forums and sites too. Suite though is still a good show, it has plenty of problems but it’s definitely still a good season in the franchise. I’ve said before that Suite is like the polar opposite of Heartcatch but I’d like to change that, Suite is more like the negative of Heartcatch. Its plot and the placement of episodes follow the same structure of Heartcatch and there are similarities between the major villains too. Suite does a lot of the same things that Heartcatch does (and Fresh too). They’re sort of like a mirror image of each other, the picture is of the same thing but everything is flipped. Polar opposites is more like what Smile and Doki are. Suite and Heartcatch are like sister seasons. But still in the end Suite is good at everything Heartcatch was bad at and bad at everything Heartcatch was good at. Which is why for a long time Suite was so poorly received because that means a huge portion of the show is vastly and noticeably inferior to the season right before it. It isn’t until the last quarter that Suite comes together and gives us an amazingly well put together final arc and climax with a consistent quality of writing on par with the endings of Fresh and Splash Star, completely blowing Heartcatch’s last quarter out of the water and fixing all of the problems it had.

Even before then Suite is never exceptionally bad, it has some rather grating and annoying parts earlier but it’s never as mind-bendingly dull as Max Heart could be nor as offensively horrible as Doki would be either. Probably the thing that annoys me the most about Suite is that it’s the third season in a row to give us a 4 Cure team. But enough about all that, let’s get on to the show.


Suite starts in the world of Major Land during a huge annual concert. There’s lots of people filling the seats and a bunch of living instruments with arms that play themselves. The same festival music from the DX movies gets played. And this opening scene is one gigantic infodump so let’s get right to it.


Aphrodite is the queen of Major Land and she asks everyone listen to the Melody of Happiness that’s about to be performed. The melody is from the Legendary Score and when sung it keeps the world peaceful. The Legendary Score is made of these living “Notes”. The one who will sing the melody is the cat Hummy, the Song Fairy of Major Land. Every year the Notes try to escape and spread throughout the world so the Melody of Happiness is sung to make the Notes stay in the score and also so their power can be used to make the world happy and peaceful. This is done every year by the specified Song Fairy, this year is Hummy’s first time. But suddenly someone called Mephisto shows up and grabs the Legendary Score, planning to take it to “Minor Land”. He uses his power to rearrange the Notes and turn the whole thing into a Melody of Sorrow so the world can be drowned in sadness. Aphrodite says he still needs a Song Fairy to sing it though, which is when Mephisto reveals that he has the Song Fairy Siren on his side. She’s supposed to be a good person so Aphrodite is shocked to see her working with Mephisto. Siren begins to sing the newly created Melody of Sorrow but Aphrodite uses her power to free the Notes from the score and has them fly off to Earth. Mephisto has Siren and three other guys called Trio the Minor go to Earth to find them while Aphrodite brings out these 7 things called Fairy Tones and sends them and Hummy to Earth. Aphordite specifically sent the Notes to Earth because of the legend of Precure, in hopes that Hummy will find them.

And almost 8 minutes into the episode the opening theme song plays. Oh. Dear. God. This opening scene was so damn long. Yakkity yak yakkity yak. Unlike other seasons we literally just learned the entire plot of the show right from the beginning too. The opening song is okay but it’s a little too “muted” for my tastes, the remixed version we get about halfway into the season is much better.


We then get introduced to our heroines… through a narration of the two of them telling us what they’re like. Hibiki is a sporty girl not too good at studying but she also really loves sweets. Kanade is a smart girl who isn’t very athletic but she’s really good at making sweets. The two of them used to be friends but had a falling out and don’t get along anymore, all they do is argue with each other. Both of them sort of wish they could repair their relationship but still end up always fighting. While visiting an old dilapidated cathedral that the two of them used to hang out at Hibiki meets a strange girl called Ellen who tells her she doesn’t really need friends.


Ellen looks into Hibki’s heart and spies a G Clef, a special note needed to complete the Legendary Score. BE SURE TO REMEMBER THIS.

And of course “Ellen” is actually Siren, she has the ability to transform into a human and can change her appearance as one too. She turns back into cat and runs a confused Hibiki out of the cathedral. Hummy and the Fairy Tones come by then (Hummy is super positive and oblivious and still views Siren like she’s her best friend). Trio the Minor are there as well and soon Kanade walks by as well, holding some old record that Hibki recognizes. Siren sees another G Clef inside of Kanade and she and Trio the Minor try to grab them from inside their bodies but some sort of protective power stops them. Siren then spots a Note on the record Kanade was holding and uses her power to turn it into a Negatone.


Some sort of dark energy comes out in the form of a bird and corrupts the Note, also making it combine with the record. And… eh. I never liked Negatone designs, they were always kind of ugly to me.

Hibiki and Kanade don’t want the record hurt. It was the record the two of them listened and sung to as kids. This causes their hearts to harmonize. Their G Clef’s turn into their transformation items. Dodo and Rere, two of the Fairy Tones, then go into the “modulators” and allow Hibiki and Kanade to transform into Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm.


The transformation is a good one. Suite has very good transformation scenes, but I also never really liked Melody and Rhythm’s skirts. They seemed to big and awkward and the frills on bottom are weird looking. And anyways that’s the end of the first episode. Like GoGo and Heartcatch Suite has a two-part opening. The ending theme is pretty nice but not one of my favorites, but for the first time I think the CGI girls actually look good. And with the first episode done it’s time to say Suite is essentially the season of plot holes and retcons, supposedly some of this is because of the 2011 earthquake and they changed things around because of it. But that can’t be used to excuse the fact that in all honesty Suite’s first episode is pretty terrible. Way too much happening, way too much information to take in. It’s easily the worst first episode of any season of Precure. Now let’s see the second half.


Well right from the beginning the two of them argue while fighting the Negatone.They have no teamwork and cant sync up at all. No harmonization or combined hearts here. The girls even end up losing their transformation because of their arguing and Siren leaves with the Negatone. Which means Hibiki and Kanade also lose their record. They start to argue some more and wonder how they became Precure so Hummy tells them. Their heart marks are each a G Clef which came from the Legendary Score and they’re needed to complete it. Hummy tells them everything we learned in episode 1. Normally this would be the first time we hear of this kind of stuff but not in Suite’s case. Hummy at this point also calls Mephisto the king of Minor Land. KEEP THAT IN MIND.

Kanade doesn’t think they can be Precure even if they have the same G Clef in their hearts because she can’t see being friends with Hibiki and she runs off. Hummy asks Hibiki what happened between the two of them and Hibiki says that at the start of middle school they were supposed to meet up at a specific place but Kanade never showed up and just left her alone while she went on with some other friends.


Siren and Trio the Minor then contact Mephisto, by looking through a portal reflected on the surface of water in some fountain where a bunch of random people in town are watching them, some funny stuff in Suite. Mephisto tells them to keep catching Notes and also to mess with Hibki and Kanade so the two of them cant transform and bother them anymore.

Unfortunately for Siren right as she shows up to defeat the girls and spread sorrow with her Negatone (Negatone’s emit sorrow noise) Hibiki and Kanade both learn that they were at different places during the first day of middle school and they were both confused and thought the other didn’t show up on purpose. Maybe now they can start to become friends again? While Siren is using the Negatone to make everyone around them sad Hummy asks the girls to become Precure again, they agree.


They fight with harmony now. Of course though the action in Suite is never very good and really lacks oomph. Part of the reason for this is the washed out art of Suite and the lack of especially good animation. Outside of stock footage there’s about one or two moments in Suite that look really good and sharp. Suite is visually a very mediocre season. Any how the girls defeat the Negatone with Precure Passionato Harmony. A good ol beam attack, I love it… except for the part that when it hits the Negatone it slowly purifies it and then causes the Negatone to fall asleep with a snot bubble coming out of its “nose”. Zero impact. Just like what happened with Heartcatch’s attacks. Can’t something just get blown up when you hit it again?


Siren and Trio the Minor retreat and Dodo takes the purified Note into his (or her cause I really have no idea) body for safe keeping. The girls have their record back too.The two of them try to get along better now and their arguing is much friendlier. But as we’ll see they do indeed still argue a lot… a lot.

So that’s how Suite starts. It’s interesting to have the two mains not like each other at first and have to work to rekindle their friendship, that’s Suite’s most unique point in the first half. Hibiki and Kanade are fun characters but unfortunately the drama between them not getting along and continuously arguing/losing their friendship drags too much in the first half. The problem isn’t that it takes a while for them to become total complete bff’s again but that Suite keeps doing the same thing over and over with them. If it was a slower more natural buildup to them becoming true friends again it would’ve been great but unfortunately we get a few presses of the reset button in the coming episodes when it comes to the relationship between the two of them.

Other things of note are that there is a massive amount of music from Fresh used in the early episodes of Suite. Sometimes I almost think that there’s more Fresh music used in an episode than original Suite music. Trio the Minor and the Fairy Tones at this point are basically furniture and there’s really no point in talking about them right now, Trio the Minor occasionally recite stuff in chorus, that’s all. Hummy is an adorable and very airheaded fairy who everyone likes. She’s a lot of fun.


In episode 3 we see that Hummy is living with Hibiki. We also learn that Hibiki doesn’t really get along well with her father, a famous musician, and that while he’s totally obsessed with music Hibiki says she hates music. But she used to sing with Kanade and play piano, what could the story behind her current distaste be? Anyways the whole town, Kanon Town, is obsessed with music. Everyone plays an instrument and there are musical landmarks and such all over. We get introduced to the character Ouji as well, who Kanade has a crush on, he’s a student of Hibiki’s father who also teaches at their school. We learn that Hibiki’s mom as well is a famous violinist who’s often traveling the world.

Hibiki used to play piano but after a recital 5 years ago stopped. Siren and Trio the Minor meanwhile live inside the clock tower of Kanon Town, Siren spends her time sitting on Falsetto’s head (he’s the pink one, we haven’t been given their names yet). Because Hibiki wont tell Kanade about why she hates music now they come close to fighting but Kanade’s feelings still get through to her. 5 years ago during her recital Hibiki played well and really just wanted to get through it and play with her father. She also really wanted his congratulations and approval as a famous musician. However after the recital he merely told her that she “wasn’t really playing the music”. This really upset Hibiki and her relationship with her father and music has been strained ever since. Kanade tries to get her to solve this with her father and when they meet up with him he says that anyone aiming to be a musician needs to figure these things out for themselves. Siren then drops by and makes a Negatone.


Hibiki’s father isn’t affected by the sorrowful noise it emits because as he says his “ears only hear happy tones” and he starts playing on the piano to show them what real music is. Melody gets that back in the recital she wasn’t having fun while playing, she was just thinking about her father. That’s what he wanted her to get. Melody and Rhythm then defeat the Negatone and Hibiki thinks that now because she enjoys music again (she never actually hated it or anything) that maybe she can start playing the piano again too.

Next episode we meet Kanade’s parents and see where she lives. They own a cupcake store called Lucky Spoon. Kanade makes a bunch of different desserts for Hibiki because she’s practicing for a cake contest but Hibiki just eats them all quickly and simply says they’re delicious. Not a good source for feedback. Siren transforms into the judge of the contest (a famous chef) to mess with Kanade and Hibiki’s friendship by feeding Kanade warped words. Prepare to see the plot of Siren transforming into someone to mess with Precure a lot.


Trio the Minor are also uh, disguised as her assistants. It’s a very clever disguise and Kanade can’t see through it at all. Yeah. This is a pretty silly episode.

After Siren tells her “A real friend would always praise her cooking” she gives Kanade a special cream that actually doesn’t taste very good. So when Hibiki says she doesn’t like Kanade’s new cake Kanade gets upset. Hibiki tries telling Kanade later that she’s her biggest fan when it comes to cooking and Kanade does start to lighten up a bit and makes a new cake without the special icing. So Siren comes in and turns that cake into a Negatone. After transforming Rhythm realizes that she was being silly and she should be looking to make a good cake that will make people happy, not just win a contest. Pretty similar to the lessons and everything last episode. And of course she also says that Hibiki is her number one customer and the two defeat the Negatone.



Episode 5 starts off in the middle of a fight against a Negatone. Melody and Rhythm accidentally smack into each other and start fighting… after the last two episodes this feels sudden and out of character. Their harmony is so bad that they can’t even use their attack. But apparently they defeat the Negatone off-screen. This is a relationship reset button episode.

Hummy tells them they need to work on their Harmony Power. By singing and playing music together. Harmony Power is the source of Suite Precure’s power, it’s what allows them to transform in the first place and they can’t even transform alone at this point either. Hibiki says she doesn’t want to practice piano with Kanade though and Kanade says she isn’t taking things seriously so they get into a huge fight. They argue consistently with each other for a while afterwards. Siren meanwhile plans to play the Melody of Sorrow over tv and make the whole world fall into sorrow. But Siren is also a really silly person and she gets obsessed with appearing on tv and tries to find the best clothes for it… what she comes up with is interesting.


Hibiki and Kanade in the episode do slowly start to get friendly again. Everyone comments on how their hearts are together. They stop Siren from singing the melody so she just creates a Negatone out of the tv camera. Melody and Rhythm work together in the fight this time to defeat it, when push comes to shove their hearts are connected and they can use Harmony Power. Hibiki says they should do the piano practicing together now… but after years of not touching it she isn’t very good anymore and the two of them argue some more. But it’s a little friendlier this time.


And that brings us to episode 6, the terrible powerup episode. We first get introduced to Ako, a precocious grade schooler, and Souta, Kanade’s little brother. Kanade and her little brother have a typical sibling relationship. Hibiki is actually kind of jealous of it because she’s an only child.

Souta is friendly with Ako, who he says is always lonely. Kanade gets angry at Souta for not helping out at their family store and lashes out at Hibiki when she tries to defend him. Kanade and Souta fight the next morning too and he runs off after telling Kanade that he hates her. The two girls find him but Siren also comes by and makes a Negatone. Rhythm has no power though because her heart is wavering, and the Negatone starts attacking Souta with the noise of sorrow. She still can’t bring out any power because Souta keeps wailing that he hates Kanade while the Negatone attacks him, but she says that she’ll still protect her little brother. Melody fights the Negatone while Rhythm rescues Souta, and assures him that his older sister must love him very much.



And then there’s a big explosion.

Seeing this sibling love invigorates Melody and lets her summon the Miracle Belltier. The Fairy Tone Miri goes inside it and she makes a Tone Ring, using her new attack Precure Music Rondo. It’s kind of cool but also kind of lame since it still ends with the Negatone just falling asleep. And what? We already have individual attacks in the season about harmony and working together? I also feel that this thing should’ve been gained in an episode about Hibiki and music.


Episode 7 introduces us to Otokichi, the old man who’s working on the pipe organ in the cathedral. And it’s an episode where Hibiki and Kanade start to argue with each other some more. Really just same old same old in this department. When Otokichi sees them start to fight he tricks them into having to hang out and work together by leaving something behind at the cathedral on “accident”. So the two girls have to find and return it to him.


It’s a fairly comical episode but literally nothing happens. They get friendly and have fun again real quick. Otokichi in the episode at one point plays the Melody of Happiness on his harmonica, I wonder if that is actually foreshadowing or just a fun thing thrown in. Something though that really annoys me about this episode is that while it’s about Hibiki and Kanade being friends and working together and harmony the Negatone is defeated with Melody’s new solo attack. The writer’s kind of dug themselves into a whole with this because they have to show off the new item and attack (for merchandising reasons as well) even when it doesn’t really fit in the episode and their duo attack would be infinitely more appropriate. At the end of the episode Otokichi tells them about the pipe organ he’s working on, it will make everyone happy when he’s finished it and plays it.

On to episode 8. Siren tries to mess up Hibiki and Kanade’s harmony again. She transforms into a schoolgirl and starts being an awkward third wheel etc. zzzz

I just feel that there could’ve been better ways to do their relationship and Harmony Power development. Until the very last episode that focuses on Harmony Power the rest are basically the same thing again and again. Especially the ones with Siren transforming.


Siren actually ends up kind of moved by Hibiki’s honest friendship, similar to Fresh and Splash Star and what happens with Setsuna and Michiru and Kaoru. When Hibiki learns the truth though she’s really upset. As bland as this episode is I would say it sort of sets up some future events, Siren still clearly wants good friends and Hummy is still oblivious and obviously still likes her too. And as a side note if you don’t count the stock footage the fight this episode lasts 40 seconds. Virgins last longer than that.

So onto episode 9 and Kanade is feeling weak because she doesn’t have a Belltier like Hibiki. Reminds me of Miki in Fresh. Trio the Minor have been gathering Notes while Siren lazes around and the three of them are starting to get upset with how she’s been doing nothing but failing against Precure the whole time. This episode Trio the Minor finally start gaining personalities and being defiant to Siren. Still don’t know their names though.


In the fight Rhythm realizes she just needs to fight and take things seriously like normal. She’s still an equal to Melody and they’re still the best and closest of friends. She gets her Belltier when she understands this and just wants to protect everyone, not thinking about herself. She gets the Fantastic Belltier and the Tone Fairy Fari goes into it. In the attack instead of excitedly jumping like Melody Rhythm just walks off-screen with a blank look on her face, kind of weird looking. And at the end we finally get to learn the name of the fat green haired member of Trio the Minor, Bassdrum.

So next episode Hibiki and Kanade help out at a local kindergarten, they’re doing this because the class has a recital and Hibiki’s father is teaching them, Ouji is there to help out too. In this episode the girls think about stopping their mutual piano practice because they’ve finally gotten the hang of it so what’s the point in playing piano together anymore?


Later Siren almost gets hit by a car but Ouji rescues her and she kind of gets a crush on him. Something that will suddenly disappear without explanation down the road. Bassdrum is increasingly disgruntled with Siren, he just sees her happily meandering around not doing anything. Siren hesitates to attack the kindergarten later because Ouji is there but Bassdrum jumps in and creates his own pair of Negatones for the first time.The girls use both their new attacks to defeat the Negatones this episode, a vast improvement over only one of them getting to attack. After the fight Bassdrum tells Siren that she’s no longer their leader and she despondently wanders through the town. Hibiki and Kanade decide to continue playing piano because they just plain old like music and playing together, doesn’t need to be a special reason to it or anything.


Siren is thinking about Ouji. Bassdrum tells Mephisto about Siren liking him and how she isn’t taking things seriously, when Mephisto disparages her she runs off. Bassdrum then asks to be the leader and says he has a good plan for gathering Notes.

Hibiki and Kanade see that there’s a music talent show tomorrow and decide to enter it and play the piano together. It seems at this point that Harmony Power as a story arc is done and finished.


Anyways a ton of people have shown up for the event. Souta and Ako are there because their class is doing a performance with recorders. Seika and Waon also appear this episode… oh yeah I haven’t mentioned the two of them at all so far. But honestly the reason for that is because there’s been no point. Seika is Kanade’s upperclassmen in the cooking club and Waon is Hibiki’s friend and a sports ace just like her. They skirt the difference between secondary and minor characters. They definitely don’t appear or have as much to do as like Daisuke, Kenta or Shiho and Rina but they still have some important appearances and stuff. The reason why I’m mentioning them now is because their appearance this episode sets up some stuff next episode and onwards.

So to get back to the episode we learn that the music talent show was a trap set up by Bassdrum. By gathering all these musicians together he figured Notes would gather too. With this he’s pretty much instantly done a better job than Siren ever did. He also creates another duo Negatone to fight Melody and Rhythm, it beats them up pretty good. Even though he’s done this twice in a row it’s not really his signature thing or anything like that, he makes plenty of regular single Negatones.


But then someone new appears. A Precure clad in black. She dances around the Negatone’s and uses some kind of energy piano keys to imprison them so Melody and Rhythm can defeat them. Strangely though for some reason only Rhythm uses her attack this episode, whatever. A new Fairy Tone also appears with the Cure, talking in her place, saying she’s Cure Muse. But also saying she’s not really their ally. The end of the episode sort of seems to imply that Muse is Siren and Bassdrum is also suspicious of her.

Muse is kind of like a mix of Milky Rose and Cure Moonlight. The way she keeps her identity hidden and her act at first are very reminiscent of Rose and her backstory/reason for fighting has a lot of parallels with Moonlight.


Next episode Hibiki and Kanade ask Otokichi about what Muse means. He says Muse is the goddess of music. Hummy also asks Aphrodite about Muse and while Aphrodite doesn’t seem to know anything at first she seems to realize something from what Hummy tells her. But we don’t know anything yet. Hummy also realizes that they’ve been missing a Fairy Tone all this time.


The second DO, Dodo, has never been with them.

Bassdrum tells Mephisto that Siren must be the new Precure. Mephisto tells him to find out for sure. And after last episode Hibiki thinks Waon is Muse and Kanade thinks it’s Seika. Trio the Minor start arguing amongst themselves now cause Bassdrum is kind of a dick, he ends up creating a Negatone when Hummy attempts to swipe a Note from him. The Negatone actually blocks both Melody and Rhythm’s Tone Rings. Which is silly. Like really silly.


Muse then comes in and helps them. Dodo speaks for her again and tells them another way they can use their Belltier’s. By having a Tone Fairy go in the other end and separating them in half. Melody’s new attack with this is Miracle Heart Arpeggio and Rhythm’s is Fantastic Piacere. Both work the same and just end in a big explosion/sleepy time just like the Tone Ring attack. The girls thank Muse but she says they can’t be friends yet, Bassdrum still thinks she’s Siren and yells after her, causing Melody and Rhythm to think it’s her too.

Alright so to start episode 13 now all of them think that Siren is Muse. Bassdrum confronts her but Siren denies it all, saying she’s been gone lately because she just wanted to be alone. Mephisto though plans to do something sinister to her.


Hummy and Siren run into each other in town, Siren tells her she isn’t Muse when she asks. Hummy also wants to know why Siren is so mad at her all the time now. Hummy then later tells Hibiki and Kanade of when the two of them were younger in Major Land. Siren always used to sing the Melody of Happiness every year because she was the best Song Fairy, one year Hummy decided to try for it. During the contest to decide who would sing it another one of the cats tricked Hummy into practicing with the wrong music sheet. Siren found out and gave her the real one, because Siren was so selfless Hummy will always believe in her. And of course Hummy wins the contest and then episode 1 happens. Because Siren was jealous, maybe she never thought Hummy was actually that good?

Siren tells Hummy she’s changed but Hummy tells her she’ll always be her best friend. She tries to remind her of all the good times they had and their great friendship. Hummy tells her she wants to sing the Melody of Happiness together with Siren when they get all the Notes back. And it really does seem like Siren might turn good again.


However Mephisto ends up brainwashing Siren with the power of the Noise of Evil, he puts the same kind of thingamjig he wears on his ears onto hers and drowns her with evil energy, making her also think that Hummy betrayed her back in the contest. When the girls see her again they can’t understand why she’s suddenly gone back to being evil. From this episode on Siren will occasionally fight directly herself and use energy blasts in her human form. Muse also ends up saving the girls again, proving to everyone that Siren isn’t Muse.


Siren is now more evil than ever. Or, well, now she’s just “actually” evil instead of just a silly villain. Oh and we finally learn that the other two Trio the Minor guys are named Baritone (blue hair) and Falsetto (pink hair).

So for episode 14 Siren takes back the leadership role and Hibiki and Kanade try to figure out who Muse is again. Kanade thanks it’s Ouji because her brain is fried, in general this is a pretty silly episode for the first half where nothing really happens. Siren decides to transform into Muse to trick the girls into giving her their Cure Modules and the G Clef’s inside them… oh wait she just throws them in the ocean instead. Like, the light emanating from them was hurting her so she couldn’t hold onto them for long but the villains still need those G Clef’s to complete the Legendary Score. Guess she’ll fish em out later? And speaking of all this G Clef’s haven’t really been mentioned for a while, probably because this part of the show is a lot more about just Hummy, Siren, and Muse than anything else. Anyways after she throws the modules away, so the girls can’t transform either, she keeps up the illusion to make the girls think Muse is evil. But the real Muse jumps in to save them and Siren creates a Negatone to help her. Hummy uses her power to draw the Modules out of the water and back to Hibiki and Kanade so they can transform and defeat the Negatone with Muse’s help. But they still don’t know who she is.

So next episode is a fairly uneventful one. Ouji’s birthday is coming up and his friends ask Kanade if they can use Lucky Spoon to host his surprise party. Something she’s happy to oblige to. Siren is annoyed at getting thwarted last episode so she plans to ruin Ouji’s birthday. She no longer shows any reservations about messing with him. She transforms into her Ellen persona and acts injured so she can trick him into taking her home (actually a random spot by the river). And she hypnotizes him and makes him pass out, Hibiki and Kanade go looking for him and discover him… right after he fell over on top of Siren.


This leads to a fight of course. Afterwards Ouji wakes up and his honest relief at seeing Ellen unhurt actually seems to bring up some of Siren’s old feelings.

So for episode 16 we’re back to Harmony Power shenanigans, among some other stuff. Siren transforms into Kanade to mess with Hibiki so they’ll argue. Simple enough. It works and they start fighting right as their teacher announces that Hibiki and Kanade have been voted best friends in the school or something silly like that and the two will put on a piano recital at a ceremony in a day or so. To get the two of them to make up Hummy says they should switch places… uh… because it will let them see each others good points. The girls even call Hummy out on this being odd and her lack of explanation. When they trade places I think it’s kind of nice how the episode shows that Hummy and the Fairy Tones live with Hibiki because she only has her father around while Kanade has both parents and Souta. Anyways this whole experiment works and the two are friendly again the next day.


But Siren disguises herself as Hibiki’s mom to further divide the two. Hibiki can tell something is wrong with what her “mom” is saying about Kanade but she doesn’t know what to do… when her real mother shows up at the ceremony to wish her luck. Hibiki then finally notices Siren’s necklace and puts two and two together.

Siren then creates a Negatone out of a metronome, it’s able to defeat the girls new separated Belltier attacks. Both of them at once, just like what happened in episode 12. And just like that this is really lame and silly. They just got these attacks 4 episodes ago. Also the fight itself is beyond horrible, no action really, just the stock footage attacks. So of course this means that it’s time for a new attack.


From their lesson of switching places the girls realize that they can do one more thing with the Belltier and combine their separate halves into the new Crossrods. Combined they’re even stronger of course. With the Crossrods they create 5 Tone Rings and use their new attack, Precure Rondo Super Quartet. A huge energy blast shoots out and the Negatone is defeated. After getting the Note Hummy says they’re pretty close to having enough to finish the Melody of Happiness. Hibiki at the end happily greets her mother and Hibiki and Kanade’s bonds are even stronger now too.

The new attack is cool but honestly, did they actually need another one?

So next episode. First of all Hibiki’s mom is hot. And terrible at all sorts of housework. Unfortunately for Hibiki she’s also leaving back to Paris later tonight but she promises to do anything with Hibiki after school. This is a cute episode, her mom (named Maria by the way) comes by the school as a special guest too. Unfortunately though Siren tries to ruin things by transforming into Hibiki and making a Negatone attack people while disguised as her. The Negatone is made from some remote controlled car and when it hits people with the noise of sorrow it can then control them like puppets. Siren goes back into her Ellen form and has the people attack the real Hibiki. Maria comes in though and plays her violin to negate the Negatone’s evil soundwaves and the girls defeat it with their new attack.


Afterwards Hibiki and her mom have a heartfelt talk. She tells Hibiki how they came up with her name, “to resound” like all the sounds of life around them blending into a suite. Maria tells her she loves her and knows she must be lonely but her heart will always be here with her even when she’s away. At the end of the episode she leaves. This episode really kind of reawakens Hibiki’s true love for music and her desire to become a professional musician as she wants to one day join her parents on the world stage.

So next episode both Mephisto and Aphrodite consider going to Earth. On Earth Hummy can sense a ton of Notes out today so she enlists Hibiki and Kanade to come help her catch them. They can’t actually see Notes at first so she uses her magic on them. You know even though some important stuff is brought up this episode it feels like absolutely nothing happens. The girls learn the Notes are being drawn to Otokichi’s pipe organ whenever he plays it. Siren and Trio the Minor confront them but the pipe organ music hurts and weakens all of them and the Melody of Sorrow. Muse jumps in when everyone’s distracted and grabs the Notes too. Melody and Rhythm then defeat the Negatone, for some reason using their old separated Belltier attacks, just because I guess?


After this Muse releases the Notes everyone had gathered today. Why? The girls then go and see Otokichi and he says he has to hurry up and finish the pipe organ or something serious will happen to the world. Lots of questions and no answers yet in Suite at this point.

And oh yeah Mephisto and Aphrodite just causally decide not to come to Earth this time, it’s a total bait and switch. Annoying.


Episode 19 is the conclusion to the Harmony Power story arc and essentially the last episode before the mid-season climax starts. Siren says she wants to be Hummy’s friend again but of course this is a trap and Trio the Minor grab Hummy. Siren creates a Negatone out of a door for some other purpose and then transforms into Hummy. Hibiki and Kanade though can tell that Hummy is acting “strange” to put it lightly. And they figure out it’s Siren pretty quickly when they spot her necklace. They are now officially not as dumb as Ash when it comes to Team Rocket.

Even more so they realize that Siren clearly wants to get them to fight again and so they quickly stop themselves from doing that. OH MY GOD! Our girls have grown up. However Siren has grown a brain as well, instead of just getting them to fight her plan is really to separate them so they can’t transform and lock them inside some alternate world in the door Negatone. Which she accomplishes easily. While the girls are trapped she has the school hit with the Melody of Sorrow. Hibiki and Kanade can hear the voices of the other students crying out but can’t leave the world or transform.


As Siren realized the girls need to be physically together to transform. Muse then comes in to help, again saying she’s no ones ally though (because that hasn’t gotten tired and annoying or anything), and tries to stop the Negatone from hurting more people. Hibiki and Kanade keep trying to escape and finally do it after continuing to hear people cry out. As Precure they have to protect them. Their feelings of wanting to protect them harmonizes so they can escape the Negatone together.


They burst out and transform, and then start blaming each other for getting caught. But it’s all good natured and they still fight together well. They’re still in harmony and understand each other, Melody and Rhythm, Hibiki and Kanade, they are truly back to being best friends and nothing is gonna come between them now. Dodo says that as long as their hearts are together than can transform, that’s who Precure are. After everything Hummy still says she will always be Siren’s friend. Hummy still trusts her. I would say this is the first exceptionally good episode of Suite, there have been a couple pretty good ones before this but 19 definitely stands out in my view. Suite was never the best season when it came to the strength of its individual episodes.

And so now that all the character arc stuff is good and done with Suite needs to move on to bigger plot events. The mid-season climax begins.

Siren plans to steal the Fairy Tones and take their Notes and combine them with the ones she already has to fill up a lot of the Legendary Score and then sing the Melody of Sorrow. This will drown the world in sadness for a bit and then they’ll grab up all the rest of the Notes needed. Mephisto also uses those ear things on her again to give her the most powerful noise of evil for the coming task. Siren is able to easily trick Hummy into thinking she’s good again because Hummy as always trusts and believes in her. Hibiki and Kanade find out and try to get Hummy to see that Siren is just tricking her again.


Trio the Minor also act like they’re trying to catch Siren. Bassdrum comes and creates a Negatone out of the jar Siren keeps her Notes in. It has the power of a ton of Notes and spreads sorrow around the whole town. Siren uses her power to get all the Notes inside of it to start fighting with each other so Melody and Rhythm have the opportunity to defeat it since it was a bit too strong for them to stop on their own. After the Notes are gathered by the Fairy Tones Siren shows her true colors again and steals them away, going back to Minor Land.


Now Siren will sing the Melody of Sorrow. But Hummy still believes in her.

Alright, episode 21 is the big one.


The incomplete Score and Melody of Sorrow will be used soon. Mephisto and Trio the Minor prepare a stage on Earth for Siren, marking the first time Mephisto comes to Earth. Mephisto can also apparently create this little minion guys out of his beard hair. Something that is never mentioned or happens again after this episode. This episode also has a good deal better animation than average.

Otokichi sees this all happening and comes by to tell Hibiki and Kanade that now the Earth will fall into sorrow.


Hibiki and Kanade meet Aphrodite for the first time too. She thanks them and tells them to believe in the friendship between Hummy and Siren. In Minor Land the Fairy Tones try to get Siren to realize she really loves Hummy but she’s having none of it. However Bassdrum, in all his egotistical glory, tells Mephisto that Siren still can’t be trusted. So Mephisto comes up with a contingency plan.


The concert begins and we see that Hummy has been captured too and she and the Fairy Tones are being kept on top of the clock tower. The ear things are on Hummy, Mephisto tells Siren that if she falters he’ll use Hummy to sing the Melody of Sorrow instead. Hummy though continues to believe in Siren, shouting out to her from atop the tower. She says Siren would still be her best friend even if she sings the Melody of Sorrow because then at least the two of them would be crying together. Hummy is a silly cat. Siren can see that Hummy is still sad about all of this, Hummy begins to sing and her heartfelt feelings and all the good memories the two of them have start rushing into Siren.

It starts to rain and Mephisto orders her to sing but Siren cant. It wont come out. Even through the noise of evil Hummy has reached her. Siren starts crying so Mephisto attempts to get Hummy to sing the Melody but Siren swipes away all the Notes on the Score. Mephisto gets mad and uses all the Notes to turn the clock tower into a huge Negatone (which inadvertently helps free Hummy and the Fairy Tones and knocks the ear things off her). Hibiki and Kanade then transform but the two have a lot of trouble against the Negatone.

And you know what the funniest part of this episode is?


When is tries to make Trio the Minor threatening. Yeah Suite isn’t exactly like Smile which is really good at getting serious and making it work when the time calls for it. Anyways the three of them are trying to put more ear things on Hummy while Melody and Rhythm are occupied.

Siren seeing all of this happen finally snaps and screams out for everyone to stop hurting Hummy. Her necklace shatters and in an instant she transforms into a new Cure.


There’s no transformation scene, I don’t think she’s really a Cure yet. It’s like a false transformation or illusion. The scene makes it seem like her necklace reacted to her heart and subconscious desires and the power of such a transformation was too much for it to handle so it shattered too. She had no module or Fairy Tone with her.

She rescues Hummy but then runs off confused and fearful over what just happened. Muse and Dodo are there and try to get Siren to not run, telling her to watch Melody and Rhythm and how they refuse to give up against the big Negatone, how that’s what a Precure is. Melody and Rhythm defeat it and they get all the Notes back. Frustrated, Mephisto retreats back to Minor Land, he still has the Legendary Score.

Siren has still run away, detransforming, in shock over being a Precure.


Next episode the girls and Hummy are wondering about Siren, everyone is confused over how she transformed. Siren herself has no idea what to do, she realizes she was manipulated by the Noise of Evil but seeing a bunch of civilians around her, ones she remembers hurting in the past like Souta, still makes her feel guilty for everything she’s done because she wasn’t always brainwashed. And she’s stuck as a human when she realizes her necklace broke, she can’t do any sort of transforming anymore.

Mephisto still wants Trio the Minor to bring Siren back because they need a Song Fairy to sing the Melody of Sorrow. Bassdrum now becomes leader again. Siren is wandering around unsure of where to go when she hears Otokichi playing the pipe organ. Unlike before the music now makes her feel good.


Otokichi tells Siren she has the right to enjoy music and be happy as much as anyone. Telling her to listen to the beat of her heart and the music inside of it. I really like this scene. Otokichi is a cool guy.

Siren still agonizes over what she’s done but Hummy doesn’t mind. Cause she’s Hummy. As she tries to get Siren to be happy again Hibiki and Kanade also watch over her, they all try to help her out. Trio the Minor then show up and Bassdrum makes a Negatone. They grab Hummy too to try and force Siren to come with them but she still refuses to ever sing the Melody of Sorrow again because it would make Hummy sad. Siren’s desire to save Hummy again makes a Cure Module come from her heart, she also has a G Clef in there, and now she can transform for real.


Into Cure Beat. Beat has a really good transformation and I like her outfit a lot too. It’s kind of weird that she can transform alone and doesn’t use Harmony Power but Muse is the same way so there’s precedence for it. Just kind of disappointing with how huge a deal it is for Melody and Rhythm but no one else.

She then easily defeats the Negatone. Beat says she no longer wants to spread sorrow but instead protect everyone.


Beat pulls out her item, yeah she can just use hers right off the bat, the Love Guitar Rod and the Fairy Tone Sori goes into it. She makes a Tone Ring and uses her attack Precure Heartful Beat Rock. But at the end of the episode she still feels guilty that bad things are still happening because of her.

And so with episode 23 we essentially get a reset on her development of last episode. Even at the end of 22 it literally makes no sense that she’s acting so despondent again after everything else that happened that episode. So it might as well also be time to say that what goes on with Siren is basically the exact same thing as what happened with Eas/Setsuna in Fresh. Feels like she has no right to be a Cure cause of all the bad stuff she did, etc. This episode Siren is still feeling really negative and sad, she believes she’s all alone… which doesn’t make sense after episode 22. And she’s also still worried about how she’s stuck in her human form. Hibiki and Kanade call her Ellen always now, Hummy still calls her Siren. I find it kind of weird that Hibiki and Kanade decide to refer to her as Ellen but whatever. I will be using Ellen to refer to her from this point on as well since that’s what gets used the most. Especially when she has more contact with other characters.


There’s not really any reason to go into greater detail on this episode. Ellen eventually realizes that she does truly love Hummy, Hibiki and Kanade and wants to be with them. The fight this episode is the first really good one for Suite and has good animation too. Beat’s transformation this episode is more drawn out and feels more important too, episodes 22 and 23 have a weird existence with each other. Almost feels like 23 should’ve been the first time she transformed. Bassdrum tries to get Ellen to think she doesn’t deserve to be a Cure but Hummy gets her to realize that what’s important is wanting to protect everyone and not destroy things like happiness anymore. With these positive feelings she transforms for real, her Fairy Tones even say as much, like last episode was just a happy accident or something. Anyways Beat does some cool stuff this fight and she can also create shields and swarms of energy blasts. At the end she’s now an official member of the team. Otokichi tells her she’s connected with everyone now too.


Ellen was worried about hate possibly taking her over again but everyone reassures her. She ends up shouting an apology out over the ocean to vent and get everything off her chest. Mid-season climax end.

It’s an alright mid-season climax. It’s appropriately big and important enough with some good emotional moments, good animation mostly and better action than before. Ellen’s turn into Beat and struggles are too similar to the Eas and Passion stuff though. It’s just so blatant. And the fact she was brainwashed to drag things out makes it kind of meh but Hummy still reaching her through all that was good. Of course though the fact that Hummy was able to reach her is kind of out there cause there wasn’t really much of a precedence or setup for it. But whatever. Hibiki and Kanade were basically completely irrelevant for the mid-season climax, it’s totally about Hummy and Siren. Which is really unusual for Precure.

So it’s time to talk about other stuff in Suite now that we’ve hit the halfway point. Well first off despite the season being about music I find myself not really in love with Suite’s soundtrack. It aint bad at all and the symphonic/orchestral music complements the show well but I find it lacking in memorable tracks that really elicit strong feelings and reactions from me. There’s so much more music I can pick out from my favorite seasons and say “I love this” than there is in Suite. And I’m disappointed that they don’t actually integrate music into the fights or as powers for the Cures. Muse has one musical ability and Beat has a guitar for her item and that’s it. After watching something like Kamen Rider Hibiki you can see how disappointing Suite is in regards to this. They could’ve done so much more with music but instead we get really bland fights and action. Like what even are the Belltiers? Couldn’t they have at least been flutes or something? I know they have to be built a specific way to make their combining and other stuff work but it’s such a letdown.

Something good about Suite that it really has over Heartcatch and Fresh is that both the Cures and the villains work hard towards their goals. Both teams need to get Notes and things aren’t just completely one-sided. It’s good to have both sides accomplishing something. No longer is it Labyrinth slowly winning even after losing every fight or the Desert Messengers never being allowed to succeed at all until the very end of the show. Still though Suite is still random in its gathering and plot progression as we have no idea just how many Notes are needed for the Legendary Score to be finished. However many the writers feel like. Smile next year would finally fix this completely, being the first season since Splash Star to do so.

Let’s talk about Hibiki. Her development is really understated for a leader and she hardly feels like a leader at all, but that’s not a bad thing. Compared to Cures like Dream or Heart Melody is less of an apex. She’s still the main character but she gets less “big moments” or “grand speeches” until the finale than other leads. Her character arc also slowly develops over about the first thirty episodes of the show. She’s like the opposite of Miyuki in Smile who only gets really noticeable big episodes and moments instead of the slow continuous progression like Hibiki. Hibiki for a couple arcs even is pretty unimportant. She still gets her special moments and has stuff revolve around her some of that is less “because she’s the pink” and more “because she loves music the most”. Hibiki just grows. She’s also the only Pink, ever, to neither have any interest in romance herself of have anyone show any romantic interest in her. She’s the anti-romance Pink. She also has a catchphrase she uses fairly often “Pride as a woman”, betting on it or some such.

So theme naming, obviously all the Cure names are music related but so are Hibiki and Kanade. Siren and Hummy as well. Trio the Minor’s names, attack names, etc. Suite has a lot of naming stuff revolve around music as to be expected.

Muse and Beat not needing Harmony Power to transform is honestly really annoying to me and I’d go far enough to call it plain bad writing. Suite doesn’t really have that same spice that Heartcatch had and a lot of episodes are kind of meh. The plot is good but there’s just some really dumb plot-holes and retcons coming up that ruin everything, I could never call Suite a well-written season because of this stuff. In some seasons I would be a bit more forgiving of that stuff but in Suite’s case it’s especially blatant and annoying and Suite is a season trying to have a bigger more complex plot. So when they fuck up at that it’s way worse than when, say Yes5, has something like that. In 21 it also just fails completely at being serious because Mephisto and Trio the Minor are just completely unthreatening and they haven’t done anything in the past that would make me think they can actually be dangerous. This is a problem Smile fixes next year. Suite has been silly and comedic all the way through (and even when it hasn’t it hasn’t had anything near as serious such as when Dark Precure showed up in episode 10 of Heartcatch) so trying to go for a mostly serious episode is hard to pull off.

Trio the Minor, and Bassdrum especially, have become much more fun villains ever since they actually started doing stuff.


So now we’re at episode 24. Everyone is going to the beach and taking part in a sand castle contest. I believe at this point now Ellen lives with Otokichi. This episode is when the revamped opening comes in, it sounds much better and the lyrics are changed a fair deal too to make it more about family and everyone working together to face the future and stuff like that.

Even though the girls are at the beach there’s still no swimsuits. Have to wait until Go Princess for that to happen. Incidentally making that the most unique thing about Go Princess. But I digress. Ellen is unsure about how to act or integrate into Hibiki and Kanade’s sphere of friendship, even in Major Land her only friend was Hummy. Ako, Souta, Otokichi and Trio the Minor are at the beach too. One of these is not like the other. Ellen does eventually get that being together is fun and she wants to know more about Hibiki and Kanade and get along with them as best as possible. She’s able to act normally now and this is the episode where Ellen really becomes their “friend”.


They do the trio transformation for the first time this episode. And instead of just putting scenes together there’s new animation added into it as well to make all of the girls actually together instead of it just being a collage of their single transformations. Suite is the last season to do this and it’s because it does this that Suite’s trio and quartet transformations are the best. The girls use triple Tone Rings for their attacks, this becomes pretty standard. Muse also shows up during the fight but happily realizes she’s unneeded.

And lastly for episode 24 we get a new ending song. I don’t like it as much as the first but it aint bad either.

Next episode is the local summer festival and we learn that Ellen is afraid of ghosts.She also meets Ouji again but her feelings for him don’t seem to be as strong. Her feelings for him disappear without reason pretty soon but after the helpful advice her gives her this episode if anything it seems like they should’ve grown stronger. Trio the Minor try to get Ellen to think that Hibiki and Kanade are bullying her to get her to come back and be their songstress but she doesn’t fall for it. Instead she actually ends up tricking them. Bassdrum is pretty dumb and way too arrogant. But he’s fun that way.


Ellen is cute. Probably most moe Cure.  Even more than Peace.

Next episode Mephisto is annoyed at everyone’s repeated failures. He orders to focus Trio the Minor to just focus on collecting Notes and also affixes the ear things to them permanently to power them up with the Noise of Evil, they get new much buffer looks too.


Crazy noisy bizarre town

This episode focuses a lot on the Fairy Tones. They go out with everyone else and look for Notes. This episode Baritone also takes charge, he kidnaps the three Fairy Tones the girls need to transform and takes the Notes inside of them.


He makes a Negatone for the first time too. Negatone’s are a bit different looking and stronger now as well. It’s a pretty good fight this episode. The other Fairy Tones rescue the three so that the girls can transform but they still have a lot of trouble against it.


Then the Fairy Tone Sori goes into Beat’s Module and she sings a quick melody to power up the girls. Hummy says their souls have combined and they’ve gotten stronger. I’m not sure if this is a permanent passive power up but I think it is. They never have this particular green aura again so I’m assuming they’ve just gone up a level in strength. But even though Trio the Minor lose the fight they’re content because they got so many Notes, more than Precure has.

And at the end of the episode…


Hibiki hears a mysterious voice calling for her. What could it be?

Episode 27 is a fun one. Hibiki continues to hear the strange voice talking to her, telling her to “hurry”. But no one else can hear it. This episode is fun because the girls are going hiking with their families and it takes place in “real time” more or less. It follows 30 minutes from 8:30 to 9:00 when they’re supposed to meet up at Kanade’s. At the beginning it follows the girls individual activities before it comes together in the fight midway in.


Baritone has a special plan this episode called Operation Trojan Horse, he’s going to use the local satellite radio dish in Kanon Town for something. Trio the Minor also start riding some weird purple tandem bike like thing that can fly, they look appropriately silly. Ellen spots them and rushes to stop whatever they’re doing. Meanwhile the Fairy Tones are worried about having lost their Notes, they haven’t told the girls about it yet. Hummy tells Hibiki and Kanade that Ellen went chasing after Trio the Minor so the two of them go after her. Baritone’s plan is to turn the dish into a Negatone and broadcast the Melody of Sorrow across the world, but the three girls find them and they transform.

It’s worth noting in this fight that the instrumental version of the opening theme song plays. This is the only time it happens in Suite.

After the fight Baritone is asked why he called it Operation Trojan Horse. Because it sounded cool of course! I can’t fault his reasoning.

The girls get back to Kanade’s house just in time, jumping over houses as Cures to make it.


Summer vacation is coming to an end and Ellen says she wants to go to school with Hibiki and Kanade so Otokichi enrolls her. Her debut at school is adorable.

The Fairy Tones are still keeping the lost Notes a secret, and the fact that they’re weakening without the Notes, and set out to get them back from Trio the Minor themselves. It doesn’t work but Trio the Minor aren’t able to capture them either and it just leads to a fight at the school. During the fight though the Fairy Tones are too weak to help the girls out with their Belltier’s and Love Guitar Rod attacks. Muse comes in and helps them, using her energy piano keys to stop the Negatone and for the first time in forever Passionato Harmony is used to defeat the monster. The girls then learn the Notes are gone and the Fairy Tones are hurt and weakening.


Hibiki hears the mysterious voice again and Dodo says it must be Crescendo Tone. The voice tells them the Fairy Tones are getting weaker and the three girls must come to Major Land.


Okay the first thing to mention about episode 29 is that it looks terrible. Poor quality animation and a ton of off-model shots. The three girls travel with Hummy and the Fairy Tones back to Major Land, the episode is a lot like the Fresh one where the girls went to the Sweets Kingdom and got the Clover Box. It occurs around the same time as well, same as the part in Heartcatch when the girls went to the Palace for the first time. Trio the Minor were spying on the girls and report back to Mephisto but he tells them not to worry, he seems to know something about where Crescendo Tone is and thinks Precure wont be able to do anything.


The girls see Major Land for the first time and are pretty impressed, then they get to meet Aphrodite in person. She tells them the Fairy Tones were born from Crescendo Tone, which is the source of all sound in the world. She resides in something called the Healing Chest, which Major Land protected for years until some sort of evil came and took it away, sealing it in the Evil Forest. Many have gone to the forest but they couldn’t beat the monster that now guards the chest. So now Precure must go and get it. The Cure Modules respond to the girls strong feelings of wanting to help the Fairy Tones and Aphrodite uses some of her power so the girls can transform without the Fairy Tones.


The girls go to the forest and are immediately separated into alternate worlds by a strange force. They each end up fighting stone golems that can talk, and at one point even spit what looks like a huge stream of blood out of their mouths, and tell them that it’s impossible for the girls to win because they’re separated and trust their friends too much. They’re useless by themselves. The girls vehemently disagree and fight back well but then those ear things come out of of nowhere and latch themselves onto the girls, trying to drown them in the Noise of Evil.


This episode works as massive foreshadowing for Mephisto. As the girls are struggling against the evil we learn that Mephisto himself once went into the forest, like many others, to get the Healing Chest. The circumstances are unknown but he says that everyone who went into the forest simply became a slave to evil… so what happened to him? Was Mephisto not evil before he went into the Forest? The ear things have been on him permanently since episode 1, have they not just been a source of power, did he not create them? Is Mephisto just being controlled by the Noise of Evil? If that’s the case then where did the noise and those things come from?

So back to the girls, Melody is able to reach out to Rhythm and Beat, speaking to them with her soul. She reminds them of everything they’ve been through and how they’ve become friends, and Precure’s hearts are always connected even when they aren’t together.The girls shatter the ear things and the worlds merge into one, bringing them together. The golems combine into one giant one and show the girls that they’ve captured Hummy and the Fairy Tones and threaten to kill them.


The golem blasts them and they lose their transformation. But Hibiki stands up and fights on, rallying the girls together and getting their transformations back. The three use their Harmony Power and do a triple Passionato Harmony to defeat the golem. As the golem blows up it says things are only just beginning but the forest is gone and the girls find where the Healing Chest is sealed. Behind  a doorway that looks kind of like the Cure Rose Garden doors again.


Crescendo Tone introduces itself to them and it and the girls return the Fairy Tones to normal with its power. Aphrodite has the girls keep the Healing Chest (she says it has other powers) and they return to Earth. This episode is when we really start to get into the true plot of Suite. We’ve entered the next big story arc that concludes with an encounter against Mephisto in a few episodes.

Episode 30 is at the same time a very comedic episode and also an important one for several plot reasons. Trio the Minor overhear the girls talking about the Healing Chest and tell Mephisto about it.


More foreshadowing for Mephisto as when pestered by Trio the Minor about the Evil Forest he can’t actually remember what happened when he went to get the Chest in it aside from it being “terrifying”. The shot even lingers on his covered up ear.

In the meantime Hibiki has horribly failed a quiz and is feeling despondent over it. Which is when strange musical notes and sounds start playing around the girls, not all the time but when Hibiki walks down stairs or the P.E. coach blows his whistle the sounds are different. Ellen also makes a hilariously bad pun this episode and Ako gets embarrassed when her footsteps make cymbal noises. Cute stuff. And of course they gotta show off the new toy so the Healing Chest gets used again to heal the Fairy Tones some more. The girls go visit Otokichi and learn that he and Crescendo Tone know each other. However he doesn’t elaborate on their relationship at this point, he does though tell Crescendo Tone about his work on the pipe organ and how he hopes to complete it soon. The girls realize it’s Crescendo Tone that’s been making all this weird music to try and cheer up Hibiki over her quiz.


Trio the Minor then come in and Bassdrum makes a Negatone out of Hibiki’s quiz paper… and we get a quiz show instead of a fight. The Negatone even speaks in a normal voice. Unique. This actually annoys Trio the Minor though, this was not the plan. Baritone correctly calls out Bassdrum on the fact that it’s his Negatone. Melody keeps getting wrong answers and it fires big red X’s at her. Next year in Smile there would be an Akanbe and “fight” very similar to this one.


Crescendo Tone lends Melody some of her power and we actually get a preview of what will become Suite Precure’s big group attack. Crescendo Tone comes out of the Healing Chest and turns giant, Melody goes inside of her and the two fly towards the Negatone. But Melody cant handle the power and the attack fails, Crescendo Tone goes back into the Chest.


So the girls now instead just use their old attacks. And having some fun Kanade speaks to everyone watching and asks them what attacks are about to be used. Of course it’s their Tone Rings, Music Rondo and all that jazz.

The next episode there’s really not much to talk about when it comes to actual content but at the end there’s still something big. The girls try to figure out how to use Crescendo Tone’s power. She is unhelpful. And honestly I find Crescendo Tone annoying, I don’t like her. The girls decide to go do some special training, and there’s not much to say other than there’s some cute and comical stuff The girls just need to harmonize and work together, it’s all about Harmony Power of course. Their connected hearts will allow them to draw out the full power of the Healing Chest and Crescendo Tone. In the fight this episode they also get another aura like in 26, this one is pink and I guess it means they’ve just powered up another level again. And finally they use their new attack to defeat the Negatone.


Precure Suite Session Ensemble. What a name. Frankly I don’t like the attack at all. It’s very boring and looking at Crescendo Tone’s face the whole time annoys me. They all fly with and enter into Crescendo Tone and zoom right through the Negatone, dissipating it. The one good thing I can say about the attack is that at least the Negatone doesn’t just fall asleep at the end. At the end of the episode we see Muse and Dodo, who were watching the fight, and Dodo thinks that maybe their new power can be used for something. We don’t know just what this might be but Muse clearly has something to do besides just what our other Cures are doing.

That’s the Suite teams final group attack. It’s gained a deal earlier than Lucky Clover Grand Finale or Heartcatch Orchestra and gets used a lot more. It’s also unique in that they were able to use it with just the three of them, where the other big group attacks in the franchise usually need every Cure on the team to work.


Episode 32 is pretty important for Muse. It pretty much confirms her identity. Which is good because Muse hasn’t really done anything of Note in a while and her arc has really dragged on. Muse is no longer super special or has much to contribute, when she first appeared she had advice to give and helped the girls figure out other ways their Belltiers could be used etc. but now the only thing left with Muse is figuring out who she is and it’s been over 20 episodes we’ve been wondering this. So Muse is thinking about Precure and their new power while Mephisto is also angry about the Healing Chest and he orders Trio the Minor to steal it. They run off with it after a harebrained scheme of dressing up like women to disguise themselves but then promptly lose it after tripping and falling down some stairs, when Muse secretly replaces it with a lookalike and jumps off with the real one.

Crescendo Tone talks to Muse. She says the day is coming soon when Muse will no longer have to disguise herself. Bassdrum creates a Negatone when he realizes the Healing Chest has been switched and the other girls catch up to them. Muse is apprehensive about helping the others for some reason but Crescendo Tone tells her to believe in Melody, Rhythm and Beat. One day her heart will be connected to theirs. They all fight for happiness and to defeat sorrow.


At the end of the episode the Healing Chest is returned to the girls… by Ako. She claims to have found it by the fountain. Hmmm. Well anyways the girls are thankful to Ako and happy to have the Chest back.

Episode 33 is a great episode. Culmination of Hibiki’s character arc of finding her love for music again… which admittedly hasn’t been brought up or really developed at all in a while. But still this is a great episode.


Hibiki is practicing the piano in preparation for a piano competition. She hasn’t told her dad she’s participating yet, she’s kind of embarrassed and wants to surprise him. Then she learns that he’s been asked to judge the competition. At the same time Kanade is preparing for a sweets cooking competition on the same day, but the episode is still mainly about Hibiki. Ellen cheers the two of them on.

After learning about her dad though Hibiki says she wont do the competition because she’ll be too nervous and she doesn’t want to mess up her relationship with her dad again. Kanade tries to tell her the competition is about her dream and her father judging it shouldn’t matter.


Hibiki is still worried and it’s affecting her practice. Ellen says she’s jealous of Hibiki and Kanade having dreams and she tries to get Hibiki to face her father. I really like how this episode gives meaningful exposition and development to all three girls. It’s kind of a nice wrap up for these things cause the next episode starts a big arc and switches the focus to someone else for a while. Later that night Kanade thinks about why she wants to be a patissiere and Ellen thinks about what her dream should be. Otokichi tells her it’s what most interests her and makes her happiest, he tells her to just find out her dream now.

Mephisto is through with how useless Trio the Minor are, he gives them one last chance to defeat Precure.


The day of the competitions Kanade comes by to give Hibiki a special cupcake before her performance. When she sees the delighted smile on Hibiki’s face she tells her that that’s her dream. She’s making cupcakes to see people smile. She loves to see and make people smile after all. This makes Hibiki realize that her dream is the same, she wants to play piano to make people smile and she’s no longer afraid of performing in front of her father. The only flaw this episode is that we don’t get to see/listen to Hibiki’s performance. Otherwise it’s near perfect.

Trio the Minor come by to attack the competitions but Ellen comes out alone to fight them so Hibiki and Kanade don’t have to leave.


Beat fights well, the action this episode is pretty good, but she can’t defeat the Negatone on her own. She doesn’t give up though, her dream is to protect the dreams of her precious friends. Who show up just in time to save her and defeat the Negatone.

Hibiki and Kanade both won their competitions. Hibiki’s father always knew she was going to be in the competition so he wasn’t surprised to see her. He says she played from her heart and did great. Hibiki says she wants to get even better and have him teach her, which he happily obliges to. Father and daughter relationship 100% happy.

Muse watches over this and when Hibiki’s father leaves she has Dodo tell the girls that she also has things she must protect and then leaves.


And finally, after Trio the Minor failed him again, Mephisto decides to once again come to Earth.

This is the last “regular” episode before Suite begins to build up to the end, starting with the 3 parter (34-36) dealing with Mephisto. Suite has an elongated final arc that begins next episode with Mephisto coming to Earth and the mystery of Muse being wrapped up. Mephisto is the catalyst that starts the countdown to Suite’s grand finale. I said this before but after Mephisto the true story of Suite begins.

So to start off episode 34 Dodo implores Muse to talk with Precure but she’s still frustrated over something. Mephisto sends Trio the Minor back to Minor Land to protect the Legendary Score while he goes to Earth to finish the Melody of Sorrow and defeat Precure. Hibiki is wondering about what Muse wants to protect, they keep thinking of what kind of person she is and why she kept saying she’s not their ally. The three girls run into Souta and Ako too, Suite is now making it obvious that she’s Muse. the girls don’t suspect her though… and admittedly until episode 32 I didn’t really know she was Muse either when I watched Suite as it aired. I’m dumb and bad at figuring out that stuff. Crescendo Tone though tells the girls to wait for Muse to open her heart to them.

Mephisto then comes to Earth and makes a Negatone out of three Notes combined so he can fill Kanon Town with sorrow. We then cut to Otokichi briefly, who refers to Mephisto as a puppet and seems surprised by his appearance on Earth. The girls quickly arrive to stop him but that was his plan anyways since he needs to defeat them.


They have trouble against his Negatone so Muse jumps in to help them, Mephisto asks just what she’s after but she doesn’t respond. Muse cant actually defeat him either but the other girls want to protect and support her so the pink aura comes out for them again. Guess it wasn’t just a passive powerup. They knock down the Negatone and use Suite Session Ensemble to destroy it and then keep gunning for Mephisto in it.

However Muse jumps in the way to protect Mephisto from their attack. The girls and Crescendo Tone stop so they don’t hit her too. Aphrodite was also watching this in Major Land and seems to realize who Muse must be now. The other girls are surprised and Mephisto uses the opportunity to steal the Notes from the Fairy Tones and runs off.


Hibiki asks if Mephisto is what Muse wanted to protect but she runs off without answering, clearly torn apart.

At the beginning of episode 35 the girls are confused over Muse. Ellen thinks she must have a reason for doing what she did. Dodo implores Muse once again to tell Precure everything and Aphrodite is about to go to Earth when Otokichi shows up in Major Land and tells her to believe in the Precure. And in Minor Land the Melody of Sorrow still isn’t complete so Mephisto again goes to Earth after realizing Trio the Minor are still too incompetent.

Otokichi has also returned to Earth and while he talks to Dodo about what it means to protect someone Muse listens in and realizes that to truly protect someone and their happiness is different from what she was doing with Mephisto. She has to come to a decision about what to do now. Mephisto again makes a big Negatone to gather more Notes and the girls show up to stop him again… again.


After Beat sees Mephisto power up his Negatone with evil energy she realizes the same thing happened to her, she was made evil by the same things he’s wearing on his ears. Melody finally realizes that this means Mephisto himself is being made evil the same way, there’s some higher power controlling him. And the three of them get that Muse must’ve known that and that’s why she didn’t join up with them and protected him last episode. Melody tells them they have to fight the evil heart of Mephisto that’s being controlled to protect everyone’s happiness. Unknown to her Muse is watching and listening in on this.

They use Suite Session Ensemble again and Mephisto sacrifices his Negatone to block it.


Doesn’t bother him though as he just absorbs all the Notes that were inside it and turns himself into a Negatone. Muse finally jumps in… and tells her papa to please stop. Wait. PAPA?! Muse is Mephisto’s daughter?!


She finally removes her mask and cape and reveals her self to be Ako. Mephisto recognizes her too, Melody and the others are plainly shocked. She begs Mephisto to stop doing bad things and return to the way he was. She’s made her choice to fight him if need be, she wants to return him to his old kind self. It’s difficult for her to do this as she still wanted to protect her mind-controlled father through everything. Mephisto also seems to regain part of his true self at first but then the ear things overload him with evil energy and he flies away back to Minor Land.


Next episode is good. But it’s also aggravating because for a good deal of it there was a small, innocuous little thought running through my head:


The girls talk to Ako. She tells them that Mephisto was the King of Major Land (Hummy never told Hibiki and Kanade and Ellen just always assumed they knew) and Aphrodite is her mother so that makes Ako the princess of Major Land and it means Aphrodite and Mephisto were also married. Apparently Ellen and Hummy never recognized Ako cause she used to have longer hair and didn’t wear glasses. But this is still the first time in Suite that a princess or King of Major Land have ever been mentioned.

Ako ran away from Major Land after Mephisto went to the Evil Forest to get the Healing Chest back, as we know this ended in failure and he was simply taken over by the Noise of Evil. Mephisto left Major Land and created Minor Land with the goal of eventually covering the world in sorrow, Ako left because she didn’t want to see her parents fight. This is fairly reminiscent of Yuri and her father in Heartcatch. He disappeared looking for a way to make everyone happy and was taken over by evil, except his identity of Sabaaku was a secret while in Suite Muse’s identity was the secret. I kind of like what’s done with Mephisto better in some ways cause there’s more time devoted to all of this and he actually struggles against the evil and he’s not just instantly good again.

So after leaving Major Land Ako came to stay with her grandfather, Otokichi. The former king of Major Land and Aphrodite’s father. And then an unknown amount of time elapsed and Suite began. Ako watched as Mephisto attacked the concert and her desire to not want her parents to fight and to protect him caused her to become a Cure right then and there. Her module came out and Dodo came to her, transforming her into Cure Muse. She wanted to protect her papa but she didn’t know what was controlling him and as the series went on she became worried that Precure was getting stronger and stronger and might hurt him. But she now wants to free his heart and protect his true happiness.

Okay. WHYYYYYYYYYY didn’t Otokichi or Aphrodite or anyone tell them anything? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! They could’ve actually hurt Mephisto, and it gets even stupider when we learn about Trio the Minor later. It honestly doesn’t make any sense in any way shape or form to keep this secret from our heroines. These are not the kind of characters who would go, “but it’s too much trouble let’s just kill them anyways lol”. This is fucking Precure, Hibiki and Kanade and Ellen would’ve done their best to help save and free Mephisto if they knew what was going on. It just doesn’t make any god damn sense why Muse was so apprehensive about all this. And why wouldn’t Aphrodite tell them? I can understand Otokichi, sort of, keeping it a secret out of respect for Ako but Aphrodite not telling them about Mephisto is mindbogglingly non-sensical. Otokichi clearly knew he was being mind-controlled too. Why wouldn’t they tell the girls, it’s dangerous and irresponsible and there’s another thing later in this episode that they should’ve told the Cure about to andaijajfhhahfsjfdmdjfsd

I love you Suite but why, why do you do this to me???


So the evil takes over Mephisto completely and forces him to go back to Earth to defeat Muse. Ako still doesn’t want to actually fight him so the others transform first. Mephisto is a lot stronger now and they can’t beat him. Aphrodite then also comes but she can’t change him back or get him to stop either.


Ako finally comes out to transform because she doesn’t want to see her parents to fight and she wants to protect her precious friends and what they’ve fought for. She has a nice transformation, it’s so cutesy though that it’s kind of jarring compared to how Ako usually is. Her outfit isn’t a favorite of mine either, that pumpkin bottom…

Ako tries to fight but she still finds herself unable to hurt him. Seeing her though causes Mephisto to falter slightly.


The girls tell Muse to make her feelings reach Mephisto, remind him of his love for his family. By punching him. The Precure way.

With a single punch she blasts the evil out of him and brings his memories of her back. She runs into his arms, it’s a very sweet scene. Emotionally and all this is a great episode.



Guess that’s where the bird part of Negatone’s come from

After this happens in Minor Land Falsetto is changed. He seems to take the place of Mephisto as the new leader and tells Precure and everyone through a viewscreen that they will finish the Melody of Sorrow and revive Noise. The true villain of Suite. Mephisto says that Noise can quickly turn hearts to evil but Melody tells everyone not to worry, they will win.

So Noise’s existence is another one of those “Why the fuck did no one tell the girls about this” kind of things. Otokichi and Crescendo Tone for sure knew Noise was the real threat (which makes it even stupider thinking back about how Ako didn’t know what was controlling Mephisto, guess Otokichi didn’t tell her for some reason) and them not saying anything makes even less sense than Kaoruko not telling any of the girls about Dune in Heartcatch. All of this shit makes no sense, they just wanted a mystery in Suite and a surprise. Let’s sacrifice logic and everything else for it! Still though, unlike with Heartcatch Suite really comes together and is great from here on out not counting a couple little hiccups. It almost feels like a different show. It’s the exact opposite of the meandering stupid final arc of Heartcatch, Suite now enters a new story arc with great setup and development for near everything. A continuous story all the way to the end with each episode working off of the last one to make a single solid narrative with no filler in-between.

Righto then.


Falsetto turns Bassdrum and Baritone into monsters. Falsetto is now a huge dick and a rather over the top villain. He often electrocutes or hurts Bassdrum and Baritone now. He’s funny. Noise is still sealed away but he has some awareness and Falsetto promises to complete the Melody of Sorrow soon. Our heroines then learn some stuff about Noise from Otokichi.


Noise is born from the sadness of everyone and he hates music, planning to rob all sound from Major Land and Earth. Otokichi sealed him away in the past… and you know he’s really a lot like Grand King Genius from Akazukin Chacha. Go watch that show if you haven’t, it’s a lot of fun. Anyways these revelations about Noise actually kind of lessen the impact of certain reveals in the finale but I’ll deal with that as it comes.

Noise will revive soon because of all the sorrow that the villains and Negatones have caused. Otokichi has created the pipe organ to stop Noise, it’s saintly music will harm him. Mephisto (who is now back in Major Land as the King) asks Ako to come back to Major Land but she wants to stay to protect the world and continue being a Cure. He eventually relents and apologizes for all the stuff he did and finally asks the other girls to take care of his cute cute Ako. Which embarrasses her. Ako has trouble getting into the same leisurely pace of the other girls.

This episode is also a Halloween episode and every girl gets t wear some cute outfits. Souta is quite impressed at Ako’s  cute princess costume, which again thoroughly embarrasses her. Trio the Minor then come in and Falsetto creates a Negatone for the first time.


The full 4 Cure transformation in Suite is the best group transformation in the franchise. In part because they stopped trying to make real group transformations after this point.

Muse isn’t used to fighting as part of a team and the Negatone’s have gotten stronger as Noise’s revival draws near. Muse does have a pretty cool attack though where she creates after-images of herself and blasts the enemy. Melody reminds her that she doesn’t need to work by herself anymore and they use Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo (Crescendo now newly added on the end) but Falsetto sings the incomplete Melody of Sorrow and it hurts the Cures and Crescendo Tone and makes the attack fail. While at the same time speeding up Noise’s revival.


Melody, Beat and Rhythm use Passionato Harmony to stop Falsetto so Muse can use her attack, Precure Sparkling Shower, to defeat the Negatone. Muse still has trouble showing her feelings but she’s thankful to everyone. However…


It appears that Noise has revived.

Couple side notes. Ako is easily the youngest Cure so far, just like how Yuri was the oldest. Being another opposite to Yuri Ako still has a character arc at this point. Unlike Yuri whose arc was finished when she became a Cure again and she was already fully integrated into the team Ako isn’t like that. We still have things to learn about her and she continues to grow and really become friends with the other girls in the next few episodes. So there isn’t just this “become Cure, do nothing” shit that happened in Heartcatch, Ako now gets a good deal of focus for a while.

Episode 38 now is Otokichi’s birthday.


The girls plan on singing for him but Ako doesn’t want to sing for some reason. On the way home Ako finds a strange bird with an injured wing. She takes care of it and tries to make it feel better by singing… and I’ll just say it here but her choice to sing to the bird still doesn’t make much sense when you find her reason for not wanting to sing to others. Anyways she names the bird Pii-chan. This episode is a good deal about Ako becoming open with her feelings and really becoming part of Suite Precure.

For some reason the pipe organ has been off key and Crescendo Tone can sense Noise’s power. But she believes that with the 4 Precure they’ll be okay. Falsetto has Bassdrum and Baritone go to get Notes but quickly realizes that’s dumb and he should just go out himself. Ako still won’t sing for Otokichi’s birthday so Souta tries to get her to do it. Ako tells him that she doesn’t want to because singing might make her homesick and she’ll want to see her parents again (she told him previously that her parents are in a far away country).


Falestto then attacks the two of them. He makes a Negatone and kidnaps Souta, hurting him to distract Muse in the fight. There’s pretty good action this episode. The other girls show up to rescue Souta and defeat Falsetto. Ako realizes the other Precure are her family and she loves them too, just like her real family Otokichi and she decides to sing for him.


Moving on, next episode Pii-chan is hanging out at Hibiki’s house.


Hummy realizes something bad when she looks into the Fairy Tones and sees that all the Notes have somehow disappeared. The girls are wondering how this could’ve happened and they start looking for more Notes. Otokichi and Crescendo Tone think this must’ve been the work of Noise but they can’t figure out how. The girls want Otokichi to play his pipe organ to make more Notes gather but he’s wary because it means Trio the Minor might also be able to get a bunch of Notes, eventually they convince him to do it and they start gathering up the Notes that appear because of the music.

Trio the Minor show up to fight but the girls defeat them and even get to keep all the Notes they’ve gathered this time.


But at the end of the episode Pii-chan uses some sort of power to slow down the Fairy Tones and suck all the Notes out of them before they can tell what’s going on. Otokichi can sense Noise’s power but the Fairy Tone’s and everyone have no idea what’s happened. Little weird looking Pii-chan is Noise.

In episode 40 Ako thinks about when she was living on Earth without her parents and how Otokichi took care of her. She really loves him. Meanwhile Hummy tries to get the other three girls to look for Noise.

At the cathedral Pii-chan uses its power to damage the pipe organ and cause part of it to fall onto Otokichi, however the girls (except Ako) get there just in time to knock him out of the way. Seeing Pii-chan there though makes Otokichi remember that in the past Noise took the form of a bird. He thinks Pii-chan is Noise so he has Crescendo Tone examine him, but Crescendo Tone can’t read his heart. Pii-chan starts to fly away but Hibiki sees a screw from the pipe organ fall from his feathers and she starts to play the pipe organ. She says she felt an evil glare from Pii-chan and sure enough, when she starts to play the music hurts him and he falls back to the ground. They now know for sure that he’s Noise. Ako comes in and Otokichi tells her that Pii-chan is Noise, she doesn’t want to believe him but she knows Otokichi would never lie to her.

Noise flies away and Trio the Minor come in to rescue him. A fight breaks out and not counting stock footage it lasts less than 30 seconds. Everyone is sad at this turn of events but things must go on and Otokichi gets back to work on the pipe organ.

Next episode is a pretty much purely comedic one.


There’s only one Note left needed to complete the Melody of Sorrow and it’s inside the yellow Fairy Tone Fari. Trio the Minor try to get it while the girls convince the whole town a movie is being shot and the citizens can help out in it by stopping the big monsters from getting Fari. It’s a really cute episode with a lot of funny stuff in it. And as a note Ellen really no longer cares about Ouji in the slightest but Kanade still loves him a lot. This episode we get to see some characters who haven’t appeared much lately like Waon and Seika and some other minor characters. This episode is kind of like a better version of episode 39 of Heartcatch, still really silly but it’s also important and moves the plot forward. And especially unlike that episode all the characters get fun stuff to do. During this episode Hibiki’s father is also hurt by the sorrowful noise the Negatone emits but I’ll give Suite the benefit of the doubt and say it’s because the powers of evil have gotten much stronger.


At the end of the episode Noise swoops in and steals the last Note out from everyone’s noses. Uh oh. But the girls still vow to protect everyone… and isn’t everyone forgetting about something important?

Episode 42.

So as we find out the Melody of Sorrow isn’t actually complete. Because of a big retcon. Aphrodite and Otokichi made fake G Clef’s to trick the villains into thinking the Melody is complete, as Falsetto and Noise angrily find out. The actual 4 G Clef’s needed to complete the Legendary Score are still in the Modules of the Cures. As the villains new from episode 1. You see the reason why this is a retcon and doesn’t work as a “trick” is because the villains specifically new they needed the G Clef’s that the girls had, but then no one mentions G Clef’s for a while and it seems like that plot disappears before now suddenly coming back with this bs.


UGH. They even pull the same thing Fresh did. BUT IT DOESN’T WORK HERE. This is seriously just a retcon to expand the show by a couple episodes. And you know what? It’s still better than Heartcatch’s final arc.

Alright so anyways now Bassdrum and Baritone get sent by Falsetto to get the modules. The two of them though are kind of worried because they’re not sure what will be done with them when Noise revives. And there’s actually another big plot hole in this episode. The modules can’t be touched by those with evil hearts, Trio the Minor couldn’t touch them in episode 1, so the girls know they cant just grab them or anything. But later the modules are safely taken by a brainwashed Waon and Seika and nothing happens. And when you learn the truth and past of Trio the Minor this literally makes no sense. Still though this is a pretty funny episode despite everything cause of how incompetent Bassdrum and Baritone are. So much so that Falsetto just decides to do things himself with the assistance of Noise.

Another thing to mention is that it looks like Ellen actually doesn’t live with Otokichi, cause Ako does so there’s no way she would’ve never ran into her before they knew Ako was Muse. So where the hell does Ellen live?


So Noise brainwashes Waon and Seika and Falsetto has them steal the modules while the girls guard is down. Except the modules were actually fakes, Ako switched them without anyone knowing because she expected something like this would happen. Good job Ako. But Waon and Seika are still under Noise’s control so they don’t want to fight. The girls decide to give up the real modules while Bassdrum and Baritone watch from a distance.

Waon and Seika actually start to fight off the evil power and pass out before they can get the modules to Falsetto, leaving them right in front of Bassdrum and Baritone.


They touch the modules and revert to their human forms, the module purifying the evil from them. SO WHY DIDN’T THAT HAPPEN THE INSTANT SEIKA AND WAON TOUCHED THEM? Falsetto yells at them to give him the modules but they throw them to Precure instead, completely fed up with the way Falsetto mistreats them, they’ve almost gone all the way back to normal. However Noise uses his power to turn them evil again and back into their monster forms. So they go monster – human – monster in the span of like a minute. The girls are forced to fight them even if they clearly don’t want to, they want Bassdrum and Baritone to go back to being good, especially after seeing them help them out. They use Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo but it’s blocked by Falsetto and Noise and the 4 of them retreat to Minor Land, Bassdrum and Baritone fully controlled by evil again.


Trio the Minor got captured by the warriors of Major Land! Except not. It was Falsetto with a Trojan Horse ploy to get inside the castle and kidnap Aphrodite. Holding her hostage in Minor Land. Falsetto contacts the girls and demands the modules, they try to get Bassdrum and Baritone to realize what they’re doing and snap out of it but it doesn’t work yet. Our heroines decide to go to Minor Land and find a way to defeat Falsetto and rescue Aphrodite.

When they get there they say if Falsetto harms Aphrodite they’ll destroy the modules. He guarantees her safety but the moment he has the upper hand he orders Bassdrum and Baritone to kill her. But Mephisto and Hummy jump in to save her and get the modules back. Noise powers up Bassdrum and Baritone and Falsetto fights the girls. Their individual attacks aren’t enough to defeat him. Mephisto, fighting the other two, feels guilty because he was the reason they all became evil. As we learn now Trio the Minor were originally the Three Musketeers of Major Land. Whyyyy didn’t anyone tell the girls this? Again this could’ve been useful. They probably could’ve helped Trio the Minor a lot earlier. Why didn’t Hummy or Otokichi ever tell them? Especially after Mephisto was returned to normal. This makes no sense.


Mephisto then absorbs the evil energy from Bassdrum and Baritone, turning them back to normal but leaving himself in a comatose state when he tries to purge the evil inside him. This is very painful for Ako to have to watch.


Bassdrum and Baritone fight back against Falsetto but he tortures and starts killing them. Seeing this go on Melody and the girls detransform and give up their modules to make him stop. Noise sucks out their G Clef’s and puts them into the Legendary Score. It’s over.


Well, that’s not good news.

44 is the final episode before the grand finale really kicks off. And just like Fresh and Heartcatch it’s Christmas. Noise for some reason hasn’t had the Melody of Sorrow sung yet, it’s not because he needs a Song Fairy since that plot point was dropped and is irrelevant. But hope is not lost for our heroines either as Otokichi has finished the pipe organ! He says it can stand against Noise’s power. They’re going to have a big Christmas concert at the cathedral now and everyone is there, including Hibiki’s mom who’s back home for the holidays. Ako is worried about her father and Noise but the other girls cheer her up, the 4 of them will face the future together.

And then Falsetto and Noise come. It was Noise’s plan to turn the moment of greatest happiness (Christmas) into the moment of greatest sadness to reap the maximum amount of sorrow energy possible. Falsetto sings the Melody of Sorrow. Otokichi’s pipe organ negates it for a bit but Noise interrupts the playing and Falsetto is able to resume and finish the Melody. All of the sorrow energy gathers and the Notes rise up from the Legendary Score, all of it getting sucked into Noise.


He returns to his original huge bird/dragon form. He can talk now too. As someone who despises music and sound his first order of business is to turn the planet and everyone in it to stone. The pipe organ is barely able to protect the protagonists. Noise and Falsetto now travel to Major Land, Falsetto turns the Legendary Score into a Negatone with Noise’s power and leaves it to deal with the girls.


Hibiki talks to the Legendary Score. Apologizing to it for her being so weak and letting it become a Negatone. She knows how sad it must be for it to be used like this when it’s supposed to be something to bring happiness to everyone. The Score tries fighting against the Negatone’s power, Hibiki still never wants to give up through all of this, as do Kanade, Ellen and Ako. The Score opens up and a new page appears with 4 G Clefs on it. They go out to the girls hearts, allowing them the power to transform into Precure again.

They quickly purify the final Negatone in the season with Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo. Otokichi then uses the power of the pipe organ to actually make the whole cathedral and the ground it’s on fly up into the sky. They all travel on it to Major Land.


So as I said in episode 1 Suite is the season of plot holes and retcons. Still it’s a good season with a lot of fun in it. Despite the final arc having numerous plotholes like this the story it tells is good and I’d still like to congratulate Suite on making such a long continuous story arc from when they fought Mephisto to now, no other season has a single perpetual stretch of story that goes on this long where every episode is completely relevant and necessary viewing.

Still it’s time to talk about some negatives.

  1. There are no good fights. There are no really standout amazing fights in pre-finale Suite.
  2. The art is bland. The show has a very washed out and bland color palette.
  3. The animation is poor. Not the worst but still in the bottom half of Precure seasons.
  4. For a season that has such a big focus on its plot and story it’s really sad that it has as many plot holes and retcons as it does.
  5. Crescendo Tone.
  6. All of Rhythm’s and Melody’s individual attacks besides Tone Rings disappear.

But of course there are positives

  1. None of the girls really fall off the face of the Earth. Sure Kanade and Ellen get less focus in the last quarter but it’s not super bad.
  2. Trio the Minor were a really great set of villains. Ever since they first started developing personalities around 10 episodes in they’ve been a blast.
  3. Hummy is a great fairy, very cute and funny. Not quite as great as Tarte but close.
  4. The finale has all of the girls together for the whole time, no one is stuck in the B-Plot.
  5. Souta and Ako have a cute relationship.
  6. Noise personally does a lot of stuff as Pii-chan instead of just sitting around.

Suite is just a season of so many obvious problems and negatives that sometimes people can’t see how great it can be. Like Sailor Moon SuperS. The finale is easily the best part of Suite because it gives us the most well-developed villain the franchise has had so far.

There’s not really a lot to talk about when it comes to the themes of Suite since it keeps it very generic and simple and it’s very in your face about it. Happiness vs. Sadness.

Familial love is a big one and the power of music in general. Music being used to make people happy and how everyone has their own noise to them. Conquering sadness with a smile and facing towards the future. It’s all pretty simple. Suite doesn’t really make any big statements about this so much as it’s all just constantly “there” in the show. Smile is kind of the opposite, it has a whole bunch of big speeches and moments and then silly random nonsense.


To start off episode 45 Noise attacks Major Land, turning much of it to stone. The palace has a special shield but Noise is able to break through it pretty easily. But Precure arrive just in time to save Aphrodite and everyone else. The final battle begins.

Noise is a lot more concerned with Crescendo Tone than Pretty Cure, in the past Crescendo Tone’s powers weakened Noise enough that Otokichi was able to seal him. Noise goes over how he’s caused everything that’s happened in Suite, starting with the sealing of the Healing Chest and ending with taking over Mephisto. This understandably pisses off Muse and she attacks him but her punches dont hurt him at all. None of what the girls do phases him at this point. And just to say but the action this episode is not very good or exciting. The fighting is basically just them hitting a practically stationary Noise and using some of their stock-footage attacks. Falsetto is there cheering Muse on, still oblivious to the fact that he’s being controlled.


Otokichi comes in on the flying cathedral. The pipe organ hurts Noise quite a bit so the girls use this opportunity to hit him with Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo . They all try to seal Noise away but he’s way stronger than he was in the past because now he has the power of all the Notes in him as well. He shrugs off their attacks and blasts the cathedral, destroying the pipe organ and making the whole thing collapse to the ground.


Noise then begins to seal Otokichi in stone, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Muse tries to rescue him but Otokichi pushes her back to save her.

Crescendo Tone tells the girls not to give up but Noise sucks her out of the Healing Chest, before he can seal her the Cures power up with their pink auras and attack him. Finally able to hurt him and even knocking him to the ground. They use a Quadruple Passionato Harmony on him and actually seriously wound Noise. Enough that Falsetto has to jump in and attack the girls to break the attack off.


Still weakened Noise is able to use his power to attempt to seal the Precure but this time Crescendo Tone sacrifices herself to save them. At the end of the episode Noise and Falsetto temporarily retreat to recover.

It’s an interesting way to start the finale, most final fights don’t have the villain run off like this. But still the fight against Noise is actually the longest lasting one in the finale, taking a full 3 episodes.

So episode 46 starts off with an injured Noise.


Who decides to promptly absorb Falsetto into his body to heal himself and power up. To be fair Falsetto was annoying him with his constant talking. Noise isn’t really a fan of such blabbing. And with Crescendo Tone and Otokichi already sealed all that’s left is to defeat the Precure.

Melody keeps everyone’s spirits up back at the palace. She tells them to keep smiling and Hummy takes this up with gusto. Everyone will work hard together for the sake of Otokichi and Crescendo Tone. And then Noise attacks.

The girls fight him in the concert hall and there’s actually some nice action and animation this episode. As well as a metric fuckton of stock footage attacks, all the old ones that fell off the face of the Earth get used again.


None of it affects Noise at all though. He takes this time to tell the girls that music is worthless, the Legendary Score can be made to bring great happiness or great sadness, something so fickle shouldn’t exist. Music is meaningless. Noise doesn’t think anyone should feel anything. He wants a world with no sound where no one feels happiness or sadness, a world with no pain. The perfect world.

The girls reject this but he simply attempts to absorb Melody into him. That’s when Bassdrum and Baritone show up. Yeah, these two fucks were randomly wandering around the country side while Noise attacked and then they randomly stumbled upon Noise absorbing Falsetto. Seeing this pissed them off because Falsetto was their friend and he was always loyal to Noise so it makes them even angrier. Noise simply absorbs the two of them when they continue to protect the girls.


Giving himself a smaller, more human, and much more powerful form. The girls try to attack him again but it just doesn’t do anything. He knocks them to the ground where they lie defeated, their transformations gone. He then turns his eyes to palace… which is when he hears music being played.


Aphrodite has put on a concert as an act of defiance to Noise. She shows him that they will always love music and there’s nothing he can do about it. It’s honestly a great scene. Noise is clearly angered at all of this and finally unleashes his power to turn the palace and everyone in it to stone.

But things still aren’t over, the Fairy Tones convince the girls that even this doesn’t mean music will disappear. Even the little tones they can emit can fill the Precure’s hearts with warmth. All of them can still create the Melody of Happiness, they can make their own music in the future and make everyone happy. They will not give up.


The penultimate episode begins.

The girls try to figure out how to beat Noise while Hibiki wonders what Noise even plans to do after creating his “paradise”. Noise attacks them and so Hibiki gets her chance to ask him just what he really wants, what’s the point of creating a world with nothing and no feelings?


What Noise will do when he makes the perfect world is… disappear. Hibiki doesn’t understand why he wants that and asks just what the heck is he? So he tells her. Noise is the form of human sadness that has been collecting for as long as humans lived… which is something we already knew really from back in episode 37. Like Noise being created directly from humans is kind of a surprise but not really. The big reveal this episode is that Noise will never die as long as humans live because they will continue to give birth to sadness and that what Noise really wants is to just die. The difference between Noise and Dune is like night and day. Here we have a real villain with a real personality and a well defined goal and he knows absolutely what he wants and what he’s doing.

Having heard this Hibiki now wants to save him. It’s not fair that they have to kill someone who’s led such a sad existence. Hibiki finds Noise to be tragic, his own voice and every sound hurt him and everyone cowered in fear and pain. Noise’s music could never join anyone elses. Hibiki finally wants him to become happy.

Hummy hears all this and she willingly jumps into Noise’s body with the Legendary Score when Noise tries to absorb the girls (he thinks what Hibiki  says is pointless and denies his own sadness). Hummy uses her singing and the Score to disrupt the Notes inside of Noise. But he quickly regains control and restrains Hummy. But still, music and smiles can turn all sadness to happiness. Hummy knows this from her past with Siren and she and Suite Precure will try to make Noise understand this as well. Sadness can be overcome.


The girls transform again, this time to save Noise. Aaaaaand they get a power up that makes literally no sense. At first they still aren’t strong enough to fight Noise, and he can fly while they can’t, so the 4 Fairy Tones that aren’t used for the girls transformations also shoot into their modules and give them these little wing capers or whatever. Now you might be thinking that makes sense, double the Fairy Tones double the power right? Well the problem is that throughout the fight the girls are still using their Belltiers and such to attack, the Belltiers take the Fairy Tones to use so there really isn’t anywhere that more power is coming from. Like Hibiki pulls out her Belltier and Miri is clearly inside it so she’s not using any more power than normal when she fights.  They’ve always been fighting with all the Fairy Tones so where did this boost come from?

Well whatever the action is still good, not like well animated or anything but the fight is still epic and cool as the girls try to make Noise understand and tell him about their own sadness and how they overcame it all. How they all became precious friends and if sadness reappears in their lives they’ll conquer it again and again.

Melody tells him that Noise too has his own music and sound, he’s a part of the suite of the world just like everyone else is and that’s why they can’t make him disappear.


“Everyone has their own music. So many people are here with their own music. They feel happy and feel sad. I’m sure that’s how they’re all connected in this world. This world is one big suite!”

They continue to fight on, telling him the importance of music and how it makes them happy, why friendship and hearts being connected can overcome any sadness. And a single smile can make everything better.


The power of Precure, their feelings, and their love of music causes the 8 Fairy Tones to combine together into a new Crescendo Tone. Giving the Suite Precure team their own super forms. The gaining of these super forms is not as good as Cure Angel in Fresh nor are they used as well, they don’t even get named. Let’s call em Crescendo Form, why not.

Anyways the girls say that the Precure are for overcoming sadness and they use a gigantic Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo and charge into Noise. Finally reaching him. They have to protect his smile too, as Precure. And so Noise happily disappears.

Wait… what about Hummy?


So Noise is defeated and that leaves the entire final episode as an epilogue. Suite is the only season to do this and I think it does a good job with it.

It starts one day later with the girls having recovered Hummy but with everything still frozen by Noise’s power. Right after Noise disappeared Hummy and all the Notes came out of him, Hummy used the last of her power to purify the Notes and send them into the Legendary Score as the Melody of Happiness. After this she fell unconscious and the girls have been unable to wake her up since then.

The Fairy Tones (no longer together as a single Crescendo Tone) ask if Ellen can sing the Melody of Happiness to return things to normal but Ellen says it must be Hummy, only she has the right to do it. Ellen doesn’t feel like she deserves to after everything… oh yeah that thing about Hummy wanting to sing it together with Siren, part of the reason she turned good again? Yeah that’s gone. That idea was completely dropped.

Oh yeah Falsetto, Bassdrum and Baritone also came out of Noise but they’re stuck as stone statues like everyone else.


Hibiki asks Ellen to sing something cheerful to wake Hummy up. She starts her song and this is all a very sweet and touching scene. Hibiki thinks about what Noise said about there always being sadness but she knows that happiness will come too.

The 4 girls then find themselves inside Hummy’s dream through some strange power. Hummy can’t see them though, they all want Hummy to wake up but they don’t know how to snap her out of this fantasy. So of course, they sing. Ellen starts it off and Hummy can hear her but she still can’t see them or tell she’s really in a dream, it’s only when all 4 girls start singing together that Hummy finally is able to tell what’s going on and wakes up. The love all the girls had for her reach Hummy.


Hummy now sings the Melody of Happiness. The power of the Melody washes over Major Land and the Earth, turning everything to normal and healing all the people. Mephisto and Aphrodite thank Precure for everything and the girls return to Earth. Where apparently no one notices the giant cathedral ship thing fall back to the ground.

Everyone reunites with their friends and families, they all heard the Melody of Happiness from here. Finally after all this the girls thank Hummy for everything.

But suddenly Pii-chan is there! To Crescendo Tone’s and Otokichi’s surprise they think Noise is back!


But the girls are happy to see him, knowing Pii-chan isn’t the same evil Noise anymore. As the girls explain sadness will never disappear but they’ll always face it together. They won’t push Pii-chan away.

So Suite ends with the girls going out and working towards their dreams (or just living normally and happily in Ako’s case) Kanade is baking, Ellen is playing her guitar and singing for people, Ako goes to school with Souta and Hibiki is being taught piano by her father. Finally Hibiki puts on her own recital for everyone in town, smiling happily as she plays.


And that’s Suite. The end.

So to wrap up Suite has a ton of problems but is still a fun season where I feel the good outweighs the bad (unlike Doki Doki). It’s never stale or bland (unlike Happiness Charge), even though it reuses a lot of ideas and stuff from Fresh and Heartcatch, like blatantly. Suite has its own identity and heart (unlike Go Princess). All of the Cures are good characters even though Kanade gets less development and doesn’t really have a ton to do later in the show. All of the characters in the show are pretty well developed, from Souta to Otokichi to Noise.

Suite has a great sense of humor and great comedy but it’s not quite as absurd as Fresh can get barring the one episode where they try to protect Fari. I know the music is good but it’s not one of my favorite Precure soundtracks. Aside from the Crescendo Tone attack I would say the stock is mostly good, especially the transformations.

The second half and especially the last quarter of Suite almost feel like a different show. Most seasons don’t have this jarring difference. But it’s all good as it leads us to a great finale. Suite’s finale certainly has some odd plot holes as well but it’s a great ending, the themes of the show come out well, all the Cures are together and important, and Noise is the best developed villain we’ve had so far in Precure and he gets to do a lot even before the finale. I’d still put Gohyaan as the best main villain cause his sheer presence and final fight cant be beat but Noise is my number two.

Suite fell in the ratings by quite a bit compared to Heartcatch and didn’t sell as many toys. It’s sad but expected. The season was derided while it aired and people only really started to respect it and see all its good points after it finished, a lot of this had to do with people realizing how shit Dune was and how Noise was basically “Dune done right” and so people started looking at Suite in a better light and it’s now a much more popular and well-regarded season. It’s probably still my fourth favorite season, it has issues but I love it.


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