Suite Precure the Movie


Suite’s movie is okay. Yeah, not the worst not the best just okay. Watch it for a fun romp sometime after episode 37 of Suite and then whatever. This is actually only the second time I’ve watched the Suite movie, to write this review for it. I watched it when it first got subbed and then never again. That was pretty unusual for me back then, all the other movies from Max Heart to Smile I’d seen more than just once before starting my reviews. It didn’t really have a hook to get me to care enough to rewatch it I guess. Now though that’s pretty normal, I have no desire to watch Doki’s Happiness Charge’s or GoPri’s movies again and probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ll need to review them in the future.

But that’s off-topic so let’s stick with Suite. The movie opens up similar to Fresh and GoGo’s movie where it starts with a sketch where Hummy and the Fairy Tones tell the audience about the proper use of the Miracle Lights. After that come the opening credits… which are in all honesty the best part of the movie.


Mephisto mistakes Kanade’s room for Souta’s and scares her by knocking on her window early in the morning. Kanade screams and Mephisto falls off his ladder while Souta calls the police on him, leading to the King of Major Land’s arrest.

The reason Mephisto was trying to reach Souta is because he knows Souta is close to Ako and Mephisto and Ako are going back to Major Land. Obviously this is a non-canon movie as in the series Ako quickly rejected the idea and knew she had to fight on with the others etc. I suppose this movie is sort of a “what if” scenario where Ako initially did decide to return to Major Land with Mephisto. Mephisto is still guilty over what he did and wants all of them to be a big happy family again.


Souta doesn’t really take this news well when Ako tells him but soon after that there’s a horrible howling noise that rings throughout Kanon Town and after it’s ended they find that all the instruments in town no longer produce music. The music has been stolen away by something and Major Land cant be contacted by Mephisto either. The girls and Mephisto decide to go to Major Land to see what’s happened.


It looks like Major Land and the palace have been taken over by some evil power, it has a vague bird resemblance like Noise. The people in Major Land are also frozen and there’s no music.


Our heroes find a single lone girl (who for absolutely no logical reason has not been affected by the evil power in Major Land, unlike everyone else) and Ako recognizes her as Suzu, an old friend of hers. Suzu tells them Aphrodite is responsible for everything that’s happened, she made an announcement and suddenly took all the music away. She called all music and is trying to create a land of silence now.

Mephisto goes off to the palace to discover the truth and Ako follows him, the other three run after Suzu (who ran off because she hates Ako now after what’s happened).

In the palace Aphrodite can sense Crescendo Tone nearby and sends the Major Three after the Healing Chest.


Mephisto tries to cheer Ako up as they go to the palace, but he can’t remember her favorite song, so she just says it isn’t time for music anyways and that she’s strong enough not to need him. The two of them get to Aphrodite but Ako gets trapped inside of some orb that bombards her with painful noise. The other girls meanwhile lose Suzu and she takes the Healing Chest from them to go heal her frozen parents.


The Major Three, the first idol group of Major Land, then attack them.

Mephisto needs to use the power of music to break the orb, cause reasons, but he still cant remember Ako’s favorite song.

The Major Three create a Negatone together and the girls transform to fight it.


Melody and Rhythtm get stuck together by the Negatone, it fires out some elastic brass, and as they humorously find out can no longer call out their Belltiers with their hands so close together. Hummy tries looking for the Healing Chest while Beat looks for her and fights the Major Three. The Major Three get tricked by a fake chest Suzu left behind and so Beat and Hummy go looking for her while Melody and Rhythm finally defeat the Negatone.

Aphrodite destroys the fake chest when the Major Three brings it to her and has them wait for Precure in the palace. They turn into big monsters and fight the girls one on one. There’s some good action here, especially in Melody’s fight.

Mephisto has finally remembered the right song and Ako wakes up inside the orb. She thinks about ow much she loves him and the time they spent together. Their power breaks the orb.


The feelings from Ako and Mephisto have seem to reached Aphrodite as well. Aphrodite’s soul reaches out to them and tells them that the true villain is Howling. She trapped Howling inside her body when he attacked Major Land but then got taken over from the inside. She tells them to kill her to destroy Howling. I think it’s interesting that the movie takes the opportunity to have Aphrodite get controlled by an evil power.

Anyways Mephisto cant bring himself to kill her like that so he grabs her and jumps out the window, telling Howling that he better leave her body if he doesn’t want to die.


Howling does so and Aphrodite is back to normal. Her and Mephisto are okay for now but still get swatted away by Howling. The girls fight Howling, except for Ako at first who goes to check on Mephisto and Aphrodite but then shortly transforms as well to join the fight.


Howling reveals he’s a servant of Noise working to take care of troublesome things like Precure and Crescendo Tone to pave the way for Noise’s revival.

Suzu comes back with the Healing Chest. She wants to help the Precure and her feelings with Crescendo Tone bring out a special power, it’s time for the Miracle Lights. The hearts of all the frozen people in Major Land react as well. They help the girls in the fight and turn Major Land and everyone in it back to normal.


However the lights do not kill Howling. He takes on another form, using the skeletal thing attached to the palace, and the fight continues.


He knocks down Beat and Muse and grabs Rhythm, painfully squeezing her in his hand. Melody attacks him but she isn’t strong enough to do anything. Howling practically kills her when he beats her into the ground. But the strong feelings of Rhythm, Hummy, the Fairy Tones and the powers of Crescendo Tone and the Miracle Lights bring out a new great power in Melody.


Transforming her into Crescendo Cure Melody. She instantly takes Rhythm out of Howling’s grasp and gives her some of her power. The two of them create a super strong Passionato Harmony, Passionato Harmony Crescendo and hit Howling with it. Then the 4 Cures finally finish him off with Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo. So as opposed to the main series the Suite movie kills all of its villains.

At the end of the movie Ako decides she wants to stay in Kanon Town and fight with everyone. She wants to get to know them all better too.

And the final thing is the movie ending with Hummy and the girls telling the audience they can now join in and dance with the Cure’s together in the ending theme song.

So like I said it’s an okay movie. It’s entertaining enough but the action, villain, story aren’t particularly strong compared to some other movies. It kind of sucks for the Suite movie because it’s sandwiched in between Heartcatch and Smile’s movies which are unequivocally the two best. And another thing that’s kind of dumb about the Suite movie is that it really isn’t about Hibiki enough so when she gets the big fancy super form at the end it’s just weird. That’s pinks for you though.







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