Precure All Stars DX3


All Stars DX3, the final DX movie and the tenth Precure movie overall. It’s a really fun movie that combines the strengths of 1 and 2. It’s sort of the jack of all trades movie compared to those two since the mingling and interaction between the Cures in 3 isn’t as good as it was in 2 but it’s still better than 1. And the action is not as good as it was in 1 but it’s better than it was in 2. It has more of a story than 1 but still immediately starts the plot without any actual set up or way of easing us into things like 2 does. Being the final DX movie it’s also appropriately epic.


Hibiki, Kanade and Hummy are going through a shopping mall when they see a fashion show being put on by our lovable girls from Heartcatch. All of the girls from the other seasons are there in the audience too. Hummy runs on stage and Hibiki follows her, meeting Tsubomi. Hummy starts talking and all of the other Cures and fairies in the crowd realize that something must be up and the two new girls are probably Cures as well. Just then thousands of fairies fall out of the sky. What could possibly be going on?!

The opening theme song then plays. It’s a nice CGI opening, as always I love the song.

All of the fairy worlds have merged together with Earth partially. So all the the fairies and everyone are here too. Like in DX2 you can see a bunch of the movie characters (something I never noticed until this most recent watching was that Kawarino is in the crowd with Bunbee and other secondary characters, never noticed him before). Some of the girls decide to go mess around, like Nagisa Nozomi and Saki eating a bunch of candy from the Sweets Kingdom. As expected. Hibiki and Kanade are pretty confused by all of this. Coco and Nuts, because they’re the ones who always have their heads on straight in situations like these, realize something must be happening and then a bunch of Miracle Lights appear. They believe this must have something to do with the Prism Flower. Whatever the hell that is.


Then out of the sky all of the movie villains come down to Earth to confront the Cures. And I’ll just explain this right now but no those aren’t really Toymajin and Baron Salamander. As anyone who watched their movies would know Toymajin didn’t actually die and was redeemed by the girls and lived happily ever after back in his real teddy bear body with some new child. Baron Salamander as well didn’t die and was redeemed and just went off to live with Olivier. The movie does get into this so it’s not like a plot hole or anything really but apparently the two were just remade as completely evil puppets from the residual dark energy that went away when the originals were defeated. It’s just their “likenesses” being used, they haven’t been revived like the other villains or became evil again or anything like that.


Hibiki and Kanade are surprised to see that all of the other girls around them are Cures. Everyone then transforms together and we get a looooong rolecall afterwards. This happens real early, like I said DX3 gets right into it. It’s also pretty noticeable with how many Cures there are now and how long the rolecall is that DX3 has finally hit the point where there are too many Cures for a single crossover movie to manage them all effectively and give each team more or less equal screentime/importance.


The villains say they’re after the Prism Flower and the Witch from Max Heart’s first movie tells the girls they were all brought back by “Black Hole”, the will of darkness itself. He was made from the energy of all the defeated villains that drifted through space and united into one. Fusion and Bottom were also supposedly created by Black Hole earlier. Must’ve been a proto-Black Hole since obviously Moebius and Dune’s power weren’t a part of him at that point. The Witch also kind of acts in a leadership role over the other movie villains, like Northa from DX2.

And so anyways they want to destroy the Prism Flower. It connects all the worlds together and if it’s destroyed the fairies worlds would be separated from Earth. They don’t know where it is though so the Witch starts to search for it with her crystal ball. Black Hole’s power also starts to envelope the Earth and the Witch uses her magic to separate the Cures in different worlds. We get three different groups of Cures and the villains separate as well based on chronologic order. Shadow however is left over on his own for a unique part.

The three groups of Cures are the leaders (or the 5 pinks and one black one), the secondaries and darker colored ones (White, Egret, Mint, Aqua, Berry, Marine, and Rhythm), and lastly the leftovers (mostly the bright colors but also Milky Rose and Moonlight). They get thrown into worlds from the movies, the leaders get the Labyrinth and oven mixed together from the Splash Star and GoGo movies. The secondaries get the ship graveyard and icy worlds from the Max Heart movies and the leftover group gets the board game from Fresh’s movie. The villains also go to their corresponding world (and Baron Salamander tags along with Toymajin) so Sir Loin and Mushiban face off against the leaders, Freezen Frozen and the Witch against the secondaries and Toymajin and Salamander against the others.

Naturally the first two groups just get standard fighting but the third group has to play a bunch of silly games while fighting off monsters at the same time, this part of the movie is hilarious. Incidentally a number of the games used will also be used for the game episodes of Smile and Doki Doki down the road.


There is some pretty good action in these parts but nothing quite as good or satisfying as some of the better stuff from DX1. DX3 is more about just doing some awesome stuff. Use of older seasons music is really good in it.

Still at this point the girls have trouble fighting without their normal teams. Shadow then appears back on Earth, he gets his own special part to play. What I mean by that is that he’s the comic relief villain like Uraganos was in DX2. He tries using his mirrors to find out the location of the Prism Flower. The fairies though go out to stop him and they do a pretty damn good of this, they end up defeating him by reflecting the light from their Miracle Lights off his mirrors. Back with our Cures even though they’re separated they continue to fight on so they can meet their friends again. They all know their comrades would never give up either. Melody and Rhythm are especially moved and helped by all this since they only recently made up with each other and became Cures in Suite. And even if the Cures aren’t together in body they are in their hearts.


The Cures eventually all overcome the movie villains and escape, Rhythm shatters the crystal ball of the Witch too. All 3 groups make it out of the worlds and reunite on Earth.

The villains come out too and they draw out all of their power in an attempt to defeat Precure, the ones that have stronger forms transform into them. But because the Cures are all together now they can use their stronger team attacks. One by one each team of Cures defeat their respective villains while the theme song from each season plays at the time. Melody and Rhythm get to kill Freezen and Frozen at this part since Black and White get the Witch. This part of the movie is really cool, might be my favorite part.


Things seem good now but Black Hole himself is still there.  And he’s fucking huge. He’s the biggest villain in Precure so far (Pierrot from Smile later gets bigger). He fires a single energy blast that devastates where the girls are and knocks them out of their transformations.


Their transformation items have been damaged too so they cant just go back. However from the energy blast the sky above them has cleared and they can all see something-


The Prism Flower is up there in the sky. It was hidden away in a huge cloud. Black Hole moves to destroy it. Tsubomi tries to rally everyone into not giving up hope yet. Nuts says that they can use the last bit of power in the Prism Flower to transform again but that will close the doors between their worlds. They’ll never get to see each other again as all the fairies will have to go back to their original homes.

Obviously this is something really agonizing for them all to come to terms with, except for Yuri, and a lot of the Cures and fairies start crying together. It’s a sad and pretty heartwrenching scene even if it is just for a non-canon movie and you know nothing’s reeeeeally gonna happen.


Hibiki gets them to see that they have to do it though. They recall what they said earlier, that even if they’re separated physically their hearts will always be connected. That goes for the fairies too. They cant give up now.

The girls ask the Prism Flower for the last of its power, Black Hole crushes it then but the remains turn into Miracle Lights that rain down across Earth. Everyone uses them to give power to the girls and transform them into Precure again.


The whole planet radiates energy, transforming them not just back into Cures but into their super forms (if they have them, some just get different designs with new wings). The theme song of DX3 plays as every team uses their most powerful attacks (except for the Fresh team who used Lucky Clover Grand Finale on Toymajin) and combines them together into a gigantic yellow beam.


Black Hole fires his own gigantic beam of dark energy from his mouth to meet it. But the power of all of the Cures and fairies and the people of Earth is too much even for him to overcome. Earth erupts into hearts and Black Hole is vanquished completely by the girls combined powers. The scream Melody makes at the end of the attack is amazing too.

The credits then begin to play over images of all the girls crying for their lost fairies. Yes, they’ve already had to say farewell. We also see clips played of how the Cures met the fairies and some of the fun times spent with them across the seasons. Post credits though we get to see that at the Heart Tree… which come to think of it isn’t an alterante world or anything like that so why the fuck would those fairies be separated… oh fuck it. Anyways at the Heart Tree a new Prism Flower is growing. Back on Earth as all of the Cures are playing together they look towards the sky and see a rainbow. Suddenly out of the sky all the fairies come falling back to them and we get some sweet reunions and they all lived happily ever after. Except for Yuri and Cologne.


It’s easy to tell why for the next crossover movie they decided to go in a different direction. How can you top this? And simply there are too many Cures to do a single movie in this style again, and next year there would even be SEVEN more. It would be completely unworkable. They had to do something different. DX3 was also just too epic for them to try and beat next year. The villains in the DX movies got bigger and more powerful and if they tried to do the same thing again it would just be silly.  And it would be difficult to match emotionally with the “We’ll never see our fairies again?” part. So next year All Stars New Stage goes its own way.

DX3 was a really good movie and kind of a sendoff to this age of Precure. Black Hole was the combined darkness of all the villains they fought and together all the Precure teams defeated him. DX3 has a “final” feeling to it. It was also just a good and enjoyable movie in its own right. It fixed the problem DX2 had of focusing too much on the new girls too, DX3 was much more even in its spread even though the Suite and Heartcatch girls were still central. That being said it still couldn’t give much to everyone.

Farewell All Stars DX. You will be missed.

Well… Smile Precure gives “homage” to this movie in a big way though.











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