Heartcatch Precure the Movie


The Heartcatch Precure movie is the best Precure movie. For the reason that it actually feels like a real movie and not just a sequence of events. It has a good story and well developed original characters. Add to that it has the good action typical of Heartcatch and as is typical for any Precure movie very well animated. It’s just plain good. It’s also pretty cool how instead of going to some unique movie world with some new group of fairies and what have you like in the past movies the Heartcatch movie simply takes place in Paris. So it’s a cool change up. France also holds some relevance to the main series so there’s that too. You can essentially watch this movie at any point after episodes 37 and 38.


The movie opens with two strange people standing on the Eiffel Tower looking out over the city of Paris. The taller and older one talks about how the last of his power is here, he says he wants to destroy the world and mentions “detestable” people like the King of the Desert Messengers (Dune of course) and Cure Ange (whoever that is). But his partner, Loup-Garou, takes his crystal and asks him not to destroy the world. But the “Baron” who Loup-Garou also calls his father attacks him…

We then cut to the girls in Paris. Erika mentions how a werewolf has supposedly been sighted recently in Paris, the credits then play as we see Loup-Garou fleeing from a swarm of Bat Snacky’s. After the credits finish we learn the girls are here for a fashion show event. They’ll actually be participating with clothes they designed and made. Loup-Garou continues to flee the Snacky’s and he runs into Tsubomi.


Tsubomi is worried because of how hurt he looks, he tries to just run off by she keeps tying him up and the swarm of Snacky’s catches up to him. He picks her up and runs off with her, Erika and Itsuki see this and chase after her. They stop following for some reason soon but Tsubomi still wont leave Loup-Garou alone.

The Baron then appears before them, Baron Salamander. He asks for Loup-Garou to come back with him and give him the crystal but Loup-Garou refuses. Baron Salamander hits him with the swarm of Snacky’s and turns him into a big Desertrian. Tsubomi transforms and Salamander is surprised to see a Precure. Blossom tries to quell Loup-Garou’s sadness and anger, the fight is pretty good, Erika and Itsuki see this going on and transform as well. They manage to defeat the Desertrian with Precure Shining Fortissimo. Nice to see that attack since it’s pretty cool and unfortunately wasn’t used that much in the main series. After the fight Salamander talks to them and tells the girls that he’s a Desert Messenger as well. He wants Loup-Garou back but Tsubomi wont agree to it. So Salamander simply tells him to return before the full moon.


We then get a flashback to how Loup-Garou met Baron Salamander. He was a young orphan who heard Salaamnder’s voice calling for him in an old castle (which I believe is supposed to be Mont Saint-Michel). Loup-Garou found him sealed away in some sort of void, he’s been there for the last 400 years and it’s also where the last bit of his power is still sealed. The two have been together since, Loup-Garou said he wanted a father and mother and Salamander says he never had any either so they might as well search for them together.

In the present Loup-Garou wakes up in the girls hotel. They all introduce themselves to him. Tsubomi spends some time bonding with him (as far as the Cures go this movie is pretty much entirely Tsubomi’s) and she gives him the nickname Olivier. Salamander was the one who called him Loup-Garou, which simply means Werewolf, so she wants to give him a new name. Tsubomi is all over the poor kid, he gets annoyed at her but there’s no real ill will to it. All of the other girls end up spending some one on one time with him too. They tell him about how each of them has influenced and changed each other and that they all truly understand each other.

But the night of the full moon is here and Olivier begins to transform. However Tsubomi calms him and keeps him from losing total control. But the full moon will still hang in the sky tomorrow. The next day Yuri goes out for a walk with Olivier. He shows her Salamander’s crystal, it holds a lot of his power, they’ve been searching for pieces of it all over the world after it got scattered years ago.


Apparently Salamander implanted a piece of his crystal into Olivier and that’s what turned him into a werewolf in the first place. Over time Olivier became upset at Baron Salamander’s obsession and his destructive desires. Yuri tells Olivier about her father and how he’s been missing for years after supposedly going to research the Heart Tree in France, how she has so much to tell him whenever she sees him again and that Olivier needs to be able to speak with his “father” and tell him how he feels when he sees him again.

The two then come across Salamander and Yuri transforms to fight him. There isn’t much fighting at first because Moonlight is confused, he isn’t acting like a normal Desert Messenger and he doesn’t seem to care about Heart Flowers or anything like that.


Yuri then suddenly shows up alone back at the hotel. She tells everyone that Olivier willingly went back with Salamander and we get a flashback to what happened.

Salamander tells Yuri his story. He was the first of the Desert Messengers to make it to Earth and he was defeated by the first Precure ever, Cure Ange. Unlike Dune Salamander just wants to destroy the world, as a child he wanted to learn the meaning of his existence and what was in Dune’s heart and how it worked. But Dune hates hearts and was annoyed by Salamander so he cast him out. When he was defeated by Ange he eventually decided to get revenge on both Dune and the Precure by destroying the world. His hatred has festered over the centuries and became a great power, the key to it is the piece of power inside Olivier. When the main portion of his power is released it will merge with and swallow Olivier. He asks Olivier to come with him and they’ll simply destroy everything and end it all. Monsters have no place in this world he says.

Olivier thinks about everything he’s learned from Tsuvomi and the others and he stops Moonlight and Baron Salamander from fighting more, he says he cant be with the girls because he’s a monster and decides to willingly go with Baron Salamander. Yuri finishes telling Tsubomi all this and she runs out to look for Olivier. Erika stops her though. Because all 4 of them are going to look for him together. They’ve also contacted Kaoruko for some help.

At the castle where the Baron’s power is stored Olivier still asks him not to destroy the world. He’s unwavering though so Olivier resorts to fighting but Salamander still overpowers him. The full moon is out again and without Tsubomi Olivier loses control of himself completely, the seal that holds the rest of Salamander’s power weakens and Salamander sets Olivier to destroying the rest of the castle to get it all.


Blossom and marine show up to stop Oliver while Sunshine and Moonlight fight Salamander down in the void below the castle. Good action again, Olivier can’t hear Blossom’s voice at all though, he’s just a wild beast at this point. But Blossom still plans on healing his heart and making him remember her. Eventually she does reach him after taking an attack from Marine meant for him.


Moonlight and Sunshine however are unable to stop the Baron and he gets all of his power back, transforming into a gigantic dragon. Pretty cool. He starts attacking the city but Coupe arrives to help and punches him in the face. Coupe gets to punch a dragon. Pretty awesome. The 4 girls tell Olivier he can still help them defeat the Baron and bring out the light in his heart.


The girls then use Heartcatch Orchestra. But Baron Salamander is able to resist it for a while, almost defeating it. But Olivier pulls out his power and cheers for Precure, there’s a crowd that’s been watching the dragon and everything going on and Olivier goes to a camera crew that’s been filming it all and talks to everyone and asks them to send their power to Pretty Cure. So this is where the Miracle Lights come in. However it’s a little different here as only the fairies actually get the lights and all of the kids and people watching just send the power of their hearts and feelings to them. This powers up the Heartcatch Orchestra and they overcome Baron Salamander and purify his dragon form.

Salamander is back to his human form but still alive. His power crystal this time is completely vaporized. Olivier asks him to go on another journey together again. Happy end. Olivier does still love him and view him as a father after all. During the ending credits the girls do their fashion show they came to Paris for and a remixed version of the second ending son plays.


Good movie, definitely worth watching and it even ties in really well with the main series… well sort of. Baron Salamander and Olivier make the smallest of cameos in episode 48 of Heartcatch to give backstory to someone… and it ends up creating a giant plot hole but whatever. The movie is still clearly cannon at least and doesn’t mess things up some other ones, I would definitely say to watch it before finishing Heartcatch.





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