Pretty Cure All Stars DX2


Ah, All Stars DX2. A charming movie that does some things better and some things worse than the first one. It’s definitely an enjoyable experience but not as good of a crossover as DX1. DX2 goes for a more story based approach, whereas 1 had no plot to speak of 2 certainly does have a genuine story and the best plot out of the first three All Stars movies. There’s much more setup to it as well, you don’t get directly thrown into the action immediately and there are more in between scenes without fighting than 1 had. Depending on what you want out of a crossover movie I could definitely see people liking 2 more than 1 although to me personally it focuses far too much on Tsubomi and Erika for me to view it as a better movie. The Fresh girls had a unique part to play in the first movie but the entirety of DX2 is centered around Tsubomi and Erika and we don’t really get any separate scenes with just one of the other teams. So all the teams before Fresh don’t really appear that much or have their own parts like they did in the first movie. So while the movie has a better story, and there’s more interaction between the Cures outside of when they’re fighting, it’s not as good at the “crossover” part because the movie is so unproportionately balanced between the teams.


Pretty cool looking

The movie opens with Tsubomi and Erika. Tsubomi is freaking out because Shypre and Coffret (their fairies) have left somewhere and she thinks they’ve ran away. Despite the fact that they left a map telling them to come find them. Tsubomi thinks something serious is going on but really it’s just the opening of an amusement park. The credits then play and we get to see every other team and all the fairies getting ready to go to the amusement park too. This time the Cures all plan to meet up with each other.

But as everyone gathers at the park some dark power drops into the ocean around it. It’s an evil that’s been asleep for 1000 years, it wants the Rainbow Jewel and it revives a bunch of the evil villains to get it.

As Tsubomi and Erika arrive they see Shypre and Coffret handing out Miracle Lights to everyone who enters the park. Along with Tsubomi and Erika a bunch of old side characters are looking to get in as well, like Bunbee, Michiru and Kaoru and Minori, who all have lines this movie. It’s nice to see them again and actually have them speaking. Milk then comes out and has Tsubomi and Erika enter the park and she takes over Shypre and Coffret’s duties, letting them join their partners. There are more old characters inside the park, including movie characters like Chocola. Lots of nice fanservice.


Coco and Nuts are there as well and they tell all of the kids (the ones in the audience too) about the Rainbow Jewel. It represents the hopes and dreams of everyone in the world and it opens up every 1000 years. There’s a heart shaped gauge in the park that marks when the Rainbow Jewel will open, it happens sometime today!

Tsubomi and Erika then run into Love and the other Fresh girls, neither of them know the others are Cures yet.


Love tells them that they’re looking for their friends but because Love lost their tickets earlier they arrived late to the park. Tsubomi offers to help them look and the 6 of them go searching together but still can’t find any teams. Very different from DX1 to have this long sequence at the beginning with the girls just hanging out for a while and chatting. It’s a nice change of pace compared to the first movie getting directly into the action as soon as possible. I wish Erika and Tsubomi could’ve interacted a bit more with the other teams but oh well, these movies are just too short.

Suddenly then 4 of the revived minions arrive at the amusement park and come down right in front of the group. All of the other Cures can see something happening and they start to rush over to the Fresh and Heartcatch girls location. Our 4 lead villains are…


Northa, Mucardia, Kintolesky and Uraganos. The best possible group they could’ve picked since Kawarino wasn’t dead and Anacondy might’ve been sort of redeemed or forgiven in the end? Or at least became a tragic figure. Not like these movies follow cannon at all though so whatever. I’m gonna talk about the revived villains a little more, Dorodoron is the only Splash Star villain to not be revived, both SS and Yes5 and GoGo contribute 4 villains to the movie and unfortunately Uraganos is the only one from the original series. It’s really fun to see them again and I like how the DX movies progress from monsters of the week in 1 to minions in 2. I guess Bunbee gets lines because if you’re gonna have Uraganos appear you might as well have Bunbee do some stuff to.

Tsubomi and Erika transform to protect Love and the others, obviously not knowing that they can well take care of themselves. And I really love Blossom and Marine’s duo transformation, it’s one of the best duo transformations in the franchise. The Fresh team then transform as well and the fighting begins. Blossom and Marine are totally outclassed and can’t do anything to the veteran villains, Northa tells Peach that they were revived by “Bottom”. Kintolesky tears a chunk out of the ground and throws it out to the bridge, smashing it and making sure no one gets in or out of the park. Luckily the civilians have all been evacuated by now.

Anyways the fighting is okay but there’s no conclusiveness to it. We get little bits of fights strewn about the movie and that’s it. 2 really is not as awesome as 1 and the action overall definitely is not as strong.


The other teams arrive shortly and we get a role call and they all pose together. Blossom and Marine are very surprised to see so many other Cures. Northa tells the other villains they can retreat for now, since they know where the Rainbow Jewel is they can grab it later. Northa is sort of de facto in charge of the other villains this movie. Which makes sense seeing as not only is she the most recent villain but she’s easily the smartest and most competent of all the ones revived as well. The girls detransform and they and the fairies get together to figure out what’s going on.

The fairies know this must all be because of the Rainbow Jewel. But none of the Cures are really discouraged or worried about anything, they’re all together and they wont let anything get them down.

Of course right then is when Bottom shoots out of the ground and envelopes the Rainbow Jewel in his power. All of the revived villains appear and tell the Cures that Bottom is looking to create a world of darkness when he gains the infinite power of the Rainbow Jewel. The villains use their power of darkness to transform the amusement park into a hellish carnival and separate all of the Cures and their fairies. Wow! Unlike DX1 this movie has an actual narrative.


There is some amazingly good animation while this is happening.

Soon the Rainbow Jewel will open and Bottom will have it.All the fairies are together and Coco tells them that they can use the Miracle Lights to find where the jewel is now. Unfortunately they don’t have the miracle lights so they have to go look for them first. But the fairies that are necessary for transformation go out to find their partners while the leftovers go looking for the lights.

Tsubomi and Erika find Mepple and Mipple but Karehaan and Arachnea find them too. Yeah the other villains are Karehaan, Moerumba, Ms. Shitataare, Arachnea, Hadenya, and Nebatakos. Luckily the Fresh team jump in to save them since they and the GoGo girls don’t need any fairy to transform. During the fight a really nice instrumental version of Fresh’s opening theme song plays and I can’t for the life of me find the track anywhere. The fight is pretty good but again it has no ending and the Fresh girls tell Tsubomi and Erika to find their fairies and the others and get to the Rainbow Jewel while they fend off Karehaan and Arachnea.

As Shypre and Coffret are out looking for Tsubomi and Erika they get caught by Ms. Shitataare. At the same time Tsubomi, Erika, Mepple and Mipple fall down some black hole thing. They end up inside the planetarium where Ms. Shitataare and Moerumba come to attack them. Ms. Shitataare has Shypre and Coffret and she mocks the girls as she and Moerumba get ready to destroy them all. Luckily the GoGo team and Milky Rose arrive in the nick of time, Rose gets Shypre and Coffret to safety. Tsubomi and Erika transform and they all go outside to fight. Hadenya shows up too. The GoGo girls tell Blossom and Marine to go on with Mepple and Mipple while they take care of things here. Good but again anti-climactic action ensues.


MEANWHILE. The other fairies get chased around by Uraganos while they search for the Miracle Lights in a pretty comical scene. The first movie didn’t have comedy like this. The fairies find the Miracle Lights and they use them to make Uraganos disappear with them, something I don’t like for reasons I’ll get into in a bit. They then use the lights to show Pretty Cure where the Rainbow Jewel is being held by Bottom now so they can get to it before it opens. Blossom and Marine see it and go off towards it. Mepple and Mipple can sense Porun and Lulun around and they part ways to find them.

As Blossom and Marine go onward to the jewel they get accosted by the strongest villains, Northa, Mucardia, Kintolesky and… Nebatakos. Yeah. This is why I don’t like Uraganos getting killed by the fairies. Now we have two GoGo villains in the final group with no representation from the original series and to make it worse Nebatakos is an early flunky in GoGo. Nebatakos could’ve easily taken Uragano’s place as the bumbling oaf to get killed by the fairies instead.

Blossom and Marine realize they stand no chance against the four, all hope seems lost when…


We get the coolest rescue of the movie. Black, White, Luminous, Bloom and Egret come in to save Blossom and Marine and show them how real Precure’s fight. Yeah, even Luminous gets to do something cool. The movie even throws in some more fanservice by having Black and White use the original Marble Screw. Bloom and Egret throw Blossom and Marine to the Rainbow Jewel just as it’s about to open.

But the blob of Darkness that is Bottom stops them from getting it. We then see that all the fights are going poorly for Pretty Cure. All the villains are powering up and turning into their super forms if they have them. Blossom and Marine can’t stop Bottom from taking the Rainbow Jewel as it opens and getting its power. He absorbs all the other villains into him and the Pretty Cure’s powers weaken drastically.


And then he rises from the depths. He’s CGI too. Unfortunately.

Blossom refuses to give up just because they’ve lost the Rainbow Jewel though. And dear god I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve almost called it either Miracle Jewel or mistakenly wrote Miracle Lights or something like that. For the love of god some of these things names are too similar.

Blossom and Marine fight Bottom alone for a bit, like the Fresh movie this is CGI and not very good looking. They can’t do anything to him alone but their refusal to give up causes the Miracle Lights to react. Everyone, including the civilians watching from the shoreline, wave the lights for Pretty Cure. Everyone is given wings and they all join up in the sky to fight against Bottom. It can’t compare to the fight against Fusion but it’s cool.


It’s kind of annoying but Blossom and Marine are easily the focus of the final fight, they take center stage and are even in the middle of the big combined attack the Cures use. The fight against Fusion was far more equal and no team was leading it or anything. But here Blossom and Marine are the special snowflakes.


The teams all join together for a single huge attack: Precure Rainbow Jewel Solution. And they destroy Bottom with it.

We then get some last few scenes of all the girls having fun together in the amusement park. Definitely does this kind of stuff better than DX1.


And finally to end the movie we get a big CGI dance concert where all of the teams dance briefly to their opening theme songs before all coming together at the end to dance along with Heartcatch’s theme. There’s an extended version that continues with theme dancing to the All Stars theme song too. And… honestly this concert may be my favorite part of DX2.

DX2 is a good addition to the franchise, it’s nice that they didn’t just recreate 1. They fixed some problems 1 had and created some new ones out of thin air. Nothing’s perfect though, they traded some flaws for others. It’s still fun.








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