Fresh Precure the Movie


This movie is the first to be completely separate from the main story in every way. The GoGo movie came close but still had a Hoshiina and Bunbee at the beginning. The Fresh movie is the first and still one of the few to not have the normal monster of the week in it at all. And the main villain in it, like Mushiban from GoGo’s, has no relation to Labyrinth nor any sort of goal that intertwines with Moebius or the other plot points in Fresh. Chronologically it takes place sometime after the girls get the use of Lucky Clover Grand Finale. So let’s say between 37 and 38, why not.

Overall it’s an okay movie. Certain ideas from it would be used in some later movies and improved on. Most notably in Smile’s and Doki’s movies. Let’s check it out!

Well first off it opens with a little intro skit that goes on for a few minutes. Tarte, Chiffon, and Kaoru introduce the Miracle Lights and how the kids should behave with them. A special version of the opening song then plays, it sounds more electric and faster and the visuals are changed a bit as well. It’s catchy, possibly even moreso than the second version of the opening.


So all the girls are getting ready for a pajama party at Love and Setsuna’s. But some evil guy (who likes like a big toy robot) in an undisclosed location is also about to start his evil plan of taking away all the toys in the world, because children just forget about and abandon them anyways. The pajama party is pretty cute though, the girls all have a fun time but then they see a news report about all the toys disappearing. Sounds like something Soular would do and at first of course they think Labyrinth is behind it but Tarte tells them that’s not the case.

Suddenly a voice starts calling out for Love, it turns out to be her old rabbit doll Usapyon. She’s been sitting in Love’s closet forgotten by her for years. But she asks Love to come with her to the Kingdom of Toys to stop Toymajin. Who’s behind all of this. She doesn’t want kids to lose their toys and be upset like Toymajin does. The girls decide to go there with her and they use Akarun to teleport them.


Only Westar and Soular came here in the show, the girls never visited. Anyways the place looks normal enough and the girls have no idea where Toymajin is so they go looking around. But when they mention Toymajin’s name everyone runs away in fear. Toymajin is watching them through some kind of toy mirror, wondering why Usapyon brought them, he decides to deal with Pretty Cure and Usapyon now. Some roulette toy called Count Roulette comes up to the girls and tells them he knows where Toymajin is.


He leads them to a board game and tells them that to reach Toymajin they need to get to the goal. When the girls land on a spot they get transported to a “game”. Love has to fight a Bruce Lee style mannequin, Miki is in a space shooter, Bukki gets chased around by a T-Rex and Setsuna is on a big chessboard with rather animated knights and pawns. Miki only appears briefly in her space outfit before transforming but I feel I have to mention that the outfit accentuates her butt and legs. As expected of Miki. None of them really play games though, Miki drives a little spaceship for a bit but besides that it’s basically just fighting through the board game.


Peach’s fight against Bruce Lee is good. During all this Toymajin has Count Roulette transport Usapyon to him while Tarte and Chiffon land on “Take a rest for a turn” and are forced to fall asleep. The girls all get through their games with little effort though so Toymajin projects an image of himself to all of them and tells them what he’s doing and why.

He tells them he wont return the toys to Earth. He came to exist in the first place because of all the kids who threw away and forgot their toys, the whole Kingdom of Toys is made up of toys like this. He’s going to conquer the world the children of Earth live in so no toy will ever be thrown away again. Peach after hearing this decides she needs to apologize to Usapyon for forgetting about her. Toymajin though absorbs Usapyon and has Count Roulette teleport Pretty Cure to him so that he can defeat them.


It’s an alright fight. Not especially great by Fresh or Precure movie standards but okay. Toymajin is really tough and they have trouble actually affecting him with their attacks. They want him to stop what he’s doing, they can understand his pain but tell him it’s wrong to take his anger out on the children. Toymajin shows them how his whole body is actually made of all the abandoned toys and inside of him Peach can see Usapyon. Peach thinks this means she abandoned Usapyon and that Usapyon really resents her too, not knowing that Toymajin forcefully absorbed her. But Berry is able to snap Peach out of her despair and gets her to remember the importance of what they’re fighting for, they’re Pretty Cure and they have a job to do. For the kids.

They use their attacks, both the individual ones and Lucky Clover Grand Finale, on Toymajin. But all it does is cause Toymajin to go into a stronger form. He gathers up all the toys in the Kingdom, using their resentment towards the kids that abandoned them and transforming into a gigantic bear monster whose body is composed of all the toys put together.


It’s also CGI. First movie to do this, a few later movies would have CGI for the big battles as well. Recently the Go Princess movie did a whole bunch of stuff in CGI. Anyways the CGI in the movie, for when it was made, is not bad but I don’t particularly care for it’s use. Stick to normal animation please. What’s weird is that it keeps shifting between CGI and normal animation, far away shots will be CGI, Toymajin will always be CGI, but when it goes up close to the girls and we see them talking it’s back to standard animation.

Aaaaaanyways Peach runs up his body to try and grab Usapyon. She actually gets knocked out of her transformation so the other girls have to distract him but she does find Usapyon on him. Love apologizes to her but Usapyon says Love never abandoned her in the first place and Usapyon isn’t angry or anything. Love just forgot about her over time as she grew up. But the other toys making up Toymajin are still angry and resentful, a lot of them did get abandoned or thrown away after all. Usapyon tells Love that words alone aren’t enough anymore, the true feelings of happiness that all the kids had with their toys needs to be conveyed a different way somehow. Love decides that the way to do it is to convey all those kids feelings through herself. This is where the Miracle Lights come in.


Kids in the audience are supposed to wave the lights now. This is really a lot more 4th wall breaking than any other use, cause even though every movie has the characters talk to the camera and tell the kids to start waving the lights there’s always also some characters in the movies waving the lights as well. That doesn’t happen in the Fresh movie, they ask for the children to show their love for the abandoned toys and whatnot and light and hearts start to appear in the sky. In other movies there would be physical Miracle Lights that would appear for characters to wave but no such thing here. It’s entirely up to the kids in the audience.

Chiffon uses some of her power when this all happens and just like with what would happen in the finale Love’s Pickrun gets transformed and it causes Love to transform into Cure Angel. Her movie and finale forms are pretty much exactly the same, in other movies the Pinks would get a super form completely different from the one they get in the finale. So Love as Cure Angel gathers up all of the children’s feelings and uses Loving True Heart on Toymajin and all of the toys. The toys resentment is cured and Toymajin’s body disappears, leaving a single stuffed bear toy left. His orginal form. He too can remember the happy feelings he had when he was with children and he decides to believe in them again.


They all go back to Earth and everything is normal thanks to Pretty Cure, the toys are back. The movie ends with love giving Toymajin to a little girl, and we also see that Love has kept Usapyon with her.

Yeah, it’s a fun enough movie but it doesn’t have anything to really make it stand out as an exceptionally good one. It’s not as just flat out absurd as GoGo’s movie either. The Smile movie takes a lot of stuff Fresh’s movie does and vastly improves on it.




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