Pretty Cure All Stars DX


The first of the yearly crossover movies of an amazing franchise. And it starts with a bang. Really these movies are just the best kind of fanservice. It’s great not to just see all of the older Cures again but also together. I’m so glad they made these movies. And these movies are really pretty unique in the anime world, what other series has a kind of massive crossover like this? I have to wonder if the existence of these movies is somewhat owed to Kamen Rider Decade, since it was airing at the same time, and Toei just felt like doing big crossovers. Gokaiger would come 2 years later for the Super Sentai franchise.

But this movie is just so fun. It has the barest plot and breaks canon all over the place and has a bunch of stuff in it that makes absolutely no sense but who the hell cares? Every Pretty Cure team is fighting together and kicking ass! This first All Stars movie, DX1, is also easily the most plainly enjoyable and simple. It’s a ride from beginning to end that practically never slows down and is filled with action.


The movie starts off with Love, Miki, and Inori (or Bukki as everyone and myself will be calling her) coming to the big city for a dance competition. At the point this movie came out the Fresh girls had done little more than be introduced in their season. All of the All Stars movies come out at the same time each year, very early in the currently airing seasons run. But they’re still fun characters even though this movie doesn’t really show what makes them so fun.

Anyways the three of them are pretty much lost and Love decides to ask someone for directions. This someone turns out to be Nozomi. The two of them stare at each other as if mesmerized for a little while when they first meet each other face to face, but Nozomi gets called over by Rin and rejoins her friends, saying goodbye to Love. And then the very, very catchy opening theme song plays. Slightly updated versions of the song would be used in DX2 and 3 as well. It’s a nice song and the lyrics are incredibly sugary sweet. During the opening we see scenes that show what the other girls are up to and how they’ll eventually all meet up together, Nagisa and Honoka are gonna go to Panpakapan, Saki and Mai are going to visit Nutts House, and the GoGo team are going to Tako cafe.


As the opening ends we then see a Zakenna, Uzainaa, Kowaina, and Hoshina combine in darkness. Creating a new villain called Fusion who seeks to absorb the world and create a new one of darkness. But first he has to gather power. He drops down from the sky right by the Fresh girls. This movie starts very fast, there’s no dilly dallying here compared to some of the other crossover ones. Especially DX2. We get into the action immediately as the girls transform and fight him, Fusion is still pretty weak right now and he seems to just sort of evaporate suddenly. Tarte then tells the girls he has to go to a meeting of all the fairies in the Palmier Kingdom and so he leaves Chiffon with them and heads off. Unaware that a part of Fusion is following him.

Also the girls immediately lose Chiffon.


So at Palmier Coco and Nuts show off the Miracle Lights they made after feeling some sort of dark power (Fusion). Mipple, Mepple, and all of the other fairies are there except for Milk who’s with her team making for one very noisy meeting. Tarte then bursts in and tells everyone about Fusion. Who then of course immediately appears attempting to absorb the fairies and take their power. They all get scattered trying to fight him off and escape but they have to leave the Miracle Lights behind.

The GoGo girls arrive at Tako Cafe, Akane (and Shiho and Rina who are also there) mention how Nozomi and the girls playful bickering reminds them of Nagisa and Honoka. But you know who isn’t at Tako Cafe? Hikaru. Where are you Dark King?

Well shortly after they get there Lulun falls from the sky and hits Nozomi. Followed by a glob of Fusion that transforms into a Hoshina. The girls transform and fight him but cant damage him and when they use their attacks he simply absorbs them and flies off, satisfied with the power he’s gained. The animation is really good throughout this movie and there’s a lot of great action and it’s especially nice to hear a lot of music from the past seasons used as well.  And of course, there are many transformations. Many. As a side note Lulun and Milk get along well, oddly fitting.

Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari visit Panpakapan and buy some chocolate cornets. Minori mentions to her mom how Nagisa reminds her of Saki. Always great to see Minori again, she’s still probably the best sibling character in Precure. The girls are resting at the sky tree getting ready to eat when Moop and Fuup come out and hit Nagisa, a different piece of Fusion then comes out as well demanding “them”. And Nagisa…


Has not changed.

Mepple, Mipple, and Porun then come out and the Max Heart team fight the Fusion piece, which transforms into a Zakenna. Or to be exact Black and White fight while Luminous stands around. It’s a really nice fight and it’s cool how they include White’s signature flip. You get to see the different fighting styles of each team pretty well actually, the Splash Star girls use their barriers when they fight too and they sort of do their signature double jump as well. Black and White try using Marble Screw Max on the “Zakenna” but of course he simply absorbs it and flies off.

Finally we come to Saki and Mai, whoa re dejected to see that Nutts house is closed for the day. As they sit around outside Syrup, Coco, and Nuts, come falling out of the sky and run off while being chased by Fusion. Saki and Mai help protect them until Flappi and Choppi come in as well. They transform and yadda yadda, I think you know what happens by this point.


The three parts of Fusion that absorbed Pretty Cure’s powers coalesce into one. He ends up looking a lot like the final form the Seeds of Evil took at the end of Futari Wa. He’s also voiced by the same guy who did Scorp’s voice in GoGo.

Love, Bukki, and Miki meanwhile have been looking for Chiffon this whole time. Tarte then comes to tell them about what happened at the meeting. We then see that Chiffon has managed to find her way to Palmier and she picks up one of the abandoned Miracle Lights. But a glob of Fusion suddenly appears behind her…

Back on Earth Fusion decides to absorb the world and bring it all inside him, making it his power. He creates a sea of darkness that starts to spread through the city. Nozomi promises to Lulun that she’ll help her find her friends, she and all the other Cures then see the darkness spreading and they all go to it.

The Fresh girls transform again and Fusion comes to fight them directly. They’re no match for him this time and he engulfs them in darkness, trying to absorb them. He says all will become one inside of him and this stuff actually ties in pretty well with the themes of individuality in Fresh. Free will vs. control and stuff like that. So I like that they tied that stuff in with this movie.


We then get a great stream of action sequences as the GoGo, Max Heart and Splash Star teams all arrive in the city to stop Fusion. But they’re confronted by an army of monsters from across the seasons, which is cool and I like seeing all those monsters of the week again. The GoGo team gets to the city first and as they fight the opening theme song of GoGo plays. This happens with Max Heart and Splash Star’s songs too when they come in, I love it. The GoGo girls get split up into two groups of Mint, Aqua and Rose and then Rogue, Lemonade and Dream. As a gigantic airplane Zakenna is about to come crashing down on the former group Black and White appear and KICK IT SO HARD IT EXPLODES.

Awesome. I guess they can just kick things to death now instead of purifying them with their attacks.

Lulun gets reunited with them and for the first time ever two different teams of Pretty Cure are fighting in battle together. Bloom and Egret then come and save Dream, Rouge and Lemonade. I really like this whole “older teams saving the newer ones” and I’m glad that other movies do it too.


The other teams defeat the army of monsters so we come back to the Fresh girls refusing to give in to Fusion. Berry, Pine and Peach support each other and work together to overcome Fusion and promise to find Chiffon. Just as Fusion is about to go all out on them his dark bubble thing is broken from the outside.


All teams together! Epic role call and posing time!

The Fresh girls are happy to see all of the other teams, who reassure them that they didn’t need saving and that they had already saved themselves from Fusion. Seeing them all here Fusion grows gigantic to fight them.


And looking pretty Dark Kingish while he’s at it.

He can’t make them give up and as the girls talk to him and each other they realize that they “know them” from the places they visited earlier in the movie and Peach asks them to come see their dance competition after they defeat Fusion.  And then we get a really great fight that’s easily one of the coolest fights in any All Stars movie. The movie shows off some of the most emotional and powerful scenes in the earlier seasons as the girls tell Fusion that all of the different people they’ve met have changed them and made them better people and why they’re so strong and will never give up. Bright and Windy easily get the coolest moment of the fight as they do something similar to what they did in the fight against Gohyaan, flying high into the air and shooting down a giant energy bomb at Fusion.

Still it’s not enough to defeat him. But lo and behold!


This is when Chiffon comes in with a Miracle Light. She had destroyed the piece of Fusion earlier with its power. She uses her power and sends out a bunch of other Miracle Lights to all the other fairies. Everyone works hard together to cheer on Pretty Cure and power them up enough to beat Fusion.

All of the girls use their group attacks (except for the Fresh team who don’t have it yet and just use their individual ones together) which combine into a giant spiraling beam to obliterate Fusion while the All Stars DX theme song plays.


Everyone pours all of their power into this attack and they scream in unison to finally overcome Fusion and save the day. The whole screaming thing would be repeated in DX2 and 3, the one in 3 is incredible.

So at the end the other girls watch Love, Miki and Bukki dance. And because this movie occurs early on in Fresh they suck something awful and screw up almost immediately. As the ending theme song plays we get a montage of all of the girls hanging out and having fun together. Honestly I wouldn’t mind a movie that was entirely this. Lastly they take a picture together to commemorate the moment.


An extremely fun movie. Great way to start the All Stars series. It’s total fanservice and not until later movies would they really try to do more “complex” things with them. As complex as any Pretty Cure movie gets that is.

So much nonsense though, apparently everyone lives in the same world and all of the cities they live in are close enough in viewing distance of this one big city. The Dark Zone and Dark Fall are also completely incompatible to exist side by side. Bloom and Egret are able to change into Bright and Windy in the middle of a fight, which is really cool but still nonsense. And really sad as well cause Michiru and Kaoru don’t appear outside of a very small cameo at the end. Not even any lines in this one. Poor Michiru and Kaoru are so mistreated in the All Stars movies. It’s like Toei wants to pretend they don’t exist. I also have no idea if Chiffon is a girl or a boy, if it was mentioned I can’t remember for the life of me. And I do wish there was more just hanging out stuff instead of just a montage during the end credits. Thankfully most of the other All Stars movies do better with this.

I just can’t convey how great it is that these movies exist, allowing us to see the old characters again and having them all meet each other every year. I hope Pretty Cure and All Stars keeps going for a long time.







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