Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!


That is an excited title I tell you what. Well here we are at the second and final sequel season Pretty Cure would produce so far. Because Yes5 was a huge success compared to Splash Star they probably thought they could prolong that power, I doubt a sequel was planned from the very beginning in Yes5 due to several plot holes in GoGo, and wanted to see if another sequel could be successful like Max Heart was. Unfortunately GoGo saw a massive decline in viewership and toy sales, not unlike Splash Star, and the Pretty Cure franchise would be revamped following it. Why did GoGo fail? Well it’s not without its good points and it fixes a lot of the problems that Yes5 had actually. But at the same time it brought forth a whole new batch of problems.

Episode 1 starts with Nozomi writing a letter to Coco. Telling him how everyone is doing and that they’re all working towards their dreams. But Nozomi still can’t help but feel lonely and miss him. However after writing this letter Nozomi has no idea how to deliver it to him. She’s talking with her friends when suddenly a mysterious boy named Syrup appears, saying he can deliver but first that he has a letter for her. Sealed with a rose emblem.


They all question him about the letter and who he is but he says he doesn’t know anything. So Nozomi opens up the letter and this strange hologram like image of a woman appears. Her name is Flora, she says she might be gone soon but needs Nozomi’s help to avert a crisis. Nozomi quickly accepts this and Flora tells them to all meet her in the Cure Rose Garden. The image vanishes and suddenly some strange thing appears for Nozomi, that Syrup recognizes as the Rose Pact. He grabs Nozomi and somehow pulls her up to the top of a clock tower to ask her about it, he wants to get to the Cure Rose Garden too for some reason. But she’s completely oblivious. Nozomi this episode is dumber than normal, cause she’s so oblivious and unaware about everything and doesn’t even recognize obvious danger when she should.

While they talk Nozomi asks him to deliver her letter, since Syrup is a mailboy, Syrup sees the letter ans is surprised to see it’s directed to Coco. He knows Coco from some previous point and doesn’t like him for some reason. We’re then treated to a scene of Coco and Nuts rebuilding the Palmier Kingdom, but the ruins and visiting monarchs from other kingdoms suddenly get attacked, Milk says it was some organization called Eternal. Back on Earth some new guy called Scorp appears in front of Nozomi and Syrup. He’s looking for rare and valuable items and came to see if Syrup knows anything.

And Nozomi, being the exceptional and even out of character idiot she is for this episode, brings out the Rose Pact for him to see.


Syrup then takes her away from him, revealing that he’s actually some sort of flying Penguin fairy thing that can change size and let people ride on his back. I mean why not. Scorp chases after them though and knocks them out of the sky. There’s some nice animation already,GoGo will be better looking than Yes5 there’s no question there. Scorp says the Rose Pact belongs to his company but Nozomi isn’t having any of that. She says they’ll all get to the Cure Rose Garden like Flora asked… of course the girls can’t transform though so they opt to try and run away after this.


But just then the 5 Lights of Plamier appear and Coco and Nuts are transported to Earth through their power. Some sort of strange power then comes out of the Rose Pact and transforms the 5 butterflies into cell phone things which the girls use to transform. It’s a full transformation for all 5 of them and it lasts over 3 minutes. Dear god. The length and amount of stock footage in GoGo ends up being a problem later on. Anyways though the transformations are better, the stock footage is improved quite a bit compared to Yes5. The outfits are different too. Which unlike in Max Heart actually makes sense since the devices were transformed and the power from the Rose Pact was added in. So there’s a reason for why the outfits, transformations, and attacks are different and why the girls are technically supposed to be stronger.


We then get a very cute ending song that I like a lot and that’s the first episode of GoGo. What a mess. The opening theme song was also really good though. Very high energy and exciting. But it’s just a bad first episode. Coco and Nuts are back and all that sendoff and the tearful goodbyes are out the window. Nozomi is now the chosen one too apparently. I liked it better when she was a normal girl. So much random stuff.

Well since the first episode was a cliffhanger episode 2 starts off with a quick fight between Pretty Cure and Scorp. This first fight and the one later in the episode are a good example for how the fights in GoGo would be, namely that they’re fast and exciting but the characters aren’t always drawn-in in a “consistent” way. Sometimes they look like rag dolls or the animation is just kind of odd and jerky. But the action is still good and I’d say that after Heartcatch GoGo has the highest average quality of fighting.

They manage to drive Scorp off quickly enough and Syrup asks what the heck is going on.  And Coco for some reason is acting unusually standoffish with Nozomi…

With all of them together the girls tell Coco and Nuts everything and Nuts mentions how there’s a legend about the Cure Rose Garden but nobody really knows what is was. Nuts says they need the power of the 4 monarchs from the kingdoms that border Palmier to activate the Rose Pact and open up the way to the Cure Rose Garden. But these monarchs were attacked by Eternal and have gone missing.


Then we see inside Eternal and are introduced to Anacondy, the second-in-command who works directly under the mysterious Director. I do not like Anacondy. I think she’s annoying or boring at best and a simple retread of Kawarino. So many things about her and the Director parallel Kawarino and Despariah. Except the genders are reversed.

Bunbee is also there at Eternal applying for a job. Yes, everyone’s favorite middle-management monster is still alive. Unlike with Yes5 though from the very beginning of GoGo Bunbee is nothing more than a schlub and treated as such. Scorp reports in to Anacondy about the Rose pact and Pretty Cure, Bunbee tries to tell them about Pretty Cure but they both ignore him.

Back with our heroines everyone moves into a new bigger “storehouse” owned by Karen that sits by a small lake. This will be the new Nuts House. Coco is still acting weird though. Later that night he and Nuts are talking and Nuts mentions the legend of the Cure Rose Garden, red and blue roses both are said to grow in it, the Rose Pact gave the power of the red rose to the butterflies so the power of the blue rose must be used for something else. Nuts also mentions that when the powers of the red and blue roses comes together a new power will be born. Coco admits he feels guilty for dragging the girls into something like this again, he’s upset that they have to fight again and can’t just live normal lives and he blames himself for it. Also he’s a teacher at their school again, somehow. Magic I guess.

While Nozomi, Coco and Syrup are in the school library Scorp attacks them and makes a monster called a Hoshina.


Their designs usually aren’t bad and there are some really good ones but the whole concept behind Hoshina’s is really weak and lame. They’re balls with eyes on them that create a random monster. There’s literally no thought put into them. Nothing meaningful about them whatsoever aside from the name being “I want that” or something like it. Similar to the Kowainaa being “Scary” and Uzainaa being “Annoying”.

Anyways the fight is still good. Coco tells Dream that he’s sorry for her becoming Pretty Cure again but Dream is happy to know that he’s still the same kind and caring Coco as he always was. Dream then uses her new attack, Pretty Cure Shooting Star, and purifies the Hoshina. It’s a cool attack and one of my favorite individual ones. After the fight we’re treated to the “fetch quest” part of GoGo. Where the girls need to find and take snapshots of “Palmins”. The four monarchs are hidden as these Palmin creatures. It is seriously just like with the Pinkies.


That’s the beginning to GoGo. Next batch of episodes is of course the individual character focus ones where the girls all get their new attacks like Dream.

But you know there’s something nagging at the back of my head. Something that’s not quite right but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Oh yeah.


They were third years in the first season. And a year has passed. What? Another year passes by in GoGo too. They each have a Christmas episode. GoGo has just decided to go the Simpsons route and have time not progress so they can keep em all at the same school I guess. Which is silly when the school is not used nearly as much anymore. Guess you didn’t want to have to draw and animate new uniforms or different clothes for the two upperclassmen Toei?! Is that it? It’s so… ugh. Is this a retcon? Is that what it would be categorized as? Whatever. Urara is still a first year. Nozomi and Rin are still second years and Komachi and Karen are still third years. Whatever.


Next episode starts off the other girls getting their new attacks. First up is Komachi. In the meantime Coco and Nuts are writing a letter to Milk, only for Syrup to come in and drop off hundreds of letters that Milk has already written to them. Syrup has this little thing called Mailpo with him, it’s what gives him the letters. Syrup is upset at all the letters from Milk and refuses to deliver anymore so Mailpo gets mad and wanders off to deliver the mail on his own. It ends up running into Komachi and giving her a letter from Milk.

Bunbee at the time is getting ready to go out and fight Pretty Cure to prove his worth to Eternal and gather information on them and the Rose Pact for Anacondy. Syrup comes across Komachi and Nozomi and asks them about Mailpo, so Komachi and Nozomi help him look for it. They find him but Bunbee is also there. All of the girls are pretty surprised to see Bunbee again.


He tells them what happened after Kawarino blasted him off the roof of the Nightmare building, which is pretty funny. All this Nightmare and Eternal stuff makes me wonder if Despariah would’ve ended up fighting Eternal. Anyways during the fight Bunbee remarks how they feel stronger now, which is pretty silly since they don’t really look it. Physically stronger maybe but they seem to get tossed around and beaten up more often this season than previously. And they don’t fight as intelligently either and do more stupid stuff and seem to not really think in some fights.

Seeing Bunbee hurting Mailpo and Syrup awakens Mint’s power and and she uses her new attack Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer to drive Bunbee off.

After that is Urara’s episode. She’s auditioning for a big movie role. In GoGo Urara and Syrup sort of develop a bit of a relationship with each other and it all starts here. At the same time Bunbee and Scorp have a good deal of banter back and forth starting here and they end up becoming closer comrades quickly. There’s an awesome fight and some really nice animation this episode too. Urara had the exceptional episodes in the first half of the last season and they take it even further in GoGo. Episode 18 is another example later of Urara getting an episode with fighting and animation far above anything else around.

So for episode 4 the plot is that Urara forgets her script for the movie when she goes to the audition and Syrup doesn’t want to deliver it because he doesn’t deliver outside his job. But he still goes with the girls as they try to bring it to her. Halfway there they get attacked by Scorp and Syrup, seeing how much importance they place in getting the script to Urara, decides to take it to her while they fight Scorp. When he delivers it to her he also tells her about how the rest of them are fighting and Urara realizes she has to leave to help them. The movie would be a big step for her dream but it’s definitely not enough for her to abandon her friends who care about her so much. She arrives at the fight just in time and brings out her new power, Pretty Cure Prism Chain, to destroy Scorp’s Hoshina.

Syrup gains some respect and admiration for them all after this episode. And then at the end they happen to find a Palmin that’s actually King Donuts.


At the start of episode 5 they transmit King Donuts to the Rose Pact but he doesn’t wake up just yet. He’s still injured from when Eternal attacked.

Karen is busy with student council work this episode on improving the school. Not nearly as much time this season is spent on the school and the characters from it as last season. GoGo is where things become insular around the core cast, in part because there are more main characters and fairies now. Karen later comes across Bunbee stealing stuff from the school. He thought it was valuable stuff from Eternal’s pamphlet on rare objects. Obviously he was mistaken. Aqua gets her new power, Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow, and destroys the Hoshina he makes. It’s another cool attack that I really like.


The last of these intro episodes is Rin’s. It also starts with King Donuts waking up, interrupting Syrup who came by to deliver a letter from Milk. Donuts starts out as kind of a jerk but very quickly becomes better and reasonable. And by very quickly I mean like in ten minutes. He calls out Coco and Nuts on allowing them all to be attacked while in the Palmier Kingdom and isn’t aware of everyone being Pretty Cure yet.

All the girls decide to pass out flyers for Nuts’ House since it’s reopening finally, except for Rin who’s exhausted from staying up all night working on her accessories after a busy day with futsal and other stuff. Rin’s at a block on her accessories so she’s a little worried, she also forgot that she has futsal practice and runs off.

But while she’s there she gets ambushed by Scorp. It’s another good fight but has some poor quality shots in it. Pretty normal for GoGo though. All the other girls come to aid Rin and King Donuts sees them fight as Pretty Cure. Similar to Syrup he respects them after this but wonders where the power of the blue rose could be. Anyways Rin finishes off the Hoshina with her new attack, Pretty Cure Fire Strike.

Syrup then gives them all that letter he had from Milk at the beginning. To their shock it says that the Palmier Kingdom is in danger and they all need to come quickly. Syrup though refuses to take them there, because he feels like being an ass I guess, but Donuts convinces him to take them by making Syrup think about the girls he’s gotten to know over the past few episodes and the feelings they have.


So all of them get to the Palmier Kingdom cause Syrup can fly through dimensions. When they get there Milk happily greets Coco and Nuts while ignoring Nozomi. Well she’s definitely the same Milk I remember.

At Eternal we get introduced to a new villain, Nebatakos, who’s just a fat jerk. That’s about all I have to say about his character. That’s all there is to say about his character. He drops off some rare animal for Anacondy and then says he’ll go grab the Rose Pace from the Palmier Kingdom. Nebatakos is an octopus and if it wasn’t obvious already GoGo is continuing the theme of animals/bugs for its villains. Unlike Despariah the Director also has an animal theme too. Only one villain this season doesn’t follow the theme.


At Palmier we learn that Milk lied about the “danger” the Kingdom was in because she wanted to see Coco and Nuts. While they’re all there though they decide to help around the Kingdom and fix things up. We also finally get a Komachi and Nuts moment, the two of them haven’t had any such time with each other in GoGo yet. Nebatakos soon attacks and as is expected of GoGo by now the fight is pretty good. He starts to wreak havoc around the Kingdom (by the way all of this is Milk’s fault and no one mentions it ever) and Coco and Nuts do the best they can to help the citizens while Pretty Cure fight his Hoshina. King Donuts is moved by the love they have for their people and the love the citizens of Palmier have for them and he uses his power to blind Nebatakos and the Hoshina, allowing Pretty Cure to counterattack. At the same time Donuts exhausts his power a strange glowing blue seed that no one sees pops out of the Rose Pact .

After the fight everyone gives a fond farewell for now and our now kind of large group of heroes returns to Earth. Milk cries at them leaving but then finds the blue seed left behind.


That’s the beginning of GoGo. 7 episodes again. Same as in Yes5 and Splash Star. Lucky number and all that, Smile and Doki would be the same. Aside from the first episode none of the rest are bad it’s just… this show shouldn’t even exist. So much stuff that just doesn’t mesh well with the world constructed in the first season. And I mentioned how Komachi and Nuts didn’t get anything together until now well that doesn’t change much over the course of the rest of the season. their burgeoning romance from Yes5 is essentially pushed to the wayside. Komachi and Rin especially get the short end of the stick this season with Karen barely hanging on because of her friendship with Milk. But at the same time GoGo fixes a couple of the problems Yes5 had early. The first half is much better paced and has important events and more plot developments/story arcs. There’s a lot more going on in GoGo than in Yes5, there’s actual mystery and intrigue in a few things. The Cure Rose Garden, Syrup, Flora, the Director, they’re all connected and when watching GoGo for the first time I was really aching to figure everything out at the end.

Also of course GoGo has far better action than Yes5, aesthetically it’s far superior. The music of course is great as always. In addition to Yes5’s soundtrack we have new original music just for GoGo. And with Futari Wa’s and Splash Star’s music available this means GoGo has the greatest selection of music any season has ever had. The themes in GoGo aren’t as strong as Yes5 but they’re not bad either. Mail and letters are obviously big, being able to convey ones feelings with another, especially through a letter is a big and recurring part of GoGo.

But it retreads a lot of stuff from Yes5 too. The Palmin gathering is just as random as the Pinkie gathering and it’s really kind of silly that the monarchs are disguised as these random creatures. There’s no indication on when they’ll find a monarch, it’s just whatever Palmin the creators feel like being one. Eternal is just another evil business like Nightmare and the novelty of that has kind of worn off. An evil museum that steals things of value to preserve them for eternity.  Meh. At least Bunbee is there. There’s some really weird parallels between the finale of GoGo and the finale of Yes5 as well, but I’ll get more into detail on that when the time comes.

What’s really different about GoGo from Yes5 is how less emphasize it places on character development and character arcs in general. Syrup is the only hero who really gets one this time around. And kind of sort of Milk too. There’s just not a lot of new ground covered with the characters and not a lot done with their dreams and how they go about achieving them until the end of the season.

Anyways the next two episodes are basically the definition of filler.


Episode 8 opens with Syrup having a nightmare about some door closing and being left alone in the dark as some claw grabs onto him. But we don’t really get any context for this until later. He then gets a letter for Pretty Cure, inside it are three random things and the rest of the episode is spent with the girls and Syrup trying to figure out what the contents mean. In an incredibly weird turn of events it turns out the letter was sent by a bird, yeah a completely normal bird, who has a nest on the local clock tower that Scorp is planning to steal for Eternal. The bird gathered some things and sent a letter to Pretty Cure to lead them to the clock tower. Okay then. We do get some inklings on Syrup’s past and his character but it’s just such an odd episode.

After that we get a very silly and fun episode. And unusual in that there’s no monster or even really a fight at all. GoGo had some experimental episode designs and this is one of them. In it everyone is trying to figure out who ate a cake they were all planning to share later. And Komachi gets really into solving the mystery cause she’s been bingeing on mystery novels lately. In this episode Scorp also starts to see Bunbee as a potential ally after he gets scolded by Anacondy again and Bunbee buys some cakes to try to cheer him up. And of course when Bunbee drops by Nuts’ House while everyone is arguing he gets mistaken as the one who ate their cake. They get really mad at him and Komachi quickly blasts him, not listening to his protests at all. Nozomi is the only one who realized something was wrong. At the end of the episode they learn that it was actually Mailpo who hid the cake cause he was upset at not being included with them since he doesn’t eat. When he brings back the cake they see a slice is missing, our sweet Nozomi had secretly eaten her slice already.

As the episode closes the blue seed Milk found and planted in the ground blooms into a blue rose that shines a light on her.

And now we get to the debut of Milky Rose.


Flora appears to the girls again at the start of episode 10 to warn them of impending danger and tells them to bring together the power of the red and blue roses.

At Eternal Scorp is worried that he’ll be relegated to the underground section of Eternal, where all you do is wander around a dark labyrinth for eternity, for his repeated failures. Scorp asks Bunbee to join him to steal the Rose Pact and capture Coco, Nuts and Syrup. It’s the only episode in both seasons where villains team up and fight together.

Nozomi isn’t worried after Flora’s warning, she’s as optimistic as ever. The five of them reminisce on the hardships they’ve been through in the past and know they can pull through whatever else is coming for them. But Scorp and Bunbee get the better of them, tricking them into chasing Scorp while Bunbee grabs the fairies. Dream gets pissed but they can’t beat the two of them while Bunbee holds the fairies hostage.

Just when it seems like they’ll get away with the fairies and the Rose Pact a flurry of blue rose petals falls across the sky. A mysterious new warrior has appeared. She rescues the fairies and completely manhandles Bunbee. The others get a second wind and they all work together to drive off Scorp and Bunbee. After the fight the mysterious warrior quietly leaves, they didn’t even get her name.


At the start of next episode everyone is wondering about this new girl. They think she must have the power of the blue rose.

Anacondy says she’s removing Scorp from the Rose Pact assignment. This makes him very angry and he says goodbye to Bunbee before heading out to fight Pretty Cure one final time. He turns into a gigantic scorpion. Apparently he can do this willy-nilly without a special item like a Black Mask. I don’t like this, it’s sort of implied that he can’t go back to normal but I don’t like super forms that can be used just on a whim like this. What’s even weirder is that most villains this season don’t even have a super form like this or anything. The fight against him is good and Pretty Cure can’t do anything to him. When he’s about to win and take the fairies and Rose Pact the mysterious warrior appears again.


In civilian clothes at first so we get to see her transform. It’s one of my favorite transformations. She calls herself Milky Rose and she effortlessly beats Scorp and kills him with her attack Milky Rose Blizzard, another attack I really like. Although her later one is better.


Scorp was a pretty nice starter villain. I wish there was more done with his newfound friendship with Bunbee but oh well. Nozomi thanks her and Milky Rose quickly leaves again.


Back at Eternal we get our first glimpse of the Director. He muses over the blue rose and Rose Pact before the episode closes with a scene of Milky Rose getting ready to attend Cinq Lumiere. Something that’s always bothered me about the Directors appearance is he looks nothing like the figure seen in the opening theme song. In the opening we see this hooded human like figure with a human like face, but the Director never wears anything like that. He always has that helmet or nothing, never some hooded robe like in the opening.

I really think the first part of GoGo and the Milky Rose intro  arc is the best part of GoGo. There are some great episodes down the road but tons more problems too.

So episode 12 starts off with Milky Rose joining the same class as Rin and Nozomi. She introduces herself as Mimino Kurumi. At Eternal Bunbee is mourning over the loss of Scorp when Nebatakos returns and demands that Bunbee give him a foot massage. Just like how he had to give Hadenya shoulder massages. At school Nozomi introduces Kurumi to everyone and they all go about the school and get to know each other better. We see Matsukomika for the first time in GoGo too. Kurumi also acts all close and affectionate with Coco at the school, making Nozomi jealous. Nebatakos then attacks them at school and threatens to create dozens of Hoshina in it, which really bothers Milky Rose cause of how much she likes it. But they all fight him off together without much difficulty.

As Kurumi and Nozomi argue back and forth with each other at the end of the episode everyone else looks on and gets the feeling they’ve seen this before…


Episode 13 starts with Syrup having another dream, this time about the Cure Rose Garden. At Eternal the Director reiterates the importance of the Rose Pact and the Cure Rose Garden. Only with it will his collection be complete. He tells Anacondy to use their employee Shibiretta to obtain it.


She has the power to drag people into stories. She grabs Nozomi, Coco, and Syrup and pulls them into Pinocchio. This is GoGo being experimental again, they did the Cinderella episode in Yes5 but that didn’t really use much of the story of Cinderella itself for anything. Most of that episode was Milk’s fantasy too. Anyways because those three don’t have the Rose Pact Shibiretta pulls the others in, and the fighting this episode is pretty good. But unfortunately with Milky Rose here you can really see that there’s too much stock footage now. And it gets even worse later on.

During the fight Shibiretta tells everyone how Syrup is an amnesiac and can’t remember anything about himself before showing up at the gates of the Palmier Kingdom, where he only stayed for a short while because he didn’t fit in. All he remembers is wanting to get to the Cure Rose Garden. To find out who he is.

Shibiretta is a pretty dumb villain. She had the opportunity to take the Rose Pact but just… doesn’t. She does other dumb things in later episodes she appears in. After they fight her off Nozomi tells Syrup how much she wants to get to the Cure Rose Garden with him and how much he and it mean to her. And Coco invites him to come live at Nuts’ House.

In episode 14 everyone, Nuts especially, is starting to get wise to the true identity of Milky Rose. And at Eternal Bunbee has already realized that it was probably a mistake to join up with them. King Donuts implores Nuts to reveal to everyone who Milky Rose really is so they can fully join the power of the red and blue roses together. This episode helps strengthen the relationship of Nuts and Milky Rose, which is really important for later. At the end of the episode after she detransforms it’s finally revealed that Milky Rose is Milk, much to the surprise of Nozomi and Urara. The secret is out. Shocking. Milk tells them all about the blue seed and rose and King Donuts decides to finally return home to his kingdom since he’s fully healed now, he leaves them a card as a way to contact him in the future. And of course Nozomi and Milk start arguing a lot again.


Right after that we get two more Shibiretta episodes. They’re pretty unremarkable but interesting in that one of them only has Urara, Rin, Milk and Nozomi transform and fight and the other only has Komachi, Karen and Nozomi do it. I can’t stress enough how unusual it is for Pretty Cure to do something like this outside of more “important” episodes. It usually never happens in normal ones like these. Outside of that though the episodes basically are just used to retread old ground about the relationships between Rin and Nozomi and the one between Karen and Komachi. If it was the first season this would be better but as it is now it’s just “been there done that”. Shibiretta also acts incredibly incompetent in one of them, getting tricked by Karen and Komachi and allowing Nozomi to rescue them even after she caught them and stole their devices. She’s like, Moerumba levels of dumb that episode. She does use the fairy tales of Jack and the Beanstalk and Hansel and Gretel which is pretty cool I guess.

At the end of the episode 15 the girls also find the second monarch, Queen Bavarois. Who’s my favorite of all the monarchs, she’s a complete motormouth who ends up annoying the hell out of anyone who has to be with her more than 5 minutes.

Episode 17 then is a really droll episode. It’s one of the rare guest star episodes of Pretty Cure. The first of three along with the ones in Fresh and Smile. Of those three only Smile’s is any good. Smile’s is also episodes 17 too, kind of a funny coincidence. Anyways the comedian guest star here and everything is just really lame. A completely forgettable episode. The one good part is how unlike the other two guest star episodes in this one none of the girls know who the hell this guy is.

Episode 18 is an episode all for Urara and Syrup. Syrup finds her crying along in a park but he doesn’t confront her about it or say anything at first. Apparently she didn’t do well in an audition. Nebatakos also returns for the first time since episode 12, not sure why he has such big breaks in appearances. Gamao had some pretty big ones too.

Syrup tells the other girls about Urara’s crying but gets confused when they don’t have a very strong reaction. He doesn’t know this but they know Urara well and have their own way of supporting her. Syrup decides to go to her work today to talk with her, apparently unaware that him caring will make her feel just as happy as it would were anyone else trying to cheer her up. This episode has some good animation but also that poorly drawn in effect during some of the fighting too. Syrup also seems to like Urara a bit this episode, he tells her he saw her crying and that if she needs to she can always talk to him. So she talks to him about the Cure Rose Garden he cares about and her own mother who influenced her life.

Nebatakos attacks them then. It’s a very above average fight for GoGo. As expected of an Urara episode. Urara and Syrup connect well this episode. They both have determination to achieve their dreams and something they strongly desire. The two of them never become a real couple like Nozomi and Coco but they still get closer and have a special relationship compared to the others. At the end of the episode Syrup even gives her a “one free ride” coupon. The episode doesn’t especially develop Urara’s character or give us anything new about her as an individual though.


Episode 19 now. Despite it mentioning that Karen’s parents will be coming home soon we still don’t see them. Kind of disappointing. Anacondy and Shibiretta really don’t like each other, Anacondy is resentful of how Shibiretta used to be one of the Director’s favorites. This episode is kind of a good bonding episode for Karen and Kurumi but like many others in GoGo it’s basically just redoing Yes5 and gives us some flashbacks. Karen reaffirms her dream of becoming a doctor and writes a letter to her parents telling them.

Next episode is about Komachi. Komachi is thinking a lot about her sister Madoka, in what is her only appearance in GoGo, and how she thinks her sister wants to do something besides take over the families confectionery store. Meanwhile I have to wonder if her sister is thinking about why the hell Komachi is still in middle school. Anyways Komachi is worried about all this stuff because she just finished writing a new novel, she wants to become a professional author but if her sister doesn’t want to take over the store then Komachi is thinking she might have to. We get some insight on why Komachi likes writing so much and what started her on this path and she has a nice conversation with Karen. Karen tells her about the letter she wrote and how she finally told her parents what she wanted to do, it’s nice to have the two close friends talk with each other like this. Later though Madoka tells her that she’s always planned to take over the store, it’s always been her dream and she’s supportive of Komachi doing whatever she wants to do as well.

Episode 21 is about Rin, she’s trying to come up with a new accessory design but is stuck. And then she gets sidetracked trying to help Nozomi learn to cook. Everyone then gets involved with cooking but the only ones who aren’t terrible at it in some way are Milk and Rin. Through the cooking though Rin actually does come up with a new idea for an accessory.


 The last episode before the mid-season climax has Nozomi wanting to help Rin’s younger sister and brother with their homework and studying. After all she does want to be a teacher. Coco is supportive of the idea so Rin says yes. But this pisses off Syrup, who’s a dick again this episode, and he gets mad at Coco for some reason. Bunbee also meets the Director and predictably makes a fool of himself. Nozomi later has some trouble with the kids at first but actually helps them out well pretty quickly. Syrup though is still angry at Coco, apparently Coco wasn’t able to keep a promise he made back when Syrup lived at the Palmier Kingdom, and he’s also mad because he says Coco doesn’t do anything himself and just relies on others. So he sees him supporting Nozomi as kind of hypocritical and annoying.

But Nozomi gets Rin’s siblings really interested in studying and learning and her earnestness seems to affect Syrup somewhat. Coco though is actually upset and brooding on what Syrup said to him. He really can’t do anything or help anyone he thinks and Syrup is right to be mad at him. But then a light comes out of the Rose Pact and the crown of the Palmier Kingdom appears. Which is something that had never been mentioned or alluded to at all before this. It also looks pretty beat up.


Everyone is wondering about the crown, why it’s so twisted and what happened to it after it disappeared during the Nightmare attack. And why it just suddenly appeared now. Syrup is also still being critical of Coco, especially after everyone offers to help him found out about the crown, Syrup thinks he’s just letting others do things for him again. We learn that Coco promised to find out about the Cure Rose Garden for Syrup back when he lived in Palmier, but there was no information about it anywhere. Syrup gives up hope and leaves the kingdom. And honestly Syrup is the one really in the wrong here, but I can also sort of understand his feelings.

Anacondy appears before Syrup while he’s alone and offers to trade him information on the Cure Rose Garden as long as he gives her the Rose Pact. She also tells him that if he just gives it to her there’s no more reason for Eternal to attack Pretty Cure. So Syrup at least isn’t acting totally selfish. At Nuts’ House the girls contact King Donuts who tells them that the crown of Palmier is a collection of the power that the citizens of Palmier give to their king. But it being twisted right now means something is preventing its use. Syrup then comes by and asks for the Rose Pact, and Nozomi of course happily gives it to him without a second thought. That’s just the kind of trusting and kind person she is.

Syrup runs off with it but Kurumi goes after him wondering what’s up with him. Nebatakos then attacks the girls at Nuts’ House even though they don’t have the Rose Pact. The fight is good and well animated. Milky Rose drops by to tell them that she saw Syrup run off to Eternal with the Rose Pact after she heard him talking about it. The girls beat up Nebatakos and then grab onto him when he tries to run back to Eternal, holding onto him with Lemonades Prism Chain they and Coco get transported along with him to the Eternal building.

At Eternal Syrup has a change of heart in front of Anacondy and won’t hand over the Rose Pact. She’s about to kill him when she hears everyone land outside.


Anacondy goes out to confront Pretty Cure while Syrup runs off deeper into the building. At seeing that Nebatakos has brought Pretty Cure to their doorstep she tells him he’s through at Eternal. This angers him enough that he transforms just like Scorp did. And I don’t know why this is exactly but Nebatakos and Scorp are the only villains this season to have super forms like this. No one else has them.

Milky Rose helps Coco get into the building so he can find Syrup, then she gets drawn into a one on one fight with the much stronger Anacondy. And the fighting this episode is… disappointing, it’s basically just the girls getting knocked around. But this episode really aint about the action so whatever.


In Eternal Syrup comes across the Director’s collection and finally the Director himself. Syrup gets the feeling that he knows this guy but can’t remember. The Director can sense that he has the Rose Pact and asks for it, saying it belongs to him. But Coco bursts into the room and asks Syrup to come back home, telling him he has a place with them all. He tells Syrup that he isn’t alone anymore, everyone cares a lot about him.


Coco calls out the Director on how he’s stolen everything for his collection but the guy doesn’t care. But when Coco tells him that Flora sent the Rose Pact to Pretty Cure it shocks him enough that Coco and Syrup can run away.

When they get out of the building they see Anacondy ready to finish things. But Coco’s strong desires to help everyone and for all of them to get back home awakens the power of the Palmier Crown. Changing it back to normal and transporting it to him. Flora’s image also appears over it momentarily, which the Director can feel.


The Crown then gives Pretty Cure a new power. They all get these sword fleuret things. They never like sword fight with them or anything sadly but they’re kind of cool looking I guess. I mean the whole new attack they get is weird and I’m struggling to even think why they get these sword things in the first place. Aaaaaanyways their new attack is called Pretty Cure Rainbow Rose Explosion. Which wins the award so far for weirdest attack. I mean just look at this, they create these 5 roses with their fleurets and then the roses smash together into one big rainbow colored one which crushes and eats the opponent.


And so Nebatakos gets killed by it and they flee Eternal on Syrup’s back. The Director muses on why Flora chose Pretty Cure to have the Rose Pact. Everyone thanks Coco for saving them and Syrup has finally made up with him as well.

It’s not the worst mid-season climax but I don’t really care too much for it. The powerup is only slightly better than how the girls got 5 Explosion back in the first season and the action is poor. It also wasn’t near as emotional or feel as important or big as the first season’s as well. It had a couple good moments and some character development but wasn’t the kind of thing that gets you really excited or involved.

So that’s the first half of GoGo. It’s not bad but it’s not amazing either.From the get go it has more going for it plot-wise than Yes5, there’s more than one mystery running through the whole season and it has a much more even spacing of important events compared to Yes5 as well as somewhat better build up to these events. Even though a lot of it still comes down to randomness. Like with the Palmin gathering. Speaking of the Palmin’s they and what the villains are doing make the general plot outline very similar to Yes5’s. The girls are searching for these little creatures (what they do with them is different at least) while the villains are seeking to get the important object in the heroes possession that’s also used to store the important things the girls are looking for. And later on Anacondy pretty much starts doing the exact same thing Kawarino did in the second half of Yes5. GoGo really just relies on the same kind of format that Yes5 had, with a little more going on in the first half. But after Milky Rose appeared and we learned her identity the season kind of stopped when it came to doing stuff or even setting stuff up until right before the mid-season climax. And now with the mid-season climax over we’re about to hit another stretch of “nothing” for about twelve more episodes where very little of importance happens. And very little of character development since Syrup and Coco’s character arc has closed for now. There’s some important stuff around episode 30 with Nuts and Milky Rose but it doesn’t have any drastic change like a villain death or something like that. Essentially from here to the final arc before the finale GoGo is telling us to “hang on and wait”.

Of course it’s still a funny season and Bunbee is great as he was previously. Scorp was good, Shibiretta has interesting episodes even if she herself is an idiot, soon we’ll be introduced to the villain Mucardia who also has some good episodes. The Director is much more interesting than Despariah at this point as well. Anacondy also seems to have some sort of ulterior motive like Kawarino did later on in Yes5, she has the power to take the Rose Pact whenever she wants but doesn’t for some reason. Bavarois is a fun character, Syrup can be a dick but his development is still handled well. The lack of actual romance is very sad though.

When I first watched GoGo I hated it and thought it was the worst season because it totally abandoned the heavy focus on characters and development. But it’s really not bad, it just is bad in that way. None of the girls are adequately or meaningfully developed over the course of the season. Instead the show wants to carry itself on the mysterious plot of the Cure Rose Garden and Flora. Maybe that’s why GoGo was a ratings failure. Maybe the little kids just weren’t interested in watching the same group again either, I don’t know. Either way GoGo definitely goes down hill after the Milky Rose debut cause nothing really happens in the plot of the Rose Garden and Blue and Red Roses for over 20 more episodes.

So, onto the next part of the show.


It’s summer break. Which means things will be settling down for the next few episodes. Anacondy calls in two new guys who have succeeded at acquiring every other item they’ve gone after before being assigned to this job. They have a unique design and gimmick, a couple other villains would combine but none do it as a regular thing. However these two, Yadokan and Isogin, only have 4 episodes they appear in. I don’t know why since they have a truly interesting concept and are pretty funny and entertaining in their debut here. Maybe the writers just couldn’t think of ways to integrate them properly. Anyways the two of them are really strong and just no sell everyone’s attacks. It’s here where Milky Rose no longer feels especially stronger than any of the other girls, it had been happening since her debut really but now she definitely no longer feels so far above them. So Dream and Rose combine their attacks and although it doesn’t kill the two it hurts them and they decide to retreat for now. Bavarois has also fully recovered and she has Syrup take her back to her kingdom. Two more royals to go.

Next episode everyone travels to New York. Sort of. It’s probably supposed to be the analog to New York even though it’s never directly stated as such. It’s for a job Urara has and everyone else just tagged along. Bunbee attacks them there and the girls actually transform in public while everyone in the city watches them fight the big Hoshina he made. All of the people watching start cheering them on and go out to help defend the city. Pretty unusual for Pretty Cure. Coco gives the girls the power of the Palmier Crown again, unlike with 5 Explosion Rainbow Rose Explosion is used more often and for normal monsters and occurences, not just special occasions like 5 Explosion was. But there was way too much stock footage this episode.

After that we get the summer festival episode. They’re going to hold a test of courage this time but Shibiretta comes and takes them into a Japanese ghost story filled with monsters and stuff from Japanese folklore. It’s a funny episode but there’s really nothing else to say about it. Rin sort of gets over at least a little bit of her fear of ghosts thanks to Komachi, who was thoroughly excited about doing the test of courage unlike our scaredy-cat Rin.


Then in episode 28 they find the next monarch. Princess Crepe. I do not like her. But at least she makes the show kind of just barely focus on romance again. Which it hasn’t been doing at all. I mean Nozomi confesses her love to Coco in the last episode of Yes5 but who gives a fuck about that am I right?

Anyways Crepe likes Coco and says she’s his fiancee and he proposed to her in the past. But this was all just a misunderstanding and she’s really just  like a childhood friend.Well Crepe is still kind of a bitch and annoying, she even manages to out-bitch Milk.But later she does see how happy Coco and Nuts are in this world and everything and Nozomi kind of reaches an accord with her, even though the two don’t have any sort of confrontation at this point, Nozomi realizes Crepe’s feelings are at least genuine and that she deeply cares about Coco and Nuts too. Yadokan and Isogin attack them but it’s a real nothing fight and I have nothing to say about it.


For episode 29 everyone goes to Karen’s summer villa. And a new villain is introduced, Mucardia. He comes off as a suave and intelligent guy and Anacondy fawns over him at the beginning. Mucardia spies on the girls for information before confronting them as a normal human calling himself Momoi, he sticks around for a while playing tennis with Karen and Rin before leaving. He thinks if he takes care of Karen and Rin first “the brains and the brawn” that defeating Pretty Cure will be easy and he creates an absolutely gigantic Hoshina from a mountain to accomplish this task.

But he underestimates Nozomi and the others. He doesn’t realize all that Nozomi brings to the team and they defeat his Hoshina. Mucardia is a good villain, he has good episodes but he’s also kind of sort of a moron as we’ll see later. And I don’t know why Anacondy acts so nice to him at first. It doesn’t fit her character and it makes even less sense when we learn more about her later. Maybe she’s just buttering him up, she knows that’s what he likes and how to handle him? I don’t know. Anyways after defeating the Hoshina our heroes wonder why there wasn’t anyone controlling it this time. “Momoi’s” true self won’t be revealed to them for some time.


Episode 30 is another Shibiretta episode where she uses the story of Princess Kaguya. Little did they know that Kaguya was actually then Ten-Tails and Naruto would have to… oh wait, Rin’s voice just confused me for a second.

So Nuts has finished working on this computer device thing but he can’t get it to work. Meanwhile at Eternal the Director dreams about Flora, he demands the Rose Pact from Anacondy. Shibiretta tells her that Flora is all the Director thinks about and all the other little things Anacondy brings for his collection are trivial. Anacondy seems to hate Flora for how much she occupies the Director’s thoughts.

So Shibiretta goes out to fight Pretty Cure and she drags the five of them to the moon to fight. You know Shibiretta has the longest lifespan of any new minor villain in Eternal not counting Anacondy but after this she disappears for ten episodes. So Crepe actually also makes herself useful this episode and uses her power to make Nuts’ computer work. And she even helps Milk sort out her feelings after she got mad at Nozomi earlier and was feeling conflicted about what her relationship with Pretty Cure is. But even though they use the device to contact Pretty Cure and defeat Shibiretta Nuts is still feeling useless at the end of the episode, just like how Coco was feeling before he got the power of the Palmier Crown.

And it’s at this episode that we get the second ending song. The third version of Ganbalance de Dance. It’s better than the Yes5 version but still not as good as the original.

Next episode is an important one. They use Nuts’ device to contact the Palmier Kingdom and talk with the citizens for a while. But everyone can tell that Nuts is in a bad mood. You know who this episode should also be about? Someone who has a special relationship and understanding of Nuts? Someone like Komachi perhaps? Well she doesn’t do anything. Instead the episode involves Milk more.

Everyone at Eternal is busy or Bunbee so Anacondy goes out to get the Rose Pact herself. Nuts feels overshadowed by Coco now and Komachi at least gives some insight into his character but why can’t she talk with him? Why did GoGo just ignore their relationship and the blooming romance they had? It makes me sick. So Anacondy comes across Nuts and beats him up, but isntead of using him as a hostage or doing anything remotely intelligent she just tosses him back to the others and starts a straightforward fight with them. She makes a really cool looking lightning dragon Hoshina that’s immune to their attacks to fight Pretty Cure while she handles Milky Rose. Milky Rose Blizzard doesn’t do anything to her.


Anacondy trash talks and insults them all but Nuts’ feelings of wanting to help Pretty Cure and Rose and to protect the smiles everyone has allows him to call on the power of the Palmier Crown. And with the computer device he made it shoots forth a new power to Milky Rose giving her the upgraded attack Milky Rose Metal Blizzard. It’s a great attack with really cool music accompanying it. The Hoshina is defeated and Anacondy retreats.

Also around here is where we get a ton of episodes where during the fights the girls get caught/tied up/bound in some way in a lot of the fights. It just keeps happening and it makes the fights really repetitive and uninteresting.

After that episodes 32 and 33 are pretty meh episodes.In 32 Mucardia returns and appears before the girls again as Momoi. He shrinks everyone down to the size of ants… and that’s it. The girls still don’t realize he’s evil by the end. Mucardia says next time he’ll take care of Syrup because he learned that Syrup is the one who holds onto the Rose Pact. After that is the really lame and dull curry episode. Urara has a classmate with a family owned curry restuarant that isn’t doing too good and blah blah blah, everything is so unenjoyable. Bunbee also considers leaving Eternal this episode, he’s realized how quickly things are going downhill around here. This is important soon. But to further worsen this episode Crepe whines about everyone ignoring her and then in the fight the girls actually have trouble defeating Bunbee. Which is just plain silly. Ugh. At least this is such a meaningless episode and I don’t actually have to spend a lot of time talking about it. Unlike all the bad episodes in Doki that I’m dreading.

Episode 34 we get to a big event. Princess Crepe is leaving. But first she decides to stow away to school to spend time with Coco. She’s still hung up on being Coco’s fiancee and marrying him. And something I’ve always wondered is why can’t any of the other monarchs have a human form? Doesn’t seem to make much sense that they don’t. Well anyways Crepe is sad this episode because she can see how Coco and Nozomi are, she can tell the two love each other. Then everyone starts to give her a nice farewell party because she’s recovered but Yadokan and Isogin attack. Not much to say about this fight other than the girls fight well against the duo, compared to when they first encountered them and got trounced. During the party Crepe seriously confesses to Coco but he rejects her because he has Nozomi and things to do on Earth and can’t just go back with her. Crepe is sad but she accepts this and they all send her off.

Episode 35 we have Nozomi thinking things have been lonely around Nuts’ House lately because everyone has been off doing their own thing. Coco and Nuts thank her and the other girls for looking for the Palmins even though they have their own dreams they’re aiming towards.

Bunbee at this time is being ignored by Anacondy and shown up by Mucardia. He thinks he should probably quit but realizes he needs to find another job first. Purely by chance he ends up sitting next to Nozomi in the park and overhears her talking, this gives him a… uh… “wonderful” idea. He decides to spy on the other girls to learn about them and then shows up at Nuts’ House to deliver a shocking announcement.


Yes. He wants to be Pretty Cure’s leader. He says he’ll provide them with guidance and this is his ideal job. Of course Syrup and Rin correctly guess he’s only doing this because things are going badly at Eternal. And his authoritarian attitude just annoys everyone so he decides to fight them because they wont show him respect. Bunbee is not especially smart.

Of course though he seems to honestly want to be their leader at this point. But is really going about things the wrong way. Nut’s calls forth power to Milky Rose and Coco calls forth power to Pretty Cure, too much stock footage zzz…

They beat him and make him run away and then everyone enjoys a nice meal together at Nuts’ House.


And then we get to the best two episodes of GoGo! 36 and 37 are a rare two-parter. Rare in the sense that two-parters are usually kept for much more serious and plot heavy episodes. Also good animation in these episodes, especially 36. Lots of funny facial expressions and movement.

The girls are preparing for a game show, called 5 de Chance, where you participate as a 5 person team. The final event is always a coin toss but none of them are any good at it. Karen doesn’t want to go on the show so she says Milk should do it in her place. However Mucardia is planning a trap at the event where he’ll lure the girls onto his own stage that he made with magic. He’s going to separate them and make them play rigged games by themselves, if they all lose they get stuck in his magical dimension forever.

Karen is privately practicing the coin toss but still has no desire to participate, that is until she gets a call from Komachi saying something’s wrong with Milk. Karen rushes over to the studio to find Milk incredibly nervous and unable to stay transformed as her human self. Of course Milk is just faking this. Milk learned that one of the prizes for winning was a trophy where all 5 competitors would have their names engraved on it and she wanted Karen to be with everyone to get that. Karen can tell that Milk is faking it but decides to go along with it anyways out of her like for Milk. Mucardia then tricks them all into entering his fake stage, when the girls go in they get locked into their seats and Mucardia comes out dressed as a crazy magician and acting looking a deranged loony. Which he is. Mucardia is not nearly as serious and composed as he acts. In the first episode Rin, Komachi and Nozomi all compete in rigged events. The games are completely hilarious and Mucardia cheats his way to victory in every one. It’s a truly fun episode. The girls all transform for one reason or another during their games but still get bested and captured.

Outside, Coco, Nuts, Syrup and Milk can see what’s going on but can’t get into the fake studio he’s created.

The second episode starts with Urara’s game. Urara does good but like all the others Mucardia just rigs his way to victory and she loses. Which means Karen is the only one left. And the final event is – The coin toss. Karen gets to use a completely ordinary coin. No tricks and no cheats. But Mucardia says that she has to wager the Rose Pact as well. She agrees to it.


Karen flips the coin and Mucardia sees that it lands on tails. He mind games her into picking heads but as he goes to remove her hand to show everyone the coin sticks to Karen’s palm from her sweat and then falls off onto the floor. The coin spins on the ground before falling heads up, making Karen the victor. She is unbelievably ecstatic.

Mucardia though is pissed. The whole studio collapses and Karen, as well as Milk who finally got in with the others, transform and prepare to fight him and the Hoshina he created. Milky Rose destroys his Hoshina while Pretty Cure use Rainbow Rose Explosion on him. He tries to block it but it’s too strong so he teleports away. This is the first episode where Mucardia’s facade crumbles and we see he’s just a manic psycho not nearly as in control or powerful as one might have thought. He was taking things completely seriously this time around and fully intended to win, when things didn’t go his way he loses it.


At the end of the episode everyone takes part in the real 5 de Chance game show and wins it. Getting the trophy and a years supply of chocolate. Karen even had her butler get Milk’s name engraved on it too.


Syrup regains some memories of the Cure Rose Garden. He remembers watering the roses there and seeing a blue rose. Everyone decides to ask King Donuts about the blue rose Milk found, kind of surprised they never thought of this sooner, and he tells them that there’s only one blue rose in the whole world and it’s the rose of miracles. The fact that Milk found it and made it bloom means Milky Rose must have some special purpose. But Syrup still can’t remember anything else.

We then see Flora in the Cure Rose Garden, all the roses around her seem to be sickly and starting to wilt.


The Director can sense her weakening. Anacondy thinks this is a good thing but the Director disagrees, saying that if she loses her power entirely it’s worthless. Anacondy clearly has different ideas about the Cure Rose Garden and Flora than the Director but she still tells him that Yadokan and Isogin have been sent to get the Rose Pact. The Director for whatever reason doesn’t want Flora to disappear, it’s not just the Rose Garden he’s after it seems.

Meanwhile Milk is stressed out by this special purpose she’s suppose to have. She goes running off looking for Palmin’s and the last King. Nut’s comes across her telling her to chill out but Yadokan and Isogin attack the two of them. Milky Rose fights them briefly but is clearly outmatched, Pretty Cure arrives to help but Rose is acting all indignant, saying she could handle them on her own. However Yadokan and Isogin grab all the other girls and tie them up in their hair, more binding again. But Syrup is able to knock Dream loose.


As Yadokan and Isogin go to get the Rose Pact from Syrup Rose prepares to stop them. Dream stands up to them as well, the two of them fight together as one now, Rose realizing that acting on her own is the wrong path. They beat back Yadokan and Isogin and Coco and Nuts remark that the legend of the blue and red roses combining to achieve a greater power is coming true. Coco and Nuts then call power to the two of them and instead of a normal attack Dream and Rose gather the energy in their hands and shoot out a Marble Screw like attack, obliterating Yadokan and Isogin. The blue and red roses working together seems to have helped Flora maintain her power a little as well. The Director can feel this and when Anacondy tells him about the failure he doesn’t care, Flora is all that matters to him.

Next episode is the start of the final arc of GoGo. GoGo has more of a real final arc than Yes5 but still not on the level of some other seasons. The Cures, minus Nozomi, get indivudal episodes focused around their dreams.

Episode 39 starts with Karen and her studying medicine. Immediately her and Komachi find a Palmin which turns out to be the last ruler, King Montblanc. But he seems to be ill. The girls out him in the Rose Pact but he’s very weak. Just cause they found the last monarch doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods just yet.


Milk asks Karen to take care of Montblanc just like she did with her when she was sick. Karen is initially hesitant but quickly decides to help. We see Bunbee again who’s just wandering the streets with no money and no job, he ends up finding his way to Nuts’ House. Karen is having trouble with nursing Montblanc so Komachi gets everyone to settle down, Komachi tells Karen that she’s trying her best and everyone supports her so Karen keeps trying to take care of Montblanc.

Bunbee then shows up, and they still call him Eternal much to his objections, he initially just wanted to come inside because it’s cold outside but when he sees Montblanc figures that taking him is the ticket to getting back into Eternal. Obviously the girls refuse to jsut give Montblanc up and they fight. Once more it’s silly that he’s so difficult for them to take care of, he even beats Rose in a short one on one bout. It’s kind of dumb. The girls just get trounced way more often than last season.

Montblanc momentarily wakes up and gives Karen the assurance that she did a good job and to fight harder, this allows them to defeat Bunbee and his Hoshina. Afterwards she continues to take care of Montblanc. But when Montblanc sees Syrup with everyone he cryptically states that Syrup being here must mean the Cure Rose Garden is in grave danger, but he falls asleep before they can ask him more.


Bunbee goes back to Eternal to tell Anacondy that Pretty Cure found the last ruler. however Anacondy seems unconcerned with this. She tells him that she’s well aware he went out to try and become Pretty Cure’s leader and then a doorway leading down to Eternal’s basement opens. It’s just what Scorp warned about so long ago, he’ll be forced to wander in there forever. The stairway actually sucks Bunbee in as he tries to get away, and Anacondy just remarks on how annoying of a guy he was.


But fear not everyone! Bunbee held on to the back of the door and sneakily waits until Anacondy has left before coming out. This time he leaves Eternal for good. Sometimes I feel like Bunbee is the real main character of GoGo.

Episode 40 is Urara’s episode. Also a Shibiretta one where she pulls them into the story of The Little Mermaid. Shibiretta who hasn’t even appeared since episode 30. Anacondy now is pretty much directly threatening her as well, she’s starting to do what Kawarino did later into Yes5: Clean house.

Urara has a big audition for a musical, she’s going to sing for her audition and she’s very serious about passing and getting the part for the musical. The reason for this, as she tells Syrup, is because it’s the same musical her mother performed in that made Urara want to become an actress just like her. Syrup talks to her about it and everyone else comes by to give her a bracelet for good luck. But Shibiretta suddenly activates the power of the story and steals Urara’s singing voice while also bringing everyone into the ocean.


And everyone gets to be a mermaid. Shibiretta then tells them that she’ll give back Urara’s voice but only if they give her the Rose Pact. Urara refuses this, she knows there are more important things, but Nozomi actually agrees to it. She says the Rose Pact wont just disappear like Urara’s singing voice will, they can always get it back. So she makes the trade. Shibiretta plans to double-cross them but Milk throws Coco into her face and when she’s distracted Syrup grabs the Rose Pact and Urara’s singing voice from her. Then they transform and fight. It’s a lousy fight but Shibiretta’s next one at least will make up for it.


Urara then passes the audition. And she uses the ticket for a free ride that Syrup gave her back in episode 18, as they fly together she tells him that next time it’ll be his dream that comes true.

41 is Rin’s episode about her dream of making and designing accessories. In it Anacondy has stopped being nice to Mucardia, she’s done a complete 180 and he’s now kind of afraid for his position in Eternal. Rin is meanwhile wondering about the reasons people wear accessories when “Momoi” comes by her flower shop and asks her out to tea.


Rin is all happy about this cause she feels like she’s on a date with a hot guy. Mucardia attempts to milk her for information but he fails, mostly because his attempts are moronic and about as good as an attempt to cut down a tree with a herring. Rin tries asking him about what he thinks of accessories and why he wears fancy things like his necklace but he’s expectedly unhelpful.

Nozomi then shows up at the cafe they’re at and so does someone else… Bunbee. Who’s actually been working there after he fled from Eternal. He and Mucardia recognize each other and Mucardia’s inability to keep his cool results in his cover being blown while Bunbee just runs off like an idiot. Mucardia knows he isn’t talking his way out of this so he reveals his true form and prepares for battle.


I feel bad for Rin. The only guys she’s been interested in are either engaged, a ghost, or a giant cockroach. That being said I really like Mucardia’s design. And the fight this episode is good too. In the middle of it the other girls come in and learn that Momoi was a member of Eternal all along, Milky Rose destroys his Hoshina and Pretty Cure use Rainbow Rose Explosion on him. He attempts to block it again but it’s still too powerful and he ends up fleeing. Attempts are made to block Rainbow Rose Explosion in the next two episodes as well.

At the end Rin realizes there are plenty of reasons to wear accessories and regardless she still puts all of her feelings into making them.

And then we get to episode 42, Komachi’s episode and easily the best of this group. Totally not biased about this either. Anacondy has told Shibiretta that the Director has decided to basically throw her out. They have no use for her anymore. This sends her over the edge and she decides to pull out her strongest story – The Arabian Nights.


This is the only Komachi episode of GoGo that’s as good as her better ones from Yes5. And the only one where she gets to be a badass again.

Komachi is in the library with Nozomi and she’s wondering if anyone will read her books when she makes them with already so many books existing. Shibiretta then immediately drags everyone into the story. Nuts and Komachi are together with her while everyone else is separated, Shibiretta tells them they’ll forever remain scattered and wandering the story for eternity. There’s stuff like Syrup being multiplied and turned into the 40 thieves, the flying carpet, a Hoshina made from the genie from a lamp, and a passageway that only opens with “Open Sesame”. Or at least the Japanese equivalent of “Open Sesame”. It’s a fun episode. And for some reason while they’re all trapped inside the story it seems as if things are happening to help them, things are occurring within the story to bring them together, like a passageway lighting up to show the rest of them the way to Komachi and Nuts…

To Shibiretta’s shock they all make it to her and come together. Nut’s tells her it’s because that what she’s doing ignores the morals of the Arabian Nights and the reasons why Scheherazade was telling her stories to the King. The story has rejected Shibiretta’s control because what she’s doing is evil while the Arabian Nights were told to prevent evil. Kind of makes me wonder why this didn’t happen with any previous stories but I can let it slide.

We then get a great and well animated fight against her and the Hoshina.


Shibiretta is pissed off that they’re acting like books have emotions and can make people feel, she tells them that she used to try telling the Director stories to elicit some sort of reaction from him, but to no avail. She says books are just tools and she criticizes Dream when she says that one day Komachi will write great emotional stories. Naturally Mint does not take kindly to what Shibiretta says. Shibiretta only wanted to move the Director for her selfish reasons, she didn’t care about the stories she was reading.


Mint fights back against Shibiretta and everyone joins in n beating her down while Milky Rose destroys the Hoshina. Pretty Cure use Rainbow Rose Explosion and finish Shibiretta off for good. Something Anacondy couldn’t care less about when she realizes what’s happened.


Everyone says they’re looking forward to the next book Komahchi writes and she has a talk with Nuts about how she wants to write a book about everyone, her amazing friends and how she hopes a book like that will make people want to get friends as great as hers. Another good thing about this episode was the amount of Komachi and Nuts together time.

Episode 43 then starts with a memory of the Director’s.


He once got to the Cure Rose Garden and met Flora. But Flora rejected and banished him because he merely wished to control the Rose Garden and add it to his collection. He doesn’t understand why Flora rejected him and vows to return. He then thinks about Nozomi and how she’s Flora’s chosen one before deciding to go and confront her himself.

Everyone is studying together in Nuts’ House except for Nozomi, who’s at the school because she wants to be self-reliant. Nozomi thinks about what it would be like if she was a teacher and also meets up with Coco at the school. But Coco then senses the Director, Nuts and Syrup can too and they can feel that he’s way stronger than anyone else so far. Coco and Nozomi run out and are met by the Director on the school grounds.


He asks Nozomi about Flora and the Cure Rose Garden, why she wants to go there and if she even knows anything about them. Nozomi’s answers anger him because she’s ignorant about what they are. She’s only going because Flora asked her to come. Coco tells him Flora gave Nozomi the Rose Pact for a reason and he should be able to understand what it is but the Director can’t, he doesn’t understand Flora’s feelings. Nozomi transforms to fight him but she can’t even touch him through this dark energy he emits. He tells her that the only things in this world are things of value and things of no value and that things of no value are to be erased. And then levels the entire school.

The others show up to help Dream but the Director creates special Hoshina out of the five of theirs shadows.


The shadow demon Hoshina absorb and shoot back the attacks of the Cure they correspond to. Kind of like what Kawarino did in the finale. Which makes this scene doubly silly when they keep firing off at them after Rouge’s attack fails. Like you’d think they’d know to stop.

Anyways the girls get knocked down but Dream refuses to bow down to this guy. Saying he can’t decide what has value and what doesn’t. Coco calls forth power to them and they use Rainbow Rose Explosion while the Director gathers his Hoshina and mashes them into a giant black rose to counter it. He holds it back much easier than anyone else but Mint tells Dream to believe in herself and all the support and help she’s given to everyone. With that their attack overpowers the Director and he’s reminded of what Flora said to him when he was banished, and he sees an image of Flora over Dream as she attacks him. He retreats back to Eternal and muses that perhaps Pretty Cure do have some value.

And next up for the last episode before the finale starts we get a weird as hell Christmas episode.


The girls meet Santa Claus. THE ACTUAL SANTA CLAUS.

His sleigh was stolen by Mucardia and so his list and all the gifts get transported to Pretty Cure through Mailpo. The girls all decide that they have to deliver the gifts now. Mucardia meanwhile is looking through Anacondy’s files and sees something about Syrup, Anacondy shows up and gets mad at him for looking through the files so he quickly flees.

While delivering gifts Syrup and Urara come across Santa, but don’t realize it yet. He’s feverish so they all work to take care of him and deliver the gifts at the same time. Santa tells them he lost his sleigh and when Syrup is out looking for it Mucardia appears. Mucardia says he knows something about Syrup’s past and is going to force him to remember more.


Mucardia says Anacondy knows something too but is hiding the truth from the Director. When Pretty Cure shows up he creates a Hoshina out of Santa’s sleigh and continues to interrogate Syrup, trying to get him to remember everything. He tells Syrup he once came to Eternal before he lost his memories, but why? Syrup remembers he was delivering a letter to the Director from Flora. But something happened. Before we can learn more the girls defeat Mucardia’s Hoshina and force him away. And get the sleigh back of course.

We then see at Eternal that Anacondy has the letter Syrup was supposed to deliver. She attacked him and stole it for some reason.

Santa thanks them all for their hard work, he calls back his reindeer and heads off on his sleigh. He has lots of presents to deliver still. Nozomi and Urara, being thickheaded as they are, don’t even realize he’s really Santa until Rin spells it out for them.


And the grand finale is right around the corner.

But man it’s just so damn weird to think of Santa existing in the world of Pretty Cure. GoGo is such a weird season. Fresh and Smile were really silly too but GoGo is more… odd.

Well, what’s there to say about the second half of GoGo before I get into the finale? Not much honestly. Very little romance still, the girls all get episodes focusing on and advancing their dreams which is nice and the legend of the red and blue roses gets more focus later on too. Bunbee’s story is fun. But I feel GoGo drops the ball on other villains, mainly by making them all really dumb or inferior to their Yes5 counterparts. And not even dumb in the fun way like a lot of others. And then Shibiretta, after having a lot of episodes from when she first appeared, is just flat out gone between episodes 30 and 40. Yadokan and Isogin meanwhile never felt fully realized and although the episodes are spread out more the fact that they only appear in 4 gives them the least amount of episodes of any minor villain. Mucardia ends up just being an idiot in his last few episodes, he’s exceedingly dumb in episode 45 as well,  despite having potential at first. And Anacondy is just boring. She and the Director are like gender flipped versions of Kawarino and Despariah. They both have one-sided love for their superiors but then their places are kind of switched in other ways, Kawarino was the real main event of the Yes5 finale and the fight against him took up way more time but in GoGo the Director is and always has been the true threat and gets the much more important final fight.

The Director is… interesting. I feel the finale screws up with him in a lot of ways but I’ll get to that later. For now I find him to be a more or less compelling guy who’s also unique at this point in the franchise. And he doesn’t come off as some unaware crazy old lady like Despariah. He has more presence too and gives off a more powerful and dangerous aura as well.

As I said at the end of my Yes5 review GoGo just has the exact opposite problems as Yes5. Shitty romance, not as good character development or arcs, the second in command villain isn’t good, the themes aren’t as strong, etc.  It has better pacing, better action, better stock footage, a  better developed main villain, a better final arc. But it also becomes more insular around the “important” cast members and characters like Masukomika are basically non-entities this time around. GoGo is such an awkward existence. It’s not bad like Max Heart and there are plenty of good things about it but it just feels like a show that doesn’t need to be there.


To start off the finale in episode 45 Syrup is worried that when he regains his memories and gets to the Cure Rose Garden it could mean leaving everyone else behind. He doesn’t have much time to think about this though as King Montblanc wakes from his slumber, fully rejuvenated, and tells everyone that the key to opening the gateway to the Cure Rose Garden is for every monarch to get together and use their power with the Rose Pact. Syrup and Milk leave to get the other monarchs, while they leave Syrup also thinks about the letter he was supposed to deliver to the Director.

At Eternal the Director orders Anacondy to get the Rose Pact while Mucardia secretly looks through her desk and finds the stolen letter. Mucardia takes the letter and attacks Pretty Cure at Nuts’ House, waiting for Syrup to return. Kind of dumb of him to just attack the five of them straightforward like this. Since he got his ass kicked even when he had elaborate plans. Maybe he thinks he can win without Milky Rose there? But then he didn’t even know Rose wouldn’t be there. What the hell was he even expecting to happen when he did this? Is he braindead? Well anyways the fight has good animation and action, every fight in this finale does, and because Pretty Cure are far less competent and capable this season he beats them anyways.

Compare this fight to the one against Bloody in the finale of Yes5. The girls look so much worse here. The way this finale starts kind of reminds me of Yes5’s too, you have the second strongest minion starting the final battles and soon Mucardia gets betrayed by the second in command as well. Just like Bloody.


Milky Rose and Syrup return but Mucardia attacks Syrup and beats down Milky Rose, he goes to grab Syrup and also sees the other monarchs. He plans to take them and the Rose Pact to the Director but first he asks Syrup about the letter he has. But Dream isn’t down for the count just yet and she forces Mucardia to release Syrup by squeezing his wrist hard enough to hurt. Syrup says his bonds with everyone will remain no matter what and Coco and Nuts then call forth power to both Pretty Cure and Milky Rose at the same time, causing the Palmier Crown to split in two and give them each their own crown.

Milky Rose destroys the Hoshina while Mucardia tries to flee from Rainbow Rose Explosion. However Anacondy, who’s been watching the whole time, encases his feet in stone and Rainbow Rose Explosion smashes into him.


 The monarchs then activate the Rose Pact and the gate to the Cure Rose Garden appears. The Director can sense its appearance too.

Everyone walks out to it but before they can enter it Anacondy attacks them, thanking them for doing all the work for her. She says she’ll bring Pretty Cure to the Director for his collection and kill Flora. As she laughs at them all the door opens behind her.


At the start of episode 46 we see that behind the doorway is a massive staircase. Anacondy makes another lightning dragon Hoshina like the one in episode 31 and the battle begins. Pretty Cure fight the Hoshina while Milky Rose once again enters into a solo battle against Anacondy. Who finally goes into her true form.


Mucardia then falls out of the sky right in front of Bunbee. He escaped at the last second. He asks Bunbee to take him to Eternal so he can deliver the letter to the Director and tell him of Anacondy’s treachery.

While fighting, Anacondy says that she and Milky Rose are alike. Anacondy lives for the Director and Milky Rose lives for the Palmier Kingdom. But Rose disagrees, saying she’s fighting to stop evil and selfish people like her who don’t care about anyone else.

At Eternal Mucardia tells the Director that Anacondy has been lying to him and hands him the letter. He asks to be the Director’s number two but the Director simply kills him. For no real reason, he just didn’t need Mucardia around anymore. Bunbee sees this and runs off into the Eternal building.


The Director then opens the letter only to find three simple, completely ordinary, seeds.

Milky Rose Metal Blizzard fails against Anacondy but Pretty Cure are able to destroy the Hoshina. The 6 of them prepare to fight Anacondy together but just at that moment the Director drags them all from Earth to Eternal by creating a big portal beneath them. Syrup sees the letter the Director is holding and now finally regains all of his memories. His past with Flora in the Cure Rose Garden and the fact that Anacondy attacked him and stole the letter.


Anacondy says the reason she did it is because she was jealous of Flora being the only thing the Director cared about. All the work she did, all the rare things she got for him, everything she did for Eternal was unappreciated as Flora filled his head.

The Director doesn’t respond to this and merely asks her to capture Pretty Cure for his collection. Something she does with gusto, wanting to do anything to win his favor. She pulls out all of her power and turns all five of them into stone, leaving only Milky Rose. This looks like it severely drains her energy. And you know I never really liked this. Unlike with Kawarino the girls never defeat Anacondy, it’s disappointing.

Back at the gate to the Cure Rose Garden the monarchs with Coco and Nuts (who weren’t pulled to Eternal) decide they have to get to Flora and begin climbing the long stairs.


The Director transports the stone statues of Pretty Cure to his collection room… and then prepares to go to the Cure Rose Garden and Flora. Anacondy loses it, knowing that he still thinks nothing of her. She tries to turn him to stone as well but his power is far to great, he obliterates her without hesitation. He never cared for Anacondy at all. As Rose, Syrup and Mailpo look on he flies off away from them all, to the only destination that matters.

Bunbee sees all this too and wonders what the hell’s going to happen now that there’s no one left who can stop him.


Episode 47 is the best episode of the finale. The Director flies past the monarchs and Coco and Nuts on his way to the Rose Garden while back at Eternal Milky Rose and Syrup try to get into the building to rescue everyone else.


Flora can sense him coming and reacts in terror when he meets her face to face again. He tells Flora that he threw away her seeds and Pretty Cure isn’t coming.

At Eternal Bunbee, acting as aloof as possible, confronts Milky Rose and Syrup and shows them a secret entrance into the building. They find the statues in the collection room but have no idea what to do now.

The Director casually kills some of the roses in the garden, causing part of the Earth to go into some kind of stasis, saying they had no value. He prepares to add Flora to his collection but she tells him he’ll never get what he really wants. What he really wanted was always inside of him, and the Director thinks she must mean something about those seeds. They were the true treasure but Flora knows he doesn’t understand the feelings she’s trying to convey to him.


Mailpo shoots out a letter to Syrup, it’s from Pretty Cure. Their hearts are still alive and can communicate with Syrup. He remembers what Flora taught him about hearts and the power they have. Syrup puts all of his feelings into one of the seeds the Director left behind, filling it with everything he thinks about the five wonderful girls he’s met. He wants all of them to go to the Cure Rose Garden together.


This causes the petrification to wear off and new butterfly wings sprout from the backs of Pretty Cure. Dream doesn’t know what they are but she says she feels filled with power. The girls see Bunbee but Syrup tells them that Bunbee helped them. Bunbee says he’s decided to turn over a new leaf and isn’t going to fight anymore. Dream thanks him, calling him Mr. Bunbee and not just Eternal, and they all leave.

Flying to the Rose Garden on Syrup’s back as fast as possible they have to save Flora. Coco and Nuts get to the Cure Rose Garden first, since they were ahead of the other monarchs, and use the power of their crowns to try and protect Flora. But the Director is way too strong for them to do anything for long. He’s about to finish them off when Pretty Cure suddenly makes it onto the scene.


What follows is an awesome beat down as everyone attacks the Director, using powered up versions of their individual attacks. Years later Smile would pretty much recreate this scene in the battle against Pierrot. This is also one of the few episodes in the franchise without any stock footage, none of the attacks used have the usual stock with them.

Milky Rose and Syrup tend to Flora after Pretty Cure smashed the Director into the ground. Syrup asks her why she didn’t come help him when he was attacked and lost his memories. Before she can respond the Director rises up and unleashes a massive amount of energy, changing into his true form. He now-


Holy shit that is fuck ugly. What the fuck were they smoking when they came up with this design. He has super saiyan hair and a Hoshina ball implanted into his chest. And the feathery effect at the end of his arms and legs, what am I looking at? What is this monstrosity of a villain design?

Well the Director effortlessly beats around Pretty Cure now, smashing them all into the ground before setting fire to the entire Cure Rose Garden. Causing the whole planet to go into stasis.


So I guess the Rose Garden was just the key to the world? He didn’t actually care about the Cure Rose Garden itself, despite several past scenes indicating the contrary, or even Flora really? Like it seemed like he was in love or at least obsessed with Flora’s beauty but this episode really doesn’t show that well. Honestly the fated meeting between the two of them is pretty lackluster. I was disappointed that he only reacts to her like she’s an object. He doesn’t really act like he cares enough about Flora after everything else we’ve seen of him and his reactions to her and the Cure Rose Garden over the course of the season.

And just who the hell is this guy anyways? We never learn his name or where he came from. He’s a million times stronger than anyone else, including Despariah, it takes the combined efforts of a bunch of people to stop him. He still has more development and more character than Despariah but he’s just as much of a mystery. Why is he so strong? What kind of existence is he? How did he learn of the Cure Rose Garden? I’m losing my mind here!


The final episode in the saga of Yes5 starts with Dream and the others getting back up and refusing to give up against the Director. Even though he seems to be infinitely more powerful than them they won’t give up ever.But they still can’t get through his dark energy force field.

He throws them down again and says they have little actual value and that Flora has been tainted.


Syrup asks him why he can’t understand Flora. He says he only cares about preserving things and that letting life bloom and develop is pointless. He started Eternal to gather things and keep them at their best for eternity, nothing else matters.

Milky Rose tries to stop him but she can’t touch him either. The Director prepares to end things, getting Flora and gathering his power to obliterate the Cure Rose Garden. But as he’s about to finish it…


Mailpo screams out and starts bringing forth thousands of letters. Letters from people all around the world, sent to Pretty Cure. The strong thoughts and feelings everyone has gathered around them. Even though everyone was put into stasis their hearts are still alive. The power of the letters rejuvenates Pretty Cure and Milky Rose. Dream sees Flora’s rose seed and picks it up, flying to the Director after he questions what she plans to do with something “of no value”.


She tells him there’s no reason for them to be fighting, all the thoughts and feelings from people reached them, his feelings can reach Flora and hers will reach him too. She wants things to stop but the Director isn’t having any of it. In the end they have to fight and stop him. They know they don’t understand him but they have to protect life, the six of them are able to break through his force field and attack him directly. This angers him and he creates a giant Hoshina ball to crush them. But Coco and Nuts help them push it back and then the other monarchs finally arrive to help. Giving Pretty Cure and Milky Rose their power.


They put all their power into one attack: Pretty Cure Milky Rose Floral Explosion

It is the weirdest fucking thing ever. It breaks through the Director’s Hoshina ball and when he tries to hold it off a giant Goddess like being appears. Flora says it’s the power of life. Even now the Director doesn’t understand what Flora was always trying to tell him and still believes he’s right. The Goddess embraces the Director and showers him with energy, but he refuses to give up so easily and prepares to fight on… when suddenly the spirit of Anacondy appears. It’s hard to say what exactly happens but the Director is stopped by this and shortly after obliterated. It’s a very hectic attack.

After he dies the light from the attack causes all of the roses in the garden to be reborn. Things are finally over. I’m kind of upset with this ending. The girls straight up say they don’t understand the Director and just kill him. The whole season is about getting your feelings across to someone but then at the end they essentially say it’s impossible for some people. I just don’t like this. Especially since the season right before this had the girls redeeming and forgiving Despariah. It’s true the Director was more evil and never showed any signs of regret or sadness like Despariah but that even Nozomi is like “Oh well time to kill him” it just feels so wrong. The Director apparently didn’t have a heart the same way Despariah did. It feels like the villains should be reversed, the first season villain the girls fail to redeem but the second time they get it right. WHATEVER.


Everything at Eternal is also freed from the Director’s power and return to their rightful places while the building collapses. Flora then asks Nozomi to protect the Cure Rose Garden in her place. Nozomi wants to show everyone the Cure Rose Garden, the door will stay open and everyone will take care of it. Flora is fine with this. She then begins to disappear, Syrup is sad but Flora reminds him he isn’t alone anymore. She gave him the letter to deliver to Pretty Cure so he would become friends with them. Guess that’s why she didn’t do anything after he lost his memories. Kind of absurd but okay.

She then fades away, leaving a seed that will one day bloom and give life to her again.

We then flash forward and see that Bunbee has started his own business and-




The show ends like it begins. Nozomi writing a letter to Coco about what all of them are doing now. As she runs off to give it to Syrup she ends up running into Coco and giving him the letter up front. Everyone goes to Nuts’ House and they see that the Flora seed they planted has started to grow.

The end.


I want more romance please.

Alright, so the finale wasn’t awful but even though it improved in a lot of areas it didn’t reach the emotional depth of the first season finale. I don’t know if I have anymore to say about GoGo other than repeating once more that I wish they hadn’t decided to completely throw out Nuts and Komachi’s relationship.

It’s not a bad season, not really, but it’s not great either. It’s more basely enjoyable and has a lighter atmosphere than Yes5. Syrup’s story arc is good too. But then they never do enough with him and Urara. This whole season is just such a… sequel. It does not feel like it was planned or thought out near well enough. Despite how long this review has ended up I feel like I had so much less to actually say about GoGo than other seasons.

And Nozomi and Coco, they feel less like a couple this season than they did by the end of last season. As much as I complain about Nuts and Komachi the lack of any real movement forward between these two is the worst. Nozomi just feels different too, she was always silly but she’s more hyper this season I feel. And I still don’t like her being the “chosen one”.

So that’s GoGo. Fresh would change things up a lot again, just like what Yes5 did after Splash Star. It would introduce a ton of new staples in the franchise that are still in use today. Look forward to my review of it.


2 thoughts on “Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

  1. GoGo would have been better if it was more relevant to it’s prequel, if it had more romance ( between Nuts and Komachi, Syrup and Urara and Coco and Nozomi) , the finale was more emotional and tense, and if there was more character development. I completely agree with you. The transformations were better and so was the opening.


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