Yes 5 GoGo the Movie

Silly. Silly movie. Very silly movie. Happy Birthday in the Land of Sweets.


The GoGo movie starts off with a little skit of sorts where our lovable fairies explain the use of the Miracle Lights. When to use them, how you shouldn’t wave them around and accidentally hit someone, what to do when the time comes. It’s a nice way of getting kids in the theater further involved in the movie, having them all cheer along and power up Pretty Cure themselves. I wish I had a Miracle Light to wave around.


The movie proper opens with Coco waking up Nozomi in time for her birthday party. He tells about the story of Sleeping Beauty and how the princess was woken up by true love’s kiss. The GoGo movie is more romantic than the entire season.

While they’re getting ready to eat the cake an oven appears from out of nowhere. And out pops a girl, Chocola, who dives into Coco’s arms. Bunbee then shows up. A first for Pretty Cure movies. An only for Pretty Cure movies. Usually other villains aren’t even mentioned and this is the only time one from the regular season appears. Well if it was anyone it had to Bunbee.


Bunbee also isn’t fighting for Eternal this time and with GoGo the movies have finally completely left the constraints of the regular season. There’s no relation between the movie villains and Eternal and Bunbee only has a Hoshina because he probably swiped it from the building before he left for this solo job. It still wouldn’t be until the Fresh movie where not even a monster of the week would appear but it’s still GoGo where they really struck out on their own. Shadow still wanted the Dream Collet but the villain here has no desire for the Rose Pact.

Bunbee makes a Hoshina out of Nozomi’s cake and apparently is going after Chocola for some reason. It’s a good fight, the action and animation in the movie is very good all around. The girls then destroy the Hoshina with Rainbow Rose Explosion. Getting most of the stock footage out of the way early. Thank god.


Bunbee though still steals Nozomi’s cake and runs off. What a jerk. Chocola thanks them all for saving her and Coco tells everyone that she’s the princess of the Dessert Kingdom in the Land of Sweets. She invites them all to come to it, and everyone is of course excited and Nozomi also can get herself a new cake. In a kind of odd moment the way she transports them all to the kingdom is by sticking them in the oven and turning it on.

They get to the Land of Sweets and it’s basically Candyland. Everything is an edible sweet and the girls happily start pigging out on stuff before heading off to the Sweets Castle where the Queen is.


But as we see, Bunbee was hired by the Queen to lure Pretty Cure to the Land of Sweets. He asks for his reward but is just told off by her two retainers and forced to leave.

Everyone then has a fun time going through the Land of Sweets eating their fill, but Chocola looks a little sad for some reason…


This movie is incredibly silly. Everything about it. So many silly lines.

The Queen’s two retainers come by to meet with everyone. Coco, Nuts, Syrup and Milk decide to go visit the Queen while everyone else goes off to eat more. The two guys separate the girls into groups of Komachi/Urara and Karen/Rin while Nozomi is left on her own. Chocola then leads Coco’s group to her mother… who has been EATING HER OWN CASTLE!


The Queen says she’s looking for more and more delicious sweets and captures Nuts, Milk and Syrup while Coco is left out for some reason. But Coco can also tell that something’s not right. This can’t be the right Queen because he knows her to be a good and kind person. He knows someone is manipulating her.

Nozomi is still alone wondering what’s happened to everyone when she sees Chocola crying in the forest. And then a strange villainous masked man comes by, telling her that her friends are being turned into sweets as they speak and she’s next.


Everyone starts to fight now, for some reason they do the full individual transformations again just like at the start of the movie. Really annoying but whatever, the fights are good. Rouge, Lemonade, Mint and Aqua fight the two retainers while Dream fights this guy.

In the middle of all this Mailpo rescues Nuts, Syrup and Milk with the help of Chocola. Milk then runs off to help everyone and Dream is able to momentarily get away from her attacker. Chocola though is still sad that she betrayed everyone and started all of this, she tells Dream about how her mother used to be but then some guy called Mushiban came and took control of her. He made Chocola deceive everyone cause he had her mother in his grasp. Talking with Dream convinces Chocola to go save her mother.

The evil masked guy attacks them again and Dream fights him while Chocola goes to rescue her mother. The battles against the retainers are hard fought but the 4 other Cures are able to win when they can feel Dream’s heart and her desire for them all to have a party together and celebrate.

Meanwhile masked guy almost has Dream turned into chocolate when he takes off his mask and reveals that – SHOCK! – he’s Coco, who’s been taken over by Mushiban. He creates a black sword to fight and Dream can easily tell he’s being controlled so Mushiban starts speaking through him. Telling Dream that there’s nothing she can do and Coco will never hear her voice.


Chocola comes across Milk in the castle and she leads her to Mushiban.

Dream though tries her hardest to make Coco hear her. Remembering the story of Sleeping Beauty, Dream knows what she has to do. And we get the only onscreen kiss in the franchise. The best moment in the movie.

Coco snaps out of his hypnosis and Mushiban is pissed that they broke his control over Coco. Milky Rose then comes in with Chocola and she fights him. It’s a good fight and Rose blasts him with Metal Blizzard to temporarily stop him and give Chocola the time needed to wake up her mother.


But Mushiban is far from finished, giving us the greatest villain motivation ever he prepares to fight more. He says that eating sweets so far has only saddened him for some reason and he’s done all of this just because of that. But Dream comes in and tells him he can’t hurt people just for that. The other 4 girls arrive too and everyone is together to stop him.

The Queen says that because Mushiban is coldhearted and doesn’t have a song in his heart is the reason why he gets no joy from eating sweets.He can’t just want them all for himself, that’s mean.

I love this movie.

Well anyways he gets pissed and levels the castle, creating a new gigantic tower that rises from the ground and then starts shooting laser beams off of it all across the Land of Sweets. I mean, if you can’t enjoy chocolate this is the only logical thing you can do. So I can’t fault Mushiban there.


Pretty Cure get sent up to the top by the Queen’s tower and fight him. He says he wants to devour them and makes quick work of them in the fight, but Chocola pulls out the Miracle Light and calls for everyone to give power to Cure Dream. Starting the trend of only the pinks getting the unique movie super form.


She becomes Shining Dream and summons forth her Starlight Fleur, getting ready to engage Mushiban in an epic sword battle. They battle back and forth before Shining Dream defeats him with Pretty Cure Starlight Solution, turning herself into energy and shooting through him. And as he disappears he seems to finally realize he was wrong and why he never was able to enjoy sweets. Dream looks on sadly as he dies.

Afterwards Nozomi is finally able to get her birthday party as the Sweets Kingdom is back to normal. The end.

This movie is so absurd. the villain has the strangest, silliest backstory and motivation and the movie is so… SILLY. But then it also has really great action and the Coco and Nozomi kiss scene is amazing. I don’t think I’d rate this movie particularly high because it’s just so absurd and over the top at points but it’s certainly enjoyable at the same time so I dunno. Unfortunately everyone who isn’t Nozomi is basically in the C Plot the whole movie. This is where the movies really became super focused on the pinks. So it’s a mixed bag, there you go.






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