Pretty Cure Splash Star the Movie


The Splash Star movie is not very well regarded. For mostly good reason. Before you even start to watch the movie as well there’s just something noticeably off about it. It’s only 50 minutes. Every other movie is 70 minutes. So why the big difference here? Splash Star just getting the short end of the stick for some reason? Anyways you can watch this movie at basically any point after episode 30. It doesn’t matter, I like to watch it right between Ms. Shitataare and Kintolesky’s arcs. The biggest reason why the movie is disliked by many Pretty Cure fans is because of how out of character Saki and Mai can be in it, particularly Saki. It also blatantly contradicts continuity in several ways, Splash Star’s world doesn’t allow for these things as easily as other seasons.

So to begin with the movie starts off with Saki oversleeping when she’s supposed to meet up with Mai for something. Saki oversleeps a ton so no problems there yet. Mai meanwhile gets a little tired of waiting and goes into a clock shop. When Saki arrives late to their meeting place she gets annoyed at Mai for not being there. Saki is uncharacteristically rude and inconsiderate of Mai’s feelings this movie. As the two realize they’re going to be late to their event Saki takes them on a “shortcut”, despite Mai’s reservations.


When they take this short up they run into this weird dude who asks them where the oldest clock in town is. Saki and Mai helpfully direct him to the old clock shop they were just at and he leaves. Soon enough he gets to the clock shop and does something weird to the old clock there, opening up a portal to the Land of Clocks. Which doesn’t really fit in with Splash Star’s mythos well at all but whatever neither did the worlds in the Max Heart movies.

Saki and Mai arrive at their destination, a local singing competition, they’re late though and aren’t allowed to register at first but some pleading gets the job done. Saki and Mai then get in a larger argument, which is very unlike both of them, and are upset with each other before their performance.


The two are completely unable to perform when it’s their turn and can’t even remember the words to their song (which is Ganbalance de Dance) they immediately embarrass themselves and at the height of their stress they both wish time would just stop. And it does.

Moop and Fuup play around with the frozen people and Saki even plans on messing around too. Which makes it seem like she’s switched places with Nagisa. Suddenly two fairies (Hours and Minutes) come shooting out of the portal to the Land of Clocks. They yammer on about needing to go back and fix something so Saki and Mai follow the two of them and they all go through the portal.


They see this big thing called the Infinite Clock, which has been tampered with and all the other clock spirits are missing, it’s the power source that allows time to move across all worlds. The great hourglass in the clock is running low on sand. If it runs out then time will stop forever.

They meet up with the weird guy, who now introduces himself as Sirloin from Dark Fall. Yes. Sirloin. Of course this doesn’t work at all in Splash Star’s world. All villains correspond to fountains and add to that that Sirloin’s theming with time is not done nearly as well as it could be because his true form is just so random. It worked better in Max Heart movies because the worlds weren’t as set in stone as in Splash Star but Sirloin being a warrior from Dark Fall really just doesn’t work. All of the early Pretty Cure movies had their villains supposedly from the big major villains of the season. It isn’t until GoGo that the movie villain is completely removed from the villainous group of the rest of the show.

When he thanks Saki and Mai for telling him where the old clock was the two of them actually blame each other for this. This is so out of character it’s annoying. Sirloin tells them he plans to stop time completely and take the world for himself to rule alone, so Saki and Mai transform into Bloom and Egret and fight. The animation is very good, in fact it’s very good the whole movie pretty much, but because Bloom and Egret are so mad at each other they can’t fight properly or draw out any real power and Sirloin defeats them with ease. He sucks all of them into his briefcase which turns out to contain an endless labyrinth.


Moop and Fuup end up being separated from them and come across the other clock spirits, Sirloin must’ve sucked them up earlier. Bloom and Egret meanwhile continue to get on each others nerves and split up. An Uzainaa appears in the labyrinth, which also makes no sense considering what they’re made from but I guess I can stop nitpicking and just say that this one is “different for some reason, but Bloom can’t fight it because of how weakened she is from the constant arguing and Egret ends up trapped inside one of the maze-like clock towers.


Bloom’s depression over everything causes her to lose her transformation. The same thing happens with Egret. The two of them then have visions of never having become friends by meeting at the Sky Tree years ago, and they sit separated from each other with no idea what to do.

Flappi tries to help Saki, reminding her that she’s not alone and that she can still make up with Mai. The spirit Hours also gets her to realize how she wants to see Mai again. Choppi and Minutes do the same for Mai, telling her that she still clearly wants to see and help Saki. The two of them scream out for each other now, trying to find each other. They finally meet up and also find Moop and Fuup and the other clock spirits being chased by the Uzainaa. In the confusion they notice a big door on the Uzainaa’s head and figure it must be the way out. Mai and Saki work together and they all escape from the labyrinth as the Uzainaa disintegrates.

The clock spirits all try to get back to the Infinite Clock as Sirloin sends out a big column of sand to crush Saki and Mai. And then we get an amazingly good scene.


Saki and Mai apologize to each other and hold hands, slowly transforming into Bright and Windy, reconciling with each other. And they’re determined to get out of this situation. They promise to be with each other from now on even if they cause problems for each other again. Moop and Fuup give them the Spiral Rings too and the final battle begins.

It’s short but sweet and they knock Sirloin to the ground (Bright also using her illumination ability that disappeared after episode 31 in the main series) and force him to reveal his true form.


A giant Minotaur like creature. What the hell does that have to do with time? I get the whole labyrinth thing now but really. This is dumb. It doesn’t fit Splash Star. Anyways Bright and Windy then use Spiral Star Splash on him, the two of them don’t get any sort of super mode. Spiral Star Splash is merely powered up by the clock spirits. We do get some good lines from Bright and Windy at this point though, telling Sirloin that they aren’t perfect and that the reason Pretty Cure is two people and not just one is so they can support each other and lend help when one of them needs it.


And then Zodiac spirits come out of the Infinite Clock, cause why not, and attack Sirloin as well. Helping Pretty Cure destroy him. Saki and Mai then get transported right back to the singing contest and proceed to bring down the house. The end.

Loads and loads of problems with one excellent scene near the end. That’s Splash Star’s movie. It also has some good original music, including one battle track that would be featured in the final fight against Gohyaan in the last episode. The movie is used to do something unique for Splash Star that you would never see in the regular season. An actual fight between Saki and Mai. A time where they really get angry with each other and it’s not some misunderstanding or anything else. While normally this would be a good thing it’s brought about by trampling on the characters personalities and really just ignoring how they would actually react to each other. Saki and Mai just aren’t the type to have a fight like this. It’s as sudden as if Ms. Shitataare was revealed to secretly care for orphaned puppies and kittens. It just doesn’t work.



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