Pretty Cure Max Heart Movie 2


The first Max Heart movie was an anomaly. Until the All Stars movies there would never be another Pretty Cure movie that came out at around the time of year it did. Every subsequent series movie would come out around the time this second movie did. This is a very well regarded Pretty Cure movie. Let’s see how it stacks up.

It begins with an old sage using a big flying squirrel for transport as they travel above the clouds. The sage is carrying an egg and immediately after being warned by the squirrel, promptly nods off for a second and drops it. Where it slowly begins to drift down to Earth. Shining down light and making all the local animals stare in wonder.


Then two shadowed figures rise up in the Dark Zone, calling themselves Freezen and Frozen they have felt a strange power and leave to pursue it. Our heroines and their friends are spending their time at a ski resort, Akane and Hikari are working the local cafe while everyone else is skiing or snowboarding. Hikari then sees the egg in the snow, when she gets to it it quickly hatches into a bird.


Fujipi is unfortunately at the ski resort with everyone too. Cause we really just haven’t gotten enough of him this season. Nagisa also can’t snowboard at all but Honoka turns out to be a great skier. As they all head in to the cafe Hikari shows everyone the bird and names her Hinata. The bird does not like Nagisa at all but who can blame it after Nagisa tried to give it the name “Heater” for the warmth it gives off. Later Nagisa starts to get jealous of Honoka and Fujipi because not only can Honoka ski really well and the two of them look great together but Honoka can also talk normally to him whereas Nagisa just spazzes out if she tries. Hm. What does this remind me of? What specific episode of Futari Wa does this remind me of? Anyways Freezen and Frozen attack Hikari and Hinata with a Zakenna and…


For fucks sake they look just like Pillar Men made out of ice. If they struck a JoJo pose at some point in the movie I wouldn’t be surprised at all. While that’s happening Nagisa gets angry at Honoka when she says that Nagisa wants to ski with Fujipi, and Nagisa thinks Fujipi heard this but he didn’t actually at all. Yes, this doesn’t remind me of anything. So they still end up getting to Hikari and fighting but it doesn’t go very well because of how out of sync they are from their little spat earlier. But Hikari transforms into Luminous and they still defeat the Zakenna. Looking on from afar Freezen and Frozen sneer at Pretty Cure and boast that they’re really the strongest duo. They want to beat and test them now.

What’s good about the movie though is that Nagisa at least knows that she did something wrong and needs to correct it. What’s bad though is that it acts like Honoka also did something wrong and needs to apologize. Which just isn’t true, Honoka did nothing wrong. Before the two of them can make up though the Sage and squirrel appear and take them all to the Garden of Clouds. Freezen and Frozen see this however and follow along.


They learn from the Sage that Hinata is the Houou (Phoenix). And she can talk now too. The Houou exists to prevent all worlds from falling into a freezing darkness. Right on cue Freezen and Frozen come and attack and also capture Hinata. Pretty Cure fight as Luminous tries to rescue Hinata but they’re completely outmatched and even Marble Screw Max Spark is defeated by the Ice duo’s Freezing Blizzard attack. They then use their attack to encase the Garden of Clouds in ice and snow.


Black and White proceed to go after Hinata but Luminous is separated from them. As they go up the ice tower Freezen and Frozen confront them and place dark ice into White, mind-controlling her and making her attack Black. And this is what everyone came to see. Cure vs. Cure. It’s a great fight and pretty brutal as well. And sad because they’re such great and close friends being forced to savagely beat each other.


Black wont fight back so they out dark ice in her as well and then the two of them really go at it. White wins the head to head fight and would forever take home the title of “Strongest Cure”. She also snaps herself out of the mind control and right as Black is about to knock her off a ledge Black regains her sanity as well and the two of them hold on to each other as they fall off the tower. Alright show’s over. Nothing to see here anymore. Movie’s over.

Luminous then with the help of the Sage and flying squirrel is able to temporarily rescue Hinata. After falling down Black and White are able to finally apologize to each other for earlier, even though White didn’t need to, and then the two of them snowboard down to where Luminous is with everyone. EXTREME.


They still can’t match up to Freezen and Frozen though. But they refuse to back down at the same time and end up getting frozen solid. Hinata then unleashes her power and Black and White get new super forms.


Much better than just glowing yellow like in the first movie. They proceed to wipe the floor with Freezen and Frozen who then start to argue with and insult each other. Strongest duo indeed. Black and White call them out on this and destroy them with another Marble Screw Max Spark. Would be cool if they had a unique movie attack but oh well.


Hinata however has almost died from everything that has happened so Luminous draws on her power to save her and reverse the damage that Freezen and Frozen have done. Luminous also gets a similar new form as well but there’s never a great shot of it. Hinata then grows into her full form and everyone enjoys a nice ride on her back. After landing everyone gives thanks and says a tearful goodbye to each other.


It’s definitely better than the first movie but still not one of the best Pretty Cure has made. It has a lot more to do with friendship than the first one which is nice but it also can’t help that the best part of the movie isn’t the climax but the fight between Black and White. And after that’s over there’s still 25 minutes of stuff and then even after Freezen and Frozen have been defeated the movie still drags on for a bit longer than it should as Hikari works to revive Hinata. It’s in the top half but not on the level of the Heartcatch and Smile movies.




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