Precure Dream Stars


The Dream Stars movie, the new beginning for Pretty Cure crossovers. My enthusiasm drains every second. It’s still enjoyable enough as long as you aren’t expecting something different but I can’t say it was as enjoyable as the other crossover movies, it’s silly fun but it’s meh for a crossover. Here is where the franchise starts going the Kamen Rider way of doing crossover movies, where only the most recent teams will meet up. It was inevitable but still sad.

So anyways the movie unsurprisingly opens up with Cure Whip and Pekorin saying hello to all the kids in the audience, telling them to shout along and help them with the Miracle Lights when the time is right. Mofurun, Puff and Aroma are there too. After that brief opening the movie proper begins.

In a voiceover a girl tells us how her mother used to tell her to be brave, but when sad things happened she couldn’t help but cry. She wants to grow up to be strong but it’s difficult.


Then we switch to a girl and a fox running from two evil dog monsters. And yeah, they live in the world of CG. There’s even more CG than usual in the non-CG world of this movie too. The dog monsters are lead by Crow Tengu. a weird and silly monster who seems kind of clownish. The girl is named Sakura and the fox is Shizuku, Sakura happens to be voiced by Kana Asami, which is really nice.

Shizuku gets hurt fighting the dogs but they continue to run, they eventually come to a portal and Shizuku gives Sakura three cards with a key, a jewel and sweets on them. Sakura must find the ones who have these things. Sakura uses her Miracle Light to open the portal and Shizuku shoves her through, staying behind and getting captured.

Now we get to the world, or worlds really I guess, of the Precure. Where things are a little less CG. Oh yeah and then Ichika wakes up, she saw all of this in a dream. And right after that the opening theme song plays, it’s catchy enough but not as good as the previous ones. After that finishes Ichika tells her friends about the dream she had and then she asks everyone to go cherry blossom viewing with her. They’re all busy with other things unfortunately and they note that the cherry blossoms are strangely late in blooming anyways. Ichika still goes out alone to what would be a nice viewing spot and she ends up stumbling across Sakura, recognizing her from the dream. Sakura says she needs something from Ichika to save her friend and then one of the dog monsters appears and attacks them.


Ichika transforms and fights. Sakura is amazed by Whip and how she’s willing to help her, when she cheers her on the Miracle Light she has powers Whip up and also lights up a doorway that Sakura then travels through.

And she ends up on stage, talking to the audience watching the movie. She asks them to help her find the other Precure so she can bring them to Whip. This is another entry in the “weird” series of movies for the Precure franchise, like Spring Carnival and the GoPrincess movie. Anyways Sakura brings the other girls to Whip and they transform, temporarily defeating the dog monster. Crow Tengu was watching and now wants to get his hands on the Precure too.

Sakura’s Miracle Light activates again and she goes to talk to the audience, who help her find the way to the GoPrincess and Maho Precure. Ichika, Aoi and Himari go to the Maho girls and Akira and Yukari go to the GoPrincess girls. Ichika and them are amazed by the magic in the world of Maho, Mofurun stumbles across them because she smelled something sweet. The Headmaster makes a cameo too, nice to see him again. Yukari and Akira end up at Noble Academy… where Akira is mistaken for a guy trying to pick up girls. That was pretty funny. And because Aoi and Himari are messing around with Mofurun when Mirai, Haa and Liko find them they think they’re trying to abduct her. Then a Yokubaaru suddenly appears with one of the dog monsters. At Noble Academy the GoPri girls arrive to “rescue” Yui from being hit on by Akira but then a Zetsuborg appears with the other dog and everyone transforms to fight.

This is not a very action oriented movie so there’s not a lot to say about that. Sakura uses her portal powers to bring everyone together and the Maho and GoPri girls recognize each other, which just makes the continuity even more muddled, especially when we get to Kira Kira’s movie. Anyways the girls defeat the monsters and when Sakura sees the themes of the Precure teams she realizes she’s found what she needs.


Then a new villain appears, she calls herself Samidare. She attacks the Precure but when Sakura tries to defend them Samidare’s body stops itself and she just leaves. After this Ichika pulls out the Kira Kira Patisserie and everyone hangs out together. Cute stuff.

Sakura thinks about Shizuku and gets sad. She tells Ichika about her, how Shizuku is her only friend. Everyone hears how much Shizuku means to Sakura. Sakura’s Miracle Light then leads them all to the CG world. The dog monsters attack them, it turns out they can actually talk too, which is pretty funny since even Crow Tengu didn’t know they could speak. The two dogs combine into one big one and Sakura and Ichika use the light to go talk to the audience again to ask for their help.


While they’re doing that Crow Tengu actually spies on them and sees our world full of so many new treasures, so now he wants to invade us as well. Tengu wanted Sakura in the first place for her ability to travel between worlds.

Anyways the Can Can music starts playing and the big fight begins. Yes this fight is silly if that wasn’t a big enough clue. Samidare attacks them after the Precure defeat the dog and she turns them all except Whip and Sakura into origami. Whip breaks Samidare’s mask and Sakura realizes she’s actually Shizuku who was brainwashed by Crow Tengu.

And then we get an insert song cause why not and some stuff happens and Sakura is able to turn Shizuku back to normal. With Shizuku back all the Precure are fine again too, Crow Tengu turns into a giant monster to fight them.


Asking for help from the audience again the Precure go all out and fight him. Sakura and Shizuku know his weakness and hit his big nose which gives everyone else the opening to destroy him. It’s a silly fight as expected. I like to think that instead of just killing him they sent him back to the CGI from whence he came.

Everyone hangs out again afterwards, watching the cherry blossoms bloom like Ichika wanted to at the beginning of the movie. The end.

So yeah, silly movie that was just about being fun and cute. Did a pretty good job at that but it’s just not really what I want from a crossover. Can’t be helped I guess.



The Worst Thing to Happen to Precure

It’s GoPrincess. It still hangs like an obnoxious shadow across the franchise. It’s not even that it’s a bad show that makes it the worst thing to happen but more the affect it’s had on the fandom and just what the show represents in general. Heartcatch brought in a lot of new fans who didn’t really know anything about Precure, ones who stayed after it spent their time insulting Suite and continuing to overrate the only season they’ve really seen. But Heartcatch was at least a good show and well-deserving of most of its praise. GoPrincess is not like that. It continues to be by far the most overrated season of the franchise. I can say without any doubt that GoPrincess has brought nothing positive to the franchise and its fandom, it’s not the absolute worst season, but it’s the worst thing to happen to Precure.


1. The Same Things Again

The same backstory and plot set-up as Doki and HapCha, victim of the week for three times in a row, another 4 Cure season, despair, dreams and hope as themes again, brainwashing again, a villain turned Cure at the mid-season climax again. Everything GoPrincess does is just so tired. Unlike Doki and HapCha before it GoPri doesn’t even try to differentiate its victim of the week style nor how the monsters work. It’s exactly like HapCha. I said in my Maho review that it came at the perfect time and was just what the franchise needed, that’s in large part because it came right after GoPrincess which came at an awful time and was the opposite of what the franchise needed. It was the epitome of a franchise that had run out of ideas and creativity. Said to be “unprecure” by its creators. What a joke. The most original thing GoPri did was having the girls in actual swimsuits for their beach episode, thanks a lot.

2. Overrated Action

GoPrincess is still one of the better seasons when it comes to the fighting but the action is still very much overrated. It gave us the typical bait-and-switch by having stellar fights with movie level animation in the first two episodes and then averaging out very quickly after. I would say overall it has less good action than Heartcatch, Happiness Charge and even GoGo. One of the biggest reasons for GoPrincess’s fighting being overrated is for the simple fact that good animation does not mean a good fight, which is why so many of the big important fights in GoPrincess aren’t really that good. Twilight’s first fight for example has wonderful animation, excellent music playing, and it’s very stylish and fun to look at it. But it’s short. There is so little actual fighting going on, there are a few very quick bits of action and then it’s almost entirely talking. I’d rather have a fight with half the budget that’s twice as long. Close’s final fight is another great example, all the animation budget for the finale went to it but it’s still so damn short. Compare it with the final fight against Red in HapCha which is much longer and contains more real action. Who cares if it’s not as pretty looking, it’s more fun, it’s more satisfying, it’s more emotional because so much more time is spent developing Red through the fight and setting up the finish. Close’s fight meanwhile is a whole bunch of screaming and shifting camera angles. There are some really good fights in GoPri and some appropriately longer ones which is why it’s still one of the better seasons for action but it doesn’t stop it from being overrated in that department. The finale in particular is just so disappointing in that regard because you expect more from it, we know GoPri can have amazing looking fights even if they’re short but for the first two episodes of the finale the fighting just plain sucks. Dyspear’s fight is horribly disappointing and it’s basically a non-fight on the level of Despariah’s. And then you finally get to Close and it’s still so short.

3. Bad Villains

2 out of 6 isn’t very good. I’m loath to even include Twilight as a villain since her character doesn’t even really exist and there’s no actual conclusion to her character arc, she just disappears when Towa comes back. What about her ideals as a princess? Well, what about them? The show never bothers with Haruka really confronting this and proving Twilight wrong. Stop and Freeze are just tools, Dyspear is awful and Close is annoying. Close is a joke for his first life and does nothing but fail throughout the season and he’s the final boss? Wonderful.

4. The Special Pink

Following what Doki and HapCha did GoPri makes an inordinately big deal out of the lead Cure. Making her special and having the plot revolve around her. Flora always wanted to be a princess in the first place, she had a unique encounter with Kanata years ago, Close and Twilight seem to think she’s the only Precure that exists, she’s the only one to participate in the final fight, the themes of the season seem to revolve around her. She isn’t like Love or Hibiki or Miyuki who are just normal girls their seasons don’t make a big deal about. Nozomi in GoGo was the first pink like this, which sucked because she wasn’t like that in Yes5. I was happy when we got back to having leads like Mirai and Ichika. who the shows don’t bend over backwards to put on a pedestal. At least in Doki Mana was actually a really different and interesting character, even if you don’t like her anyone can see that, Haruharu though is really typical and while her determination to become a princess and her awareness of what her dream means is cool it doesn’t make her a great character for the franchise. Worse it’s not the kind of thing Precure should do. Pinks have always been center stage, the leaders have always been center stage, why do we need the seasons to suck their dicks and make them even more special compared to their comrades. Mana Sue, The Precure of love Cure Lovely, and Cure Flora the only one who matters. I was really happy at first in GoPri’s finale when everyone got the same super form, everyone became Grand Princesses, but that just made what happens next worse. Flora basically tells her teammates to fuck off and goes to fight Close one on one. So we get yet another one on one final fight. That’s not Precure. It’s even worse than before too since at least in Doki everyone gave Mana their powers and in HapCha Lovely was really the only one who could continue to fight at that point. But GoPri has no excuse. Everyone was there, everyone had the same power. But only Flora was important.

5. New and Inferior

GoPri’s versions of previous characters, archetypes and plot elements are all inferior to past versions. The biggest offender is of course Minami who really is just Karen minus the interesting parts. Dyspear and Close are just worse done than previous villains that had the same elements. Kanata is better than Blue by virtue of Blue being awful but he doesn’t hold a candle to other characters in his position like Otokichi, Kaoruko, or Coco. Yui was an alright support character but not nearly as good as Seiji or as fun as some others like Masukomika or Sebastian. The story arc of Twilight and Towa is just poorly done compared to Setsuna, Ellen and even Regina. Twilight had less development and we didn’t even know Towa existed until the episode right before Twilight is dealt with. Puff and Aroma are cute fairies but not as cute as Hummy or as relevant or developed as others like Candy. Any character or plot element GoPri lifts from past seasons it doesn’t do as well or do anything differently with like Smile did.

6. Strengths are Superficial

The best things about GoPrincess are its animation and music. And if that’s the best thing about a season there’s a problem. I’ve said before about Kamen Rider Agito that the worst thing about it is that the monster suits look bad. And if that’s the worst thing I can say about a season of Kamen Rider that’s a very good thing. Pretty fights, good music, good stock footage, you need more than that for a good season. Just look at Splash Star, sure it has an amazing final fight but most of the time the action isn’t that good and is not well animated. It has a pleasant soundtrack but not one of the best ones and the stock footage is average at best. But that’s fine because the best things about Splash Star are its fun villains, excellent finale, Michiru and Kaoru, and well done themes. Maho is just the opposite of GoPri too, where its weaknesses are superficial but it’s still the better season because of everything else.

7. Dumb Plot Points

Everything involving Kanata’s amnesia makes absolutely no sense. Everything about the finale and what Dyspear does makes no sense. What’s worse about that is how GoPri wastes a plot element that could’ve been used to make the finale better/make more sense. Everything about Close being brought back by Dyspear makes no sense. The strength and abilities of Dyspear are inconsistent. Close’s strength in the last episode makes no sense. The second group attack using the castle was superfluous even by Precure standards, the enhanced group attacks of Doki and HapCha had more justification. Why is Lock a Sweater? It’s just random and it doesn’t fit the rest of the villains themes. How the Hope Kingdom will be closed off because the job of the Precure is done and they have to say goodbye to Kanata and Towa isn’t brought up beforehand. What GoPrincess tries to do in the finale by having all the side characters help out and give their power to the Precure is a good idea but similar to Doki it doesn’t work because of the characters being underdeveloped. Fresh and Heartcatch maybe are the only seasons that could’ve pulled something like that off. HapCha kind of did it alright with the way Lovely became Forever Lovely since it was the literal god of the world focusing all the feelings of the Precure around the world to her. Maho did it well too by not actually making the side characters the focus in the big moment of episode 49, instead just showing everyone surviving amidst chaos. But GoPri makes the side characters too important for that scene and they aren’t developed enough for it.

8. The Fanbase

One of the biggest reasons why GoPri is the worst thing to happen is just the affect it’s had on the fanbase, GoPri has the worst fans of any season. Exceedingly negative towards other seasons for dumb reasons, acting like GoPri is the best thing ever similar to Heartcatch fans back in the day, refusing to acknowledge any sort of problems of GoPri and treating it like some sort of sacred cow. When faced with legitimate criticism of GoPri the fans stick their fingers in their ears and pretend they cant hear you. Meanwhile fans of other seasons will readily admit to the flaws of their favorite ones.

9. There’s Just no Point

Futari Wa and Max Heart really aren’t that good of shows. They aren’t. They’re filled with problems and retcons and boring villains and annoying fairies, etc. But they’re the ones that started it all, they were innovative and without them Precure just wouldn’t exist. Splash Star then came and improved on almost everything and had plenty of innovation itself. Yes5 came and completely changed things, more Cures, real romance, a different kind of villain and different themes. Fresh then changed things again, giving us the modern format and style that nearly every subsequent season followed. Heartcatch had by far the best action in the franchise, we had an older Cure as the mentor, a Cure in highschool for the first time and a unique art-style for the season. Suite then came and gave us a younger elementary schooler as a Cure and fixed a lot of the problems Heartcatch had in its finale and for the first time gave us a truly redeemed main villain with more development than any so far. Smile was an amalgamation of everything that came before it but with its own unique style and the silliness and carefree attitude amped up, it was always putting its own spin on everything it took from older seasons. Doki was the most plot intensive season of the franchise and Mana was a truly different lead, the situation of Ace and Regina was unique as well. Happiness Charge gave us real romance again and had teams of Cures all around the world and an older sister Cure of one of the main characters. Maho brought back actual form changes, taking that further than ever before, it featured regular travel between the human and magic worlds and had magic that didn’t have anything to do with the Precure. Kira Kira was simply the most abnormal season yet that gave us two highschool students as Cures and went a completely different direction with the fighting among other things.

Even in the seasons I don’t like, even in the ones you don’t like there’s always something there. A spark of life and personality, some innovation, a reason for them to exist.

GoPrincess has nothing. It’s not the worst or worst written season or anything like that but it brings nothing to the table, there’s nothing lost by GoPri vanishing from the Precure franchise. Because of that inability to differentiate itself it will never get out of the shadow of other seasons. Other seasons have their faults, some others are worse but they are all at least their own seasons. GoPrincess is the worst thing to happen to the franchise because of all this.






Witches! Witches are pretty much where magical girls came from. If it wasn’t for the old witch shows who knows what the super-genre would be like today. Witches and magical girls have always been connected, and witches still remain very popular in anime today. Why just recently we’ve had Little Witch Academia, Flying Witch, Magimoji Rurumo, etc. etc.

Of course none of those are magical girl shows. While witches and their shows can be magical girls it isn’t always the case. It’s pretty much impossible to get a total consensus on what does and doesn’t constitute a magical girl show (after all, people still call Utena a magical girl show which is something I vehemently disagree with) but I think there are some simple guidelines to differentiate regular witches from magical girl witches. For example let’s look at Ojamajo Doremi. In Doremi witches are from a completely different world, magic is unknown on Earth, and the human girls who become witches have special outfits and sort of even transformations. This is clearly different from Little Witch Academia where the witches are part of the same human world, magic has always existed and everyone knows about it, and no one needs to transform or anything like that to do magic. They have similarities to be sure but the differences are more important. Ojamajo Doremi is a witch style magical girl series. Maho Precure is another.

Blurring the line we have something like Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo. Where the woman is a witch from another world (I’m simplifying things since the real story is much more complicated) but she has her own real magical girl style transformation.


And then there’s stuff like Ultra Maniac and Hime-chan no Ribbon. Where the other magical world and its beings don’t really follow the classic witch style but the influence is still clearly there. And the plot of Ultra Maniac really closely follows the “witch from another world coming to Earth for whatever reason”. Hime-chan no Ribbon is similar to that as well. Sugar Sugar Rune is another too.

Then Tweeny Witches is of course the inversion. Normally in these witch shows it’s the witch coming to Earth after being summoned or for some sort of test, etc. As is the case in Kuromajo-san, Rurumo, the aforementioned Ultra Maniac and almost all of the old classics from the 60’s and 70’s. In shows like this the magical world the witch came from will occasionally be visited but most of the action takes place on Earth. But Tweeny Witches goes the trapped in another world route which is uncommon for witch shows. It’s more like Escaflowne or Rayearth witch style.


There’s a difference between just “magic users” and witches as well, although there’s still a ton of overlap. But no one would ever call Maburaho a witch show at least. Sasami Magical Girls Club is sort of a combination of both. There are so many little parody and gag series as well, like Magical Play and Tsukune-chan. And then sometimes you just have witches randomly crammed into places, like in Horizon and Nanoha Vivid. Japan really likes witches.

When you look back on things most of the so called Magical Girl anime from the 60’s and 70’s are really just witch shows. Sally the Witch, the so-called first magical girl anime, is just the classic witch style show where Sally is the witch princess from an alternate magical world. Himitsu no Akko-chan, the manga of which is older than Sally, is the true first magical girl. All of these shows had a ton of influence on later shows but they’re not all true magical girls.


Then we come to Minky Momo in the 80’s. It’s a magical girl show that doesn’t exactly fit neatly into one camp, Momo is from a fairy tale world but it’s not witch like and she can transform herself. It’s pretty much around here where the modern magical girl, witches and everything in between really separated from each other. Creamy Mami was made around the same time and Akazukin Chacha, a pure witch series with more magical girl elements added to the anime, was made in the early 90’s.


I can only hope that more and more witch anime get made in the future. Witches, magical girls, and everything else!






Maho Precure the Movie


The Maho movie is one of the better ones. Probably makes it into the top three with the Smile and Heartcatch movies. Lot of stuff I love in it, it has a lot of songs for one, and the animation quality of it is super far above the regular show. It’s also just a really fun and cute movie that has a lot of heart to it as well. Maybe the biggest heart of them all. Unlike most other movies there isn’t a movie original character to focus on besides the villain, so all the time is spent with the characters we already know and love and the story revolves around them.


But of course before the actual movie starts there’s a CGI short at the beginning. Just like what the GoPrincess movie did but this one is much better. Cure Miracle and Mofurun’s magic lesson. The quality of the cg is very good. Also even before this skit starts we get the obligatory explanation of the Miracle Lights and how to use them.

Anyways the little skit is very fun and cute. Two of them just playing around together, at one point Cur Miracle turns into Cure Flora and Mofurun turns into Toei’s mascot character. Then they dance at the end. Of course.

Now on to the movie proper. It actually starts off with the girls transforming and then the theme song plays and we get the credits while they fight a DonYokubaaru right from the get go. The girls are all introduced through Mirai’s narration and the DonYokubaaru is defeated by the end of the theme song.


The girls then see a shooting star and Mirai tells Haa and Liko that people in the Non-Magic World make wishes on them. Mofurun asks what they would all wish for, Mirai doesn’t know what her wish would be. Then another “shooting star” comes down and clonks Mirai right in the head. It was actually an invitation from the Headmaster for the Grand Magic Festival, the light from the invitation becomes 4 Miracle Lights for the girls. They have a bear theme for this movie, the girls are quick tonight how much it looks like Mofurun. The lights are used as part of the festival.


We then see a dark figure who also seems to be waiting for the festiva, mentioning some sort of stone…

The girls travel to the Magic World for the festival, the locale is very pretty, lots of cool looking stuff in this movie. It’s a very good looking movie.


The girls meet up with Francois at the festival, he’s there selling clothes and he just has to dress them up in some fancier clothes for the festival too. It would be a travesty if they didn’t look their best. I gotta say, they do look extremely cute.

Liko also decides to tell Mirai just what the festival is about. It’s a once a century celebration of the return of the Wishing Stone. It grants any wish but only for a single person of the stones choosing. During the festivities Haa goes flying around with a dragon just for fun. Dragons really like Haa.


Finally it’s time for the Wishing Stone ceremony. Mirai still has no idea what to wish for. The Headmaster is there officiating everything and he tells everyone to grab their Miracle Lights and think of a pure wish. The Wishing Stone appears while Mirai still hasn’t though of anything… but that’s alright because the stone chooses Mofurun.

So what’s Mofurun’s wish?


Well she says there’s nothing she wants so she just wished for Mirai, Liko, and Haa’s wishes to come true. The others are kind of put-off by this, they don’t want to “steal” Mofurun’s wish and they hoped she just had something she wanted for herself. The Headmaster says no one has made a wish like this before either. But Mofurun just wants the girls to have fun and be happy.

Then the dark figure from before appears at the ceremony. Saying he’ll just take the wish then. He’s a big bear and I can’t bare to repeat the puns used in this movie. He summons some dark minions and goes for the Wishing Stone. The girls transform to fight him, Sapphire Mode for Miracle and Magical.


He calls himself Dark Matter and he will wish for every magic user to be erased from the world. He overpowers Miracle and the Headmaster and takes the stone. He takes Mofurun as well because she was chosen by the stone, then he flies away on a dark dragon. Miracle and Magical’s transformation cancels because Mofurun is too far away. Felice is still fine but Mirai cries out for Mofurun.

The girls and everyone else wonder what they should do now. Liko notices Mirai is missing, she’s already gotten on her broom and has flied off searching for Mofurun.


Dark Matter has taken Mofurun back to his lair. He’s been attempting to make his wish on the stone but it doesn’t work. He’ll have to use Mofurun. But Mofurun runs away from him and escapes from his evil lair, managing to give his minions the slip.


Mofurun comes across a bear fairy village in the forest. And then there’s a song as we get a montage of her having fun with them. Of course.


Next morning a black bear shows up at the village. All the other bears seem afraid of him for some reason, he calls himself Kumata.

Meanwhile Mirai has been flying all night and right as Liko catches up with her she crashes off her broom. Mirai says she has to get Mofurun but Liko says if she hurts herself it doesn’t help anyone. Haa also arrives, telling Mirai that she’s not the only one who cares. They’ll all go together to find Mofurun.


Mofurun makes friends with Kumata, who gives her a lot of cookies. He can use magic but he doesn’t seem happy about it. While they walk to where Kumata lives he says he’s surprised that Mofurun doesn’t find his magic weird. He says everyone thought his power was scary and ran away from him, like the bears from that village. But Mofurun says he’s nice.

He asks Mofurun to stay with him and forget everything else, and to grant his wish.


Suddenly a bunch of shooting stars appear in the night sky. Mirai looks at them and realizes what her wish is. She just wants… Mofurun, to be here… Liko tells her she needs to tell that directly to Mofurun. The girls pull out their Miracle Lights, thinking about their wishes. We get a bunch of flashback scenes of Mirai and Mofurun together when Mirai was younger. So sweet. Another song also plays in this scene that makes a reappearance in episode 49 of the show. Mofurun is looking at the shooting stars and doing the same. The girls see Mofurun’s Miracle Light and know where to go now.

Mofurun has to get back to Mirai so she goes to leave, but this makes Kumata angry. He thinks she’s the same as all the others. Abandoning him. He transforms into Dark Matter, saying he did all this to manipulate her. He tells her to hurry up and make his wish for him. He says that as long as she comes back and stays with him he wont hurt the Precure. So Mofurun goes back with him.

But the girls of course still end up coming to his base, his dark dragon goes to keep them out of his hair. Felice decides to fight it so Mirai and Liko can go find Mofurun. Liko then decides to occupy Dark Matter and his minions so Mirai can go on next. Mirai makes it into Dark Matter’s lair and finds Mofurun, asking for her to come back with her.


But Mofurun refuses. Dark Matter comes in and says Mirai should leave, he shows her Liko who he’s captured in a crystal prison. Mirai refuses to leave. She says she’d be said if she had to be separated from Mofurun, she can’t have fun without Mofurun around. Mofurun makes her happy. And if they aren’t together the wish Mofurun made can never come true.

Mofurun feels the same. The two of them run to each other and the Wishing Stone reacts, Dark Matter grabs Mirai but Mofurun says she’ll definitely save her. The Wishing Stone’s power comes forth and-


Mofurun transforms into Cure… uh, Mofurun. Gotta start with M?

Cure Mofurun rescues Mirai and only then realizes she just turned into a Precure. The two of them say they’ll be together forever. Dark Matter is pissed that the stone was used for this, he and Cure Mofurun fight while a kind of weird song plays. Mirai frees Liko and Felice also comes in riding the dragon, turns out the dark dragon was the same one from earlier in the movie that Dark Matter had corrupted and turned evil. But Felice made him all better.

Cure Mofurun creates a gigantic broom and smashes Dark Matter through the ceiling of his base. Liko then notices Mofurun became a Cure, she’s a bit perplexed. Dark Matter isn’t finished yet though. He comes down to fight some more, attacking Mofurun. If he can’t use the Wishing Stone he’ll just use his own power and throw everything into chaos. Mofurun and the girls ask him why he’s doing all this.


At the same time the Headmaster is looking up legends on Dark Matter. As we learn, Dark Matter was a bear with powerful magic, he was feared by all because of his appearance and unusual magic, even when he was just trying to help people. Everyone ran away from him and this legend of him being a harbinger of doom popped up.

Dark Matter says the girls aren’t any different, they fear him too and he’s all alone. Mofurun remembers how lonely he was and tries to help him, but he punches her with his dark power and shatters the magical crest on Mofurun. Turning her back into a normal teddy bear.


This is just so sad. Mirai’s reaction and everything… he essentially just killed Mofurun. Felice can’t feel anything from her, Mofurun is just… gone. Mirai is just wrecked.

Dark Matter just laughs, saying she was a fool. But does he really think that?


Mirai sees that he’s really crying about what just happened. He wanted to stay with Mofurun too, the girls say his real wish wasn’t to hurt anybody but instead… (they don’t directly state it here but likely wanting a friend and just not being alone anymore)

Dark Matter walks towards the girls and Mofurun’s body while the dark power slowly leaves his body until he’s just Kumata again. He cries with them over Mofurun.


But his dark power collects in the sky and becomes a gigantic monster. Felice gets hit by some of the energy and gets detransformed. She realizes it negates magic. People start getting hit by it all over the Magic World. Liko asks Kumata to help but he says he can’t do anything, all his magic went to that monster.

Mirai holds on to Mofurun and grabs her wand. Cure Up Rapapa! Magic, stop this! Mirai is not the giving up type. Mirai says Mofurun is still alive in her heart and she’ll never give up. Liko and Haa join her. Back at the festival place the Headmaster tells everyone that even if their magic isn’t working they still have their feelings, don’t give up, use the Miracle Lights.


Kumata starts to join in too, seeing the girls continue on in what seems like a hopeless situation. He asks his magic to stop doing this too. Together the power of everyone’s feelings and wishes activate the Miracle Lights, allowing the girls to transform and reforming Mofurun’s crest, bringing her back to life.


Mofurun forgives Kumata, he’s her friend now. But they still need to fight that dark monster. Mofurun transforms back into Cure Mofurun and they fly into the beast. The Headmaster broadcasts the fight to everyone so they can be cheered on.

The girls and Kumata fly into the monster, making their way to the heart of its power where the dark shadow of Kumata is. Formed from his corrupted wish.

It is an awesome fight.


The animation is top-notch and some of the minor Linkle Stones get used as well. Miracle and Magical keep switching between forms too with the help of Cure Mofurun, who also gets her own Ruby etc. forms. A song is playing as well while they fight.

The standout moment though is when the girls go Topaz Mode and use the Topaz light balls to create Ruby and Sapphire versions of themselves. With Cure Mofurun making Diamond Miracle and Magical. A ten Cure brawl. And it is awesome. I guess Topaz is the most powerful Mode. Naturally this is only something you’ll see in the movie. The 4 Cures then defeat the shadow and evil magic with Precure Heartful Rainbow.

Farewell Cure Mofurun.


At the end of the movie Kumata goes to make friends with the bear village, watched by Mofurun and the girls who know that making friends is what he really wanted all along. Kumata wont be alone anymore.





Maho Girls Precure


Cure Up Rapapa! Let a good season of Precure be made!

So suffice to say from my reviews of the previous three seasons I was not a massive fan of how Precure was at the time. Then Maho came. It still had the same music composer as the previous three seasons but it’s completely different from the Doki-GoPri seasons, it brought about a new age in Precure. The New Age. Maho was refreshingly new and exciting, doing a lot of stuff that hadn’t been done yet in Precure or hadn’t been seen in a long time. It was just what the franchise needed and it showed that Toei could still do new and different things. Maho ended up being my favorite season since Smile. It has problems to be sure, in fact it has several blatant and ever-present problems that honestly drag down its quality a few levels. But this doesn’t outshine the… magic… that this new season brought. Maho bucked the trends on a lot of things, it shook things up, it wasn’t perfect but it was exactly what I wanted from the franchise when it aired.

Let’s dive right in.


Episode 1 opens at night. It’s a full moon and our lead, Mirai, is staring out at it. She sees something flying across the sky before it falls down into the park near her house, excited she goes out to look for whatever it was but gets stopped by her mom. She’ll have to wait till morning. Meanwhile we see that the flying object was actually a young witch on a broom, who despite what she says most definitely didn’t land gracefully.

Then the opening plays. It’s a very cute and catchy theme and I like it a lot. It goes back to the Pre-Fresh style of openings where you don’t see the evil minions in it at all.

Next morning Mirai’s grandma, who lives with the family obviously, says that what Mirai saw must’ve been a witch. This makes Mirai super excited and she goes out looking. Her mom first makes her wear some jewelry from their store, they run a jewelry/precious stone store.


Mirai sees a pendant that really speaks to her and chooses it, then heading out. Strangely Mirai’s mom can’t remember where that pendant came from…

Mirai takes her teddy bear Mofurun out with her when she goes searching, she takes Mofurun everywhere with her. She accidentally drops her and doesn’t notice but a voice calls out to her and tells her she dropped Mofurun. Mirai looks around to thank the person and sees the witch flying on her broom… you know it may just be me but the witch is probably supposed to be a bit stealthier than this.


Mirai is understandably excited to see her and wants to be the witch’s friend. The witch tries to just fly off on her broom but Mirai grabs on, suddenly the witch’s stomach grumbles and her magic fails because she’s exhausted and hungry. When the two of them come into close contact with each other Mirai’s pendant glows and we see that the witch has a near identical pendant on her that also glows.

When this happens some strange figure in the city can sense it and decides to go looking for the source…

Mirai decides to treat the girl to strawberry melon bread, it’s a popular snack that a cart in the area sells. As a sort of thanks for giving her some food the witch decides to show Mirai some magic.


Cure Up Rapapa! Those are the magic words used for spells, as the witch tells Mirai.

The witch tries making a cat speak but it just makes the cat bark and then speak gibberish. She’s… she’s not the best magic user. Mirai wants to get Mofurun to speak but the witch says that it’s impossible for dolls like that to speak. Mirai then tells her about Mofurun and how her grandma gave it to her, she really treasures Mofurun so she’s super thankful that the witch told her she dropped her. Hearing this the witch decides to tell Mirai that her name is Liko.

Liko is looking for something here so Mirai joins her, Mirai also wants to know why their pendants glowed. But then the guy who sensed the power earlier shows up. He’s some kind of bat person. He can tell Liko is a witch and he asks them if they know anything about the Emerald Linkle Stone.

Mirai can tell the guy is bad news and she drags Liko away but he heads them off.


He tells them about the Linkle Stones and the supreme one among them, the Emerald, which Liko is also searching for. His name is Batty by the way. Clever yeah. Liko grabs Mirai and the two of them fly away on her broom, but…


Batty uses his magical power to merge two things together (a feather and a truck) and creates a Yokubaaru, the monsters this season. While Liko is speedily flying away with Mirai she can tell that her magic is stronger now for some reason. But the Yokubaaru knocks her off the broom so that Mirai has to hold her while Liko holds on to Mofurun.


Liko starts chanting the magic words to make the monster go away, but it’s futile since she doesn’t have her wand out. Batty just laughs at her but Mirai joins in, the both of them shouting “Cure Up Rapapa, monster go away!”. Their combined and matching feelings make a magical miracle happen.


The power of the Diamond Linkle Stones awakens. Turns out the pendants they had were actually the Diamonds. Holding on to Mofurun as well the girls join together and transform.


Mirai becomes Cure Miracle and Liko becomes Cure Magical. Together they are Mahotsukai Precure. Magic User Precure. Maho Precure. Witch Precure. Honestly just take your pick there are so many names and translations and different subs for this season I just cant be bothered.

Anyways I like the transformation. Batty recognizes them as the legendary magicians, Pretty Cure. The two of them now fight off the Yokubaaru but they don’t destroy it, Batty retreats with it to inform his boss, someone called Dokuroxy, about this new development.

Mirai then picks up Mofurun…


Who starts talking. Precure fans will recognize her as the voice of Minori from Splash Star. She also is of course Ruby from the Jewelpet franchise.

Liko has heard of the Precure legend too, she wants Mirai and Mofurun to come back to the Magic World with her.


She brings them to a magical train station by using some sort of magical card at the normal train station. Harry Potter I guess. Anyways she says she’s gonna bring Mirai to the Magical Academy she goes to and the first episode ends. We then get the ending song which is pretty cute but nothing more than that really.

Episode 2.


The trains are pulled by giant snails that can traverse across dimensions. It’s a snailiner.

Liko is confused over how Mofurun can talk, she thinks it must have something to do with Pretty Cure. Mofurun says she just really wanted to speak to Mirai. Liko tells Mirai that the Precure are legendary magicians, it’s a story that has been passed down in her world for generations.


Liko is excited, since she’s a Precure now everyone will have to acknowledge her greatness. Liko has less than pure motives as of now.


We also get introduced to the frozen mandarin oranges this episode. It’s a common recurring treat from the magical world, oranges that have been frozen by ice dragons. You use a spell to unfreeze them and then eat. Liko does it for Mirai and Mofurun but she doesn’t do it perfectly, the mandarin is still left a bit cold and hard. Of course though Liko says she did that on purpose.


At last the train arrives in the Magic World. It’s appropriately fantastic. They’re right on the way to the academy, which Liko says is the center of the magical world. When they get there Mirai says she wants a wand just like Liko’s but Liko says it’s something you get at birth in the Magic World.


When the two enter the academy they’re immediately picked up by a teacher. Liko did a bunch of stuff she really wasn’t supposed to, leaving without permission, and bringing back a human to their world, etc. The teacher naturally doesn’t believe that they’re Precure either. The teacher leaves them behind and warns Liko she’ll be punished for all of this. Liko tells Mirai that she’s really terrible at magic, she had supplementary lessons but she skipped out on them to travel to the Non-Magic World and search for the Emerald Linkle Stone. She wanted to become a great magician.

Mofurun then makes their pendants glow, the Diamond Linkle Stones, telling Liko and Mirai that they’ve crossed paths because of the Stones and Mirai thinks the Emerald must be connected to all of this. Mirai then goes searching for the Headmaster of the academy to straighten things out.


We then get back to Batty. He’s reporting to his boss Dokuroxy, in their secret base wherever that may be, but first runs afoul of another minion named Yamoh. He seems to be Dokuroxy’s direct familiar and gives out the orders around here, he’s also a lizard. Yamoh isn’t quite sure about the Precure appearing himself and tells Batty to finish what he started. We then get a brief and not especially detailed look at Dokuroxy.


The all powerful magician according to Yamoh.

Mirai is running around the school looking for the Headmaster, no one else is around because it’s break. Mirai feels drawn to a large tree at the academy.


She finds a guy there who tells her it’s a Wand Tree, one of many in the world, where magic wands sprout from. Liko meanwhile is thinking about how much Mirai is doing to help her even though they just met, so she goes out looking for Mirai. Anyways the guy tells Mirai that a new wand sprouts every time a new life is born into the Magic World. But this tree in particular hasn’t had a new one come out in hundreds of years.

He asks what she’s doing here and Mirai says she wants to help someone who helped her.


Mirai’s earnest feelings, and possibly the power of the Linkle Stones, causes a new wand to grow right then and there. A magical wand just for Mirai.

Right then Batty comes and attacks the academy with his Yokubaaru, since he knew Liko was a student here. Mirai and Liko meet up and transform together. The guy sees all of this happening.


Miracle and Magical have to stop Batty from destroying the school, their feelings causes a power to come from the wand tree and go through Mofurun and the Diamond Linkle Stones. Apparently all guided by the Stones into the wands of the girls, thus creating the Linkle Sticks. Naturally these are used for the Maho Precure’s attack.


Precure Diamond Eternal. I don’t care too much for the attack, it’s a little too over the top for my taste when it comes to their everyday finishing move. But anyways it destroys the Yookubaru, breaking Batty’s magic and unmerging the pieces.

After this the guy approaches both of the girls.


Liko immediately recognizes him as the Headmaster of the academy. He says he wants the both of them to attend classes at the academy together. Looks like Mirai will be staying in the Magic World for a bit longer.

And that’s how Maho begins. Now there are just a few things to talk about before moving on to episode 3.

First off the names of a few things. As many know the subs called Liko as Riko. And they keep calling her that all the way through. The reason I’m using Liko is because I believe that’s what her name is supposed to be and it fits the names of her family members too. If it really is Riko well then sue me. Also the subs at this point call the Yokubaaru’s Covettor’s. I have no problem with that but for the sake of convenience I’ll always still be using Yokubaaru. Because I watched Maho while it aired I was forced to use subs that were convenient so I ended up with multiple different sub groups and the best subber among them didn’t do the whole series anyways.

Then there are some general things about the show I just wanted to touch on, Mofurun can “smell” magical things, especially plot relevant ones and they smell sweet to her. Maho has a more interesting two part beginning in that the first episode didn’t end right on the transformation. Maho set things up really simply and easily, we know there are a bunch of Linkle Stones besides Emerald and the girls already have Diamond. And right from the beginning we know the Magic World will play a bigger part than previous ones as never has it been travelled to so early. Sure we’ve seen worlds like Major Land and the Trump Kingdom right at the beginning but our Pink has never visited them right in episode 2.

So, time for episode 3.


Mirai uses the Headmaster’s crystal ball to talk to her grandmother… on the grandmother’s phone. Pretty good compatibility. Anyways Mirai tells her everything that happened and how she’ll be staying in the Magic World for the rest of spring break. Mirai’s grandmother accepts this, maybe not just quite believing it, and says she’ll tell Mirai’s parents that she’ll be away but she’s okay. Mirai and Liko then take a magic carpet to a town where they can buy stuff for Mirai, on the way Mirai says how her grandmother has always believed in her so she knows it’ll be fine.

Liko first takes Mirai to a clothing store…


Run by a very fabulous person.


He makes Mirai her very own uniform and hat. I gotta say, she looks adorable in it. Meanwhile we briefly go back to the Headmaster who is now talking to his crystal ball.


The crystal ball has its own personality and everything. The Headmaster muses on how the meeting of two girls from different worlds awakened the Diamond and their brilliance allowed them to become Pretty Cure. He asks the crystal ball if this all is related to the Emerald. Then the Deputy-Headmistress comes on, she was the teacher from last episode, and she is plainly shocked to learn that the girl from the Non-Magic World is going to be enrolled in the academy. We also learn from Liko that the Headmaster is much older than he appears, it’s a mystery as to what his true age is.

Mirai then goes to the broom shop to order a broom for herself. The broom store owner notes that this is the first time Liko has ever come by with a friend, and he also says he’ll fix up her broom which has been beat up a little by all the falling Liko did. While the two girls wait for their brooms Liko tells Mirai that she had overheard the Headmaster talking with his crystal ball a bit ago, about the Emerald, they sensed that it might’ve appeared in Mirai’s world and that’s why Liko went there. She wanted the Emerald to become a great magician. Mirai thinks it’s awesome that Liko was willing to travel to a whole new world for her dream. Mirai says that she doesn’t really have a dream of her own or any idea what she wants to do.


And then they get attacked. The new spider villain Sparda uses her thread to grab Mirai’s Diamond. Naturally she’s looking for the Emerald too, she’s very much looking forward to the world of darkness Dokuroxy will create when he has the Emerald. She creates a Yokubaaru from stone and a frozen mandarin and has it attack the girls and the town. But because she stole Mirai’s Diamond the girls can’t transform to fight her.


However Liko’s anger at seeing Sparda destroy the town she likes and has all these people she’s close to in it awakens the Ruby Linkle Stone and it appears before them. The girls use it to transform into their Ruby forms. This form has the best transformation sequence and the outfits are personally my favorite looking too.

Ruby form also makes the girls physically stronger and is more for direct fighting. Oh my God! Real form changes that actually matter!


Mofurun gets the Diamond back from Sparda and after weakening the Yokubaaru the girls use their attack, Precure Ruby Passionale, to destroy it for good. I like this attack a lot. It’s much better than Diamond Eternal. The townspeople see the girls and know they must be the legendary Precure so Miracle and Magical hop away quickly.


At the end of the episode they go pick up their brooms, the broom guy put these cute little bows on the end of their brooms so they can match now. Cute.

Now to episode 4 where a very major event happens.


Mirai and Liko are in the big library at the academy. Mirai sees this big door is there and the Headmaster says that behind it is the Forest of Knowledge, a huge labyrinth containing all the books that have ever been written in the Magic World. It’s easy to get lost in. The Headmaster then shows the girls a tome about the Linkle Stones.


Crystallized magic older than the world itself. The supreme Emerald at the center with 4 Guardian stones around it and 7 sustaining stones around those. The Diamond and Ruby are both part of the Guardian 4. The Headmaster believes the girls will be drawn to the Emerald.

Later Liko tells Mirai not to mention anything about being Precure to anybody, and they go in to their supplementary lessons. Meeting the other three girls there and the teacher.


We get a vague idea of how each of these girls are. Jun, the blue hair girl is more assertive but is taking supplementary lessons because of a bunch of absences. Emily the blonde is a scaredy cat who failed the broom flying test because of it. And Kei the orange head is forgetful and forgot to bring her wand and broom to the tests. They end up being a nice side cast for the adventures in the Magic World.

So the teacher explains that there are 6 tests they all must take and pass or they’ll repeat the year. The first test is to catch enchanted butterflies made from paper. Liko and Mirai are also made to work together per the Headmaster’s instructions.


Yamoh apologizes to Dokuroxy for not finding the Emerald yet, so he’s gonna send a new villain. We get a better look at Dokuroxy too, looks like he might just be a skeleton. The Yokubaaru’s have that skull look to them too.


Mirai sees the butterfly go into the Forest of Knowledge and she goes in after it. Liko and Mofurun end up going after her as well.


Our new bad guy is already in there though. He’s the turtle minion Gametes. He really likes a good fight. Guess he’s this seasons analog to Kintolesky and Kumojacky, etc.

Liko and Mirai meet up, when they hold hands some light appears from a bookshelf in the labyrinth. Before they can get to it Gametes creates his Yokubaaru and attacks them, but they eventually reach the light which turns out to be a glowing book.


It seemed to have been calling out to them. The girls then transform into their Diamond form and fight, Magical learns to not overthink things and how she should just act sometimes and the girls defeat the Yokubaaru. Liko needs to just live a little. Some funniness is had after the fight as Gametes was knocked onto his back and can’t get up.


The girls now have the book and see that the butterfly they’re supposed to catch is on it too. The book certainly drew them to it on purpose. They’re suddenly transported out of the labyrinth and when that happens the book changes into a small pink tome, the tome opens up and a flower shoots out, blooming to reveal a small baby fairy inside.

On to episode 5.


The Headmaster recognizes the pink tome from legend. It’s the legendary Linkle Smartome, or however the various subs spell it. The baby is crying so the girls put the Diamond in the tome to make milk for the baby. Merchandising!

The Headmaster doesn’t know about the baby but he thinks this must all have to do with the Precure and the Emerald Linkle Stone too.

But aside from all that jazz the girls have to take their next test. Test 2 is they have to go to a freezing island and boil tea on it. It’s a simple spell to boil the tea with magic but the cold temperature makes concentrating and using ones magic difficult.


The girls can’t do it at first so Mirai gets all the girls to bunch up together and sing some kind of Japanese rhyme or something to warm themselves up, it’s nothing I had seen before watching this. But Liko thinks that’s silly and she doesn’t participate, thinking all she needs is her own effort and guts to do magic. Liko needs to learn how to be a team player and just relax a little too. After the other girls are done with their thing they’re all able to make the tea boil while Liko can’t, Liko gets upset when Mirai is able to perform the magic that she can’t.

But she’s even more upset at “passing” because they’re graded together when she didn’t even do anything. Liko runs off on her own and Mirai chases after her but they start arguing.


Mirai says she just did her best for Liko but Liko gets mad and thinks Mirai has gotten full of herself. Liko thinks Mirai treats magic like a game while it’s seriously important to her.

Meanwhile Yamoh uses some divination magic to see that the next Linkle Stone will appear somewhere with ice, so Batty goes off. Mofurun also smells something sweet on the freezing island. When the girls keep arguing the baby fairy begins to cry but a quick pet from Mirai calms her down. (The baby lives inside the Smartome)

Unfortunately right after that the girls get caught in a storm.


While waiting it out Mirai apologizes for not taking Liko’s feelings into consideration and just doing her own thing during the test, Liko also apologizes and explains she was just jealous because Mirai was able to do something she couldn’t. Then they warm each other up. Not in a sexual way.

The storm passes and the girls can see the Linkle Stone shining in the distance so Mirai goes to get it. But she’s attacked by Batty and a Yokubaaru he made, when she gets knocked into the snow Liko yells out her name for the first time.


They then transform into Ruby mode and fight. After throwing away the Yokubaaru they acquire the new Linkle Stone.


It’s one of the 7 sustaining stones, the Ice Linkle Stone Aquamarine. Nothing is done with it this episode and the girls just defeat the Yokubaaru with their Ruby attack. And now suddenly…


The fairy gets bigger and grows up. I wouldn’t say this is directly caused by the acquisition of a new Linkle Stone, she just matures at a fast pace over the first half of the show. Mirai and Liko use Aquamarine with the Smartome to make soup for her. Merchandising! They then decide that she needs a name and settle on Haa-chan because of the noise she makes.

So for episode 6 their normal professor has a hip problem so a substitute has been brought in for the day.


Liko’s big sister Liz. Also scenes from the All Stars movie have started appearing in the opening now.

So the other girls recognize Liz too, she’s popular and is known to be a good magician and especially good with practical wand skills. Their task today is to manipulate water into a shape of their choosing and hold it for ten minutes. Mirai is actually pretty good at it but Liko is nervous about performing in front of her sister and tries to do something she’s not ready for. Naturally she can’t do it. Liko has always been in Liz’s shadow and all her studying hasn’t produced any results. It’s like Sasuke and Itachi in here.

Liko ends up running off angry… again. Liz tells Mirai that they used to be really close but when Liz went to the academy they drifted apart and when Liko started going to the academy too it got worse as Liko just avoided Liz and later Liz learned about all the problems Liko was having with using magic.


Mirai meets up with Liko who tells her that she’s always looked up to her big sister and that the Diamond pendant she had was a family heirloom that gets passed down, Liz should have it but she gave it to Liko when they were younger. And ever since coming to school she’s been hiding her failures from Liz, she feels like she doesn’t deserve the pendant and that Liz would make a better Precure.


Mirai disagrees. If it wasn’t for that pendant they would’ve never met and none of this great stuff would’ve ever happened. Mirai really likes Liko, she’s her friend and she has to be Precure with her.

Sparda then arrives and attacks Liz with a Yokubaaru, she mistook her for Liko. Mirai and Liko come and go into their Diamond Mode. Sparda mocks Liz which unsurprisingly pisses off Liko, who still deeply loves and respects her sister. Liko says one day she’ll become a great magician and surpass her sister too, her feelings awaken the Aquamarine stone.


She uses it with her Linkle Stick to freeze part of the Yokubaaru and then they finish it off with Diamond Eternal. At the end of the episode all of the girls are able to complete the task, even Liko after trying something simpler. She creates a replica Diamond Pendant and then her magic automatically freezes it, impressing Liz. Liz reminisces on how when Liko’s wand was born the Diamond Pendant reacted and from then Liz decided to one day give it to her.


She thinks all Liko needed to become great was a good friend to be with her.

Next episode everyone travels to the ocean.


They’re visiting the mermaids that live underwater. The professor casts a breathing in water spell on everyone to make things simpler. He also explains that the reason they’re here is because speech is an important part of magic so the mermaid will be teaching them how to use their voices to better convey their feelings etc. As the legends go those mermaids are great singers and all.

The task is to make these magical clams open up by talking to them.


Liko just tries ordering hers to open and I simply had to take a screenshot of that face.

Three little mermaids come to make friends with the girls, they explain that most of the other mermaids in their village are afraid of people above the surface so they’re staying out of sight. Mirai says it’s exciting to go to new places and meet new people. Yamoh meanwhile has divined that a new Linkle Stone will appear under the sea so Gametes goes out to fetch it.


The mermaids show the girls the treasure of the village, an ancient giant clam. Ages ago it was open and mermaids used to swim in the sky like they do underwater, but ever since mermaids stopped swimming in the sky it’s been closed. Seems the mermaids lost their “light” in their hearts or some other such thing. Gametes then comes down and Mirai and Liko go off to face him, he makes a Yokubaaru and they… don’t transform because they ran off without Mofurun who was grabbed by one of the little mermaids. So Gametes just has the Yokubaary indiscriminately attack the village.


Mirai and Liko still stand up to him and join hands, saying that as long as they’re together they have nothing to fear. This proclamation causes all the little clams to open up and then the one big one opens too and out comes the Sapphire Linkle Stone. Now with it, and Mofurun who ran to them in the middle of their speech, they transform into their Sapphire Mode. Nice looking outfits again.

In Sapphire Mode they’re faster and can fly.


They defeat the Yokubaaru with Precure Sapphire Smartish. A fancy and cool, if excessive, looking attack. After all this the girls have passed their task of opening the clams and the little mermaids now also want to one day visit the surface world.

Next episode the girls are on their 5th test, which is taking a photograph with a Pegasus. It’s to test their broom flying skills. Mirai is also super excited to see a Pegasus.


This is really just a cutesy episode as the girls work on flying and have fun together. Mirai and Liko bond a bit too, believing in each other and themselves. Emily also sees Mirai flying and it makes her want to become better with her broom too. Mirai and Liko then come across a sick baby Pegasus, they use magic flowers to heal it and its mother comes down to nuzzle it. These positive emotions awaken the Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone.


Another one of the 7 sustaining stones. They first use it to make some food for Haa-chan of course.

Sparda then attacks them after sensing the awakening of another Linkle Stone, hoping it was the Emerald. She makes a Yokubaaru using the Pegasus mother as one part of it. The girls go Diamond to fight it. They don’t want to hurt it but luckily the baby Pegasus is able to stir up the mothers feelings inside the Yokubaaru and she’s sort of able to fight back against its control. This act also activates the Pink Tourmaline.


Miracle uses it to separate the mother from the rest of the Yokubaaru, much to Sparda’s and well, my surprise. They then finish it off with Diamond Eternal. At the end the girls get their photograph with the baby and mother Pegasus and pass the 5th test. Just one more. But that means that Mirai will be going back home soon.

At the beginning of episode 9 the crystal ball senses another Linkle Stone but we don’t see where it is just yet.

Mirai has to go back to school in the Non-Magic World since spring break is almost over. Liko seems sad that she’ll be leaving and the other 3 witches are sad that she’ll have to leave too. We then learn about their final test.


Cool. The girls will all be on a team together and having a magic battle against a teacher. As long as one of them wins they all pass. But the teacher they’ll be battling turns out to be Liz. Yamoh meanwhile sees signs of Linkle Stones appearing in the Non-Magic world but Batty has already gone out to fight the Precure since new stones keep appearing around them.

When the battle takes place we can really see how everyone has improved.


Mirai is trying exceptionally hard to win but Liko’s heart isn’t really into it. Liko confronts her and asks if she’s really that happy to leave? Mirai tells her she’s doing this for Liko, she knows she wants to become a great magician and so she can’t let her fail, even though Mirai really wants to stay with her. It’s tearing her up too that she’s going to have to leave after this.

Liko is happy that they’re both feeling the same thing and together the two of them defeat Liz in the battle. But Batty attacks them right after, the girls go Ruby to fight him.


The two of them use the strong bond they’ve forged to defeat his Yokubaaru. As long as they’re together they’ll never give up.

But finally the time has come for Mirai to go back. Jun says she really wants to go to the Non-Magic World one day and Emily and Kei wouldn’t mind either, all three are really sad to see Mirai go. Liko isn’t at the station, apparently too sad to see Mirai off.  The Headmaster and his crystal ball come talk to her, saying they couldn’t figure out exactly what twist of fate brought the two girls together but still… a new Linkle Stone has appeared in a certain place, perhaps this is why…

Meanwhile Mirai starts to cry aboard the Snailiner because she’s gonna miss Liko, but then-


Liko and Haa-chan fly to her, Liko says she’s coming to Mirai’s world now and Mirai pulls her onto the train. How cute and sweet.

So that’s the first part of Maho down. Time to talk about some stuff and then move on to episode 10.

First off Maho has already developed the Magic World more than any other fairy/magical world in the franchise. The girls have already gone on a bunch of adventures in it and it works to get you attached to it right from the beginning, there have been a lot of fun characters that we met in the still relatively short time spent here. It’s generated a lot of good and honest emotion already.

Maho has a more fun and relaxed feeling to it than the previous few seasons, partially because it is thankfully no longer victim of the week. And partially because it has a more adventurous and fantastical feeling to it because of the magical world they’re in. Unfortunately the villains as of now are pretty boring, they’re all just kind of plain bad guys and it takes some time before Maho improves on them. Maho also already has an interesting story/plot with a lot of mystery to it. The world-building has been very good.

Mirai at this point is a pretty generic nice/hyper lead. But her arguments with Liko and dynamic with her has been strong. Liko is just a super fun character, I love her. Her haughty attitude and everything. Also the two of them are the first Cures who noticeably and canonically grow older when they transform (without there being a special reason behind it or a trick). Other girls have had their appearances change slightly but Mirai and Liko really grow a couple years. It’s also interesting how they both need to be in contact with each and have Mofurun there to transform, much like the older seasons.

Liko is always so cute when she’s riding side-saddle.


So at the start of episode 10 Liko tells Mirai about the Linkle Stone that’s appeared in her world. She’ll be living in the Non-Magic world for now and going to school there too, the Headmaster thinks it will be a good experience for her. Then they sleep in these adorable hermit crab sleeping shell things that you use for overnight trips on the Snailiner. The Headmaster wonders what will happen with everything, the crystal ball can sense some sort of creeping darkness going towards the light of the Linkle Stones.

So the next morning the girls get off the train and leave the magical station and-


Instantly find a Linkle Stone just lying there on the ground. Which is pretty funny. But a crow picks it up and flies off with it so Liko and Haa-chan both chase after it. Unfortunately Liko gets hungry and falls while flying, she and Haa-chan end up totally lost.

Yamoh meanwhile is telling all the other minions that a new Stone has appeared in the Non-Magic World, and that Dokuroxy says they’re not allowed to return without the Emerald. Mirai’s mom then finds Liko and takes her home, giving her some food. The Linkle Stone ends up falling right in front of Mirai but then gets picked up by a cat this time. Liko is getting along with Mirai’s mom and she tells her about her own parents. Her father is an archaeologist and her mother is a gastronomist, but she hasn’t seen them in a while. Mirai’s mother says they’re certainly thinking about her.

The two girls meet back up with each other at the strawberry melon bread truck after remembering when they first met each other. And it turns out that the cat Liko tried to make talk is the one that has the Linkle Stone. But the cat gets grabbed by Sparda and she makes a Yokubaaru to fight the girls who in turn transform into Sapphire mode to fight her. The people of the Non-Magic World are quite surprised to see a monster. Anyways the girls defeat it after flying around for a while but after the fight they can’t find the Linkle Stone anymore.


Mirai takes Liko back to her house where Liko finally puts 2 and 2 together. Mirai’s mom welcomes Mirai back… and then questions her rather strongly on just what the hell she’s been up to. As you’ll remember Mirai was not exactly enlightening when it came to this. At the very end of the episode we see that the Deputy Headmistress has come to the Non-Magic World as well for some reason.

Now episode 11.

We see Mirai’s dad for the first time. She introduces everyone to Liko and then the Deputy Headmistress is just suddenly there in her house as well.


She’s there to take care of Liko’s enrollment, she’ll be going to Mirai’s school, as well as her lodgings. Mirai’s parents say there’s no need for that as Liko can just stay with them. So now they’re living together too. Liko then sees Mirai’s room for the first time. The Deputy Headmistress is also for another reason, she speaks to the girls privately and tells them the most important thing is that they can’t let anyone find out about their magic. No more flying around on brooms willy-nilly or they’ll be punished with possibly expulsion or having their wands taken away… and then she herself flies away. But it’s cool cause no one saw.

The crystal ball is also in Liko’s luggage, she tells them to call her Cassie so we finally have a name for her, she came with them so she can be a direct line of communication with the Headmaster. Liko is really excited to start school, she expects she’ll be number 1 in the class since there isn’t any “practical magic” needed. Mirai says Mofurun needs to stay home with Haa-chan, Mofurun is kind of sad because she always had to stay home when she was still just a normal teddy bear too. She remembers missing Mirai when she was away.


The next morning the girls are running late to their first day of school… so naturally they decide to fly there on their brooms. What could possibly go wrong? Well little do they know a girl sees them fly off, she doesn’t see their faces though.


At school we meet Mayumi and Souta. Friends of Mirai. Liko introduces herself to the class (she’s in the same class as Mirai of course) and she takes the last name Izayoi after the phase of the moon that Liko first appeared during. Then the girl who saw them flying comes in to the class but when she says she saw students from their school flying on brooms no one believes her… and then she sees Mofurun and Haa-chan go out the door of their classroom because the two of them stowed away in Mirai’s bag. But Liko says she must be imagining things. Smooth Liko.

Mirai and Liko wait for class to be over so they can go find them while they go travelling around the school. And Mofurun ends up finding the Linkle Stone from last episode, just plainly lying in the grass behind the school. But Gametes also finds it. Mofurun grabs it so Gametes creates a Yokubaaru and captures Mofurun. Haa-chan flies away to get Mirai and Liko.


Mofurun’s refusal to give up the Linkle Stone awakens its power. It’s the Topaz Stone, the last of the 4 Guardian Linkle Stones. The girls now use it to transform into Topaz Mode for the first time. Topaz… is silly. The outfits look silly but that’s the point as Topaz is the “fun” or “joke” mode. The girls get these two light orbs that they can turn into any object to assist them in battle with. It can make for an interesting fight. During their fight against the Yokubaaru it starts firing off energy beams and Haa-chan is able to make her own energy barrier to protect Mofurun from it.


After that the girls finish it with their attack, Precure Topaz Esperanza. And then…


Haa-chan grows older again. She’s matured and she can even talk now. She tells Mirai to not get mad at Mofurun for disobeying her, she just wanted to be with them. Mirai and Liko thank Haa and Mofurun and Mirai says they can come to school as long as they don’t cause a fuss.

So at the start of next episode Liko tells the Headmaster that they’ve acquired the last of the Guardian stones. She’s sure they’ll get the Emerald soon. At school she acts very mature and formal, and naturally is still a very studious girl, but she’s not especially great at making new friends. She’s being sort of distant and feels hard to approach as Mayumi tells Mirai. She is very cute at school though. Also Haa-chan starts talking a little at school so the girls have to cover it up, it leads to Mirai being embarrassed.


Anyways Liko just needs to chill the fuck out and have fun. She feels she has to be perfect in everything though as the representative of the Magic World. Mirai even tells Liko she needs to relax and live in the moment a little.

As a side note a characters hair randomly changes color between two frames. Just thought I’d mention that.

So at night the girls go out flying on their brooms, Mirai wanted to show Liko the stars and have her relax, but they get attacked by Sparda. The girls go Ruby to fight and defeat her Yokubaaru.


Mirai tells Liko that Mayumi and everyone want to get to know her more. Liko is happy to hear this and a Linkle Stone comes down from the sky, Tanzanite. Meanwhile the girl who saw them flying before sees them again in the night sky. The next day Liko joins in and starts hanging out with the others at school. Cute.

Episode 13.


Mirai, Liko, Mayumi, Souta and another friend named Yuuto are going camping with Mirai’s dad. The point is to do things without relying on modern conveniences. It’s cute to see Liko amazed by stuff like GPS and automatic windows.


Liz also shows up at the camping trip to deliver a letter to the girls from the Headmaster. The girl who saw them fly a few times is also there, we now know her as Katsuki-san. Anyways the letter contains some sort of riddle that the Headmaster sent them having to do with the next Linkle Stone. While doing other normal stuff for the camping trip Mirai tries to tell Liko the value in doing things on your own and not relying on technology or magic.


Mofurun then smells a sweet smell… and it turns out to be a beehive and not a Linkle Stone. The girls have to fly away from am angry swarm of bees, again Katsuki sees them. After this Liko tries using magic to ask birds where the Linkle Stone is and trees and such to show them away but it doesn’t work out very well so they give up on looking at it for now and head back to camp.


Katsuki comes to ask if the girls saw the people flying on brooms, she’s certain they must be witches. Katsuki is a really cute and fun character.

Mirai’s dad then teaches Liko to appreciate doing things on your own too, he says that doing stuff without modern appliances makes you appreciate how easily you can do things with them. Liko realizes the same thing about magic. Batty then attacks the girls with a flying Yookubaru so they go into Sapphire Mode.

It’s the best fight and animation the show has had so far.


After the fight Liko gets the hint from the letter that they should be looking for the Linkle Stone without magic, when her and Mirai both start to do this the new stone appears before them. Peridot.


At the end of the episode Liko tells Liz they found what they were looking for and understood the letter (it’s not certain if Liz knows about their special mission to find the Linkle Stones), the fact that it came to them makes Liz tell Liko about how her wand was born from a shooting star that hit the wand tree right after she was born. She says Liko’s power called out to the star wand that was created for her. Liz, her father and her father all believe she possesses extraordinary power. And Li thinks that both girls will become great magicians some day.

So for episode 14 we see that Mirai got a 26 on her math test. Excellent work.


She’s not actually a bad student though and she apparently does well in all her other subjects. She just struggles with math because she doesn’t find it exciting. This is a fun episode but there isn’t a ton to say about it. Some stuff going on with Gametes and Yamoh tells him about his new divination for the next Linkle Stone. Mirai decides to study harder for her make up test after seeing how hard Liko studies and practices everything, since she respects Liko. And on the day of the test-


Liko flies out on her broom and writes a message of encouragement in the sky for Mirai to see. And of course Katsuki sees it as well. This is how conspiracy theorists are born.

Anyways Gametes is causing havoc at the school after the test is over so the girls go to fight him, using Diamond Mode. However Gametes isn’t exactly dumb or anything and he knows just what they’re able to do in this Mode and how to counter them. Buuuut, the girls have two new Linkle Stones he hasn’t seen. They use Tanzanite to blind him and his Yokubaaru and then Peridot creates a storm of leaves to bind it, allowing them to finally blow it away.


Mirai this time got an 85 on her test. And another Linkle Stone falls from the sky at the end of the episode after she gets it back, the Moonstone.

So for episode 15 Haa-chan is feeling ignored by the others . Which she is. She uses the Smartome herself to make a bunch of food but the overloaded magic suddenly causes her to change.


She gets a bunch of different forms this episode like a little dragon, a Raijin, wolf, etc. She doesn’t really know how this happened but she decides to fly off on her own and gives the others the stink-eye for ignoring her. She goes to school and gets seen by Katsuki first, of course, but eventually a bunch of people see her doing stuff and everyone ends up talking about the strange thing flying around. She really just wants someone to play with her but causes a bunch of havoc because of it.

Sparda can sense the power of the Linkle Stones and goes looking for them. The girls and Mofurun think they should’ve paid more attention to Haa, she can get sad and lonely just like anyone else.


Sparda finds Haa flying around, Haa-chan actually tries playing with her, she realizes that the power of the Stones is coming from Haa-chan but she has no idea why or what’s going on. Mirai and Liko then come to save Haa-chan so Sparda creates a Yookubaru, they transform into Topaz Mode. Sparda sees Haa-chan go into the Linkle Smartome after she’s rescued, now she wants to get Haa-chan too, sure that something is up with her. Anyways her Yokubaaru gets defeated and she retreats.


She reports back to Dokuroxy and we learn from Yamoh that the 4 of them were created by Dokuroxy. In addition to that Sparda tells him about the fairy and the Smartome. Yamoh seems to know something about it. This is the first time the villains really become aware of Haa-chan and the Smartome.


Mirai and Liko apologize to Haa-chan and she apologizes to them for going off on her own and causing trouble. At school things have died down a bit but there’s still a rumor about a fairy spreading happiness around.

Now for episode 16, an important one.


Jun, Emily and Kei visit Mirai and Liko. And Francois from the clothing store is also there to escort them. Mirai naturally takes them all to get strawberry melon bread first. Francois is also here to get material for his work, he makes a lot of clothes out of stuff he gets from the Non-Magic World.

The visiting girls don’t really know not to use magic which creates some close calls. But when they show off some of their new skills Liko feels a little left behind.


Yamoh meanwhile tells the dark magic trio to get the Smartome at any cost. He seems to know exactly what it is. Dokuroxy orders them to get it with just as much importance as the emerald. Sparda is going to go for it first.

Liko tries to act all high and mighty for knowing about things in the Non-Magic World but Jun also knows a lot since she wants to visit here a lot some day.  Then the girls meet up with Mayumi and Katsuki, who are hanging out together as well.


Everyone has fun together while Mirai and Liko work to hide any sort of magic from Mayumi and Katsuki. What a cute group.

Francois tells Mirai and Liko that he lived here for a while when he was about their age, he studied tailoring. He tells them a lot of people from the Magic World are living in the Non-Magic one, there are even a few right around them.


Francois also tells Liko that he felt the same way she does, worried that he was falling behind in magic compared to his friends who were still at the Magic Academy. Francois is pretty perceptive. But he tells her not to worry about that, she’s learning plenty in the Non-Magic world and it’s great to experience many different things. Mirai says Liko shouldn’t worry either, after all she already has her dream of becoming a great magician too while Mirai still isn’t sure what she wants. She’ll try a bunch of different stuff too to try and see what she’ll want to become in the future.

But Sparda then comes. She chases Mirai and Liko while Batty watches them. Sparda decides to merge herself with a helicopter to fight, all for Dokuroxy. The girls go Sapphire Mode and they fight inside a giant dark cloud created from Sparda’s power.


Batty is surprised by Sparda doing this, it seems to take a huge toll on her and lightning starts shooting out from the cloud, the power is too much for her. The girls have a bit of trouble with Sparda, Sparda says that Dokuroxy’s darkness will consume everything, the magic and non-magic worlds. Miracle and Magical think about their important friends in both of the worlds. They refuse to let the world of darkness come to pass.


The Smartome and Haa-chan react to this and seemingly give Miracle and Magical some of their power. Or something like that. The Smartome is glowing at least.


The girls use Sapphire Smartish and defeat Sparda, all that’s left is her magic wand and an ordinary spider which are promptly recovered by Batty.


Dokuroxy is angered by this failure, the shot lingers on this old tome he has in his lap. What could it be?

And finally at the end of the episode the magic girls say goodbye to everyone and head off back home with Francois.



Anyways the fight with Sparda wasn’t much of a fight at all, poor action and animation. It was still nice how villains are actually dying off before the finale though, and the show is creating tension and making things get serious in the lead up to the mid-season climax. But the problem was that Sparda was boring, she’s easily the most boring of any of the villains. She didn’t get a good end like Gametes eventually does nor does she have a character arc like Batty. She’s just boring. Things are about to explode in the show though.

So now to episode 17.


The girls see an old photo album that has a picture of Mirai’s grandma in it from when she was young. Mirai’s grandma tells them she remembers meeting a mysterious person right when that picture was taken and she’ll never forget the meeting. Liko and Mirai decide to use Cassie to find out who it was Mirai’s grandma met and where they are now but just as they’re about to do it…


They get called by the Headmaster. He asks them about what happened last episode, he’s very concerned about the dark magic that Sparda used and what it could mean. He thinks it’s an old forbidden magic that Dokuroxy has been using but who could’ve possible found and brought back such magic? The Headmaster seems like he might have an idea of just who or what Dokuroxy is but we don’t learn anything certain yet.

The girls then go out around town trying to use the crystal ball to find the person from Mirai’s grandma’s past. Cassie is able to tell them from her divination that the one they’re looking for is “closer than they think”.


We also learn in a short scene that the Headmaster purposefully never uses magic. He’s prohibited himself from doing it for some reason.


The villains come together to talk about Sparda’s defeat. Yamoh says Dokuroxy expects results from Batty and Gametes now. But after he’s done messaging them Batty worries that Yamoh has just been lying to them, what if Dokuroxy isn’t even real and Yamoh has just been using them? He’s never seen Dokuroxy move or talk himself. Batty doesn’t want to be someone’s fool. Gametes though doesn’t care at all.

Mirai and Liko meet grandma in town and she tells them that she met a magic user once.


We get a flashback and the person she met as a young girl is clearly the Headmaster. Seeing him is why she’s always believed in Mirai and accepted magic and had a kind of whimsical outlook on things.


Mofurun then smells something sweet and the girls find the Garnet Linkle Stone. Gametes then comes to attack them, wanting the Smartome. The girls fight him with Topaz. Similar to Sparda Gametes says everything will be consumed by darkness, the girls reject this and overpower his Yokubaaru. They do some cool stuff in Topaz Mode.


But Gametes stole the Garnet stone while they were fighting and teleports away with it. Haa-chan starts crying because they lost it so the others comfort her. Later at night the girls are thinking about how Mirai’s grandma must have met a magician from the Magic World, even if they don’t know who exactly he was.

The mid-season climax begins now.


The next day Haa-chan is worried about the Garnet stone and Gametes sends them a letter of challenge, telling them to meet him at Horizon Island in the Magic World. The girls leave immediately.


Meanwhile the Headmaster is trying to divine the location of something important, we don’t know what yet but he’s putting his all into it because he knows their enemies are getting stronger and Mirai and Liko are trying their hardest too.

Arriving in the magical world the girls meet some familiar faces. The mermaids are happy to see them, and they’ve started practicing flying. After what happened in their episode the mermaid society is more open and starting to reclaim the wonder they used to have.


The mermaids take the girls into their whale submarine they have for faster transport as the Horizon Island is still far away. When they get there the Pegasus’ the girls befriended show up because the island is actually a floating one high up in the sky and past a thundercloud. We and the older Haa-chan now get to see all the lives the girls have influenced in the Magic World.

Finally they make it to Gametes… who was thinking that maybe he should’ve picked somewhere closer for them to fight.


Anyways Gametes uses his magic wand on himself, unleashing all his power and shattering his shell. He’s going all out. He tells the girls to transform into their Ruby form because he wants the best possible fight. Strength vs. Strength. Batty is also watching all of this, he knows that this power-up is Gametes special power bestowed on him by Dokuroxy, he is the Magic Warrior. So the girls transform into Ruby Mode to fight him and it’s by far the best fight in Maho so far.


Gametes believes power is everything, those with power control the world and do what they wish. And the power of dark magic will overcome the weak Magic and Non-Magic worlds and they’ll lay waste to everything. He’s just completely thrashing the girls at this point and beats them so hard that they can’t get up anymore.


Haa-chan steps in front of him to stop him from hurting Miracle and Magical anymore. Haa has seen all of the good that the Precure have done and she can’t allow Gametes to kill them. Gametes actually respects her courage but basically ignores her. Haa continues to say that the Precure are strong and wont lose and a great power comes from the Smartome, Yamoh and Dokuroxy can both sense it.


It revitalizes and strengthens the girls, they fight back against Gametes and defeat him. Like Kintolesky he dies without regrets, it was a good fight for him.

The girls recover the Garnet Linkle Stone, while Batty recovers Gamete’s wand. He also muses on just what is so special about the Smartome and why Dokuorxy wants it as badly as the Emerald. At the end of the episode the girls all say how much they love each other, because they’re just cute like that.

So at the start of episode 19 the girls are thinking about Haa-chan’s power and the light from the Smartome, Haa-chan of course has no idea about it. They decide to ask the Headmaster about it while they’re there.


But he’s gone. No one knows where he is, he just went off somewhere. Must have something to do with what he was looking for in the crystal ball since she’s gone too.

And then we cut to our villains, Batty has finally gotten fed up with Yamoh just dictating to him, he wants to hear Dokuroxy himself. He needs to be sure that Dokuroxy is really giving these orders and that the Linkle Smart Tome is just as big a deal as the Emerald.

So 19 episodes in and Dokuroxy finally speaks.


He tells Batty to listen to his orders and acquire both the Linkle Smartome and Emerald Linkle Stone and also gives him some sort of magical item made from his power. Batty is satisfied, he is a loyal servant of Dokuroxy’s and eternally grateful to have been granted the life and power he has, he just needed to know for sure. So it turns out Yamoh was telling the truth about everything too and he’s also a loyal servant to Dokuroxy. No double-crossers like Bel or Lock here.

But Yamoh does seem concerned about Dokuroxy, he says that speaking is bad for his health, it seems Dokuroxy might not be doing too good right now and that’s why he’s been so silent and still up till now.


The girls try and find where the Headmaster went. They learn a lot of mysteries and rumors about him on the way before Liz tells them that there’s a rumor about a magic door on top of the gigantic tree that their magic academy is in that only the Headmaster can open. She tells them that the Headmaster has incredible magic power even though she’s never seen him use magic, she can sense it. Mirai and Liko go flying up to find the door.

Liko is a bit scared because there are strange rumors about the tree and it’s against the rules to fly up higher in it. Such a teacher’s pet.

Batty meanwhile has no doubts anymore, he has Sparda’s and Gamete’s wands and he goes out to fight the Precure and attain the items.

The girls get to the top of the tree and find the door…


Which promptly falls over. And then Batty attacks them.


Using Dokuroxy’s power and the three wands to turn himself into a huge monster. He has spider and turtle features now too. 10/10 design really, it is quite monstrous.

The fight though… it’s shit. Again like Sparda’s it’s just a disappointment with lacking animation. Maho has the same stiffness that older seasons had in their fights. I mean the Futari Wa – GoGo seasons, it’s kind of weird to see it back.

So whatever, the girls go Sapphire to fight him and he goes on about wanting to fulfill Dokuroxy’s wish, that’s his reason for living.


Haa again uses her power and the Smartome’s power to help Precure and weaken the dark magic, it even turns the tree against Batty, having branches attack him. The girls use this opportunity to defeat him with Sapphire Smartish, but he isn’t destroyed like Sparda and Gametes were and he ends up teleporting back to base in his normal weakened form. Sparda and Gamete’s wands were destroyed but he still has his.


After this the door goes back to normal and it turns out there’s a Linkle Stone on it. The Amethyst. Oh but not just “a” Linkle Stone, the final one. They use it to make some food for Haa-chan and then she suddenly goes back into the Smartome, Mirai and Liko are kind of confused.


The little pen thing that’s in the Smartome comes out and automatically makes a key that unlocks the big door. As the girls prepare to open it the episode ends.

Which brings us to episode 20, where things really begin.


The Headmaster has found Dokuroxy’s hideout. Yamoh is surprised to see him but recognizes him as the Magic Academy Headmaster.

Meanwhile the girls use the door but right as they’re going to go through Mofurun feels hungry and thinks about wanting something to eat… so the door opens up to a market. Back at Dokuroxy’s lair the Headmaster says he’ll fight Dokuroxy to protect the world but then Batty shows up to defend Dokuroxy. He will not fall until he’s gotten the Emerald for him.

The girls try and use the door again but Mofurun was thinking about how she wanted something sweet so they end up right by the strawberry melon bread cart. Liko realizes that the door takes you to where you want to go, what you’re thinking about at the time you open it. So they all think about the Headmaster…


And end up right in the middle of this big mess. Their reaction is pretty funny. The door then disappears and they all get to see Dokuroxy for the first time. Dokuroxy uses his magic to try and grab the Smartome from the girls, even though Yamoh warns him that his body can’t take it, but the Headmaster blocks him with his own magic.

The Headmaster is certain of it now. He knows exactly who Dokuroxy is.


Only one person could’ve found out about the ancient dark magic and use it again. His old friend Xy.


Long ago they were researching some prophecy about an approaching calamity, supposedly the only way to stop it would be with the power of the Emerald Linkle Stone but no matter what they did or where they looked they couldn’t find it.

So in his desperation Xy turned to other means.


He started studying and working on dark magic as a substitute for the Emerald. Unfortunately when trying to use it the dark magic proved uncontrollable and Xy was consumed and disappeared. The Headmaster thought he was dead all this time.

Yamoh says that Dokuroxy’s human soul is gone and all that remains is dark magic and greed inside a shell. An unending need for power. The Emerald will make him perfect, the fusion of it and dark magic.

The Headmaster now decides to go all out to stop him.


He fires a powerful blast at Dokuroxy but it’s blocked by Batty, who’s wand is destroyed by the Headmaster’s stronger power. The Headmaster has been building up his magical power all these years for this moment.

He and Dokuroxy fire massive attacks at each other… and Dokuroxy emerges as the victor, completely blowing away the Headmaster. It seems dark magic is more powerful than the traditional magic. But Dokuroxy’s body is clearly on its last legs, this is the downside of dark magic and why Dokuroxy didn’t do anything himself the rest of the show, he’s got almost nothing left and he’s practically on the verge of falling apart from the use of dark magic.

Of course though the Headmaster isn’t doing much better.


We see his true form of a very old man, even Cassie is older.

Dokuroxy uses his power to grab the Smartome from the girls now… wait. Why the hell have they just been standing around? Why haven’t they transformed yet? This review has been so far absent of my stupid insults and nagging criticisms because the show has just been so much more relaxing but really, this is just stupid. WHY DIDN’T YOU TRANSFORM AND HELP THE HEADMASTER?

Anyways Yamoh tells them all that the Smartome is a part of the legend of the Emerald and a symbol of worthiness to possess the Emerald. No one knew that specifically.

So the girls finally transform into their Ruby Mode to fight Dokuroxy, especially pissed because Haa-chan is inside the Smartome as well. Some really great animation here, overall the fight against Dokuroxy is the best fight in Maho but it doesn’t really “start” this episode. Still Dokuroxy overpowers the girls even though he can barely stand afterwards, the Headmaster tries to stop him from keeping the Smartome but fails.

Guys are just failures in Precure. Even the cool ones.


Miracle and Magical know they can’t give up here, for everything they’ve learned, for everyone they love. They say to give Haa-chan back to them… and then the whole world starts to glow a bit. Mofurun can smell something super sweet and Dokuroxy senses the Emerald. The girls use Ruby Passionale on him but before it hits he just teleports them all away, to right by the big tree.


The Emerald itself was in the tree. Or a part of the tree. The tree seems to be the center of the Magic World, something like the World Tree. Reminds me of Splash Star. Anyways power from all over the Magic World is going to the tree and finally it appears.


The Emerald Linkle Stone. All of the other Linkle Stones have been drawn to it, causing the girls to detransform as they all float around the Emerald. Blinded and entranced by the appearance of the Emerald Batty goes to claim it for Dokuroxy and is obliterated by the light it emits. Yamoh knows its power means death to things of dark magic, they need the Smartome to control it… the Smartome that Dokuroxy has.


He fuses the Smartome with his own dark tome and draws in the power of the Emerald absorbing it all into his body, including Haa-chan. The sky darkens all across the Magic World, everyone can see this and know something horrible is happening, the calamity has begun. Finally Dokuroxy emerges from his tornado of dark magic as a massive skeleton monster.

Huh, so the girls strong and pure feelings of wanting to save Haa-chan woke up the Emerald and allowed Dokuroxy to absorb it and start all this? Whoops.


At the start of episode 21 the great tree starts dying, seems Dokuroxy is absorbing magic from all across the world. The Headmaster laments that Dokuroxy has become the very catastrophe that they originally sought to prevent.

Or has he?

Yamoh says that everything will be consumed by darkness and become one with Dokuroxy.

And in some nice old-school Precure style Mirai says she doesn’t care about legends or prophecies or anything like that, all she wants is to save Haa-chan.


Mirai tells Liko they’ll be okay, they both think about all the time they’ve spent together and a light shines from above. The other Linkle Stones are still there, they weren’t absorbed by Dokuroxy or anything, and the Diamond Stones come to Mirai and Liko. the two of them transform and now the real fight against Dokuroxy begins.

Yamoh says that with the Emerald Dokuroxy has essentially become the world itself and there’s no way they can fight him. They still ask for Haa-chan back and start to battle Dokuroxy, who just wants more and more power. The girls use the various unique powers of the newer Linkle Stones they’ve gotten, like Garnet, that we haven’t seen them use in battle before. So it makes things kind of fun. They put up a damn good fight but Dokuroxy is just too strong.


Dokuroxy starts swallowing up life from the Non-Magic world too. Yamoh seems to have drunk the Kool-Aid and willingly allows himself to be swallowed up by Dokuroxy as well. Though he has to detach his tail to get out of the Headmaster’s grip.

The girls fight back against him again. Saying that his power isn’t true power, their power of feelings and desire to save Haa-chan is something he can’t consume. This resonates with Haa-chan inside of Dokuroxy. The girls use Diamond Eternal on Dokuroxy now.


They tell Dokuroxy that their power can’t be stolen because it’s the power to protect others. Haa-chan wakes up inside Dokuroxy and the Smartome leaves his body, Diamond Eternal encases him and obliterates his body, barely leaving anything behind.

Except his spirit.


The girls detransformed after that so they’re in danger when his spirit of greed is still around looking to consume them, even his body being destroyed hasn’t erased Dokuroxy’s greed for power.

But then…


Haa comes from the Smartome, growing older, to Mirai and Liko’s ages. Her power washes over Dokuroxy’s spirit, destroying all of the darkness and leaving behind Xy’s original human soul.


His spirit gives one last look to the Headmaster before ascending to the sky and disappearing with Haa. Forgiven? Maybe. At the very end he regained his true self at least and died peacefully.

The Magic World and Non-Magic World go back to normal. We see that Batty has been returned to being a small normal bat. The legend has passed and the calamity has been averted. But Haa is gone.


Mofurun can smell something sweet, she’s sure they’ll see her again. It must be sad though, what Mirai and Liko wanted most was to save Haa-chan and now she’s gone.

Hm, they found the Emerald and they averted the great cataclysm foretold of in prophecy didn’t they? Then why are there 29 episodes left?

Mid-season climax end.

Have I mentioned that I love Maho? Even with its shitty fighting, one-note villains and mediocre animation. Yeah those are the three big problems that never really go away in Maho. Although there are a couple good villains. Still love it. Mirai is another controversial thing, she’s a pretty plain lead character. The normal happy and energetic one without really anything notable about her compared to other leads. But she is super cute and sweet so she has that going for her. It’s also a little refreshing with her because she isn’t “special” or “important” like the last few leads, there’s nothing really revolving around her in the plot, Mirai and Liko are just back to being normal Precure like Nagisa and Honoka. There isn’t a Mana, Megumi or Haruka character here. Mirai also lacks a dream or really any sort of character arc but Maho is at least aware of this and uses her to contrast with Liko.

Liko is the one who is really learning and growing in this show. She’s magnificent. Mirai and Liko are kind of opposites in that Mirai has no dream but she’s still filled with that wonder when it comes to magic, she loves it and is always positive. Whereas Liko has a much more meh and even cynical view towards magic and is always working towards her single goal rather than just letting herself be caught up in the wonders of the world. Liko of course lightens up about this in the first half. Another thing I wanted to mention about Mirai is her voice actress is Rie Takahashi and 2016 was quite the year for her, the lead role in Precure, Megumin in Konosuba and Emilia in ReZero.

Some general things to talk about with Maho is how it’s gone away from despair as a theme. Thank God. We now have gone back to the more traditional good vs evil. And in the second half we’ll have life vs chaos. Another general theme of Maho’s are two things coming together to make something new or “better”. The Precure are girls from different worlds coming together to fight evil and save their worlds, they always need to be together to transform as well. We also see this with the villains, one of the things I love about Yokubaaru as a concept is that they’re created from merging different objects together, there have been plenty of previous monsters in previous seasons that have been amalgamations of things but it’s never been the defining trait of them. And it’s just so nice that they’re plain monsters and not created from people’s hearts or whatever.

Maho takes a lot of cues from Futari Wa and Max Heart, more of that in the second half too. It borrows more from those seasons than any other. An unfortunate thing about Maho that is kind of like Max Heart is the number of fairly unremarkable or banal episodes that Maho has. Maho has a lot of “meh” episodes, it’s not like Smile at all in that way, there aren’t a lot of big laughs or memorable single episodes. It has Max Heart’s problem but just to a much lesser degree.

The music is nice but it’s lacking in really emotional pieces or good battle music. There’s a lot of nice and whimsical tracks that work well with the adventuring or slice of life parts of the show but in all I would say it has one of the weakest soundtracks of any season.

I love all of the different forms and transformations. It was great to bring this concept back and really take it further too, each Mode brings something different to the table and changes how the fights play out. Besides Diamond Eternal I like the finishers too. The Linkle Stones all have their own uses too.

As for our villains… Sparda is bleh. Gametes at least got a good fight in the end. Batty was cool with his loyalty to Dokuroxy and the fact that he clearly has more of a brain than the others. Yamoh didn’t do much aside from dictate orders but you gotta appreciate a minion who’s as loyal as him as well. Dokuroxy was good, originally a normal magician from the Magic World who became corrupted by dark magic and only wanted more and more power in the end. The Headmaster rightly calls him out on how far he’s fallen. I liked that Dokuroxy was just another guy too, not some Dark King like thing or even some unique person like Despariah. Xy was just a magician like any other at one point.

Maho has the best story and world of any season of Precure. Although it’s not until much later that you really learn the full story. But even now there’s so much wonder in the plot, so much backstory given to it and development of the Magic World. Both worlds are equal in Maho, in prior seasons the Trump Kingdom or Marchenland or wherever might have more plot significance but it’s never a whole world or developed as much as Earth (or just whatever city the Precure are in) like the Magic World in Maho is. In the second half of the show Maho really stresses the whole “worlds colliding” point too.

Besides the Headmaster and Mirai’s grandma the side cast isn’t really that developed at this point but we will get more with the Magic World girls and Mirai’s friends in the second half. They all have either their own story or passion for us to learn about. The Headmaster is a pretty likable guy too.

Mofurun is a great fairy. That’s all there is to say about that. Haa-chan… she’s like Ai-chan but not annoying? She’s cute but as far as her character goes there isn’t much to say about her yet aside from the fact that she’s a typical happy baby fairy character. She’s got guts too.

Maho is just such a nice show, even with the aesthetic problems it doesn’t have the stupid annoying problems or drama of previous seasons. There’s very little for me to get angry or nag about in Maho. It could definitely be better but it’s massively refreshing and relaxing coming after Doki, HapCha and GoPri. And that’s why it lifted the franchise out of the dark age it had been in. Maho has a much more whimsical and adventurous feeling that any other season, it feels new and different and has a lot of original ideas while still harkening back to that old-school style of Futari Wa. I love it.

And now let’s bring it back to the show with episode 22.


The girls are back in the Non-Magic world, it’s just about summer and the teacher says how Liko has the top grades in the class. And then we briefly cut to a mysterious pink-haired girl in the forest…

Also we have a “new” opening song, changed visuals, somewhat different beat and lyrics and everything. Kind of like what Suite did with its opening song.


The Headmaster is contacted by someone who we quickly learn is Liko’s father. He’s been away so he asks about the Emerald and everything that just happened. The Headmaster says it’s all over and they have no idea what happened with the Emerald after Haa ascended into the sky and disappeared with Xy. They’re still looking into things though. Liko’s father all this time has been researching stuff on his own in the Non-Magic World. He’s currently still there.

Liko and Mirai are talking with each other later, Liko mentions how she has trouble with the summer heat here because it’s always spring at the Magic Academy. The Magic World doesn’t have seasons like Mirai’s world, everywhere is perpetually one season or another. The girls still really miss Haa, Mirai’s mom can tell something is worrying her daughter so she thanks Liko for being a friend to her.


Mirai wants to look for Haa some more but Liko thinks they can’t find her, they’ve already looked everywhere. Liko says that maybe she should return to the Magic World, the reason they became Precure and why she came here in the first place is gone after all. She says that maybe by returning and studying magic and becoming a great magician she can find something out about Haa.

But things aren’t nearly over yet for the Precure.


The crystal ball says she has seen two new things, and foretells a new prophecy. Another calamity approaches them but at the same time the radiant light of life will bloom again. So bad things are coming but there’s still hope. At the same time Liko’s father finds a broken lamp which I can only assume is where the genie came from.

Yeah, a genie is there.

So the genie comments on how it’s been a really long time since he was out and then he teleports to the Magic World right where the big tree is. Saying how that hasn’t changed at all but also saying how no one seems to be around. Seems like he was expecting someone else here who isn’t? But then he spots Yamoh’s tail and he can sense the dark power coming from it, snapping his fingers he revives Yamoh.


Yamoh remembers what happened and cries out for Dokuroxy, all that’s left is a few scattered remains in the water around where he was defeated. 5 bones to be exact. But they react to Yamoh’s will and dark magic. Yamoh mentions the Precure and immediately teleports to the Non-Magic World for vengeance. Meanwhile the genie is wondering what the hell a Precure is.

Yamoh attacks Mirai and Liko while they’re enjoying the day off in the park.


Yamoh uses the bone to create a stronger Yokubaaru, it’s infused with the lasting power of Dokuroxy. The genie is watching all of this unfold.

Mirai is pissed that they’re under attack again, she and Liko quickly transform into Diamond Mode to fight. The genie is rather nonplussed when he sees just what a Precure is. The Yokubaaru absorbs life from the park around it much like Dokuroxy was doing and it’s very strong.

But Miracle and Magical say how much they want Haa-chan back, how she sacrificed herself to stop all this in the first place. How much they love her. Power and light comes from the Smartome again and it flies off into the hand of the pink haired girl who has also shown up at the battle.


She has the Emerald Linkle Stone too and she uses it to transform into Cure Felice. She has quite the extravagant transformation. I like her design.

She’s super strong and she treats the powered up Yokubaaru like a toy before destroying it with her own attack.


The little pen thing in the Smartome becomes the Flower Echo Wand and Felice uses it for her attack, Precure Emerald Reincarnation. The attack is also very extravagant.

Yamoh retreats and the genie remarks that Felice seems pretty powerful before disappearing as well.


At the end the girls ask why she has the Emerald and Smartome before it clicks and they recognize her, it’s Haa. They welcome her back with big smiles.

And just as there’s a new opening there is also a new ending. It’s completely wacky and I love it.

Speaking about the episode I really wish Felice wasn’t a “Cure” Cure but more like Shiny Luminous or Milky Rose. Call her Emerald Felice or something, I think it would fit in better than having her be a Cure. She also noticeably ages up when she transforms too.

Liko’s summer outfit makes her butt and hips look huge….


The girls are so happy to see Haa, I mean she was basically their daughter after all. They ask what happened to her and she has no fucking clue. Just has the Emerald with her. She did feel like someone was calling for her at some point after she disappeared and she vaguely remembers a sea of flowers but that’s it.

Liko is worried that she and Haa will be called back to the Magic World now since they have the Emerald and everything. Mirai and Mofurun say they won’t be separated, they want to be together forever.

Liko’s father then shows the Headmaster the Lamp he found last episode that the genie was sealed inside. Liko’s father can sense something malevolent about it. The Headmaster wonders about the new prophecy.

Back with our girls Haa is having a fun time running around in her new body, everything is an exciting adventure to her. She can’t fly anymore though.


But what she can do now is use that little pen/wand thing from the Smartome as a magic wand. She casts a “spell” that the 4 of them will all be together forever. Mirai does one saying they’ll always be friends and then they go flying on their brooms.


Haa actually makes her own broom out of thin air. That’s the power of the Smartome and Emerald. Liko thinks such a thing is impossible, it would be for an ordinary magic user, even one as powerful as the Headmaster.

Yamoh meanwhile is contacted by the genie, who calls himself Labut.


He says he revived Yamoh because he wants him to keep using his dark magic power. He felt Yamoh’s determination to defeat the Precure.

But what is Labut’s goal in the end? Why does he want this? At this point we know nothing about Labut, when Maho was first airing I was even wondering if he was going to be the real final boss of the show, or perhaps some intermediary villain who had no connection to the Dokuroxy/Linkle Stone stuff or whatever other villains there might be. No one knew what was up with Labut when the show was airing and it was really mysterious and cool to see how things developed.


Yamoh has also gone off the deep end and has created a Dokuroxy doll that he talks to as if Dokuroxy is actually talking back to him. He then uses another bone to make a Yokubaaru and attacks the girls with it. He wants to cover the world in darkness just like Dokuroxy.

For some reason at the beginning of the fight Haa can’t transform so Mirai and Liko go Topaz first.


Miracle and Magical don’t have the power to hurt these powered up Yokubaaru’s that easily though. But seeing the two of them hurt reminds Haa of how she became a Precure, it was that feeling of wanting to help Mirai and Liko, wanting to protect them after they did everything for her. With that feeling in her heart she’s able to transform.

Miracle and Magical now use their attack to weaken the Yokubaaru or negate an attack of its while Felice finishes it off for real with Emerald Reincarnation.

They then all talk to the Headmaster, he realizes that Haa is the light in the prophecy. Haa says she thinks her memory of the sea of flowers might come from before she ever met Mirai and Liko. Interesting. The three girls then say how they want to stay in the Non-Magic World for now, they really don’t want to be separated. The Headmaster agrees and tells them to take care of the Emerald.


Mirai then introduces Haa to her mom and asks if she can stay with them like Liko. Her mother agrees and Haa takes on the name Kotoha Hanami. Haa then thanks Mirai and Liko for all the love they’ve given her since she was little.


Next episode Mirai and Mofurun are having a problem with how cramped the bed is with Haa in it. So this episode they give her her own room in the attic. It’s nicer than it sounds.

We’re also officially in summer for the show and the rest of this arc is basically a “break” before we get to the real story. But these episodes are still important. Unfortunately we’ve also hit the “too much stock footage” point.

Anyways Haa is just adorable and she gets along well with Mirai’s family. Liko continues to be amazed by Haa’s magic. She’s so sad that Haa can just do impossible things with no effort. Meanwhile Liko’s father is still searching for the source of the new darkness and the Headmaster worries that big things are starting up again, leading to a new catastrophe.


Mofurun also has started to feel inferior to Haa, she can’t do anything like Haa can. Mirai tells Mofurun that her just being around makes Mirai so happy. They’re cute. Mofurun and Mirai then go to decorate Haa’s room.


Liko has to tell Haa to keep her magic a secret, and also not just use magic when you don’t need to. Don’t rely on it, do things yourself some time. It’s a lesson Liko had to learn as well.

Yamoh attacks the girls when they’re out shopping, Mirai and Liko go Ruby Mode to fight. Felice says that Yamoh can never claim the Emerald because he only has selfishness in his heart and the desire for destruction. The girls destroy his Yokubaaru. Haa later thanks Mofurun for making her room pretty and the girls are happy that they still have things to teach Haa.

Episode 25 is the beach episode.


So it’s normal for our heroines to have swimsuits now. Thanks GoPrincess?

Katsuki and Mayumi came with them to the beach. We learn Katsuki’s first name is Kana. This is really just a cute and fun episode. The girls keep saying stuff that makes Kana suspicious and then Haa keeps using her magic to make weird things happen to make things more “fun” at the beach.

Labut comes to talk to Yamoh and promptly realizes how crazy he is as Yamoh is having entire discussions with the Dokuroxy scarecrow that is of course not actually talking back to him.


Mirai and Liko get tired out undoing all of Haa’s magic. There is also a fair amount of good animation this episode. Guess it had to go somewhere. Anyways after Yamoh sees them tired out he disguises himself and tricks Haa into going off into a cave and separating her from the others.

He then attacks her and blames her for getting Mirai and Liko tired. She transforms and says she’ll just have to make up for all of them herself. Miracle and Magical do soon find her, already transformed into Sapphire Mode, now it’s them coming to help Felice instead of the other way around. Felice herself gets stronger when she realizes her desires to protect Miracle and Magical. They quickly deal with the Yokubaaru, leaving Yamoh with only one bone left.

At the end of the episode Haa apologizes for messing around with her magic so much but the girls are quick to forgive her, it wasn’t really a big deal to them and they had fun.

At the start of episode 26 Haa has a dream where Miracle and Magical end up hurt by Yamoh because he’s still after the Emerald.


Next morning Haa tries making cookies as a thank you gift for Mirai and Liko. Mirai, Liko and Mofurun all say they’re great.

But with one bone left Yamoh is going to put it all on the line.

After coming to a decision Haa leaves Mirai’s house in the dead of night, if the Emerald is what the villains are after she doesn’t want to drag the people she loves into things. She leaves a note saying goodbye but Mofurun saw her leaving and followed her.


Haa doesn’t know where she wants to go though. She briefly thinks about the sea of flowers but has no idea how she’d get there. Her magic also isn’t really working, Mofurun says it’s because she’s not happy like normal. Wanting some food Haa tries one of the leftover cookies she made that she took with her, only to realize it’s salty. She had accidentally mixed up the salt with the sugar when she cooked them. She wonders why everyone said they tasted good…


Yamoh then attacks Haa at the park. He uses the final bone on himself, merging with a bug catching case and turning into a big Yokubaaru. He grabs Haa and throws her inside him, wrapping the Smartome up with dark power so she can’t transform. Okay? Kind of weird and bullshitty but whatever.

Mirai and Liko see Yamoh and come fight him, going into Diamond Mode. He overpowers them. Haa is sad seeing them hurt and being put in danger because of her. They ask why she just left on her own without talking about it with them, Haa then asks why didn’t they say the truth about her cookies? Miracle and Magical say it’s because they were happy to see how hard Haa worked on them.


Miracle and Magical say they should always be together, they love Haa and their grateful for all the love she’s given back to them. Haa loves them too.

The Pink Tourmaline Linkle Stone reacts to Haa’s feelings, it’s power erases the darkness around the Smartome and frees Haa, allowing her to transform into Felice.


Felice then uses the Pink Tourmaline to create a shield, from here on it essentially becomes her personal Linkle Stone to use in fights. Its power is essentially healing and eradicating dark power. The three Precure then finish Yamoh off, using some other Linkle Stones to weaken him and hitting him with Emerald Reincarnation. Yamoh is returned to being a simple lizard and the Dokuroxy idol he made is left behind.


Labut is annoyed at Yamoh’s failure, he was hoping he could pass off the job his master gave him on to Yamoh. Whatever that job may be, and whoever his master may be. Labut also disparages magic, not thinking too highly of it. Does that mean he doesn’t use dark magic like our previous villains? If not magic then what power has enabled him to teleport between worlds and revive Yamoh?

So now we know Labut has a boss and that he’s quite a lazy person but there are still more unanswered questions.


At the end of the episode the girls all go home together happily. And that concludes this intermediary arc.

Episode 27. The Headmaster and Liko’s father discuss how Yamoh and the unsealed darkness were certainly not the same thing, so the cataclysm still approaches. The girls then come to the magical world for vacation. Haa shows the Headmaster the Emerald. Cassie says the light of life will protect the world during a catastrophe and the Headmaster wonders if perhaps the Emerald isn’t the light of life. It doesn’t get directly stated but it’s pretty obvious he thinks it might be Haa or all the Precure.


Everyone at the Academy is preparing for their summer festival. Haa makes herself a uniform to fit in… of course the fact she just created it out of thing air gets the attention of a lot of people. Still gotta keep that kind of stuff a secret. Jun, Emily and Kei say hi to them. They’re surprised by Haa’s appearance and don’t really believe she’s actually that cute little fairy they knew.

The Headmaster is thinking about how since using up his magic that he feels kind of useless now.


While getting food for the festival the girls learn that the little oranges that get frozen aren’t growing for some reason. Even though the weather is great for them. Something like this has never happened before. Weird.

The Headmaster is staring at the sun in contemplation, could this be a sign of something?


We then get to see deep into the sun ourselves. Something is there.

Labut is also looking at the sun, saying his master needs to come down soon. But also saying that his master isn’t back to normal yet. So Labut finally needs to get off his lazy ass and do his job. So Labut’s master is obviously the thing in the sun and we know something must’ve happened to it in the past, is it sealed away? Recovering from something?

Mirai later finds the Headmaster back where they first met at the wand tree. They talk about things and she thanks him for allowing all of them to stay together.


Mirai says she doesn’t want to go through another sad goodbye. No matter what she’s decided to stay with everyone. That’s why they’ll be okay.

But then Labut comes right down to them. He creates a barrier around the whole area and then summons a new monster.


A DonYokubaaru, a monster made with the power of Mugic (Muhou). The Headmaster asks if this is different from their magic, Labut says that Yamoh’s Dark Magic was kind of similar to his mugic but he doesn’t really know why or care why it was. Anyways Labut is here to destroy the Precure and he sets his monster on Mirai and the Headmaster.

Liko and Haa get to the barrier and initially can’t get through but the light of the Emerald eventually allows them to break in. Labut is surprised they could make it in. The girls transform to fight his DonYokubaaru, Miracle and Magical in Diamond Mode. There’s good music this fight.

The DonYokubaaru is much stronger than the previous Yokubaaru and the girls struggle with it. Miracle asks why he’s doing this. Labut says it’s because he’s coming soon.


His master Deusmast will be coming soon. Never ending chaos will consume the world, for that is Deusmast. Labut’s job is to get rid of all annoyances before Deusmast comes. He implies that Deusmast has consumed many worlds before this one as well.

Miracle wont allow such a thing, there will be no more sadness. If she can be with everyone there’s nothing she can’t do. Magical and Felice back her up, together they outfight the DonYokubaaru and destroy it. With some timely help from the Headmaster as well. Labut isn’t worried about it, but he’s also lazy so he just taunts the girls and leaves for now.

The Headmaster resolves to do all he can to help and teach the girls in the future.

So now we finally have the name of our villain, Deusmast, and just what he’s going to do. I like how we’re just back to horrible primordial evil that wants to destroy the world. And we know what Labut’s mission is as well.

Next episode is essentially a breather episode. The summer festival has started, Jun, Emily and Kei are in charge of fireworks. It’s an important duty so it’s impressive that they get to do it. But the special magic flowers for the fireworks haven’t grown right. Again this shouldn’t have happened with the weather so great. Another problem like the oranges, another sign of the approaching calamity?


The girls have to find a replacement magic flower. This episode is really just showing us how the Magic World trio have grown. Jun takes her studies seriously now, Emily isn’t afraid of flying anymore and Kei doesn’t forget things either.

Labut attacks the girls and it’s kind of just a whatever fight, doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the episode really. He underestimates the girls, Miracle and Magical are in Sapphire Mode and they disable his attack while Felice destroys his DonYokubaaru. At the end everyone watches the fireworks, we see characters like the mermaids and Pegasus’ watching them too.

Now we get to episode 29. Which is insane. Hilarious, but insane.


Haa is reading books from the Magic World to see if anything jogs her memory about the Emerald. It’s quite a lot of reading. Meanwhile Liko is showing Mirai Cinderella.


The Magic World has its own versions of various tales, in their Cinderella the Fairy Godmother is the main character. Tinkerbell is the main character of Peter Pan too. Liko is all, “Isn’t it only natural for them to be the main character?”. Cute. Finally Haa is done with her reading for today so the girls relax.


Liko is unfortunately still unable to unfreeze the oranges correctly.

The girls are looking at the story of Cinderella and then when they go to sleep the Smartome starts glowing. Liko wakes up as the fairy godmother in Cinderella, Haa and Mirai are the mice. Mofurun is Cinderella, and while the others know they’re dreaming Mofurun doesn’t seem to be aware it’s a dream and doesn’t recognize the girls. She seems to really be or think she is Cinderella… oh, excuse me. Mofuderella.


And um… uh… yeah.

Batty and Sparda are her sisters while Gametes is her stepmother. Hah.

The girls decide to help Mofuderella and play the story out. Also the Headmaster is the Prince. This episode is just pure craziness once they get to the ball, it’s really one of the standout episodes of Maho and super fun. Always great when Precure parodies Cinderella.


Yeah this happens. And then they dance together. Oh and by dance I mean the Prince just carries Mofuderella around.

Seeing that Mofuderella has caught the Prince’s detection the evil stepmother enlists the help of a sorcerer, Yamoh, to turn Mofuderella into an ugly monster. But the magic ends up hitting the stepmother instead.


We get a funny transformation into Topaz Mode too. Of course it’s Topaz Mode.

And then uh… they fight the evil stepmother in a dance battle.


There’s even music that comes out of nowhere, they even all look around to try and find where the hell it’s coming from. It’s a very silly song.

What madman came up with this episode?

Anyways the girls win the dance battle and then use their Topaz attack to purify the evil stepmother and now she even forgives Mofuderella for being so horrible to her. Mission accomplished. Now it’s time for the girls to leave so they get back on their carriage and start flying into the moon… I could give more context and detail here but my brain is fried.

But because the clock strikes midnight their magic is running out and the carriage breaks apart. Mofuderella sees this and wishes she could use magic to save them, so her glass slippers respond to her feelings and become a strong magical power.


The slippers combine with the magic of Liko, Mirai and Haa to form a new carriage, the Prince decides to call it the Rainbow Carriage because it’s travelling on a rainbow. Pretty Cure is all about those rainbows. Now riding on the Rainbow Carriage the three girls safely make it away.

And then everyone wakes up.


Mirai, Liko and Haa wonder why they had the same dream. It seems they didn’t think this was really a magical or Precure related thing until now. But the Rainbow Carriage is sitting there with them now, much smaller though. Did it come from their dreams? Was it created by some sort of power? In the dream it came from the strong feelings and magic of all 4 of them. Guess we’ll have to learn more about this mysterious carriage later.

As the girls are looking things over they also notice that the Cinderella book they had has changed into the story of Mofuderella.

That episode was fun. It wasn’t as clever as Smile’s Cinderella episode but it was just so off the wall crazy that it’s probably even funnier.


At the start of episode 30 the girls show the carriage to the Headmaster. The carriage seems to react to Mofurun and shows them an intricate magic circle. Perhaps the same magic that first animated Mofurun and allowed the girls to become the Precure is at work again?

The girls are going back to the Non-Magic World today but then Jun, Emily and Kei come in asking for them to help them with their summer homework. Cute stuff.


We then see Labut sleeping in the world the villains use as a base. It’s a world of clouds. Suddenly a voice calls out and we see a cracked stone object, a shadow comes from it, and there’s another cracked object that a second shadow comes from. Shakince and Benigyo, finally woken up Labut says. Unlike Labut though their seals haven’t totally broken, their bodies are still stuck. Shakince says no one else is around, only Labut. How many others are there? Anyways Shakince says Labut has to work extra hard for Deusmast. Labut tells them about the Precure but like him they have no idea what the Precure are. Shakince says to just get rid of them, Labut is fine with that since he was about to finish things with those girls anyways.

Shakince is voiced by Sho Hayami. It’s awesome to hear him in Precure but it’s sad that he’s wasted on Shakince, who is a very boring villain.

Back with the girls Jun says how she wants to travel abroad in the Non-Magic world to learn more about their art and culture to help her be a better artist. Kei likes to record information and knowledge and Emily wants to be a hair stylist. Liko seems kind of jealous that they have real goals and dreams and know the roads there while she hasn’t been doing anything lately.

Mirai still doesn’t have any idea for a dream herself and Liko says that even after she becomes a great magician well what then? What’s the point at becoming a great magic user if you don’t know what you want to do with it, what’s the point of studying so hard?


Liz is there, she says Liko gave her her dream of teaching at the academy because of how much she loved practicing magic with Liko when they were younger. She loves teaching others. She says she’s sure Mirai and Liko will find what they love to do.

Haa and Mofurun are also thinking about how different they are from everyone, Haa has a special power but why? Their magic separates them from the others.

Then Labut attacks, creating another barrier and a DonYokubaaru, Haa transforms into Felice and Miracle and Magical go Ruby Mode. Shakince and Benigyo watch the fight to see what the Precure can do. The DonYokubaaru attacks Felice while Labut attacks Miracle and Magical. He says how inferior magic is to his Mugic.


He can manipulate reality itself and do incredible things without any effort, without having to study or practice at all like magic. Less effort and more power, that is mugic. He says studying magic is a complete waste of time cause even with it you couldn’t do half the things that his mugic can do. Labut can tell that Felice’s power is different but it’s still just crappy magic to him.


Miracle says magic is great, her strong feelings draw more power from herself and the Rainbow Carriage glows too. Perhaps the Ruby is reacting to her feelings or the Carriage is responsible? Anyways Miracle and Magical hit Labut with Ruby Passionale, he effortlessly breaks the attack but for the first time he seems honestly annoyed and angry. Felice then destroys his DonYokubaaru.

At the end of the episode the girls say goodbye to Jun, Emily, Kei and Liz, heading to the Non-Magic World on the Snailiner. Liko and Haa still seem worried over what they were thinking about earlier. Mirai is the only one completely okay.


To start episode 31 the girls are in the train and Liko and Haa still seem distracted by what they were thinking about last episode. We then cut to Cassie and the Headmaster, Cassie tells him she’s divined something new – “A legend of old will meet its end”. Could it be the Precure?…


Labut tells Shakince and Benigyo that he’ll handle things. He’s pissed that the Precure think magic can overcome his mugic, and that he lost last episode. Labut heads out and Shakince says that mugics’ failure would shame them and Deusmast.

Meanwhile the snack cart has rolled up to the girls in the train.


A few frozen oranges are left despite the shortage. AND OH MY GOD LIKO IS ACTUALLY ABLE TO PERFECTLY DEFROST THEM!

But suddenly Labut separates the Snail from the train carts and the girls end up stuck.


Liko says that only the snails can travel to and from this space so they’re trapped for now. The rules and reality she knows though don’t apply to mugic and the followers of Deusmast however. Labut breaks the rules of magic easily by showing up in this dimension.


He appears before them and turns gigantic, he’s going all out to destroy the pesky Precure. Mirai and Liko go Diamond Mode and Haa transforms too. It’s interesting cause for the beginning sequence of the fight there’s no music, interesting artistic choice I guess? The girls try using the various Linkle Stones on him but he just shrugs them off or breaks their powers. It truly shows his greater power, he just laughs off their efforts and treats the Linkle Stones like toys or a joke. Even Dokuroxy had more trouble with the Precure than Labut does.

Finally he blasts them all across the Snailiner space so they all get separated.

Mofurun finds the Rainbow Carriage and tries to find the other girls. Miracle despairs that its hopeless, all the girls worry about how they can’t do anything. Magical thinks her magic is useless and Felice’s special power couldn’t do anything. Things feel more hopeless here than they did against Dokuroxy and they’re completely alone too.

But then Miracle sees her magic wand floating next to her.


She thinks how magic has led to so many wonderful experiences for her and grabs it, even with nothing left she still has the magic she loves. A powerful light comes from the wand, Mofurun sees it while Magical and Felice hear Miracle’s voice.


They think about what they’ve been through together. Magical thinks she still doesn’t know what it means to be a great magician or what she’ll do with her magic but it’s still because of magic that she met Mirai and everyone. And she still wants to be with them. Felice also knows she’s different and knows that something is up with her memories and special power but it doesn’t matter because being with everyone else is so fun. She wants to smile together with everyone.

Labut attacks Miracle but she isn’t afraid. A great light shines from her and Magical and Felice also light up and come to her. Mofurun and the Rainbow Carriage get transported to them as well.


A new Linkle Stone, the Alexandrite appears. The old legend of the Precure has met its end, and a new one has been born. With the Alexandrite the girls transform into Over the Rainbow Mode. It’s used for their big group attack just like the Princess Forms in Smile.

With these powered up forms the three Precure use their first group attack on Labut, who angrily charges them, thinking their magic can never defeat his mugic.


With Alexandrite and the Rainbow Carriage they hit him with Precure Extreme Rainbow and obliterate him. It’s a cool attack, I like it much more than the group attacks from GoPri or HapCha.


Shakince and Benigyo can feel his death. Shakince knows they can’t sit around anymore so they try to forcefully break their seals…

At the end of the episode the girls are thinking about what happened when the Snail comes back, ready to grab their train car and rescue them. But then a light comes from the Rainbow Carriage and splits into three, going into each girl. The Alexandrite?

And some other lights come forth as well…


The lights become these 12 little Heartiel like things. 12? One for each Linkle Stone perhaps? Not including Alexandrite that is. The girls wonder just what the heck these things are.

And with that the episode ends and Maho’s next story arc starts up. These 12 little things end up even more random than the Heartiels and don’t have any real influence on the episodes they appear, and there isn’t any consistency to their appearances either. I’ll talk about them more later but you remember how a lot of Heartiels in Max Heart would just kind of show up and not really do anything before going into the Chairect? Well it’s like that in Maho too except even more so.

Okay, episode 32 time. The girls talk to the Headmaster, he’s surprised by the appearance of the Alexandrite and those little things. He says they look like spirits, Mofurun also says they have a sweet smell.

Haa meanwhile gets her own school uniform and is super excited to be going to school with Mirai and Liko.


This is really mostly a breather episode. Haa has a lot of fun around the school like she did back in episode 15. Mayumi and Kana are happy to see her again, and from the way she stands while batting during a baseball game at school it seems Haa might actually be left -handed.

Shakince thinks the Precure are a serious threat and must be destroyed before Deusmast arrives. He completely breaks free of his seal and goes down to the Non-Magic World.


He’s a tengu. All of Deusmast’s followers are mythical/magical creature themed. Good theme. The girls go Topaz to fight him and it’s a pretty fun fight. Shakince is ever serious and doesn’t seem to realize he’s in a comedy episode. The girls also now use Extreme Rainbow as their normal attack, so we see that every episode now and it’s not just for special occasions like defeating the villains.


At the end of the episode the banana spirit says “Topaz, recognized!” (or witnessed, whatever) and lights up and travels back into the Rainbow Carriage. A new point appears on the magic circle from the carriage. The spirit was watching the events of the episode.

Maho takes a good deal of influence from Futari Wa and Max Heart. All condensed into one season. Like with Smile though Maho has its own way of doing things though and adds its own unique flavor.

So in episode 33 Liko’s father comes to meet the girls. Name if Rian/Lian. Finally.


He meets Mirai’s family. Then they all talk with the Headmaster who tells the girls that he’s had Liko’s father help investigating for him all this time. The girls then notice that there’s a new mark on the magic circle from the Rainbow Carriage where the Topaz spot is. Liko’s father tells them all he knows about the Linkle Stones and them becoming Pretty Cure, which is pretty shocking to Liko.


Benigyo also breaks out of her seal. She’s like a Devil/Raijin. Her design is possibly the most sexual of any female villain in the franchise, it’s kind of surprising. Benigyo and Shakince see that none of their allies are showing any sign of waking up so she goes to fight the Precure.

The next day everyone is out in the park and Mirai is telling Liko’s father about how she and Liko first met and became the Precure and everything.


He’s amazed that their family pendant became the Diamond and that Mirai had its partner. Why did the Linkle Stones appear in both worlds too? He asks about the spirits that appeared with the Alexandrite and Mofurun says they have a really sweet smell, and how one of them lit up and disappeared last episode. It’s implied by the Headmaster that the spirits each represent one of the Linkle Stones.

Liko though is also upset at how long he’s been gone so Mirai goes to comfort her. Meanwhile Liko’s father is worried that his daughter doesn’t love him because of how long he’s been gone. Haa tells him that Liko certainly loves him and Mirai reassures Liko that he’s certainly been thinking about her all the time. Mirai’s father even says that their kids have grown up lately, because of each other.

Benigyo then attacks and the girls go Sapphire Mode to fight. Right now the villains have no goal other than defeat the Precure and wait for Deusmast to just randomly come back. That changes in a bit though. Liko’s father says Benigyo is a servant of the cataclysm that approaches, he helps a little in the fight too but naturally his magic is no match for mugic. Benigyo insults him and his magic but Miracle and Felice say he has a great power for protecting his family. Magical then beats up on the DonYokubaaru for hurting her father and they finish it off with Extreme Rainbow.


Liko talks with her father that evening as he’s about to leave. He says he’ll continue to search for how to prevent the cataclysm while she and her friends fight. He says he’s certain that the Linkle Stones appeared when she met Mirai and their feelings became one. The spirits probably have a connection to the Linkle Stones as well and may even represent the girls deepest feelings. He then flies off and says that next time he visits he’ll bring her mother too.


The Moonstone spirit reacts and goes into the carriage. This time the others see it happen and notice another point on the magical circle pop up.

Episode 34 is another mostly breather episode but it’s a very cute one dealing with Mayumi’s first love. It’s pretty adorable and funny, Haa just doesn’t get the difference between friendship love and romantic love while Mirai and Liko are super hyped to play cupid for Mayumi.


The Headmaster thinks that the spirits are waiting to “witness” something before saying their word “recognized” and officially sealing some sort of pact, that word “recognized” has been used in that way for magical pacts for a long time. And then they go into the carriage.

But then he realizes that he’s talking to no one because Liko took Cassie to go do some love fortune telling and find out about the guy Mayumi likes. This is a silly episode.

Kana also gets involved because she saw Liko flying on her broom. Kana and Mayumi become closer friends because Kana is really adamant about helping Mayumi and Mayumi appreciates Kana’s passion for witches and finding one. But Mayumi’s love is unfortunately dashed when she sees that the guy she likes already has a girlfriend.


Shakince shows up… and the girls just ignore him cause they really don’t want to deal with his shit today. Their friend just got heartbroken, it’s raining, they were about to go get strawberry melon bread, Deusmast and his crap can fuck off and come back tomorrow.

Of course though a fight still breaks out with the girls going Ruby Mode. They tell Shakince not to make fun of love and their problems and he seems to actually realize that the little speeches they make like this power them up. Ruby gets recognized as the fight ends and goes into the carriage.

And then…


A new villain appears before Shakince and Benigyo in their cloud world. Orba. He’s also got some little bee guy with him. Orba tells Shakince and Benigyo that he’s actually been awake a lot longer than they have, he’s apparently just been off doing something on his own. But enough of that, he says it’s important they discuss the power of the Precure, and more specifically the source of it.

At the end of the episode Mayumi and Kana are talking together and then they both see Liko flying on her broom again. So now Kana has someone else to believe in witches with her. Cute.

So about Orba. He’s voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama, still certainly best known as the voice of Sasuke in Naruto. So now we have Aizen and Sasuke. It takes a little bit for Orba to get in gear as a character and for you to really see how great he is but I think he’s the best evil villain Precure has had since Joker. Unlike the other villains it’s not apparent immediately what sort of mythical creature he’s inspired by, we don’t learn that until a bit later.

In episode 35 the girls friend Yuuto is going to run for student council president. Liko decides to run too, cause she wants everyone to know how awesome she is and praise her basically. And be a leader. She’d get the admiration she’s always wanted to get as a great magician.


Orba is studying books to learn all he can about things, specifically the Precure. He also sent out his little bee guy to spy on the girls. Is the bee a follower of Deusmast as well? Doesn’t seem like it but we don’t know his story yet.

Our heroines are thinking about something the Headmaster recently told them, the spirits are observing them until they witness something specific and then they go back into the carriage. So for now they always have these little spirit things following them around and watching them.

There’s not really a ton to say about this episode, lots of set up for next episode. Bee guy tells Orba about Mofurun, who seems important to the Precure. In the school plot Liko sees how much Yuuto actually cares about the school and making it better. She starts thinking about what she would even do as president and realizes that she doesn’t know, just like what she would do with her magic after becoming a great magician.


So Liko actually decides to concede the election to Yuuto and allow him to be president cause she knows how much better he would be and how he actually has a plan and goals. At the end of the episode Garnet gets recognized, the bee sees it turn to light and fly back to the carriage too.

Episode 36.


Still spying on the girls the bee makes the mistake of going into Mirai’s house because he smelled the delicious honey and pancakes that they had just made… and then he eats Mirai’s share. And then gets caught by Mofurun. Mirai is very upset.

The opening now starts showing scenes from the movie here.

We learn that the bee guy is just a normal fairy from the Magic World named Chikurun. How did he get in with Orba in the first place? Anyways he’s able to play off what he did by saying that he just travelled to the Non-Magic world searching for tasty honey, the girls don’t suspect him of spying on them at all. He’s surprised that Mofurun is a teddy bear and not a fairy like him. He wants to figure out what’s going on.


Orba meanwhile is reading in the cloud world when he senses his sealed comrades. 7 in total they’re sealed away in a variety of places in the Non-Magic World. They need more time to awaken so Orba says they should take the opportunity to study the Precure.

Chikurun tries finding out as much as he can about Mofurun and the girls before leaving to find Orba, he’ll return to see them again.


After telling him about Mofurun Orba asks Chikurun to lure Mofurun to him. If he fails he threatens him with “that”.

The next day Chikurun lures Mofurun away out to some flower field that she had been to with Mirai when they were younger.


Orba immediately grabs Mofurun. He wants to know what her connection to the Precure is. The girls actually find them and come immediately, Orba decides to actually toss Mofurun back to Mirai because he wants to see the Precure’s power for himself. He summons a DonYokubaaru and the girls go Sapphire Mode to fight him. Pretty good fight and animation for Maho this episode. A stray missile from the DonYokubaaru almost hits Chikurun but the girls deflect it. Mofurun tells Orba to stop attacking them, especially Miracle, Mofurun loves her so much.

He now wants to take Mofurun away with him but the girls overpower his DonYokubaaru and destroy it.


Orba isn’t bothered by this. Happy to see what the girls could do and interested in future developments. Sapphire gets recognized at the end of the episode and Mirai and Mofurun are being cute together. They’ve been with each other their whole lives and they have the sweetest friendship. Chikurun also thanks the girls for saving him back there.

At the start of episode 37 the girls are informed by the Vice-Headmistress that the Headmaster has gone missing. The girls go to the Non-Magic World to find him, Chikurun comes with them. The next few episodes are essentially fun breather episodes again before the plot picks back up and we learn some serious things and the bigger picture comes into view.


Turns out he just went to where they harvest the oranges that have been in short supply recently. He wanted to see what the problem was and while he was there the oranges finally ripened and he stayed around to help out harvesting them. Still even though they finally ripened it’s strange that they had such a problem in the first place. The Headmaster also sees Chikurun and asks him how the Fairy Queen is doing. Chikurun is surprised because the fairy village he comes from is supposedly in a hidden location that no one, not even Cassie, knows of. The Headmaster claims that he once met the Queen when she was out around here. Chikurun seems to be a little worried when the Queen is brought up, maybe he has a history with her.

Anyways they all then travel back to the ice island with their oranges and try to get an ice dragon to freeze them. But they face problems with that too. The Magic World is still facing more signs of the coming cataclysm.


Chikurun tells Orba about the Linkle Stones and those spirits. Orba mentions something about “12 shining lights”. The Linkle Stones? He also seems to recognize the phrase “Rapapa” the girls use when they transform. Orba says he thinks the Precure’s power is the same as what originally sealed him and his comrades ages ago. He thinks they should learn more before just crushing the girls.

Benigyo goes and attacks them anyways though but the girls take care of her with the help of an ice dragon… that promptly develops a crush on Haa. At the end of the episode we can see how Chikurun is becoming more attached to the girls.

Episodes 38 and 39 are our Halloween duology. 38 in particular is one of Maho’s funniest and most stand-out episodes.


Before anything else is mentioned there is a cameo by a real life idol playing herself in the show. She’s secretly also a witch from the Magic World. And as you can see there’s also a Futari Wa reference.

So Haa is really hungry and really wants some candy. But Halloween in the Magic World is just a tiny bit different.


It’s a festival to chase the Pumpkin Bird. Yeah.

Only one person has ever successfully caught it, long, long ago. It’s implied to be the Headmaster. The “bird” supposedly has a golden egg that contains the greatest delight, and whoever catches it gets that.

Everyone at the festival takes this very seriously and there’s a lot of funny stuff.


Funny fight with Shakince too. He still has no idea that he’s in a comedy. Naturally Topaz Mode is used when they fight. Mofurun and the girls end up catching the Pumpkin Bird after that’s taken care of. They all enjoy eating candy at the festival later after brining the golden egg back.

As it turns out though…


The egg cracks and sprouts a tree. It was actually a huge seed! And from that tree blooms toothbrushes. Yeah. The Headmaster says you need to brush properly after eating all that candy.

At the end of the episode Mirai thinks about how if it’s Halloween no one would know that they’re actually all witches, she’s gotten a crazy idea in her head.

And to note, neither episode 37 nor 38 had a Spirit get recognized.

So anyways episode 39 starts up where 38 had left off, Mirai thought it would be a great idea for everyone to come to the Non-Magic World for Halloween, not just her close friends like Jun but all the girls from the Academy. This episode is honestly just adorable in so many ways but it’s not as funny as last episode was. It’s cute how excited and curious all the girls who haven’t been to the Non-Magic World before are.


Everyone is able to walk around in their academy uniforms because it’s Halloween. Mirai’s grandmother also briefly meets the Headmaster again.


Mofurun wants to dress up too, she wishes she could be a Precure like Mirai so Haa makes some costumes for all of them. Liko becomes a cat and Mirai gets a super cute Mofurun costume.

Hm, Mofurun wants to be a Pretty Cure? Like that would ever happen.

Orba is gone somewhere so Shakince and Benigyo talk about his theory of the Precure being related to the power that sealed them away. But the two of them cant feel any trace of that power. Again they think they should just crush the girls.

The magic trip meet Mayumi and Kana again… who are dressed up like witches for Halloween. Go figure. Chikurun sees all this and thinks the possibility of people from two different worlds getting along is silly.


Mirai though is super happy to see everyone getting along so well. People from both worlds just hanging out and helping each other and becoming friends. But then Benigyo attacks, she’s at first confused by their costumes and then Haa says she’s basically wearing a costume, which annoys her. The girls go Sapphire to fight her and they’re especially annoyed this episode because she’s ruining a time when all their friends were together and something really special was going on.

At the end of the fight Aquamarine gets recognized.


We then get a scene with Liko’s father, he’s been researching the two worlds and seems to have learned something unbelievable about them.


With the episode coming to a close the Magic World citizens all head back aboard the Snailiner. They had a really fun time. Mirai is so happy because since meeting Liko she’s seen so many amazing things and been on so many amazing adventure and met even more wonderful people who she’s become friends with, she can’t even put it into words. The Headmaster talks with Liko’s father later and he says how with everyone becoming friends their worlds are becoming closer.

Becoming closer huh?

Then the ending song plays but it’s a new temporary ending song that’s sort of used to advertise the Maho movie I guess. It just features Mirai and Mofurun playing around and it’s animated in the same cgi they use for the opening skit in the Maho movie.

And man I really like the Headmaster, I think he’s a great character and one of the best supports we’ve had. He’s certainly better than Blue or Kanata were. Kanata wasn’t bad though.

Maho is probably just the cutest and sweetest season. Smile was very cute too but this is different.

Now we get to episode 40 where the plot starts to pick up again and the greater story of Maho begins to unfold. There were inklings of it last episode with the Headmaster and Liko’s father’s conversation. Anyways the episode starts with everyone learning it’s Liko’s birthday because her mother is on tv. Her mother as it turns out isn’t just some gastronomist but a famous baker/chef in the Non-Magic World. She baked a cake for her daughter Liko on a tv program. Her mother, father, and Liz then show up at Mirai’s home.


Liko doesn’t like celebrating her birthday, she didn’t want anyone to know about it. Her family is just embarrassing with the festivities. Liko’s father sees how there are less spirits around since the last time he saw them, not like anyone can answer what’s going to happen with them.

Liko’s mother wants to read a story to Liko for her birthday, it’s a well known tale in the Magic World and it was Liko’s favorite as a child. Liko says she isn’t a child anymore and doesn’t want to hear it but Mirai and Haa really do so her mother starts reading.


Two world once happily lived close together. But suddenly a great wind separated them, although they couldn’t hear each other anymore they shined brightly so they could see each others twinkling. But then a dark cloud covered the sky and they could no longer see the light from each other anymore.


One of the worlds was so sad but then it noticed two girls that were on it. They saw how sad the world was so they prayed and prayed that the two worlds could meet again someday. The worlds shone brighter than they ever had and the power of their love vanquished the dark cloud, allowing the worlds to see each other and come closer again.



Orba meanwhile is looking for something in the Magic World. And being enigmatic as always. He says that all the followers of Deusmast should have awakened by now, not just them. So what’s up? He asks Benigyo why she thinks it was only the 4 of them who broke their seals. She has no idea what he’s going on about. Shakince thinks the powers they had are slowly returning. So their mugic is getting stronger?

But yes, what about the other followers of Deusmast? And how did Orba and them get unsealed in the first place? Their seals were only partially broken too, Shakince and Benigyo still needed to fully break free of theirs. What kind of unfinished business is there with the servants of chaos?

Liz and her father are talking about how the travel time on the Snailiner between the two worlds has gotten shorter lately. What does this mean? Mirai and Haa hear that and are super excited, the girls plan to go to the Academy right after Liko’s birthday. Liko’s mother watches her with her friends and thinks about how when she was younger Liko said she wanted to be like the girls in the story.

Shakince then comes and uses his power to transport the girls to a pocket dimension he’s created. He creates a DonYokubaaru and they transform, Diamond Mode this episode. Shakince has done all this to show them why their struggle is pointless.


He shows them the never-ending chaos itself, Deusmast! From time immemorial the force of chaos has wandered the stars, consuming all in its wake and leaving naught but chaos behind. In his presentation Deusmast appears as a massive dragon-like entity made of darkness. If this is accurate he’d (it’d?) certainly be the largest villain Precure has had.

Shakince says all life will fall before chaos. Really reminds me of Futari Wa and Splash Star.

Magical says she still needs to tell her family how grateful she is for all the love they’ve given her. Yes even though they can be over the top with their festivities Magical still loves them and she knows how much they love her.


Magical’s strong words and feelings cause Tanzanite to get recognized in the middle of the fight and Magical then uses its power to dispel the dimension Shakince created and return them to Earth. Shakince is even hurt by the Linkle Stone’s power and he can’t believe that his mugic was overcome by such a thing. The girls then destroy his DonYokubaaru.

Liko’s family all head out later. She thanks them for today and says she’d like to celebrate with them again next year.


Deusmast’s threat certainly cant be underestimated though. Shakince showed it eradicating every planet in its path, it truly is the primordial chaos.

This episode really sets up the rest of what happens in Maho, from Orba’s musings on why not everyone is free and what he’s doing in the Magic World to the story of the two friendly worlds coming back together. Two different things coming together, whether combining physically or emotionally this is a big part of Maho.

So just like they planned last episode the girls set off for the Magic World. And Chikurun comes too. The ride really is much, much shorter, they can go to school in the Non-Magic World and then head over to the Magic World for afternoon classes at the Academy.


Chikurun tells Orba how close the worlds have gotten. Orba says soon Deusmast’s true power will be revealed and they should prepare for his arrival.

Meanwhile the girls are taking lessons at the Academy, nice to see stuff like this again. Been a while. Today they decide to stay overnight in the Magic World and have a slumber party with the Magic Trio in Jun’s room.


Seeing the girls being friends and having fun with each other makes the Headmaster think of his old friend.  His friend and rival who became obsessed with his mission and swallowed by the hunger for power. Xy’s life and all his work vanished from the world after that.


It’s cute to see the girls hanging out together. The magic trio are happy that Mirai brought them all together and brought all this excitement with her. Later that night Mirai is talking with Liko and Haa and says that the excitement really came from how they all met, she didn’t bring it herself. The girls then see the Headmaster out flying around and wonder what he’s up to in the middle of the night.

The Headmaster is at the base of the big tree around the waters where they fought Dokuroxy, looking for something. He remembers what happened when they fought and he’s looking for anything possibly left over but Cassie says there’s nothing left. Her powers can’t see anything at least.

Orba then shows up before him. Saying he’s also looking for something. He attacks the Headmaster but the girls show up after coming to see what the Headmaster was doing. Orba creates a DonYokubaaru because he doesn’t want them to bother him. The girls go Ruby Mode to fight. Chikurun is also worried when he sees Orba here.

While they fight Orba says that the never-ending chaos will soon arrive and their worlds will be brought to ruin. The girls react angrily to this, they’ll protect everything and the precious memories they have. They defeat his DonYokubaaru but Orba was busy finishing up with something else while they were fighting.


Using his mugic he finds and claims Dokuroxy’s old tome. It was lying at the bottom of the sea ever since his destruction. But what does he want with it? Why would a user of mugic care about Dokuroxy’s dark magic? Does Dokuroxy have something to do with the followers of Deusmast? The Headmaster also wonders why Orba wanted it.

Now things are really moving into the endgame.


At the start of episode 42 Chikurun is dreaming of how he met Orba and got roped into all of this. He was slacking off and sleeping around while all the other fairies gathered honey. Orba comes up and asks what he’s doing, he says it doesn’t matter if he slacks off as long as the Queen doesn’t find out. He’s afraid of her. So Orba of course says he’s gonna go tell the Queen. Chikurun wants anything but that so Orba tells him to help him investigate things. Seems Orba was searching around the Magic World while Shakince and Benigyo were asleep.

After waking up Chikurun, Mofurun and Mirai go out and collect honey. There Chikurun gets contacted by Orba.


There’s nothing to report and Orba doesn’t really care anyways, he’s become engrossed in Dokuroxy’s tome and wants to study it. Shakince says this is all a waste and he should just be crushing the Precure. Chikurun is worried about them getting hurt and says they don’t need to be killed, all you have to do is steal the Linkle Stones. Shakince asks if he’s become attached to the Precure but Chikurun denies this. Orba says it’s a good enough plan and let’s Chikurun have the opportunity to steal the Linkle Stones, but Shakince says if he fails he’ll destroy the girls.

Chikurun is conflicted by how honest and nice the girls are. They really do like him so betraying them is becoming difficult for Chikurun to bare. But he still steals the Linkle Stones and Smartome from them when no one is looking, more just because he’s afraid of them being hurt by Shakince and Orba.

Shakince shows up before him after he flies out with the stuff. But the girls come flying after him and immediately find them, Mofurun can smell the Linkle Stones and tracked them down. They don’t know about Chikurun’s betrayal and are worried for him, they think Shakince is going to attack him. They finally get it when Shakince orders him to hand over the Linkle Stones and he does so. Shakince tells them that Chikurun has always been Orba’s pawn and that he stole the stones for them. He then attacks the girls, and swats Chikurun to the ground. He was never going to spare them or him.

Chikurun is understandably very upset. He really didn’t want the girls to be hurt.


Shakince turns giant and swallows the Linkle Stones and Smartome so the girls cant transform. But Chikurun gathers his courage and flies right into Shakince’s mouth and pulls out the Smartome with the Emerald and Topaz. The girls then transform to fight Shakince.


The girls still protect Chikurun from Shakince too, he’s their dear friend, even if he took the Linkle Stones they saw him risk his life to save them. Mofurun says they’re best friends too. Chikurun just cries and thanks them, sorry for his spying and betrayal.

The Topaz Linkle Stone reacts to all this and powers up.


This allows the girls to overpower Shakince and destroy him with Extreme Rainbow. What a shame for Aizen. Shakince was bland and boring the likes of which hasn’t been since the earlier seasons. There was some funny stuff with him just because he was always 100% serious even with silly stuff happening around him. It’s also funny that he was destroyed by the girls in Topaz Mode of all things.

Benigyo and Orba can feel his death, Orba says this is the power of the Linkle Stones but also something else…


Chikurun tells the girls how he fell in with Orba and how sorry he is for everything that happened. But the girls have already forgiven him, they’re the Precure after all. Mofurun says they can all go apologize to the Queen together too.  Amethyst then gets recognized and the door that leads anywhere appears before the girls. The girls realize they can use the door to immediately get to the Fairy Village and walk right through it.

Next episode the world and story of Maho finally comes into the open.


The girls think the Fairy Village is very pretty. Haa is looking around at the flowers and suddenly turns into a little fairy, kind of like how she used to be. Then the Queen appears, she noticed their arrival and sees Chikurun. She’s happy to see him back and the two of them embrace… and then she gets angry at him for disappearing without a word. Can’t say Chikurun didn’t deserve it.

The Queen welcomes the girls, saying they’re the first humans to ever come to these lands. Chikurun gets admonished by the other fairies for making the Queen worried.

Haa is wondering why she became a fairy, she was reminded of the sea of flowers when she saw the fairy village and then it just happened. The Queen says she’s heard of the sea of flowers. Supposedly at one point the world was covered in flowers, but she doesn’t know anything else, that legend comes from long before her time, thousands and thousands of years ago.


So they ask the Queen from two generations ago who’s still alive and kicking about it. Well that easy. Getting reminded of Ojamajo Doremi here too. Anyways the Legend Queen seems to sort of recognize Haa.


Orba meanwhile has figured out dark magic from the tome and uses its power to revive Sparda.

The old Queen begins to tell the girls what she knows, at the same time Liko’s father has contacted the Headmaster and is telling him what he’s discovered in his research.

Long, long ago…


Humans, animals, spirits, everything all lived in a paradise on a world covered in flowers. At the heart of that world was a gigantic tree looking over everything. From that tree Mother Rapapa watched over all. The mother of all things, her divine blessing brought peace and happiness to the world. It was a golden age of happiness. Magic, mermaids flying in the sky, every being living in harmony.


But then Deusmast came. Mother Rapapa battled him and his servants. She sealed all of his servants away and then fought with Deusmast directly. She had the Linkle Stones with her, her power. Eventually she prevailed and sent Deusmast far away into the sun.



Her exhaustion and the wounds she sustained in battle were too great and Mother Rapapa fell. The World Tree and her spirit lifted from the Earth and drifted far into space. Eventually a new world grew from the roots of the tree, the Magic World. Meanwhile the world she left started changing immediately and ended up as our Non-Magic World.

That’s the story of how the worlds came to be. It explains why the Emerald was “inside” the tree. Also we see that when Mother Rapapa and the tree are separating from the rest of the world the Diamond becomes two, one staying with the tree and the other falling to Earth. That’s where the two Diamond’s came from.

Haa wonders why she has memories of something like this.


Sparda and Orba then show up at the Fairy Village. Apparently even though she was turned back into a spider she was still sentient and kept all her memories. Anyways Orba wants to test the power of dark magic so he has Sparda fight. She makes a good old-fashioned Yokubaaru and attacks the village.

Chikurun tells her not to harm his village but Orba calls him out on how he abandoned it just because he was afraid to be punished by the Queen. Chikurun just doesn’t want the Queen to be sad anymore. Haa gets angry at seeing all this and she goes back to normal, transforming while Mirai and Liko go Sapphire Mode.


When Felice attacks the Yokubaaru and uses her power Orba senses from her and seems horrified. He remembers this feeling. Just what is the power that Felice possesses? The girls then use Extreme Rainbow on Sparda and turn her back into a spider but Orba revives her instantly because he can feel her will to continue fighting. The two of them then leave.

The old Legend Queen then finishes telling the girls what she knows.


When her spirit was disappearing Rapapa told the old Queen that one day the worlds would come back together and that magic would be the bridge. The magic of a wish, a wish for a miracle to connect the worlds. One day all those magical prayers would be held inside a name of magic.

Pretty Cure. They will be the ones to reunite the worlds torn asunder by Deusmast.


It’s time for the girls to go, Chikurun is staying in the village and he’s sad to see his friends go. But they’ll all visit and see each other again for sure. The Legend Queen says that even though Mother Rapapa isn’t around anymore the Precure will surely reconnect their worlds…

Haa is still confused but she knows that with everyone with her things will be okay.

It’s so nice to see a season of Pretty Cure not just attempting to have a good and interesting plot but actually pulling it off for once. Most seasons are much simpler in their backstory and their worlds and the ones that try for complexity… usually don’t do too well at it. Maho is the season that really creates a super interesting world and does it very well.

So at the start of episode 44 everyone is back in the Non-Magic World and Mofurun is missing having Chikurun around. No time to dwell on that though as Orba is experimenting with Dokuroxy’s tome and uses a dark magic spell on the girls…


That turns them into kids.

Umm… why did you do this Orba?

Pretty adorable stuff this episode. We also see that the Headmaster has been informed on what the girls learned from the old queen, and it matches up with what Liko’s father discovered. He wonders what’s going to happen next. The girls also call him to ask for help about turning into kids.

Mofurun now has to take care and watch over the girls. She’s really not used to being the mature one.


Orba meanwhile is just watching all this shit like a sitcom. He was trying to use the dark magic for some nefarious purpose but he’s annoyed that this is all that happened. He doesn’t think much of dark magic’s usefulness. Naturally he still views his mugic as a far superior power. It’s certainly true that even with Dokuroxy’s research and his power with the Emerald it can’t compare to the overwhelming strength of mugic.

Sparda asks if she can fetch her own comrades, he allows her to. Mofurun has to keep Mirai’s mom from figuring anything out while the Headmaster plans to travel to the Non-Magic World to help.


Sparda goes to grab Gametes and Batty from the Magic World. Even as a normal turtle Gametes is kicking as. And when he’s revived it seems he’s perpetually in his warrior form. Gamete’s is upset at being revived though, already feeling that he fought the greatest battle he could. But Sparda tells him about the new Precure and this interests him, he wants to fight her too.


Batty doesn’t care though. He says he already fulfilled his purpose and lost the one he served. He feels only sadness and doesn’t join the other three when they go to fight the Precure.

Sparda and Gametes show up outside Mirai’s house and start yelling for them to come out and fight… so Mofurun comes out and tells them to keep It down because the girls are napping.


Mofurun says she has to be the one to protect them today, the girls wake up and see her trying her best. They thank Mofurun for trying to protect them and then transform, the magic of the Precure and Linkle Stones undoes the dark magic spell and so they go back to their normal ages when transforming.

Gametes goes straight for Felice, at first he has no idea she’s actually the little fairy from before but he’s quite shocked when he learns. Unfortunately their fight is very short as Orba uses his mugic to bind and restrain the two of them.


He wants to speak with Felice. He asks just what the heck she is, he thinks she has something to do with Rapapa and that’s why he used this spell on them. It was something of a “return to your past selves” spell but all it did was make them younger. Obviously not the outcome he wanted. She’s obviously not Rapapa herself so what is she, he wonders.

Felice is angry that he dragged everyone into this to find out about her. The Pink Tourmaline gets recognized (or witnessed this time as our sadly not super consistent subs say) and Felice powers up. She breaks his bindings and the girls drive the three of them off.

Orba is certain of her power now.


At the end the girls thank Mofurun for helping them all day. Cute.

And now we come to episode 45. THE episode.

It’s winter and Mirai’s grandma just came back from a class reunion. She thinks how even though everyone was far apart they were still connected. The girls then remember that they were supposed to meet up with the Headmaster.


Orba meanwhile is ready for his final plan. He tells Benigyo that he’s sure Felice bares the power of Mother Rapapa and it keeps awakening at that. So he must go and wake up the rest of Deusmast’s followers. He tells her he knows how to do it and also why they woke up in the first place. Whatever he’s planning he brings Sparda and Gametes along with him, but Sparda has this look in her eyes, it seems she’s planning something too.

The girls meet up with the Headmaster, just to catch up on things and say hello really. They talk about how their worlds used to be one and the beautiful sea of flowers. He’s also been trying to find the location of Dokuroxy’s tome but Cassie can’t see anything.


The Headmaster looks back on old days, where he tried to stop Xy from researching the forbidden magic but just got brushed off. He wishes he could’ve done more. The girls go to get some strawberry melon bread as a snack… and then the Headmaster sees Batty of all people despondently sitting alone in the park.

Cassie tells the girls about how close the Headmaster and Xy were, how they got along despite being so different. But Xy became obsessed with stopping the cataclysm and got caught up in dark magic, and we know the rest. Cassie says the Headmaster always seems so sad when he’s thinking of Xy.


The girls come back to see Batty and the Headmaster talking (we can also see in the background that lizard Yamoh is scurrying around and the Dokuroxy scarecrow is still there). Batty told him what’s been up and how he’s feeling since his revival and the Headmaster takes pity on him. The girls are surprised that Batty isn’t evil and attacking them anymore. Headmaster says Batty is just as responsible and determined as Xy was, for his loyalty and now sadness that his master is gone. But they still need to find the tome before any more harm can be done with it.

That’s when Orba shows up. Transporting them all (except Batty who flies up on his own) to a big stage in the sky.


Orba says this is the stage for the revivial of Deusmast’s followers. Orba obviously has something up his sleeve here. He uses Dokuroxy’s tome to power up Gametes and Sparda, the girls transform. Topaz Mode this episode. Gametes again goes straight for Felice while Sparda fights Miracle and Magical.

Headmaster tries to take back the tome from Orba. Orba, knowing that the Headmaster was a friend of the esteemed author decides to tell him something. The secret of Dark Magic.

And this is where the story of Maho unequivocally becomes the best in the franchise.


Orba says that in the great battle against Rapapa ages ago, when she began to seal him and the rest of the servants of Deusmast, he scattered fragments of a dark secret all across the world. Alone they meant nothing but when combined they would become a power that could engulf the world in darkness, and even a human could discover and use this power.

That power, dark magic. Just as Orba planned someone discovered his scattered secrets. Xy’s dark magic came from the power Orba scattered around the world. this is how Dokuroxy and dark magic figure into the greater plot of Maho. Orba is responsible for everything that’s happened.


Batty heard all this, it’s painful for him to realize that their existence was just part of Orba’s plot. Everything he did for Dokuroxy was pointless?

Gametes is enjoying his fight with Felice but Orba again interrupts them and creates his own DonYokubaaru.


Orba tells Gametes to just give up. Felice is the successor to the power of Mother Rapapa, as he tells her. Felice is shocked even though after episode 43 she really probably shouldn’t be.

But Orba then gets interrupted by Sparda. She sneakily steals the tome away from him with her spider thread. She was always looking for the opportunity to get it away from him, she says she’ll be the one to create the world of darkness.

Orba… is not amused.


Orba unleashes his power and we see his true form. As a fallen angel like monster. He grabs the tome back from Sparda and kicks her down to the stage.

He sneers at the “world of darkness”. He always planned to use the worlds darkest energy to break the seal of Rapapa from the outside, that’s why he bothered with using dark magic in the first place. Gametes, Sparda, they’re just his pawns. He says the point of all of the dark magic users existence was just to free him and the other followers. They wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the scattered secret of power he made.

Sparda and Gametes don’t really give a fuck though, they still wanted to do their own thing and they attack him but he uses his DonYokubaaru to absorb the dark energy from them and turns them back into a turtle and spider.


Orba calls them all insects. If Dokuroxy just hadn’t been defeated by the Precure in the first place they would’ve already been revived. But because of Dokuroxy’s failure Orba had to do all this.

Yes, when Dokuroxy claimed the Emerald and turned into that huge monster the power of dark magic weakened the seal on Deusmast’s followers. That was the whole purpose of it really. Dark magic was the tool of mugic’s revival. It’s why the other followers couldn’t wake up on their own either, that power of dark magic was necessary to break Rapapa’s seal and it’s why Orba has been bothering with the tome and studying it this whole time. Xy, he didn’t become the foretold cataclysm but instead became its harbinger.

Batty looks on in horror at all this, but then he feels the power of Dokuroxy, behind him is lizard Yamoh and the scarecrow… what will Batty do?

Orba meanwhile tells the girls that things aren’t finished yet. Even though he could use the dark magic to break Rapapa’s seal completely now there is something more he wants. Dokuroxy wasn’t satisfied just with dark magic either but searched for a way to claim the power of the Emerald. And now Orba wants the power of the Linkle Stones too. The stage he’s created is tied directly to the tome, which as you’ll recall Dokuroxy made to combine his power with the Emerald, as they’ve been fighting all their power has been absorbed by the stage. Now he’ll have them fight his DonYokubaaru and he’ll absorb the energy they use with Extreme Rainbow, this will-



Batty calls out Orba and makes a Yokubaaru out of his comrades and fights the DonYokubaaru so the girls wont have to.

Orba calls the whole dark magic lot useless, along with the worthless author of the tome. He says dark magic’s one weakness is that it’s centered around the human heart. And that weakness and hesitation is why mugic wasn’t fully revived. The Headmaster is in agony at how Xy was manipulated and how pointless his death and research was.

But Orba shouldn’t be knocking dark magic. Batty is pissed off at Orba’s insults, their existence isn’t something that can be disregarded so easily, and his Yokubaaru actually defeats and destroys the DonYokubaaru. Yes, a monster was just destroyed by something other than a Precure attack. Amazing. Batty kicks ass.

Orba is shocked, how the hell could his mugic lose to such second-rate magic?


Felice says nothing about their magic is second-rate. The heart contains a great power and sincerity and the magic born from it is strong and will always surpass the expectations of a cynical, smug bastard like him.

Just completely enraged and disgusted by his own failure Orba flies at the girls and they use Extreme Rainbow on him. Even Orba can’t overcome that. But his last words and actions are a curse on the world.


Throwing all of himself, all his evil and darkness, into the tome he uses the power of dark magic he himself created to spread all his power and darkness to his sealed comrades, breaking their seals from the outside. He laughs as he dies, excited for the quickly approaching day of chaos.

This is why Orba is so great. He has everything he needs already, then constructs a great plan to get even more power while at the same time defeating the Precure. When that starts to go south because of Sparda he still powers through things and has his DonYokubaaru as a contingency. And then when Batty fucks that up and prevents him from acquiring the powers of the Linkle Stones it doesn’t matter because he still has all he needs to complete his main goal. Best evil guy since Joker. And he really is just responsible for every horrible thing that’s happened in Maho. If he hadn’t created and scattered the secret of dark magic across the world right as he was being sealed there would be no worries at all cause no one would be able to unseal the servants of Deusmast, but because there is that prophecy of the cataclysm approaching Xy searched for the power to stop it and from there the whole plot of Maho begins.

Orba is essentially the main villain of the show.

At the end of the episode Batty flies away with his new animal friends, the Dokuroxy scarecrow disappeared just like the spirit of Xy.


The Headmaster recovers the tome and looks into it. There’s some writing at the beginning, Xy wrote a short note about his dear friend. Saying that they need to find the power to avert the cataclysm and he’s willing to do anything to stop it. But he didn’t want to involve his closest friend in his forbidden research, he brushed the Headmaster off not because he didn’t care about him or his concerns but because he knew how dangerous it was and couldn’t drag him into it. After the cataclysm Xy says how he wants to come back and be friends again. The Headmaster cries over his fallen friend.

This was the hypest episode. It didn’t have like a super amazing fight or anything but the huge reveals in the plot and Sparda betraying Orba, seeing Orba’s true form, and then Batty coming in and making that awesome Yokubaaru with the perfect music playing along with some amazing animation. And then it all ends with Orba freeing his comrades. This was one of the most exciting episodes in the whole franchise.

So we come to episode 46, it’s Christmas time. One last fun episode before the shit hits the fan. Cute episode.


The girls are shopping in the Magic World. The Magic World also has Christmas… well, Japanese Christmas at least. Santa is a real person here of course who delivers presents. There are actually a ton of “Santas” in the Magic World who deliver gifts, including a few people the girls know. It’s mentioned that there’s a famous Santa in the Non-Magic World who lives in Finland too.

Their old professor is a Santa but he hurts his back so Mirai volunteers them all to fill in for him. Cures in Santa outfits will never stop being adorable.

Meanwhile Mayumi and Kana are hanging out together in the Non-Magic World. Kana says she asked Santa for the gift of being able to meet and talk to a witch.


Kana says that ever since she was little she always saw stuff like ufo’s and ghosts but whenever she told someone they never believed her. She looked up online and saw every ghost or ufo sighting was debunked, she wants to be able to believe in herself. She’ll find proof of what she saw no matter what. Even if no one else believes her she wants it for herself.

Back in the Magic World the girls start delivering presents. It’s very sweet.


And with our villains Benigyo is talking with her recently unsealed comrades.

Uhh… except they’re all stuck as phantoms and can’t even talk to her. The restoration only got halfway done. Orba didn’t have enough power since he was dying when he used it. So with nothing else to do and just waiting for Deusmast’s return now Benigyo decides to go see if Felice really is the inheritor of Rapapa’s power like Orba said.

It’s funny that Benigyo is the last one standing of the main 4 villains. She was always the least interested and involved, normally Orba would still be around and have a role like Kawarino’s or Joker’s. But things are just a tad bit different in Maho.

So the girls finished delivering presents in the Magic World so now they travel to the Non-Magic World to deliver some. While on their brooms they get seen by Mayumi and Kana, who start to chase after them.


Benigyo comes and attacks Mayumi and Kana because she heard them talking about witches. At first they think she’s a witch… and then they think she’s Santa because she’s red. Benigyo is not happy about their fantasies. So our heroines then see Benigyo attacking them and transform to fight her, Ruby Mode this episode. I wonder if they did Ruby because it’s red…

Benigyo also creates a Christmas tree DonYokubaaru.


The fight this episode is very silly. And more than that it treats the villain and monster a lot more jokingly. Normally Deusmast’s followers are taken completely seriously by the show and the girls, this is pretty much the only time besides a couple quick gags with Shakince that Maho makes a farce out of the fight with them. Deusmast’s followers are generally serious compared to the villains we’ve had in previous years, they’re more like Futari Wa or Yes5 villains. And completely monstrous as well, not human-like like the Fresh trio or silly like the Bad End Generals.

I guess the show is just having fun before the grand finale.

Peridot also gets recognized at the end. Only Diamond and Emerald are left.